Hey there, I'm Kayle. I work at a drilling company in Brasil. The work is tough but i manage since the pay is pretty hefty. I work along with a couple of buddies of mine Dhan and John. On a normal Friday when me and my buds clock out we usually hit the bars, hit on a few girls and maybe one of us would get lucky and carry one of them to a motel or something. Dhan was always the luckiest since he was the most handsome and built of the three of us. That didn't mean that me and john never used to score alot (cause we did), it just meant that he could score more than one girl a night. I don't know what is it with me but when i'm fucking, the girl always cums before me which was weird since it wasn't the other way around.

At work there is a huge bathroom which we all share when work is over and we wanna freshen up. Even though its open its quite secluded and in order to see someone you need to go around a cornered wall. I took advantage of this when i wanted to get off.

So today work was over a little early and Dhan took advantage of this and decided to skip the showers and head home directly. Now it was only me and John here using the showers. As I washed myself i decided to take a wank since it was secluded and John was probably on the other side of the showers.

The Hot water running down my back chest and pubes was a great way to end a hard days work. I hardened slowly and I stroked and rubbed my nuts slowly and sensually. Now that I was fully hard i decided to pick up the paste, this time giving my balls a little squeeze as I went along. I slowly closed my eyes forgetting about the outside world awaiting my spurts of glory. As i was about to climax, I opened my eyes and saw John watching me, covering his noticeably hard Dick. Without thinking that sent me off into delivering my wads of glory, but this time I used my hands to prevent my wads from hitting the walls or worse John.

Stuttering John managed to utter the words....

"um, I ran out of soap, there on my end i was hoping that i could borrow yours?"

I, now blushing began to stutter too and said "sure no prob, and sorry you had to see that i just..."

"No I'm the one who should be apologizing since i was the one to walk in on you".

Now its a work shower we're in and we spotted each other's stuff already, Dhan's being slightly shorter and John and I carrying the same length his own slightly thicker. I never saw anyone of them hard though so this was a bit interesting.

"so can i get the soap?" John said still holding back his 9" monster.

I lifted my Hands to where the soap was but then I noticed long strands of cum dripping from my hands .

Now embarrassed I asked him to get it Since i was "in a sticky situation" but he held off by saying its o.k since the soap can easily be washed off.

I told him that he could get it and that i wouldn't bite. He eventually gave in and reached around me to grab the soap (shower still running). He was going to use one hand to get the soap and the other to hold back his raging bull of a cock. I shifted from under the shower to allow him to pass, then he turned off the shower and grabbed the soap with his other hand. His dick flew back and fort like a sling shot and it "joust" me. I laughed and him now embarrassed thanked me for the soap and left my corner of the bath.

Now I have to take all of this in. What exactly just happened? why is the thought of what just happened getting me aroused? Is there anything I can do about this? If i invited him over for a friendly beer would he come?

Now finishing up quickly clothed myself and was about to leave the building when i met up with John.

"thanks for the soap and sorry for the... you know.."

"No John I don't know" I said laughing.

"hey what are your plans for the night?" i asked.

"ah, i don't think i have any plans, why?"

"well I'm bored at home with nothing to do and i was wondering if you can come over for a beer or something" I said in the most machoest way possible, and with a smile he agreed.

Its about 9:30 and he wasn't here as yet so i decided to pack up the beer cans when i was stopped by the sound of the door bell.

"hey Kayle you up?"

"give me a sec i will be right there." I said quickly putting back the beers out.

I opened the door for him seeing him wearing a snug v neck black T shirt and one of those straight jeans.

"come on in.... i thought that you were bailing on me"

"nah, i had to do some paper work before i came here since I didn't know what time I would be coming back"

"oh so we're doing an all nighter?" i said with a cunning smile on my face.

"anything you are up to." john said with a wink as he walked passed me.

I put on the TV to the football channel and in no time we were drinking to kill our selves. The game was over and I Switched to the playboy channel and we began to talk about sex.

we talked about the the hottest girls we ever had then we moved on to something less conventional. we talked about our weirdest sexual encounters. I told him mine which was being ate out by a german chick, her tongue fucking me, and he told me his which was allowing his roommate to blow him off. I stopped and asked him how was that weird he said that his roommate was a male. I stopped and laughed and ask if that was it, he said "not exactly it was me blowing him was the weirdest".

I told him that i didn't believe him and he asked why not then i said that he didn't have it in him.

"I gotta feeling that if i didn't have that in me, I would not have been here" john said biting his lips.

I slowly walked over to him then placed my knees on both sides of him, straddling him asking him what he was talking about. (I was drunk but i had a grip on reality). I slowly moved my head to his neck then nippled it slowly. He let out a slight moan then i slowly kissed my way up to his lips. He french kissed me like a maniac, grabbing my butt trying to pull apart my cheeks. I reached down to stroke my raging monster then he pulled my hands off to stroke him. He reach down to my man tool and began to roughly stroke me.

" do you know how long i wanted to do this?" he said with extreme lust in his eyes.

" i gotta get a piece of your ass" i commanded him.

"why just a piece? I'm offering the whole thing" with no resistance he got up, stripped and was in the doggy position, holding on to the table with the beers. I quickly stripped and began to use my tool to play around his ass, Sticking it around his pucker hole. he gasped and moan like he really want to be fucked.

" its either you stick that thing into my ass or i will fuck the hell out of you right here right now." he said with an addictive force.

I stuck my dick in slowly and he gave out loud moan then asked me to fuck him wild. I coudn't refuse such and offer and i did as he pleased. I fuck him in and out deeply and with a vengeance.

He begged me to slow down but i refused and reminded him that he said he wanted me to fuck hi hard. My balls were lit on fire as I pumped every last drop of cum in his ass. We both gave out a loud yelp then without any warning he slid himself off my dick then pushed me to the same position I was in.

"My turn mother fucker" he said as he slid beside me and forced his dick up my ass. I have never had any gay experiences but I know that it shouldn't be done like this. HE was ripping my butt and i was questioning myself as to whether I was ready for this. I screamed and shouted and begged him to stop but he just kept fucking me like wild animal.

" ah fuck im gonna cum" he said as he sprayed load after load into my ass. I hate to admit it but even though it hurt like HELL in the beginning it felt real good in the end. I also kinda like being man handled and i'm sure he does. After pumping his last bit of load in me he got off of my back and layed down on the sofa. I joined him and placed an arm around him and asked...

" does this mean we're gay?"

" no it means we bromance without chicks" he said as he gave me one of those passionate tongue wrestling kisses.

He did have the "all nighter", but I think breakfast was better the next day.....




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