Hi, My name is farhan. I am 24 year old. One day i was going for a walk early in the morning. I have my mobile. I was just watching a porn videos. Then i say a tree area i just gone there and just shaking my ass for removing a cum. while shaking a ass i just move inner in a tree area there where no one there then i just remove my pant and just rubbing my ass i just close my eyes. After few minute i just open my eyes then i was there were 8 Military man standing in front me. When i saw them i just try too run but they caught me and they remove there ass and they were putting there ass in too my mouth. Then they tore my T-Shirt and there where nothing on my body then they try too put there cock into my mouth. They just force me too suck the cock and told mre that "If u suck the cock then we will let him go, otherwise they will give me too 100 of military man too fuck you". Then i just try too suck the cock. I have suck the cock of 8 man and then they just turn me and one by one they fuck me very hardly they 8 of them fuck me into my pussy and sucking the cock. Then they all fuck me for 1 hour and there cumshot was in my mouth and told me too drink it otherwise we will fuck u again. Then i slowly drink inside into my mouth. Guys This was my first story with a military man. But I like the most ....................too get fuck with man.


Farhan Shaikh

[email protected]


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