Everyone remembers there first time and Rob was no acceptation. At the age of eighteen he took his first large cock and never looked back as they say.

It had all started for Rob the day he moved into his small flat and soon learnt to enjoy the freedom that living on his own for the first time in his young life would bring.

After signing on to the internet he started to surf the wonderful web and like most guys of his age he was looking for porn and soon discovered the thrill of being able to down load whatever he fancied without his parents watching over him.

Like all young guys he was soon searching for harder sex until he finally found a site that catered for all tastes and after buying an account with his credit card he was soon watching hot sluts taking monster cocks and everything else up their pussy's and arses.

He found himself drawn to anal almost instantly as it was something he had never tried with his hand full of girlfriends he had dated thus far.

He was amazed by how big some of the woman could stretch their anal pussies and he marvelled at the well hung studs as they pounded away at the ladies with their huge cocks which made Rob feel a little small to say the least even though he had an average size cock of six inches.

After a few days like all younger men Rob found himself masturbating three or four times in a session as he became addicted to the internet porn site that he could not stop watching in his free time.

Rob could not get home from work quick enough in the early evenings and he made sure he allowed himself one hour free each morning so he could get his fill from the porn site.

Rob started to leave massagers on the site if he had really enjoyed a movie and it was not long before he had struck up a few internet friendships with others like himself and one guy in particular became a good friend as he fed Rob loads of information about other sites that Rob lapped up.

Rob and the guy exchanged a couple of photos of each other with Rob a little surprised that he seemed to have so much in common with a man old enough to be his grandfather.

The guy was called Pat and he lived in America, Florida after moving their a few years ago with his late wife who unfortunately died of cancer.

Pat was only too happy to take young Rob under his wing as he show Rob that he did not have to pay for the porn sites because there were so many free sites around where other people sent in movies they had copied or made themselves which again Rob soon found he could not stop watching.

Rob had not even noticed that is own social life was now nonexistent as his addiction for porn grew to ever increasing heights and with his friend Pat feeding him more sites, Rob was spending ever available minute online chatting to his new friend as he watch the latest porn that Pat had sent him.

The porn also was becoming harder with more fetish material which Rob craved and it was not long before Rob was masturbating his way through every evening until two in the morning most nights as he because lost in the world of fetish sex which finally led Rob to Shemales.

He was amazed by how sexy these hot women with huge cocks looked and he could not thank Pat enough for introducing him to what Pat called the third gender.

Rob was so taken with Shemales as he thought of them as chic's with dicks he soon found he was only really satisfied when he watched men being fucked hard by these sexy special ladies.

Pat seemed to have a never ending supply of shemale porn and Rob took it in his stride as the movies became harder and harder in content and style.

They chatted constantly about Shemales each night and Pat told Rob stories of how he had found sex with transvestites so rewarding that Rob looked forward to reading all about Pats sexual past and present activities.

It seemed that Pat was a bisexual guy and he soon sent some more very revelling pictures of himself for Rob to marvel over as Pat liked to dress up in all manner of fetish clothing.

It had been two months since Rob had moved out from his parents home and into his new flat, but already Rob was growing up very quickly as he found he could not resist hard gay sex as Pat introduced him to men on men who worn all manner of fetish clothing like Pat and it was not long before Rob became a member of some internet sites that introduced like minded men to each other.

Rob had no idea that Pat had worked his magic by the power of the internet on Rob because it had been a wonderful case of coaching by the older mature man who loved finding younger impressionable guys and showing them how wonderful gay sex can be.

With Pat now able to chat to Rob every night encouraging the younger man to buy a web cam, every night would finish with a wonderful climax for them both as they masturbated over the power of the internet as Pat was dressed in drag for the younger man.

Rob also noticed that Pat was a smoker and he introduced him to smoke fetish which Rob loved especially the large cigars that Pat smoked in a very sexy seductive way.

Rob received his first of many presents from Pat, which was a box of twenty five large cigars. Now Pat was able to coach Rob and help him become a cigar smoker on cam and it was not long before the younger man was spending smoke filled nights in front of his cam with Pat.

The next gifts were clothing and some anal toys that Rob was only too happy to don his stockings and new heels for Pat as he played with his first small diameter dildo for Pat.

Four months down the line and Rob was a regular customer at the small tobacconist on the corner of his street where he brought a pack of all white long menthol cigarettes and his hand rolled cigars that he loved.

Pat had taught him how to make himself up on cam and Rob was becoming so skilled at the art that most of the time he was in his flat he dressed up in his sexy fetish drag as he inhaled his way through his beloved cigars and cigarettes.

After booking two weeks off work, the plane tickets arrived as Pat said they would. Pat would not hear of Rob paying for them, saying he had more than enough money and having Rob stay with him for all of the two weeks was payment enough.

It was May and the weather in Florida would be hot compared to England which was still cool considering the time of year.

Pat had told the young man not to pack any of the clothing he had sent him because he had loads of gear for the young man at his house, all he needed was a tooth brush, so entering the airport with his business tickets in his small bag, Rob looked more like a business traveller than a holiday maker in his nice cream suit that hugged his body like a glove.

The flight on Virgin was a wonderful experience with gorgeous ladies waiting on the younger guy with drinks and snacks, however it was the mature steward that Rob enjoyed the attention of more and as he left the plane he had the guys mobile cell phone number in his top pocket and he looked forward to calling it when he returned to England.

Rob walked straight to immigration in Miami airport and watch the mature unformed man welcome Rob to the states as he stamped his passport with a three month tourist visa. Not needing to pick up any bags because he had just his small trolley cabin bag with him he walked out into arrivals and looked for Pat.

Pat was soon waving at the young man and Rob noticed for the first time how slim and tall the older man was. They shock hands before Pat took hold of Robs bag and said I am parked round the corner in short term, god it is so god to finally meet you and Rob said the same as they walked out of the airport together.

The heat and humidity hit Rob like a warm blanket as the warm wind dance around Robs face. Pat pulled a couple of large cigars from his top pocket of his jacket before saying to Rob, I bet you could do with one of these after that no smoking flight, thanks said Rob as he took one of the cigars from Pat, you are a life saver.

They both stopped for a few seconds as they fired their giant stogies into life before Pat led Rob to his wonderful jeep. That ought to keep you going to we get home, it's an hour's drive said Pat as he opened the door for the younger man.

I suppose the last five months had been building to this moment as both men looked into each other's eyes in the Jeep. It was only a matter of seconds before their mouths locked together in a wonderful long embrace with both of their tongues searching out each other and Rob was a little surprise by how intense it felt with Pats cigar breath and expensive aftershave making it an unforgettable experience he would cherish all of his life.

Pat finally broke away and looked into Robs deep blue eyes before saying I better get you home before we get a ticket for having sex in a public area and they both laughed as Pat fired the Jeep into life and drove out of the car park on their way to his wonderful home on the outskirts of Miami or little Havana as the locals called it.

Pat was even better looking in the flesh and Rob could not take his hand off the large lump in Pats groin area as they chatted to each other like long lost friends.

Rob felt so at easy as he smoked his cigar and inhaled every swirl of smoke like his older mentor as Pat finally pulled into a drive way of a large single story house.

The house must of cost millions thought Rob as Pat show the younger man around as they drank a nice cool rum and coke with each smoking fresh large Cuban cigars that Pat had a secret stock of.

There were two main wings to the home with a large main lounge area in the middle. There was a pool of course and Rob marvelled at how the place was filled with luxury items that left Pat wanting for nothing.

The main bedroom was huge with large walk in wardrobes which housed most of Pats collection of clothing which catered for every sexual taste known to mankind.

Pat never had to ask Rob to strip as they held each other in a naked embrace before Pat helped dress the younger man in a wonderful black Basque, seemed stockings and high heeled shoes before he made up Robs face with thick heavy makeup that made him look like a two dollar hooker.

It was all part of the foreplay as they finally looked at each other in the mirror as they stood totally transformed in their fetish clothes.

It was to be a very long session with each man cumming three times and for the virgin Rob it was to be the best education a younger man could ever hope for as Pat used his large pierced cock with all the experience of a top flight whore.

Rob had known for some time he would prefer to bottom for Pat because of the enjoyment he had gained from the anal toys Pat had sent him, but he still was not ready for the feeling of having a real cock in his arse pussy especially one as big as Pat's.

Pats slowly but surely open the younger mans pussy with his expert fingers until Rob was craving for the older man's cock to enter him.

Robs anal muscles were young and tight and Pat had to use all his experience to enter the young man without causing him to much pain, but Pat had told Rob on many occasions that the first few times would hurt, but it was worth it for the pleasure he would feel from his first large load and god Pat had been so right.

Using a bottle of poppers and with the two rums that Rob had drank he felt relaxed enough to take on Pats monster nine inch cock as inch by inch his tiring anal tract muscles waved the white flag as the monster intruder inched its way in until he felt for the first time a wonderful feeling go through his body as Pats massive balls started to slap his virgin arse.

Rob's arse muscles would never be the same again and bit by bit they started to stretch in order to accept Pats monster cock as they learnt that resistance was futile as they could only be one winner.

The dildo session had helped prepare Robs arse pussy, however Pat had been careful enough to make sure the younger man had not used a toy large than his own girth of his magic weapon therefore Pat loved the old feeling he always got from breaking in a new younger guy. He lived for this feeling and seeing Rob lying on the bed with his legs wrapped round the older man's back was heaven for Pat as he quickened his stroke to perfection.

Pat was tested for HIV every month and he was clear as usual and knowing that Rob had not tasted another man's cum apart from his own he had told Rob they would bare back, however Rob had to promise that he would use rubbers with other guys and Rob had agreed with no hesitation. Pat said it would be more special for them both if they were raw with each other and in that way it would help build their relationship together knowing that they only had raw sex with each other.

The unmistakable sound of large balls slapping a hard bubble butt was music to both of their ears as Rob felt like he was a star in one of his porn movies that he so loved, he was not wrong as it happens because Pat would be filming ever sex session they enjoyed and looked forward to uploading the movies to his internet site that he allowed only his closest friends to see.

As the slapping became more intense and with both of them moaning with pleasure it was not long before Rob felt his first load of the day shoot into his warm tight anal tract as Pat fired a large amount of man seed into the younger man.

The feeling was so intense Rob fired a stream of hot cum from his own smaller cock at almost the same time and he loved Pat pushing his fingers into his mouth as he had covered them with his own cum that now covered his black Basque.

Two more times this was repeated until both of the men were spent until they fell asleep in each other's arms both with a look of pure contentment on their faces.

Rob slept well that night in the knowledge he was safe and sound in the arms of his new lover and no one would ever be able to persuade him that gay fetish sex was not the best feeling in the world.



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