I was drunk. Considerably more drunk than the rest fo the party. It was that point in the night when the Gangnam Style song comes on, and of course, I ran all the way from the backyard to the 'dance floor' in the living room and started doing some weird movements that were meant to resemble the original dance. I know I must've looked awful, my burgundy chinos were a bit too tight to jump in a horseish way and I was spilling my drink everywhere. I could feel the disaproving looks coming from the backyard. A few less drunk (less fun) people were frowning at me. I can't tell whether they were frowning at my drunken state or just sick of the bloody song that has now been overplayed everywhere for too long. But because I am pretty awesome, even when I'm drunk, I thought it was the latter.

So I jumped on facebook and had one of those drunken status updates you regret in the morning. Those status updates you can't tell whether the person actually posted it or someone stole their phone with the only aim of embarrassing them on every single social network. The status was 'Haters gonna hate. I dance the Gangnam Style every single fuckin time they play it. YOLO'.

There. I've made my point. However, that wasn't enough. One drunken statement by one drunken person was not enough. I needed support. I needed to know that sober people (or at least drunk people elsewhere) agreed with me and approved my status and behaviour. I needed people to 'like' my status.

In the time it took me to get another drink *Absolute Raspberry Vodka with Tropical Juice* a friend overseas liked it. I smiled, would've probably high fived myself but that's lame. Then I approached a group of friends and told my best friend 'You can be the second one for the night'. My friend didn't get what I now realize was quite an ambiguous statement. So he asked 'what do you mean'. Just because I was drunk, just because I wasn't thinking, just because I thought it was funny I started making this really weird faces and giving him strange looks. The sort of looks that say in a creepy tone 'mmm... you know what I'm talking about... mmmm....'.

At this point in the story I should add that my friend wasn't drinking that night as he was driving *Never drink and drive*. Also, he is taller than me with light brown hair, dark green eyes a golden tan and really fit with a nice broad back. Completely sober. Not a drop of alcohol in his system making him think/do silly stuff like I was. He also has a girlfriend, a spectacular russian girl who could easily be a model.

I probably repeated the 'come on man, you can be the second one' once or twice more, clearly still referrring to 'liking' the status update.

That's when he dropped the bomb. He said, in a intrigued fashion 'Oh wait, so you've already hooked up with someone tonight?!'

My expression was blank for a few seconds. My brain was trying hard to process that new bit of information and make sense of it. I started giggling, I actually covered my face as to hide what I was thinking. But, what was I thinking?

Well, in a drunken logical analysis... If you propose someone to be the second at 'something', and then that person makes reference to that 'something' as it being hooking up - does that mean that he thinks I was making a proposal to hook up with him? Perhaps my drunken state and intense looks would back up that thought. Oh, I forgot about the intense looks, earlier in the night we were talking in a circle and we got that really intense look when you see someone in the eyes and theres like a magnetic atraction, everyone in the circle can feel the tension, and if you don't break it you slowly start getting closer, the kind of looks before people kiss.

So, assuming he actually thought I was proposing. Was his question a way of saying yes? Well, it was most certainly not a rejection, yet there wasn't any real indication as to what it meant. So throughout the night I had to work it out. Because, even though I was only hoping for a 'like' on facebook I wouldn't mind getting a lot more tonight.

Later that night I ran into him and my right hand landed on his torso, slowly caressing his abs and my left arm around him grabbing his waist. Yeah it was quite an intense encounter, bit too much touching right there in front of everyone. That's probably why he pushed me away.

Then we were all sitting by the pool outside, and as all the chairs were taken, I casually sat on the armrest of his chair, slowly moving until I was leaning on him, my arm around him. It was quite cozy as the temperature dropped and there was a cold wind. Perhaps too cozy for friends, I mean, I don't normally snuggle with my male friends. But it felt so good, nothing like body warmth, specially when you secretly want the other body.

I do not know if he was enjoying it as much as I was but he wasn't complaining. After a while, at around that stage where I was pretty much sitting on his lap people started giving us weird looks. The kind of look that says 'Okay... what is happening there?'. It wasn't a judgmental look, they would probably be cool with me sitting there if we were in a relationship, it was more the 'surprised look' of 'are you in a relationship?!'. Specially surprising as we are both guys. Both straight (acting?). So the social awkwardness was a bit too much and once again he pushed me away and I went inside. If there was something going on, it was most certainly going to be our little secret.

As the night kept going I just moved around, talking to different groups of people, always checking over my shoulder to see where my friend was. Quite often, we would make eye contact. Once again, is that intense look followed smile or giggle like your body language is trying to say something that no words can make out, something you are not even sure what it means, but we both know it's there. When we didn't make eye contact I would quietly enjoy staring at him, appreciating his stunning body.

Some friends started to leave. I am not sure what time it was, but I do know that it was so late trains and trams were not running anymore. As I am quite short on cash I was not planning on taking a taxi back home. So I was just going to play the drunk card and spend the night at my friend's house. Surely no one would complain if I slept for a few hours on the couch and then catch the next train in the morning. However, there was an interesting change in events. My friend came to my group of friends and asked me how I was getting home. I shared my plans and then, to my surprise, he offered to give me a lift. Surprised because he lives in the complete opposite direction. And because petrol is really expensive and no one ever volunteers to drive a drunk person back home, can you imagine them projecting vomit all over your car!?

I thanked him, but kindly refused as I didn't want to make him drive so much out of his way. I hate being that annoying friend who always needs a lift. A couple of my friends actually hate me now after I made them help me houses last year. He insisted it was perfectly fine with him to drive around the entire city. He made it sound he actually wanted to drive me, no matter what.

Once again, drunken logic, I thought that very few people derive pleasure simply out of driving around. And if do, that is quite creepy, I wouldn't want to get in get in that car.

moving as if they However, it also occurred to me that it was the perfect chance for the two of us to go away. If we had a little secret, if I indeed had proposed him to hook up with me and he wanted to carry it through, he wouldn't do it at the party in front of everyone. No, he had already pushed me away in front of everyone twice. But, how would he act in the privacy of his dark car, when it's just the two us? Where anything could happen and no one will ever know. Even better, he must have known that in my drunken state, I would probably do anything and not remember the next day. With this thoughts in mind I looked at him, at those intense green eyes, at his lips, Oh dear, how I am craving to taste those lips... So I said, fine, you can drive me.

As I am doing my rounds of goodbyes, someone, clearly concerned at my drunken state, asked me how I was getting home. I told them my friend was giving me a lift. Their reaction was quite funny 'what?! but he lives in the opposite direction' they screamed in disbelief, as if the little drunken bastard was making things up, but then something registered in their minds, that expression came back - the expression full of suspicion. Pretty sure thoughts were running wild in their mind as to what we would get up to or the real reasons for him driving me. Jealous? Judgmental? Approving? Disapproving? Honestly, at that stage, I didn't give a shit. I say goodbye and give them a sneaky smile as I leave, so as to confirm whatever is going through their heads, quite entertaining for me.

So we are sitting in the car. Just the two of us. It's so dark. And so quiet! Yes, there is an awful awkward silence. Must be the sexual tension in the air. I must find a way to break it. So I started making small talk 'how's your summer been? what units are you taking next semester? any exciting plans for the rest of summer?'

Quite boring small talk to be honest. He is nervours. I am anxious. Someone has to make a move. I thought of asking what he meant by 'so you already hooked up with someone tonight' and him being my second. But I thought that, not only was it too clear, but it could backfire, he could chicken out and work his way out of it. So I decided to make something a bit more blunt move, if something goes wrong, I can always atribute it to alcohol and walk away from it unscathed.

After hesitating a few times, I finally asked 'Could you drive if someone is giving head to you?'. My friend was shocked. The car slowed down a bit, as a result of his frozen leg stopping to press the accelerator. He slowly turned to look at me and with big surprised, confused eyes asked '...what?'. In the best casual tone I could master, always looking ahead, as if lost in my thoughts, I asked 'Do you know what the penalty is if you get caught driving while someone is giving you head?'. The car fell silent and after a couple of seconds he muttered 'I... I don't know... but, why are asking...?'. To which I replied, in what started off as a casual tone and ended up in a really suggestive tone with a cheeky smile 'I was just wondering if there were many cops around' He looked at me. There was no need for words. His expression was more than enough, it was asking me if I wanted to do it. It was letting me know that he'd be down for it. That he'd never done it before and that it would have to be our secret. But these were all drunk assumptions, so just to be sure, I looked at him in the eyes, all the way down to his crotch, bit my lip, then looked back at him straight in the eyes and asked 'would you like to try?'

I didnt even give him any time to nod. As soon as the car stopped at the red light ahead I unbuckled my seat belt and and leaned over to his side. I also undid his seatbelt and took his t-shirt off. Started kissing him in the neck and quickly worked my way down to his nipples and abs while gently caressing his inne thigh. I realized the car wasnt moving so I looked up to find the light was green but my friend has his eyes closed, leaning his head backwards, enjoying it so much he was about to moan. I told him to keep driving. Not because I thought it was particularly exciting to fo it while driving, but because my house was only a few blocks away. I wanted to go somewhere more comfortable.

He started driving slowly. When I reached for his crotch he already had a full erection. I took a few seconds to appreciate the perfection of his cock. About 6 and a half inches, cut. It wasn't too thick, it was more like the kind of really hard young cock that is still growing and needs some serious sucking. I started lickig the knob and slowly working my way down. I could hear his heart pound. His breathing intensifying and the slightest sounds of moans he was clearly trying to contain. I stopped for a moment and put my own pants down and my cock out. He looked at it in disbelief, most certainly he'd never seen one before. Not one so hard like mine was. As I was leaning back on top of him I grabbed his hand and placed it in my crotch. He started rubbing my dick while I was sucking his. I wasn't making the slightest effort to contain to be silent, in fact, moaning while having his dick in my mouth seemed to turn him on even more and he also started moaning. I stopped to tell him to let me know when we was going to cum and I realized we were only one block away from my house.

When we finally got there I was tempted to finish it off in the car, the thought of stopping now was unbearable. But I invited him inside and he nodded. We hid our massive boners the best we could in our pants and quickly ran into my room. As soon as I closed the door I pushed him against the wall and started kissing him. It was an electric kiss. We were connected by a lot more than the swirling of our tongues. I could feel it everywhere in my body. I stopped for just one second to take my pants off and pull his down. We continued kissing against the wall, my hands around his back gently caressing his smoth broad back, his hands around my back, grabbing my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and playing with my hole. I kept pressing my body against his so that out cocks were rubbing each other, pressing my head against his abs, back and forth. I could've easily cum right there, but I had the taste of precum in my mouth and wanted to keep sucking him. So I backed off and told him to sit in my couch.

He sat leaning back, his ass on the edge of the couch. I leaned on the floor, my arms resting on his legs and started sucking him once again. Faster this time, he was moaning so much I was worried he might wake my housemates up. My cock was about to explode and I wasn't even touching it. It was a sensation I had never felt before, it was all ove my body. I stood up and sat on top of him. Our cocks rubbing each other as I was moving up and down on top of him, kissing and licking him all over his chest and neck. The slightest touch of his cock with my ass would give me pleasure. So, even though I had never done it before. I started to slowly sit on his cock. Slowly started to insert it, letting go small moans and sounds that were a mix of pain and pleasure.

I managed to get it all in and just sat on it for a few seconds without moving. My friend was carefully looking at me, he wasn't moving, being his first time also he didn't know what to do and most certainly didn't want to hurt me. It felt good. It felt like it completed me. I started riding him slowly. I wasn't moaning anymore, I was screaming. It felt so good to have that stiff hot cock stretching my ass. I leaned backwards and he started stroking me and caressing my balls. After only a couple of minutes of intense pleasure I started to feel a bit guilty, I was not going to be able to last much longer, indeed, I was about to cum. I told him in an apologetic manner, interrupted by moans and shouting and deep breaths, that I couldn't hold it anymore. He told me he was about to cum as well, which made me feel so much better, knowing I could please him so much as to make him cum. That only made me ride him even harder. After a few seconds, and with a loud scream that made me feel like pornstar, I sent a huge load flying across his chest. He came at the same, I could tell by his face. He picked some of my cum with his fingers and tried it. He must've liked it, he looked quite happy with my thick sticky juice in his mouth. I slowly got his dick out me, which was still rock hard and leaned on him.

I was so tired and drunk I must have fallen asleep straight away. I woke up a couple of hours later, we was lying facing up in the couch and I was hugging him, my face resting on his chest and my legs in between his. We were both still naked. I gently woke him up and we moved to my bed, were we started spooning -I started sleeping sideways and he got really close behind me, hugging me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. I could feel my cock throbbing.

He fucked me once or twice more that night. I was half asleep, in a dreamy state where all I knew was that it felt so good I never wanted it to end. I finally woke up to him sucking my dick. He was quite good at it, he could tell when I was about to cum and would stop, it seemed to be quite entertaining for him to see how long I could hold it for. I was drenched in precum, begging him to keep sucking me. I finally shot a load down his throat, which he swallowed and even seemed to enjoy.

I wanted to stay in bed all day with him. But he had to pick up his girlfriend and go for lunch at her parents house. We quickly jumped in the shower together, were we played around for a bit longer. And then I kissed him goodbye.


Alex Van Brouwer


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