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After more than 20-years of marriage, my wife Mariam died. I moved my daughter and granddaughter in with me and limped on living half-life, just kind of hanging in there. I went to Atlanta to a 3-day seminar. At the seminar, I met Tony a very friendly, engaging man a little older than my42-years. After the seminar ended the first day, Tony and I stopped in cocktail lounge for a drink.

We talked over drinks. I shared that my wife had died 16-months before and Tony sympathized with me and bought more drinks. We were staying at hotels very close to each other so we decided to walk back on this lovely fall evening.

As we were walking along, we passed an Adult Movie heater.

Tony turned towards me and asked, "Do you go to these?"

"I haven't seen an Adult movie in over20-years," I answered, “since before I got married.”

"Well," he said grinning, “believe me, it's just what you need."

Taking me by the arm Tony pulled me up to the cashier’s booth, paid our way in and led me back to where the theatre doors were. A buzzer sounded, the door unlatched and we walked into complete pitch black darkness.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. In later years I would recognize it as a mixture of cigarettes, sweat, cum and piss. I hesitated a little, and with a little chuckle, Tony took my arm and told me to follow him.

Tony guided me down the aisle and motioned for me to sit. I could see a few silhouetted heads and the movie on the screen and that was all.

The movie was something else. A beautifully built woman was laying back against the headboard of a bed, her firm breasts up, hardened nipples spiky, her mouth open, moaning, “oh yes,” as a woman Just as pretty was licking her open pussy.

"Damn," I thought, "this is giving me an erection.”

As I watched the film it got really heavy when a third party, her film husband joined them. I saw Tony, my new friend, adjust his hard cock in his pants. I looked up to see him wink and grin at me. He leaned over, saying, "Pretty hot stuff, isn't it?"

"About as hot as it gets," I responded.

"Oh, I bet it'll get better," he answered with a wide smile, then adjusted what appeared to be a very large, hard cock again.

I watched a few minutes more, adjusting and making space for my own rock hard cock when Tony leaned over toward me, tapping my leg to get my attention, grinned and pointed down the row of seats.

I was shocked to see that 3-seats down, a man was sprawled back in his theatre seat, pants down to his ankles while the man seated just beyond him leaned over and slowly moved his lips up and down his long hard cock. I could see his cock glistening with the man’s saliva as it moved in and out of his mouth. When he pulled all the way off the cock I could see him probing the guy’s pee-slit to taste pre-cum.

Damn. My cock got even harder. I was embarrassed but as I looked back at Tony he was busily freeing his own cock. Stunned, I watched as he pushed his unzipped pants and briefs down to his thighs, exposing a beautiful 8-inch cock with a lovely reddish/purple cockhead.

Using his left hand, he started gently stroking it. His right arm he put on the back of the seat back behind me.

He still had that pleasant wide smile. Winking again, he motioned for me to look back down the row.

When I looked back I saw the cocksuckers' head furiously bobbing up and down and making loud smacking noises.

The man being sucked was saying softly, “That’s it, suck that cock." The man had his hand on the back of the cocksucker's head and was pushing down as he pressed his hips upward, driving the full length of his cock into the sucker’s throat.

Damn, I'd never seen anything that made me hotter than that in my life. With a flushed face I turned back to Tony.

He was still smiling in his friendly way as he reached for my left hand and simply placed it on his hard, throbbing cock.

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, heterosexual grandfather holding another man’s hard cock in my hand and loving the feeling of it throbbing in my fingers.

Embarrassed, I looked back up at Tony, who gave me his wink again and then started moving his hips as though to fuck my hand.

I got the message, guessing he wanted me to jack him off. I looked around and saw that several men in the theatre were doing the same or sucking.

I realized then why the loud buzzer was on the door. To warn people someone was coming so they could stop what they were doing.

Well, I wanted to jack him off, so I turned toward him and replaced my left hand with my right and started gently moving my hand up and down, jacking him.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH yeah, that's good," he moaned.

I soon got into a steady rhythm that I thought he'd enjoy and started seriously jacking his cock.

I admired how his swollen cockhead looked as I moved my hand up and down his hard shaft. I saw pearls of pre-cum form in his pee-slit so I used my thumb to spread the pre-cum over his cockhead and used it to lubricate his shaft. Then I started stroking him again.

I felt Tony's arm come off the back of the seat and against my back. As I continued to jack him off, he started massaging my shoulders and neck. Damn it felt good. His strong fingers seemed to ignite pleasure spots in my back and neck I didn’t even know existed.

Then his hand and fingers were caressing my hair or what little hair I had left. He ran his fingers sexily through my hair.

Again he started moving his cock upward into my hand and then with a little pressure from his hand, moved my head down into his lap.

I inhaled his essence. I could smell the faint musk of his excitement. I pulled back quickly, looking up at him in surprise.

I looked back down at his towering cock and again he pressed on the back of my head, guiding my mouth to his lap. I loved the scent of it, just slightly musky mixed with the scent of soap.

Suddenly I was overcome with lust. I allowed Tony to press my head down until my lips were pressed against his pulsing cockhead. I had barely opened my lips when my tongue automatically flicked over his cockhead. When he pushed upward with his hips and downward with his hand he shoved half the length of his cock into my mouth. When it bumped the back of my throat he started pumping.

"Ooooh yeah, suck it Dennis, suck my cock," he moaned. "Oh shit man that feels so good. Yeah, suck my dick, buddy, suck my fucking dick."

I was shocked but excited when he started fucking my mouth. The salty taste and the musky smell of his skin set my brain on fire and when he started steadily hunching upward and pushing downward I did the best I could with my lips and tongue to please him.

He shoved me so far down that my nose was buried in his pubic hairs and held me there, gagging and almost choking me.

Then I realized he was cumming…in my mouth…pumping his cum straight down my throat.

"Oh god no," I thought, "I’m not a cocksucker."

In all the excitement, I hadn't even thought of the consequences of what I was doing until I was there with my face in his lap, my throat and mouth full of creamy cum coating my tongue and teeth.

As I raised my face up out of his lap, Tony hugged me tightly and said, "Damn that was the absolute best blowjob that I’ve ever had buddy. Man, you can really suck a cock. Thank you."

I looked down the row toward the other men and they were all grinning at me and giving me a thumbs up.

My face redden as I felt embarrassed that they had seen me sucking Tony’s cock.

As I sat there, staring dumbly at the screen without really seeing the movie, I used my tongue to probe the cum in my mouth that it seemed I just couldn't lick away,

I honestly examined my feelings and knew that sucking cock was now something I wanted more of.

It had thrilled me to have brought Tony off and have him cum in my mouth. .

It's a good thing I made that decision, because Tony wasn't finished with me yet.

The end…



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