Sometimes it is the slightest thing that can change a person’s life, even the press of one button over another or moment’s hesitation. Mine was to give my mobile number in a message to someone I hoped to be my Master. Not a 24/7 relationship just when and where he wanted to use me.  I wanted to prove my validity when I had contacted. It had been a request after he had already turned me down saying he was too busy to take me on. I knew the real reason was my age was letting me down so I wanted to prove my trust worthiness’ and was desperate to get his attention and trust. I never thought it would win him over or that he would ever use the number. I was too old to be someone’s sub or even a slave. I had never had any luck in finding a dominant who I could trust let alone a Master. To say I was desperate to find my place in life before it was too late only to realise it was already too late was a torment worse than any enslavement. It was silent, relentless and unforgiving. The site showed me my message was deleted and my dreams were crushed and I resolved to live with my unrealised dream. I was unsure how I would endure all this vanilla torment.

I was carrying on as best I could when my mobile rang. I was surprised as no one rang me unless it was a work related matter but currently I was not at work. My mobile was not even a smart phone it barely a mobile in most people’s terms but it served me for most purposes.

 I answered the call and a voice from my phone said “Rod I am in town and I want to check you out. Right now can you name a place that public yet private for our little discussion?”

I let out a sharp breathe when I realised who it was surprised and taken aback. My heart started to pound but I managed to let out my reply.

“There is a small car park buy a Loch half way up Arthur’s Seat. It is private and public and parking won’t be an issue.”

He let out a short laugh at my reply. “How apt a place I have yet to hear the better of.  I will be there presently get there now!”

I blurted out it would take me fifteen minutes or so to get there. We then exchanged the colour and type of car we would both use to get to the appointment as neither of us had a picture of each other. I drove there with my heart pounding and shaking all over in anticipation of realising my dream.  I had still to win him over to me and get him to forget my older age for a sub. I was two years younger than him. So many just wanted young subs usually about half their age. I was physically shivering with anticipation. I parked in the car park and look around but there was no sign of his car. I looked out over the small loch and watched cars drive past on the road. Then in the distance his car came round the corner and drove along up to the car park. He pulled in alongside me and looked over and nodded. He commanded me over to his car with a waggle of his finger. I got out of my car and went over and into his car. We talked about what he was looking for and what he expected of me if we were to meet again. He explained it was not what I wanted that mattered and I had to get that out of my head.  You were right about this place being private and as he said this he unfastened himself and brought out his erect prick. He grabbed my head and pulled me down onto him.

“Now suck like your life depended on it!”

I smelt his manhood and was engulfed in its heady scent. I opened my mouth and swallowed in it sucking and licking his shaft. My head bobbed up and down and took it deeper with each downward thrust on his prick. I was transferred into a dream state. I was his on his command he could do with me as he willed. He knew it from my passionate sucking and from what we had talked about. With that he exploded into my mouth and down my throat.

“Clean me up and not a drop wasted. Come off me when you are done cleaning me!” I did so reluctantly on letting his pulsing manhood out of my mouth. It was what my mouth was meant for.

“We will meet again and you will earn this honour of servitude and this pleasure of servicing me through pain and humiliation. I have read your little fantasies on Gaydemon and they have sparked some ideas on how you will perform when I call you next. I have your number after all. Get out and wait for my call. It might be some time when I call but I will call.”




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