Jake loked at his reflecyion in the mirror for the hundredth time. He wondered if the rest of his life, he'd spend it alone. He was only 21, but his face and body looked like he was 31.His green eyes were his only good feature, they showed his expression even when the rest of his face was blank. He had a goatee that seemed to be reserved for Snowboarders and a body of a ruby player. Jake Dalton wasn't all that impressed with his looks. The sound of a truck snapped him out his thoughts. He jogged out the front door to see the moving truck just pulling out and ther stood, In Jake's eyes, the most rugged handsome man ever. He looked like a cross between Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.

'Howdy' The man spoke in that rugged country accent. Jake swore he sounds just like Clint Eastwood.

'h-h--hey.' Jake stammered. 'this is going well' Jake thought sarcastically.

'If you have time, can you help me move some of this junk into my new house?'

Jake couldn't believe his luck! This cowboy-like hunk wanted his help! 'I could use this opportunity to get to kno this guy' he thought wih determination. 'Pk sure!' Jake said enthusatically. Maybe a little too much because the man gave him an odd look. For the last three hours, they managed to get everything in place and Jake even offered to help paint when the time came. The man said sure. The man looked at Jake with an odd look. Jake ignord it, he thought he was just checking him out.

'Oh damn my manners seemed to be left up in Texas. I'm Daniel Pike, but everyone just calls me Dan. You may. What's your name, neighbor?'

;'I'm Jake Dalton.' he told him.

'Howdy Jake, have you ever been fucked?'

'In a word, no' Jake admitted.

'Have you ever sucked cock?'

'No... well once, but he didn't cum, So I guess that's also a no'

'I'll bet you wanr a ride'

'Ride? Where?' Jake asked.

'A ride, want me to ride you?'

Jake thought for half a minute,He didn't know this guy, but he wanted to. He was just so masculine and ruged, the kind of man he wanted his life.

'Your call, what's it gonna be?'

'Fine' Jake replied. 'I'll stay'

Dan and Jake headed for the bedroom. They deposited their clothes on the recliner near the door. Jake's cock was rock hard to its full 7 inches and Dan was p;acked at least 10 inches. First they started kissing one other, Dan letting out a little growl every now and then hich caused Jake to growl in return. Dan dropped to his knees and started servicing Jake's cock. Jake moaned as he gripped the back of Dan's head toward his croych. ':Dan... you the man... ahhh fuckin' hell fire.... you sure know what you're doin'....' He then shoved Jake on the bed and climbed and mounted up. 'Oh fuck.' Jake gasped. Dan tightening his ass muscles as he rode Jake like a horseman possessed.

'Jake, you feelin' the heat?'

'Oh, Dan. Ride me hell out of me.'

'I want you to cum. shoot your spunk in my hole and if there's any left, I'll drain your nuts dry.'

Jake gasped. 'I'm gonna cum! Dan, I'm gonna shoot my sp;unk if you don't get off!' Dan ignored him and seconds ;later Jake shot the biggest load ever. Dan jumped off and started licking Jake's cock and crotch. Jake was still so high that he shot a second time, This time in Dan's mouth. Dan gtoaned, Jake was spent. Dan helped the young man and into the new shower and they showered together. Dan and Jake kissed passionately as if they knon each other forever.

'You were great' Dan said.

'Not as good as you' Jake snorted.

'Want to stay the night?'

Jake looked out the window even though his house was bout 30 yars away, it was rainin' like hell. 'Maybe I should, I didn't ant to be alone anyway'

After they dried off they climbed into th huge master bed together, Dan wrapped his muscular arms around Jake protective, his cock just at the crack of Jake's.

'Go on , stick it inme, Iwant to feel it even while I sleep, Cowboy.'

Dan granted Jake's request and there they slept like muscular guys they were.



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