Spring break! Finally! Jay couldn't wait to load up the tour bus and be on the way to sunny Florida for some much needed time away from the books. What could be better than hanging with forty friends and enjoying the sand and surf?! Jay was already dreaming of finally seeing some of the other guys in choir out of their clothes, running around on the beach, wet and sweaty.

There would be a great deal of work to do in the next ten days but it seemed minor in comparison to the grind of classes and studies. Jay was a part of the university choir. Every spring break they would head off to promote the university and perform in various churches and concert settings. What down time they had would be spent at Disney or on the many beaches of Florida. Who wouldn't join the choir for a free trip!

Jay clamoured up the steps of the bus and joined his best friend Kyle, already seated about half way back. Kyle teased Jay and blocked him from sitting down. The two jostled, punched and laughed before Kyle finally relented and let Jay take the seat beside him. If Kyle only knew how much Jay loved him he wouldn't even be letting him take this coveted seat beside him.

Jay had feelings for beautiful Kyle ever since meeting two years ago and Kyle had talked him into joining choir for this very reason. Anytime spent with Kyle was well spent. It wasn't a hard sell! Kyle was a dark haired, dark eyed urban hunk. He had an athletic build that some sportsman would have given a fortune for although being an athlete wasn't Kyle's thing at all. He was an artistic sort but in a very masculine and appealing way. He wasn't like Chaz, the token homo in the choir.

Chaz on the other hand was this flaming blonde with an eccentric wardrobe and this sexual aura that oozed out of every pore. He actually had a girlfriend but everyone knew better than to think that this was anything more than a facade. Chaz was well built but his lack of masculinity made him a total turn off for Jay. It may have been that Jay was really just scared of him for the fear of himself and what he truley knew he felt about his own sexuality. He hated how Chaz behaved and refused to associate with him in any form for fear of 'guilty by assocation.' Jay just didn't want to ruin his own image by being pegged along with Chaz as this homo in the choir. It was bad enough that the stereotypes were associated with being artsy. Kyle helped Jay feel like he was still a man about campus and at least comfortable with being a member of the choir. Chaz on the other hand would be a total confirmation that Jay was gay too.

Jay had never actually been with a man before. He had thought about it constantly from a very early age but his spiritual upbringing and fear of consequences to his college career at the conservative Christian university he attended always kept him in check. There were all sorts of fantasies in his head but nothing had ever happened beyond that.

As Jay and Kyle talked and joked around with the other students in their proximity, Chaz entered the bus with his admittedely very hot girlfriend. He had a pair of pastel plaid shorts and a pastel polo to match one of the many colors in the shorts. As usual he just oozed eccentric and gay. Jay leaned over to Kyle and whispered, 'I pray that I don't get roomed with him on this trip.' Kyle readily agreed. In order to cut costs on trips like this the students were always paired off or grouped together as guests of the audience once the performances were over each night. It was always a round of Russian Roulette as to who you would end up with and who would be your host. War stories and rave reviews would always ensue as the choir would reconvene to tell about their evening experiences. Mock jealously or true sympathy was always expressed as each shared about the people, the accomodations and the endless food.

Soon the bus was on it's way down the road to ten days of singing and adventure. As the bus rumbled into the main traffic, the tip and sway of the bus would in turn bump relaxed legs against the legs of your seated companions. Jay always loved this as just the heat from Kyles legs could be felt and totally satisfied his longing for him. Both of them clad in shorts, their hairy legs would bump against each other at the knees and Jay could feel Kyles leg hair brush against his own. 'Intoxicating!' thought Jay. 'What would he ever do if he were to have a total naked gay experience?' Jay felt sure that he would faint dead away and miss the whole thing out of the pent up excitement of it all.

Days went by with no real epic adventures. They would pull into a church parking lot by late afternoon, set up and sing that evening after huge potluck dinners hosted by the churches. After the concert they would be paired and sent off with host families for an evening of visiting with the families and a well deserved rest. So far Jay and Kyle had both been lucky enough not to get paired with Chaz.

As they reconvened to load up the bus on their third day an excitement filled the students. Today would be their first beach day. Clearwater Beach no less! After what seemed forever they arrived at the beach and the students, with swim suits under clothes, stormed the beach and began tossing out blankets and stripping down. As discretely as Jay could do, he watched as his many handsome choir member male friends began to reveal their bodies to the relentess but wonderfully warm sun. Some were better than he had hoped, some were total dissapointments. It was true in some cases, 'clothes really make the man.' Chaz was the suprise. He actually had a very hot body. He was very blonde and his whole body was as smooth as a baby's ass. Not a hair on him except for a blonde trail going down into his speedo. Of course Chaz would be the only one of the group to go as minimal as possible. It wouldn't have been so bad except that he had plenty of bulge filling them up and the lime green color choice was totally obnoxious. Still, Jay could feel a physical attraction to Chaz's lean muscular frame, despite his mannerisms. Kyle was all that Jay had imagined. He was short and built solid, a triangle patch of dark hair filled the area between his chest and a light trail went down into his long beach shorts with masculine blue and white graphics. His hairy well built legs and hairy feet put Jay into a world of lust.

Another suprise was the Alumni Director that had come with them on this trip. He had to be in his late 30s but very handsome. He joined in with the kids as if he were one of them. As he peeled off his shirt Jay sucked in his breath. The man was a carpet of dark beautiful hair. Mr. West was very Arabian looking and it came as a total shock to see him in all his hot sexy maturity. Jay actually worked as a student assistant in the Alumni Office so to see his boss, who usually was hidden behind a shirt and tie in all of his hairy glory was a total shock.

Jay hoped he had played it discreet as he took in all the men in the group. He hoped that Chaz didn't catch him looking. Chaz certainly didn't make any bones about staring as Jay caught him staring holes through him and taking in unashamedly Jay's athletic young collge man form. He felt suddenly naked and turned quickly away from Chaz's gaze to join his closer friends for the first jump into the ocean. The cold water would do his hot groin a ton of favors as he knew inside what he was feeling after seeing his classmates half naked.

All too soon the day was done. By the middle of set up for the evening performance, the sunburns began to make themselves known. More than half of them had overdone the exposure with their eager attempt to achieve that coveted tan before heading back to class in what was left of a ten day break. The concert was merciless as they suffered under choir robes and hot lights. They longed for less coverage and the cool breezes of the night air on some gracious hosts back porch or hopefully pool deck. Jay didn't know it but the night was about to get much worse. The sunburn was bad enough but now came the evening lotto of who you ended up with for the night.

Jay tried to not show his horror as his name was announced and Chaz as well as Mr. West were paired along with him. He wasn't sure if he was thankful for Mr. West or not but he was definately disgusted by the thought of Chaz, regardless of his beautiful body. Chaz skipped towards him in genuine gladness of their pairing. Jay feigned a happiness as well but was sick to his stomach in truth. When Mr. West joined them he was much relieved to be able to put the Alumni Director between them to establish for any wondering minds that he was not Chaz's new best friend.

As it turned out, the three of them were dropped off at a church members home with a key. The actual host was out of town but his apartment had been made available to the three of them to have for the evening. It was a relief to realize that they didn't have to play the whole 'meet and greet' with strangers tonight. The three of them flopped unto the couch and flipped on the television and just chilled until bedtime. When they went upstairs to check out sleeping arrangements they found two pallets on airmattresses in one room and a large queen size bed in the other. Mr. West immediately claimed the bed before Jay even had a chance, leaving Chaz and him to share pallets side by side. Jay was sure that his evening would be sleepless just staying on guard for any sexual attempts of Chaz to seduce him.

As they all readied for bed, Chaz and Jay peeled out of clothes revealing sunburns on both of them. Mr. West could be heard snoring away through the open door of his room after just a few minutes of laying down. They each sat cross legged on their respective pallets, Jay in a pair of white boxer briefs and Chaz in a bikini style of wildly graphic print. Chaz rummaged through his bag and pulled out a bottle of aloe lotion and coyly asked Jay if he would like some. Jay was miserable and agreed readily to the offer. Chaz told him to put his back towards him and Jay realized all too soon that the offer took on an unexpected twist. Jay was prepared to put out his hands for a dollop to be pressed into it. Instead Chaz had directed the offer into an all to willing application to be done by himself to Jay.

Jay reluctanly turned around on his pallet with his burned back towards Chaz. He could feel his heart beating wildly to realize that Chaz'z smooth hands would be exploring his body. As soon as the cool lotion toched his back and Chaz's hands began to move over him, Jay went instantly hard. He had never been touched like this before even if he did loath this man. The relief of the cool lotion was erotic and comforting. Chaz soon finished his back and began, to Jay's suprise to move down his arms, rubbing in the cool lotion with sensual mesmorizing ability. It was when Chaz reached over his shoulders and massaged his chest and right down to the edge of his briefs that Jay could feel a melting of his loathing for Chaz being replaced with a lust for human touch. Too soon Chaz was finished and to Jay's horror and delight Chaz asked for him to do him.

With trembling hands Jay turned around to see Chaz already with his back to him and waiting for him to apply the much needed ointment. Jay was thankful for Chaz not to witness his erection jutting out from his briefs. Jay applied the aloe to his hands, warmed it a bit and then placed his hands on the smooth muscular back of Chaz. His blonde hair line at the neck stood in deep contrast to the red burn that began just below it. As he touched another man's body for the first time, Jay felt an erotic pleasure take over to know he had the freedom to actually do this without someone objecting. He began to feel himself relax and actually enjoy rubbing down Chaz. He tried to repeat to Chaz exactly what he had done to him. As he reached over him to cover Chaz's smooth chest the sensation of his pecs put Jay into a heady place of delight. He could feel his excitement grow more and more as he worked the lotion all the way to Chaz's underwear line. He could feel the little trail of blonde hair tickle his fingers as he crossed back and forth over this lower region.

To Jay's suprise, Chaz placed his warm hand over Jays and enveloped it into a grasp. Jay froze and for what seemed like eternity they sat there in stillness. Chaz, sensing no resistance, then slowly pulled Jay's grasped hand up his torso, past his neck and then to his lips as he planted a gentle wet kiss on Jay's now turned and open palm. Jay's heart was racing wildly but he couldn't resist. He gave no objection to Chaz's other hand reaching up to join the first and then the gentle placement of Jay's open palm unto Chaz's cheek where he held it and rubbed his stubbled young razor stubble back and forth. When Chaz turned around to face Jay it was obvious that Chaz was aroused. In the street light of the open window, the graphic hibiscus flower in the print of his briefs was poking forth like a new bloom and a deep wet spot of precum was oozing from it like nectar. Jay didn't try to hide his own precumming erection, making his own briefs translusant around his cock head.

Chaz turned to listen for Mr. West. He was still snoring. Chaz then turned back to Jay and whispered. 'Let's go down stairs where we can be more private.' Like an obediant dog, Jay nodded and followed as Chaz pulled the blanket from his pallet and led Jay by the hand down the stairs. Chaz, as if knowing this was Jay's first encounter, gently indicated to jay to lie down on the carpet. Chaz pulled pillows from the couch for their heads and layed down beside Jay. In the blackness of the dark, Jay could feel the body heat of Chaz the whole length of his body. It didn't matter that they were sunburned, that only intensified the sensation. Jay could feel Chaz's arms embrace him and pull him into him. He could feel their cocks press into each other with defined resistance. When Chaz's soft warm lips brushed against Jay's he could feel the last of his loathing and reluctance melt away. He quickly and eagerly gave into Chaz's kiss and kissed him back with the same gentle longing.

They stayed like this for what seemed forever, kissing, touching and tangling their limbs into a soft gentle confusion of arms and legs. Chaz rose up and immediately Jay could sense the coolness of Chaz's absent body. He could see no more than the shadow of him as he watched him remove his briefs. Chaz then knelt down and reached over Jay's body and began tugging on Jay's briefs. Jay relented and raised his ass and hips off the floor so that Chaz could peel them away. Chaz then reached over for the blanket and raised it behind him like a cape and knelt down, then layed down on top of Jay with the blanket floating down around them both. The renewed warmth of Chaz's body melting into him was heaven. When their cocks touched for the first time and Jay could feel the mingling of their hairy pubes he knew he was forever more a gay man. Chaz began kissing him passionately now and their bodies rubbed and twisted in erotic pleasure against each other. Jay could feel the precum from their cocks begin to create a warm slippery surface against each other and the sensation to his cock was like nothing he had never felt. Chaz's hands were everywhere. They carressed, gripped, tickled and pleasured every inch of Jay's body.

Jay found it hard to even know if he was responding back to Chaz with like affection. He was so into this heady new experience that all he could do was to lay there and enjoy every moment. When Chaz disappeared from his face and resurfaced at his groin, Jay could feel his breath catch in his throat. He could feel the heat of Chaz's breathing on his cock. When his velvet lips wrapped around Jays cock and slid down to take in his full shaft, Jay moaned in a whisper of ecstacy.

'Well what do we have here?' came a voice from the couch. Jay could feel his body tense into a shaft of ice. Mr. West had woke and heard them somehow. He had snuck to the couch without even alerting them and now they lay naked and caught before him. 'Go back to bed' said Chaz without even a hint of fear. Mr. West countered, 'I think we have a serious problem on our hands here.' 'What are we going to do about this boys?' My job, my college career and my all too unwilling outing all flashed before me. 'How absolutely fucking unfair this was' I thought. 'My first fucking experience and I'm already caught and condemned.' Silence ensued like death itself as I lay there silent. Chaz continued to caress me softly.

The sensation of his hands in the dark somehow soothed me as I felt the end of my life as I knew it begin to take shape. It seemed as if Chaz was able to make me feel as if four hands were exploring me. It wasn't until a second set of lips joined with Chaz and my face that I realized that it was four hands. When Mr. West's hairy body layed up against my bare skin I was so confused that it took me a minute to realize what was actually happening.

The two of them began ravaging my body from head to toe. It was like sweet chocolate and salty chips at the same time, going from Chaz's smooth lean body to Mr West's hairy strong one. When one was kissing my face the other was sucking my virgin cock. When Chaz turned me unto my stomach and began rimming my ass, Mr. West was right there whispering in my ear and kissing the back of my neck. Fireworks blasted into my brain as Chaz's lips and tongue tickled my hole. In the dark, I often heard the two of them kissing each other, while their hands roamed over each other and over me.

When they both presented their dicks to my face I took in my first cocks and sucked them back and forth. My head was filled with the scent of Mr. Wests erotic sweat. It was strongest just under his hairy balls as I lapped and inhaled him. Chaz on the other hand was shaved smooth and he smelled of expensive cologne and body lotion from our very generous sunburn rubdowns. The knot of our legs, arms and bodies felt like some sort of

heavenly game of Twister. I couldn't get enough!

Over and over the two of them made me cum. Ripping me to climax after climax as they sucked down my cock and released the pent up lifetime of my curious balls. I in turned returned the favor to torents of hot thick cum spurting over my body and into my face.

Eventually we ended up in the big bed upstairs. I lay wide eyed between two very satisfied men, one a perfect hairy stud of a man and the other a smooth and very capable lover. I tried to sleep but was too mesmorized by the newness of it all, so I lay there plying them with gentle kisses and stroking their very different skin and bodies with my eager hands. We didn't even bother to clean up. I was covered in their mingled sweat and cum and loved every bit of it. I would never forget this trip and looked forward to the life that lie ahead to my now very open eyes.


Matthew Barrett

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