It was another lazy day. I had the day off from work with nothing to do. Most would be happy about having the day off and usually I am too, but I was horny. I hated being horny on a day off when all my regular hook-up guys were working. It didn't help that I was sitting in front of the computer watching porn. I could have taking care of the situation myself but it had been four days since the last time I shot a load and had to use my hand. It does the job but don't really enjoy it.

So I decided since the computer was already on I would check out the hook-up sites online. After about a half hour I was so bored. They all had the same thing. Gay guys, like myself, looking for another guy to come over and suck their dick or fuck them. I thought to myself that I can get that any day of the week. Today I wanted something different. So I switched over to the straight online sights and found myself excited. Looking at all the straight men wanting sex. I thought WOW a buffet of new cock. I made a profile and sat back and waited.

Now I am a gay man and try to be honest in all that I do so on this straight site I was as honest a possible. The ad read ' Gay man looking for something new. SWM looking for any and all str8 men that needed to get off. Not bad looking here five foot eight inches tall, one hundred forty-five pounds, nice tone body, smooth and tan. Drop me a line if you need to release. What your wife or girlfriend won't do, I WILL'

I sat back and waited. Now I honestly thought that NO straight man would answer my post, but to my surprise half hour after I signed up I received two emails. The first was from a Homophobe and told me to die. That was expected. The other though introduced himself as Lil'sisco. He didn't send a picture but said that he was very interested in getting his dick sucked. We emailed back and forth for a while and then came the moment of truth, he gave me his number and address and told me to come over now cause he was really horny and wanted to shoot his cum all over me. I jumped in the car and went right over.

When I got there he answered the door in a tank top and baggie shorts and a baseball cap. Lil'sisco stood about five foot ten inches, dark skin, muscular tone body. He asked me in and told me that he had never done this or ANYTHING with a guy before but his girl was out of town and he hadn't busted a nut in a week and was fucking horny.

I didn't have time to answer right there in the front room he pushed me to my knees. As I looked up at him he pulled down his shorts and I was eye to cock. He smelled freshly showered. His dick was 6.5 inches soft. I had never seen a black dick before. I liked Hispanic guys mostly. Staring up at him he flashed me a smile and said ' open your mouth'. I did as he said and he guided my mouth onto his soft cock. The taste of it made my cock twitch. I felt his dick grow to a rock hard eight inches. His hands were on the back of my head moving it back and forth on his tasty cock. I licked around this black mans cut dick head and then tried to take it down. He pulled out of my mouth and said, 'lets go upstairs I have porn playing on the computer'.

I followed him upstairs. Watching him from behind climbing the step I could see his tight tone ass. It took all I had not to reach up and grab his cheeks and spread them apart so I could lick his hole. At this point my dick was fighting to get out of my jean shorts. As we reached the computer room I could see that there was straight porn on the computer, black men fucking white women. Lil'sisco stopped and turned right in front of a chair. I had my hands trying to cover my bulge but he just smiled and said ' don't sweat it, now kneel'.

I did as he said. He sat down in the chair and spread open his legs. His big balls hung low and his dick had softened just a bit so it leaned on his leg. He looked at the porn then looked at me and told me to get to work. Without using my hands I took his cock back in my mouth, licking and sucking his dick back to hardness. My hand reached up and tickled his nuts as my mouth took all eight inches down my throat. Lil'sisco looked from the porn on the computer and said 'Damn, you know how to work that dick don't you?'.

I continued to suck his dick as best as I have ever sucked a dick before. On the computer there was a black man getting head from a white girl. Funny life does imitate art. His hands found the back of my head and he maneuvered my head so he could thrust his dick deep in my mouth. His hips moved up and down as his cock slid in and out of my mouth making his black cock glisten with my spit. I glanced up at Lil'sisco and his eyes were closed but he had the look of full enjoyment. His eyes opened and looked over and the computer screen. The black man was now behind the white women on her knees and was ready to push his cock in her. Lil'sisco pushed my head back and told me to get undressed and get on all fours. I froze. I didn't know what to do.

Now I was looking for a straight cock to suck not fuck me. What had I gotten myself into? He stood up and said 'didn't you hear me bitch? Undress and get on all fours'. I slowly stood and started to take my shirt off, Lil'sisco stopped me and said, 'No just your pants.' I undid my pants and let them fall to the ground. My cock was still rock hard and had precum leaking out of the slit. I got on all fours. I tried to relax and brace myself for this straight black guy to fuck me. His dick was still all wet from my mouth just a minute ago and now I could feel his dick head at my tight hole. He push a little and I moved a little forward. This did not go over with him at all. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back. I felt his black cock penetrate me and the pain was both hurtful and pleasurable. He began to move back and forth. With each movement forward his dick slid deeper in my ass. I tried to look back at him but he just pushed my head to the floor.

I could feel his balls on my ass so I know that he was all the way in. The pain was easing up with each back and forth movement. Still holding my hips he took control and started fucking me fast and deep. My cock was so hard and leaking precum all over the flood. I reached up and started jerking my dick. Lil'sisco didn't like this. He told me this was not for me to enjoy. It was for him. I was scared, excited, and disappointed all at the same time. I could hear the porn on the computer. With each thrust of cock in me I could tell he was in tune with the man on the screen.

Lil'sisco's breathing was speeding up and his thrust were coming faster and harder. He smacked my ass and said, ' you know this is what you really wanted you fag. How do you like this big black cock fucking your ass?' I did not answer. I knew that this question was rhetorical. He pounded my ass deep. Finally his hands dug into my hips, let out a yell and I could feel his throbbing cock unleash gobs and gobs of cum deep in my ass.

He stayed in me letting his dick go a little soft. As he slid out I looked down and noticed that I had shot a huge load of cum all over the floor. I didn't even realize I came. Lil'sisco stood up, turn off the compute, kicked my shorts to me and said, 'thanks for the release. Now get the fuck out'. He turned and walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I stood, my legs weak, dressed and walked down stairs, out the front door and got into my car.

As I started my car I could feel the wetness of Lil'sisco's cum as I sat. I thought to myself I wanted to try something new and I got it. Then a big smile came over my face and I said aloud, 'Bring on the next straight guy'.



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