First Night Meeting

I had been about to give up on ever realising my weird dream of being a slave to a Leather clad master when I went to the site and saw I had a message from someone calling himself Grim master.

It said “read your profile and agree it is all a matter of Trust and Respect and what you said in it really hit a similar ring of truth to it and if you read my profile before getting in touch I believe I am the answer to your wishes. Get in touch soon if you dare Boi!”

Well you can image that stirred up all sorts of thoughts and then I went over in my mind what I said and traces of dread and fear made my stomach turn. So I immediately went to read his profile with a sense of foreboding and wonder and hope. It could have been written by me when describing my dream Master. I went back and answered him immediately.

 Amazingly he lived in my own city and he wanted a slave for the weekends and once trained occasional evening sessions during the week.  Was it all just a bit too good to be true though and had he created the profile after reading mine to sucker me in, the dates of creation and when last edited were actually before my own profile.

 My reply said “it would be an honour to serve him and look forward to obeying his every command.”

The reply wanted to know my own experience and why at my age I was trying to be trained as a slave. My reply was simple. I had tried to find a Master who wanted to use me for his sexual and sadistic wants and who was a non smoker with a reasonable endowment.

I thought I had met one but he rejected me for being too impatient and on another occasion when I met one, he had lied and he was a smoker and was less than well endowed and so it didn’t work out and hence my profile reading Trust and Respect. The messages went like this as he sounded me out and I sounded him out.

Then one day when I went to the message centre there was a message from Grim Master saying enough foreplay it is time to meet and I had two options one was to come for an evening or to come for a weekend and actually start the training. He gave me his address and a time to be there.

There were instructions on what I should do when I got to the door and prepare myself for the first meeting. I read them until I knew it off by heart and knew I was going there for the weekend.

Work delayed me and I was running late and had to hurry to get home and ready for my first meeting with someone who sounded like my Fantasy Master. My heart was thumping from excitement and butterflies filled my stomach.

The house was a detached house in a very nice neighbourhood. I opened the gate and it squeaked I thought I caught some curtains move in the house and walked up to the door. I was early so I waited until the right time. I turned the handle and opened the door and walked in.

 I placed my bag to one side and stripped off then knelt down and lowered my head. I was almost sick with anticipation; dread filled me with excitement and thrilled me beyond belief. Not much time passed when I heard someone walk along the long corridor towards me.

 “Boi look up and behold your Master!”

 I looked up and saw what I had fantasised about for some time. Before me, stood the leather clad Master, with a Bullwhip round one shoulder and wielding a riding crop. He had the build of an athlete but with a few extra pounds.  He was the Black Master of my fantasies , Ebony black and when my eyes dropped down and saw his manhood, fear took over then lust and my mind tried just how I was going to take that on.

He looked at me and said “Very good, most slaves show fear and then try to leave. You showed fear but then something else, lust it was lust you actually want to take this monster on don’t you? Well that’s a promising start. I am glad you have chosen the weekend option now the training can start in earnest.”

“Assume the second position now!”

I put my arms behind my back and stood legs astride with my head held up just as the massage had instructed.


He went behind me and bound my arms together.

“I have two presents for you”

“From the measurements you gave me here is your collar” With that he fitted a collar round my neck. “It has its uses which you will find out in good time!”

Then he came round and looked at me and saw my pathetic erection, flicking the end of my penis with it with his horse whip which rapidly caused it to deflate.

“Can’t have that yet”, he crouched down and fitted a chastity device to my penis.

“Good fit! Now that remains in place until the conditioning part of the training which won’t be for a few weeks”

He said it with a hint of glee and my look on my face told him it was going to be a real trial.

“You have saved yourself haven’t you?”

“Yes” I said.

Stars flashed before my as my head was thrown back with the force of the slap.

“Yes what Boi?”

“Yes Master”

“Better! That merits punishment which will happen tonight but I have an urge to fuck you and see how you suck so you are to be prepared for that first then maybe after I will punish you which will result in more fucking as that always causes me to need satisfaction”.

He fastened a leash to my collar and led me along the hallway and down some stairs. These led to a cellar that was filled with machines and equipment my Master was intending to use on me at some time. First I was led to a toilet where he gave me an enema and after the enema did its stuff I was led to a bench that was like a Y shaped. He unfastened my arms and got me lie down on my back with my legs along the prongs of the Y. I was too long so my head hung over the end and I was to let it hang down. My head was fastened to a clip on the bench to the back of my collar. He then fastened my arms to the bench and my legs. The Y prongs then hinged upward raising my legs and leaving my arse exposed. The bench was at my Master’s waist height and my mouth was now in an ideal position for him to use my mouth at his leisure and indeed my arse. He approached my head and I opened my mouth seeing his monster penis approach me. I caught the smell of him and it was heady stuff. He pushed the head of his penis into my mouth and said “inhale with my thrusts and swallow as it passes your gag position”.

With that he thrust his huge prick into my mouth and down my throat. I inhaled and swallowed which worked and he started to thrust in and out and I had to work hard to time my breathing with his thrusts he pushed quite far down and I swear he entered my stomach at one point. I felt the warmth of his shaft in my mouth and this living flesh pounded my mouth and throat. This went on for some time and my Master let out some cries of satisfaction and pleasure at this act.

“Nice that’s pretty good for a first time”

The relief as this huge piece of meat was pulled out my mouth was instant but then I was filled with regret that the warm flesh was not in my mouth and I hadn’t brought him ejaculation.

“ I am going to fuck you now ready or not.”

With that he fitted a gag to my mouth and walked round to my arse. I wanted and dreaded what was about to happen. He lubricated my arse and I felt his fingers rubbing it into my arse and at the entrance. Hard and forceful. He told me he was lubricating his prick then I felt his pricks head rub at my arse then his hand pulled my cheeks apart then a stabbing pain as his hard firm warm prick shoved passed my entrance. I tried to relax but the arse hole was being pulled wide open. Then I felt it being shoved hard up my passage and then came the thrusting jerks in and out. I thought I was going to pass out with the pain then after a while it started to stretch and the pain eased then almost pleasure.

“Yes Yes that’s sooo good I haven’t had a good shag for far too long.”

Thrust after thrust minute after minute I lost all track of time as I entered into a world where I just felt that I was doing what I was meant for. Satisfying my Master.  Then I felt a squirt inside my body then more he pumped me for ages. He pulled out and had a smile and a look of contentment on his face.

“That was very impressive for a first time you have a lot of promise”.

My arse ached but I felt contentment and pleasure at being successful in pleasing my Master. Then the bomb shell.  Now it is time for your punishment for your indiscretion earlier. He unfastened me and led me over to another bench and told me to bend over it. He fastened my hands to some clamps on the floor and my legs by the ankles. He went over to a wall where I had seen a multitude of tawses, straps, canes and whips. He came back and said he was going to use the punishment tawse which was an extra hard leather and I was to receive just six hits for a first punishment. Shortly after that I felt the thud and the explosion of pain that exploded on my cheeks of my arse. Slightly distracted by the earlier fucking I heard the smack of leather on flesh. Six smacks later my backside was crescendo of pain. Then I felt the head of his hard prick search out my arse hole. What again I thought then oh yes fuck me hard this time. As the monster prick pounded my arse a warm glow seemed to flow over my whole body and a pleasure I never felt before filled my soul. This is what I was meant for this was my heaven. All too soon it was over and he pulled out.

“That was very good.  Did you know you took the full length of my prick? You are very promising I hope you want to stay the rest of the weekend. I have so much more to teach you and I really need to use that body of yours some more. Especially that mouth I want to pump it full of my cum. I have bred you and you are mine now”

It was said as a statement and not a question. He took off my gag and posed the question to me.

“Do you want to stay the weekend ?”

“Yes Master please I just want to please you and serve your needs.”

He unfastened my arms and legs. “Get into the kneeling position you are to clean me!” I got into the kneeling position and lowered my head. He stood in front of me with his large flaccid member dripping cum, lubricant and bum liquid. I licked it off his warm penis and cleaned it up as best I could. It was heavy to move by my tongue alone. As I licked I felt there was a stirring in this wonderful beast of a prick. It started to grow hard again.

Better get upstairs to my bed room and I will show you a method I like to be satisfied. He led me up the stairs to the bed room. He lay down and stretched out on the bed exposing himself.

“Lie down beside me, put one hand round my balls and the other round the base of the shaft of my beast. Now lick my penis head with the flat of your tongue and slide your mouth down my prick and as you slide down with your mouth rub the base skin with your hand upwards”.

I did this and gradually got the co-ordination right and he slumped back onto the bed and just enjoyed the sensation. I was getting very frustrated and wanted to get hard myself at all this sexual activity but the cage prevented this and so I continued to pleasure this man.

“You are getting the hang of this now keep going getting faster”.

My head bobbed up and down and my hand moved up and down for some time. Then I felt the prick harden further then small spasms  just prior to ejaculation.

“Keep your mouth on the head and just move the hand now”.

I did this and he exploded into my mouth and filled it up with his cum. Some went down my throat under its own force of power.

“Swallow it all and then lick me clean Boi”.

I did and relished this unusual taste. I couldn’t believe how I had come to this wonderful Master and to be relishing just pleasuring this almost total stranger who was now in complete control of me.

“Excellent that was good and you have now tasted my cum”.

Once he had been cleaned up I was led down to the cellar to stay the night.

“Look at that wall with all those implements of pain. You will experience what each of them feel like by the end of the weekend even the complete range of whips with the culmination of the bull whip. What do you say to that? Still wanting to stay?”

“Yes Master your desire is my command”.

I couldn’t believe I just said that but what’s more I meant it and I wasn’t into pain but this man could make me endure it.

The next day Master came down to the cellar dressed in his full leather costume< I think it was to complement my performance last night and it was my visual reward for pleasing him. He approached the cage.

“Boi last night was great and I want you to be my slave. Wait don’t speak I will give you leave to speak freely shortly. You should great and wonderful potential and having such readily accessible sexual satisfaction on tap last night was a great turn on for me. We met on an understanding of trust and respect but I wasn’t completely honest with you. I wanted a pain slut and on a 24/7 basis. You said you were not into pain but more into sexual gratification and body worship of a Master. Well I have started you on a course of training that will meet both our desires. One word answer for now, are you interested?”

I looked round the room at the implements of pain and the machines then I looked at the body of this man and I felt complete. I hadn’t understood the pain thing but I did understand the growing addition I was having to servicing that monster prick.

“Yes Master”

“Right the training plan from now is simple. I will continue to gain sexual satisfaction from your body and I will train you to worship my body in the ways I want it to be worshipped. That will include that matter we discussed that you were apprehensive but curious about, that being on occasions you will perform for me the Immaculate Body Service. Once training has progressed a bit further I will make you my 24/7 slave and you will be branded accordingly. You will have to be conditioned to pain and this is how I propose to do it. This weekend I will find your soft limits to the various tawses, canes and whips around this room. I will reach these limits four times this weekend. Then each following weekend I will raise this limit by two strokes maybe four if progress is good.  The maximum limit I have set at 30 strokes of each implement type of there softer variety then you will be ordered to be my slave full time, after that time will tell what limits are achieved and then other activities can be explored. All those we talked about in our earlier emails. You will help in this training as your sexual control will be implemented all this time. When you are released to go home I will lend you a tawse. You will smell this tawse at first when your sexual hunger is at its greatest then you will hit yourself on the arse with it to ease your hunger. At some point I will take of the cage and you will jerk yourself off as I pound your arse with a similar tawse. Eventually the smell and the physical pain will be enough and you won’t have to touch yourself to get gratification. In fact the smell and the pain will become your only way to relieve your sexual hunger. Thus you will get sexual satisfaction,  while I get my sexual enhancement and then afterwards you will service my sexual satisfaction by taking on my monster with your mouth and or arse depending how I feel. I know t is my monster that is turning you on and persuading you. That is why last night I had to get you addicted to my prick. How does all sound and you can answer freely?”

My stomach was full of butterflies by the proposal and my heart was beating fast with excitement. I felt even in my cage some precum oozed out.

“What else can I say to that incredible offer of servitude and debauchery, but YES!  YES! Yes Master Please the sooner the better and let me serve you in every way you desire.”

I was hooked and sold myself into slavery to this Man no this God.

A small smile of, what was it that crossed his face was it relief? Then to answer my request he said “ON YOUR KNEES BOI!”

At this point I woke up and realised it had all been my impossible dream. I was back in my Vanilla reality of unrequited servitude hell. I had never found a Master and never really served my two attempts I had included at the start of the dream had resulted in nothing. So I had to endure normality and never become the fulfilled slave of my dreams.




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