It was shortly after my 16th birthday. It was hot as hell outside. The St.louis summer was killer. I kept my black ass inside until later in the evening. Back in the early 80s we all had the MJ curly hair. My hair was long. My. Mother's friend came over with her daughter. We were the same age. Our parents went to bingo and left us at the crib. We decided to walk to the corner store. On our way this car slowed down and these three dudes started whistling and shouting. I was offended cause they mistaked me for a girl. I justed rolled with it and hoped one of them would notice. Mesha got one of the guys phone number. Later that evening my mother called and said they won at bingo and are going to the casino. Usually when she go there she's gone all night. Mesha decided to call the guys over. Mike was 25. These dudes were full grown. He tooked her in our guest room and they turned the music up. I could hear her screams and the bed squeaking through the music. I asked the other two guys (James and Bennie) if they wanted to play Nintendo. They were like 'we wanna fuck!' I had to tell them I was a boy. They thought I was lying. Bennie started messing with Mike and Mesha. He eventually went in. James was like, 'I'm just trying to get my dick wet. If you won't tell then I won't!' He eventually talked me into it. We kissed and then he tongue kissed me. My dick was rock hard. I took him to my bedroom. When I cane out them clothes he saw my 5 inch dick. He took his clothes off and I swear I didn't know dick came that big. There was no oral sex. James wanted to go straight to it. He couldn't get in. So I went to my mom's room and got the vaseline. 'How we gonna do this I asked?' 'Lay on your back!' He got on top of me and slowly got inside of me. We had sex for almost 30 minutes then he came inside of me. I was like 'Damn, what about my nut?' He said, 'shit, you better ride me!! I got on top of him and sat on his stomach. I reached back and grabbed his dick. I slowly put it inside of me. I eased back and rode him. This shit felt so good. He would occasionally pull me forward and suck my biy nipples. After his 4th time doing that, I busted all over his chest. He said,'you happy now?' He made me promise not to tell anyone. It was too late though cause Bennie was in my doorway. His cock was covered in dried up with stuff. I eased off James. He went to take a wash up. (He was really downstars double teaming Mesha with Mike.) Bennie wanted to fuck me too. His cock was kind of small, but fat! He was also heavier built. 'Back it up babyboy!' I got on my hands and knees and gave Bennie this chocolate ass. My hair was drenched and swinging in my face. Beenie fucks very fast. I felt his cock stretching my ass, but he didn't go deep. This dude didn't even wash his dick before fucking me. He started cumming and let it skeet on my ass cheeks. In the back of my mind I just knew Mike was next, but it never happened. I let the other two run a train on me for a few hours then they left. Mesha and I shared our stories and then took a shower. Our parents came home and thought Mesha and I had sex. 'If they only knew the truth!'




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