In high school, I was the lonely closeted queer, the quiet outsider. I joined the swim team in my sophomore year to appease my father and a fascist PE teacher, who found that I was a good sprinter after staging an impromptu swim try out. The only thing I liked about swimming was seeing the developing bodies and young cocks of my teammates and competitors. However, if any of them were gay, they either kept it to themselves, as I did, or hid it beneath a fa├žade of youthful sexual bravado.

To relieve my feeling of estrangement, I would often drop in on the nearby State University campus during my lunch hour often thinking my final last three years of high school could not be over fast enough. Although I didn't know anybody on the college campus, I was more comfortable in the university surroundings than among my high school classmates, who were largely preoccupied with sports or their hormonal urges for the opposite sex. I liked sports well enough, but I didn't engage in the banter about girls. I suspected that most of the stories were bullshit anyway. There were a few girls who hung around the team, providing some with opportunities for real, exaggerated or imagined sexual dalliances. Because of my aloof demeanor and athleticism, nobody suspected my sexual orientation and I was perceived as the strong silent type who was shy with girls. That's what I thought anyway. I certainly didn't exhibit any femmy gay boy mannerisms which could get me thrown out of the house or shunned by the team.

I did pop a boner in the shower once, after seeing one of the hunkier seniors rubbing his cock to an erection. Somebody shouted, "Hey, Rolf are ya gonna jack off in the shower?"

"I got something for you right here, faggot," was Rolf's reply. He began to pump his thick cock to full erection, shamelessly masturbating in the communal shower. As an upper classman and overall BMOC, Rolf's sexuality was never in doubt. My teammates worshipped his aura of confidence and his popularity with girls, I thought he had the face and intellect of a Neanderthal, the body of Apollo and he carried heavy lumber between his legs.

The shower room actually broke out into a spontaneous circle jerk with several teammates jacking off in the shower. The sight of all those stiff, young cocks being jerked off in unison was the most erotic memory of my first fifteen years on earth -- my mind still drifts back to that moment when I masturbate. I joined in the cock pumping fest and fired several blasts almost half the length of shower, earning new respect for my length and distance. Little did they realize how charged I was by their dick pumping. We left the shower looking pretty pruney and the coach muttering about taking too long.

Sean was just sitting on a couch at the Gay and Lesbian Center reading a magazine when worked up the nerve to popped in for a look. I did it out of curiosity and a longing to make contact with my kind. My gaze was met by his twinkling blue eyes and easy smile and a friendly "Hello". Sean was a sophomore psychology major from Wisconsin. His blue eyes and blond hair hinted at his Norwegian roots. Tall and slim with high cheek bones, he was handsome but not what I would consider hunky. I introduced myself and told him that I was a local high school student. After chatting with Sean and a few others at the GLC, I felt quite at ease and began spending more lunch hours on the university campus. I was particularly fond of the erotic male literature at the GLC and the college library as it was fuel for my nocturnal masturbation fantasies about making love to another man.

Sean was always glad to see me and we became close friends. Despite the four year difference in our ages, it seemed that we had much in common. He didn't seem particularly athletic, but he told me that he was a pretty strong swimmer. When he invited me to the college pool to swim laps with him after school, I quickly accepted.

Sean was slightly taller than me at the time but thinner. While he was a good swimmer, he was definitely not in my class as a sprinter. He swam laps in the early evenings to relief stress and to work out. After our late afternoon swims, I would often follow him to his apartment where we would talk, have a beer or smoke a joint. Sometimes, all of the above. After one particularly late swimming session, we went to his apartment. I told him that I had some good grass. He was pleased and picked up a pizza on the way to his apartment. We devoured the pizza and washed it down with Michelob. I pulled out a Ziploc baggie with four joints. We began to smoke the joints one after another while talking discussing openly gay celebrities and politicians. I passed the last bud to Sean, who took a long last drag from it. "Well, that's the last of the weed," I said.

"Another beer, Scotty?"

"No thanks, I gotta piss like a racehorse," I said as I pushed off Sean's knee to get off the couch and go to the bathroom. I felt like I just pissed half a gallon of beer, because it seemed to take fifteen minutes to empty my bladder. Over my shoulder, I noticed that Sean was watching me relieve myself.

"About time," Sean said as I shook off my penis and flushed the toilet. We passed each other awkwardly through the doorway avoiding contact. I plopped down on Sean's couch and watched the ceiling slowly spin around then heard the toilet flush. I was starting to get an erection and had to adjust my inflating cock to relieve the pressure under my jeans. I looked up and saw Sean eyeing me as I was pulling my hand from my bulging groin.

"So you wanna watch some TV?" he asked sliding next to me.

"How about some music instead."

Sean got up and turned on his stereo. I heard the Beatles "Come together" begin to play. The combination of the hypnotic beat, the alcohol and the marijuana was making me light headed. I barely noticed when Sean seated himself next to me, but I could feel heat from his slender body. He was now wearing a plain white T-shirt and shorts and I could feel the warmth of his thigh through the heavy denim of my Levi's. Sean seemed to get up, but he leaned into me and turned toward me. As our lips met, Sean rested most of his weight on me and slipped his tongue into my mouth. He began exploring my teeth and tongue. His thin blonde mustache tickled my cheek and my left hand reached under his T-shirt to rub his chest and back.

With hs left hand he pulled out my shirttails, while his right hand fumbled with my belt. My excitement heightened when I felt the hardness in his loins against my thigh. Finally, he worked loose my belt and I helped him with the zipper and the top button of my jeans. Electricity coursed through me when Sean grasped my penis, the first time anybody else had touched my erect cock. As he stroked me, I felt my pulse pounding through my temples and my cock and especially my chest. Our breathing became deep and heavy. I lifted my butt off the sofa so Sean could pull my pants and jockeys down to my ankles. I kicked off my shoes, socks, pants and shorts, as Sean helped me with my shirt and undershirt. I was now naked on Sean's couch and paasionately embracing him. Sean quickly pulled off his T-shirt and shorts, revealing his almost hairless chest and the sharply pointed shoulders of his tall sensuous frame. Also, his rigid manhood, which like Sean, was slender and pale except for the swollen pinkish, purplish head.

We kissed again with each other's cock in hand. I let out a low moan as his hand tickled and caressed my very sensitive testicles, and he started kissing my neck then my chest and sucking on my erect nipples. Sean worked his way down my chest and abdomen, while stroking and caressing my male hardness and my testicles. My breathing deepened as I felt his tongue on the underside of my cock head, and my thoughts raced as the hot wetness of his mouth enclosed the head of my penis. My body reflexively arched back in ecstasy, as Sean's skilled tongue swirled around my manhood. Sean then began licking my shaft and low hangers. He took each testicle in his mouth and began working them with his tongue. I started rubbing and pinching my nipples, as I looked down at the erotic sight of Sean engulfing my testicles with his mouth and stroking my straining cock.

With his face buried in my crotch, Sean looked like he'd sprouted a bushy mustache of teenaged pubic hair and had an upward pointing meaty arm appended to the tip of his nose. He stopped kneading my balls with his tongue and resumed licking my shaft from tip to testicles. Then Sean took my cock in that hot mouth and started working over the head with his tongue while still stroking the base of my cock. My grunting and moaning became louder and I started to buck my hips when he stopped and told me not to cum yet. He then drew in more and more of my cock into his mouth until I could feel his lips at the base of my cock. He bobbed his head up and down taking the entire length of my cock and finishing with a swirl at the tip. After a few stokes, my breathing became forced, shallow gasps of fire; my face flushed; every muscle tensed and tightly bundled. I ejaculated on the next half dozen downward head bobs. I had discovered masturbation less than two years ago but nothing in my auto erotic experience matched this explosive orgasm, my first sexual experience. Not just an undercover wank or impromptu shower room circle jerk.

Sean lapped up the semen that leaked from the corners of his mouth and milked the last drop of me from my subsiding erection. He finished cleaning me, got off his knees and kissed me. I could smell and taste my slippery saltiness on lips and felt him grind his inflamed manhood against my flaccid member. It tasted and smelled and felt great. My turn.

My clumsy, toothy initial effort was more hand job than blow job, but Sean appreciated my enthusiastic, albeit slobbering, effort. I eagerly licked up his male spray from his abs and his smooth chest and held it on my tongue to taste it more completely before swallowing it. My love of savoring the musky bleach smell, the salty taste and slickness of freshly ejaculated semen started that day. I would learn to be a proficient cock sucker and Sean introduced me to his friends and to other lovers.



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