They met in the bar to see if there was an attraction. Tawni kept staring at Queen's full luscious lips. They are so wet and firm, god I want to suckle them into my mouth while our tongues tease and torment each other, she was thinking.

She looked into Queen's eyes and saw the lust and passion in them, Tawni turned bright red from the attention biting on her lower lip in anticipation. Tawni reached under the table to stroke Queen's thigh and felt the huge hard on leaking small amounts of pre cum into her eager hand. She couldn't take much more and crawled under the table. Queen's eyes opened wide:

'Oh my god, what a mouth on this one, man i want more, oh god don't stop!'

She pushed her hips forward to get more of that wonderful mouth pistoning back and forth across her turgid member. Tawni wanted a taste just a taste. Queen couldn't take it the thought that someone could catch them and the pleasure of Tawni's mouth and tongue on her cock sent her over the edge quickly the release was unexpected it was warm salty and oh so good.

They rushed out to the minivan in the parking lot, neither could wait, they climbed into the back of the love van. Tawni had been decking it out for a while, the full size mattress had velvet cuffs attached to the frame and every kind of device you could think of to use. Tawni ripped Queen's halter top off her glistening hard breasts as Queen started to pull down Tawni's leather miniskirt. They fell back onto the mattress kissing and nibbling each other's necks and ears and mouths with undulating passion.

Queen put the cuffs away for another time as Tawni straddled that huge cock with eager abandonement they leaned over and latched onto each other's nipples licking and sucking while moaning there obvious pleasure to each other then they grabbed each others hips and ground down on each other legs behind each other as they fucked harder and harder. Stopping the suckling long enough to kiss til there lips were sore but couldn't stop from the heat.

Tawni felt her climax coming closer and closer, she whimpered to Queen:

'Oh god yes fuck me you beautiful woman I am so close i want to feel your cum inside of me'

Clutching her hair in her hands to pin there mouths to each other's lip. Queen grabbed her hips slamming into her eager wet cunt harder and faster there passion knowing no bounds they were fucking so hard the van was rocking on it's axel, Queen needed no more encouragement and let loose yelling:

'Oh god i am cumming ahhhrrggg'

Tawni clamped down on her rock hard nipple as they both started shaking from the incredible release of their orgasms. The blinding light in there eyes from the ecstasy of it all as they collapsed in a heap of each others arms and legs entwined her dick twitching inside of her saturated cunt as they drifted off to sleep.



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