A good buddy and I had made a hideout in a tree back in the woods. There was a trail that passed about 10 yards over from our fort and a patch of grass in the woods. Buddy and I were talking... when all of a sudden we heard voices. A man and a woman of about 30 -35 each were hiking in the woods. When they got to the grassy patch they pitched a blanket and had a little lunch and a drink. Our fort was so well hidden they could not see us looking out the peep holes of the fort. About 10 inches square in size..two of them.

  Holy cow said Bob they are kissing he whispered and I said yeaaaa. He put his hand on her tits and rubbed them through her sweater and then lifted sweater up and for the first time in our short lives we saw a real set of tits. He sucked them and then put his hand to her crotch and rubbed it. She unzipped his pants and pulled his much bigger cock than what I had ever seen including mine and stroked it. I was breathing so hard I knew I was going to be heard. He put her on her hands and knees and pulled her pants and panties down and there it was. The most beautiful and hottes thing we had ever seen... Her naked ass.. He spread her cheeks and we could see her hairy pussy. (remember late 60's) and her ass hole. He got behind her and started to eat her from behind. My dick was so hard and throbbing I thought I was going to explode. I looked and Bob was rubbing his through his pants.

 They were at the perfect angle when he got in behind her and put his cock into her hairy pussy and started fucking her we could see it sliding in and out.. Her tits were swinging like crazy. After about 2 minutes of that he pulled out and she turned around and cleaned his cock off with her mouth.  I wanted to pull my cock out but dang Bob and I never thought about doing something like that. The man got on his back and she sit on his cock and and we could see her asshole pucker every time he shoved it deep into her pussy. In and out...up and down..we could see her pussy juice on his cock. Well something happened that we both wondered WTF. She said Yes...Yes...Yesssss. Oh God I'm Cumming..and rode him like crazy until she got over it. Now Bob and I did not know that a woman could have an orgasm and cum back then. Times were so different back then. He said baby take it...I Cumming...gona cum in your pussy. We then could see his cum roll down his shaft out of her pussy getting all over her pussy hair and his balls. Again she got off of his cock and sucked his cum and her juice off his cock. They laid there on the blanket for a while and then got dressed and went on down the trail.

 I said Bob can you believe that...did you see all that cum...Bob said yes and asked did I cum because he did in his pants and I said no. I said wait and rubbed a load out into my pants.. Funny thing Bob and I felt strange around each other and never went back to the fort again. But I would jack off at least 3 times a day thinking about her pussy being fucked and all that cum....Mmmmmmm...cum....As I beat my meat up until I was 18 I though of what another mans cum tasted like. I had fucked a few girls and married the hottet one of them all. By then and when I was 22 I met a fellow at a bowling alley and we talked and the subject of pussy came up. he said wow he was getting turned on. I said after this last ball lets go out into my car and talk pussy stories. He said cool and in a little bit we were sitting in my car. He told of how he and his wife fucked and and how they did it.  Then he said I love shooting in her mouth. I then told him of my first look at pussy and seeing another mans cum being shot into a woman pussy and it all rolling out. He said wow dude that's hot. I felt very good with this guy named Rick and I told him I was hard and he said he was too. He said lets take a drive to the park and I could see his hard cock in his pants as we pulled into the park.

  I said man will you let me see your cock and he said sure if he could see mine. He pulled his out and the tip of it was covered in precum  also noticed he was uncut with foreskin half way up the head. I pulled my cock out and it was also wet with precum. He slid the skin up and started stroking it slow and he said watch this. He had edged a shot out into the foreskin and when he slid it back a gob of thick white gooey cum came out. I said did you cum and he said no it was just an edge. I asked if I could touch his cum and he said yes so I put my finger in the white thick precum and and put it to my nose and smelled it. Not too much so I said mind if I taste  it and he said why don't  I just put my mouth on the head of his cock and taste it real good. I said Im not gay and he said he was not either but want to always play with a man if the right one came along. So all of the years thinking of tasting another mans cum I put my mouth on his cock  head and cleaned the cum with my tongue . Hemmmm...had a salty but sweet taste. He said let me taste your precum of which my cock was covered but my cum was a clearer runny  type of cum. He put his mouth on my cock and he licked my head and hole clean but then started to go up and down on it. He was giving me a blow job....Oh no..Im letting another man suck my dick...what would my wife say. after about a minute I told him to stop because I was close to cumming. He said your turn so with out hesitation I put his cock into my mouth and started to suck it. Up and down until he almost came. I could really taste his flowing precum while I was sucking his cock. He said stop and I did we sucked each other like that for about 10 minutes and he said...you want to taste a full load. I said oh yea.

 I I was holding my head still and was jacking with my hand ...not knowing what to expect and all of a sudden I felt him release his load in my mouth one burst...then another..I was so full I had to pull off and jacked the rest out and wow did he have a lot of white sticky cum. After the 3 huge shots in my mouth he shot at least another six shots of cum all over my hand. I mumbled here goes and swallowed his cum. Mmmmmm it tasted good. There was this man..sitting there with hot cum all over my hand and his cock and belly......Wow I couldn't believe it. I licked my hand clean and licked it off his cock and balls. He said its your turn now. And he went down on me and less than a minute he took my full load and was able to swallow most of it before he was full up. He jack the rest out just like I did him. So there it was..I had filled a fantasy of sucking a cock off and eating his cum..

 Rick and I became best friends and we  would take pics of our wives with open pussies and asshole showing...pics of cream pies and stuff.....this was back before video so just black and white pictures but it was so great to see it. We would get on my bed or his bed when ever the wives were gone and 69 for as long as we could. We would try to shoot at the same time and most of the time we were squirt for squirt. We did this until the late 1990's when he got transferred on his job to another state. We have met several times since then and we can now show great videos of our wives to each other. His wife is hot as hell just like he says mine is. When we would all get together for a cook out or something I would whisper to Rick our wives would die if they knew we were showing them getting fucked to each other.  Our last meeting was five yrs ago and we are supposed to get together this 4th of July....with new fuck videos of our wives and at least eating each others load maybe 10  or 12 times before he has to go back to his job.

 Funny thing...I cant seem to find a guy like Rick to play with or be comfortable with. I have sucked several cocks but it was only once with them. Oh man I got to go and beat my meat after telling this story. Hope it makes you hard reading it and let me know if you by chance shot a load after reading it. Happy CUM Trails to you....until we meet again





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