I was a straight male in college. I had friends, close friends, that I knew were gay but I figured that was their business. They were loyal and trustworthy and would do anything they could for you if you needed them.

Then, during my senior year, I began wondering what they got out of having sex with another guy. This curiosity began when I walked in on my dorm roommate having sex with another guy in our room.

Seth, my roommate, was twenty-one and a very handsome, muscular specimen. He was the star quarterback on the college football team and was hoping for an offer to play pro football. Because of that hope, he had kept his homosexuality a secret.

About a month after the year started, I found a couple of gay magazines in our room, that I assumed were his. When he returned from class, I asked him about them.

He turned red with embarrassment and said, "I forgot to put those away. I'm sorry if they offended you."

"Seth, you're not gay, are you?"

"Yes, Mark, I am but please don't say anything to anyone. If it got out, I'd never get a pro offer."

"Seth, you're personal sex life is no one's business but yours. You can trust me not to say anything, but I admit that I'm shocked as hell to find out."

"I know you have other gay friends and that if you found out, I could trust you. I've wanted to tell you but didn't know how."

"Well, it's out in the open now, and I still consider you a great friend and you can trust me to keep your secret."

I extended my hand to him in friendship, but instead of taking it and shaking hands, he stepped closer and hugged me, saying, "Thanks, buddy."

When I'd see Seth nude in the showers or in his briefs in our room, I continued to wonder how such a masculine guy like him could be gay.

About a month later I went to class and found it had been cancelled for the day. I returned to the dorm and when I walked in unexpectedly, I found Seth on his bed, nude. Also there were two other members of the football team, also nude. Seth was in a sixty-nine with one of them, sucking each other's cock, while the other was fucking Seth in the ass.

I froze as they looked at me also frozen.

I calmly said, "Hey, sorry guys. I'll just go down to the TV room until later."

I turned and left closing the door behind me. I had been in the TV room for about a half hour when Seth came in and said, "Come up to the room. We need to talk."

I followed Seth to our room and was surprised to find the other two still there. Once inside, Seth closed the door and began speaking.

"Mark, we weren't expecting you to come in. You were supposed to be in class for two hours."

"It was cancelled for today," I broke in.

"Anyway, I've told Greg and Carl that you already knew that I was gay. They are gay also and, like me, are being scouted to play pro ball. We have to be very cautious about where we, shall we say, 'play'."

"Seth, let me interrupt. I'm an open minded person even though I'm straight. You are a great friend. We all have our needs so if you three need a place, let me know and I'll leave and give you your privacy."

They looked at each other and Greg spoke up saying, "Man, are you for real? You'd really leave so that we could have sex?"

"Yes, I would. I know Seth would do anything for me if I asked, so I can at least do the same for him."

"See, guys. I told you he'd be cool with us and not say anything."

"What if you're here studying for a big exam and we want sex. Would you stay and study while we did our thing?"

"I don't know, but I might. In the past, Ive had roomies that brought their girlfriends t the room and fucked them with me in the room. What would make this any different?"

"Seth, you fucker, how'd you get suck a cook and understanding straight roommate?" Carl asked.

"Just lucky, I guess," Seth replied.

Greg and Carl stood and shook hands with me and gave me a hug. As they got ready to leave, Greg turned and said, "Mark, if you ever need a favor, and I mean anything, you just let us know."

"Thanks, guys," I told them.

As they left, they both tongue kissed Seth as I watched.

The next day, Seth told me how cool Greg and Carl thought I was.

Numerous times during the year, I'd be at my desk studying while Seth, Greg and Carl had sex there in the room. I would glance over to see what they were doing. My cock would get rock hard but I'd hide it. That's when I started becoming curious about what sex with another man might be like.

We all graduated and all three of them were drafted into pro football and went their separate ways. I was hired by a large accounting firm back in my home town and moved back. My parents were divorced and i offered to pay rent to my dad. He refused to let me move back in with him, saying I needed to stand on my own two feet.

He was still young and I figured he might be dating and wanted the privacy to bring her to the house.

Mom and dad were only eighteen when I was born. I was now twenty-one, making my dad a young thirty-nine. He still had his 'needs' and who was I to put a damper on those needs. I got my own place.

I started my job and was quickly loaded down with accounts to oversee and audit. Three months into the job, I was called to the president's office.

Cory Young, the president, was only thirty-seven, and had taken over the company when his dad passed away. When I went in, he had me close the door before taking a seat.

"Mark, I'll get right to the point," he began. "I've been going over your work," pausing to look at me. I wondered if I had screwed up n something.

"Your work is exceptional. I gave you some of the most difficult accounts and you did a perfect job of straightening them out. I'm proud of you. Keep doing work like that and you'll move up with the company faster than most. You're already more qualified that some of the others that have been here a couple of years."

"Thank you, sir," I replied.

"For your exceptional work, I've put through a ten percent raise for you effective immediately. I'll be keeping an eye on you and I might be asking for you opinion on some of the accounts I handle."

"Thank you very much, Mr. Young," I answered. "And anytime I can assist just give me a call."

"It might mean working late and on weekends."

"That's no problem, sir."

"Mark, when we're alone, please call me Cory.

"Yes, sir, uh sure Cory."

He laughed and stood, offering his hand. I stood and as we shook hands, I noticed him looking me over, just as Greg, Carl and Seth had done at times.

About six weeks later, Cory said he wanted me to look over an account he had. He only handled the large multi-million dollar companies. I readily agreed.

"Be at my place about eight Saturday morning. Plan to stay overnight because we might be working late."

"Sure thing," I said.

"Oh, just one thing. Come comfortable. Shorts, tank tops, and flip-fops are the dress code."

"Got it," I replied.

I arrived at his large gated estate at ten to eight Saturday morning. He met me at the door in shorts and tank top and led me to the kitchen.

Offering me coffee, he said, "As for our meals, we're on our own. I always give my staff the weekends off. My cook did prepare some things ahead of time we can heat up."

"No problem. I can cook and enjoy it," I told him.

With coffee in hand, he gave me a tour of his home. It was huge and he lived there alone, having never married. We toured the house and the next to last room was his huge home office.

I had an extra desk, chair and computer set up moved in for you to work at. That one is yours," he said pointing to one just a few feet to the left of his. Then pointing to a door he said, "That's our private toilet. I hate long walks just to take a piss."

Then we continued he tour to the last room, his master bedroom suite.

The room was huge. In the main room was a huge California king bed with nightstands, a sixty inch TV, and two tall dressers. To the left was a large alcove with floor to ceiling windows for sitting and reading. To the right were two large walk-in closets. One was half full of his clothes and the other completely empty. Finally, next to the closets was a huge bath with marble counters, double sinks, a large jacuzzi tub for three people and an over-sized walk in shower able to accommodate at least four people.

"Cory, this place is huge. How do you survive here all alone?" I asked.

"I have guest at times for weekend visits. But I'm always on the lookout for someone to share it with me on a permanent basis. That's why the one closet is empty. I've met someone that I hope just might be that special person."

"I hope it is for you. They will be a very lucky lady." He just looked at me and smiled.

"Now, let me show you the pool area."

We walked out the french doors leading from the master suite to the pool area. There, surrounded by a large apron with lounges was a beautiful large pool. Also on the patio was a large wet bar, and cabana with showers, as well as a pool house.

We returned to the kitchen and refilled our cups before heading to his office. Once there he explained what he needed me to do.

"Make yourself comfortable and dive in," he said. He kicked off his flip-flops and went to his desk.

As I worked, I couldn't help but notice him watching me at times. We both continued working until almost noon when he suggested we take a break for lunch.

After eating, he suggested we relax a while by the pool. When we got poolside, he went to the bar and ask, "Want a cold one?" holding up two beers.

"Sure," I replied.

He brought them over and as we sipped them he asked how it was going. I told him I had found some problems and wanted to discuss them when I finished going over the entire account. He said to let him know when I was ready.

After a pause he said, "How about a swim?"

"I'd love it if you have an extra suit. I didn't being mine."

"Who needs a suit? I never wear one. I prefer the freedom you get swimming nude. Would that offend you?"

"Not at all. I lived in a dorm for four years."

"Great. Join me if you like," he said as he stood and whipped off his tank top revealing a nice muscular chest covered with a light dusting of dark brown hair. Tossing it aside, he unbuttoned the waist of his shorts and unzipped them letting them fall to the ground. There he stood before me totally nude. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I couldn't resist looking at his cock which was long and hung down over his large ball sack. My old curiosities began to return.

Raising his arms and stretching, he said, "This is the way I'm most comfortable. I stay nude on weekends and whenever the staff is not here."

"How much staff do you have?"

"Well, there is the housekeeper and cook. Her husband is the gardener. Then twice a week, the pool boy comes by and takes care of the pool. Greta and her husband usually get here about six in the morning. She will fix breakfast before I leave for the office, then clean and later prepare dinner. They leave shorty after I get home from work."

"So basically you're free to go nude whenever your home, right?"

"Yes, pretty much."

"Nice," I replied. Wanting to see his reaction, I stood and removed my tank top, shorts and briefs, all while facing him. I saw him looking me over. We hit the water and swam a while before he headed to the steps. Climbing out, he casually sat on the lounge chair, making no attempt to put clothes back on. I followed and did the same.

Looking over at me he asked, "Mark, it seems that you enjoy being nude also. Am I right?"

"Yes, I think you are. I've never really had a chance to do it until today but I'm enjoying it."

"Since you feel that way do you have any objections if i stay nude this weekend while you're here?"

"Cory, it's your house. Feel free to do what ever you want."

"Thanks, and feel free to join me if you want. I just have one favor to ask of you."

"What's that?"

"Please keep the nudity between us. No one at the office needs to know."

"Why should I say anything? It's none of their business."

"Good man, thanks."

We soon returned to our work, both nude. For a short while, I had trouble keeping my mind on my work, wondering if he was gay or not. He was in his thirties and still single, and I'd seen no evidence of a girlfriend in his office or here at his home.

We worked until almost dark before stopping for dinner. After eating, I told him I had found some things I wanted to go over with him.

Going back to the office, I began showing him things I had discovered. There were signs that the companies in house accountant had been sending inflated invoices to suppliers then when payment was made posting the correct amount to the correct invoice and transferring the difference to his personal account.

"Damn, Mark, you're right. How many have you found?"

"Just in the last year, I figure he's transferred close to a hundred thousand to his personal account."

"Man, this will result in a nice bonus for us, and since you found the fraud, you'll get twenty percent of the bonus."

"I'm just doing my job," I said.

"And one hell of a job it is," he said as he stood next to me. He patted my shoulder then let his hand rest on my shoulder before gently squeezing it and rubbing it. For some reason, I liked the feel of his hand on me.

"Enough for tonight. Let's go relax and have a toast to your work."

"Lead the way," I said.

We went to the den where he opened an bottle of champagne. Handing me a full glass, he said, "After looking over your college transcript, I felt you'd be right for my company. I know now I made the right decision."

Siting close to me on the sofa, he lay one hand on my thigh and said, "Keep up the good work and you'll be moving up real soon. I need people like you." He squeezed my thigh then patted it gently. As he did, my cock twitched and he noticed. Glancing over at his, I noticed was partially hard.

I decided to open the door for him and said, "Cory, I want to move up in the company and will do anything you need to get there. And I mean anything."

"Are you serious or is that the champagne talking?"

"I'm serious. I think you're a great employer and can't think of working anywhere else. I'll do whatever is needed to move up."

"Mark, just do your work and you'll move up. Anything else will just be a benefit," he said as he began rubbing his hand up and down my thigh.

My cock began stiffening and I saw him smile.

"That feel good on your leg?"

"Yes, it does," I said. "I've never had it done before but I like it."

"How would you like a good massage?"

"Fuck, I'd love it."

"Great. Come with me."

He led me to his bedroom and had me lay face down on his bed. He retrieved some oil and began giving me a full body massage. When he got to my butt and the back of my thighs, I noticed he slid low, gently touching my balls. My cock became rock hard. He continued down my legs then told me to turn over.

"Uh, Cory, I seem to have a small problem," I said.

Laughing, he asked, "Did you pop a boner?"

"Yea, I did."

"Hey, Mark, it's no big deal. It's common. Flip over."

I did and he looked at my hard cock and laughed. "Fuck it, Mark, that is definitely not a small problem."

"Thanks," I said glancing at his cock and seeing it slowly rise.

He began massaging the front of me stating at my feet and working his way up. Around my pubic area he massaged all around my cock, rubbing the side of his hands against it. Then before moving up t my stomach, he gently grasped my cock and stroked it a few times. I moaned softly and through half closed eyes, saw him smile slightly. He continued on up to my chest and neck before laying, propped up on one arm, next to me and asked, "How was that?"

"Awesome. I could have that done daily."

"Well, tomorrow is another day. Let's see what it brings."

"You know, I never thought I'd ever be laying in bed nude with my boss. In a way, it's kind of hot and exciting."

"You like it?"

"Yes, I do, very much. And it's the first time I've ever been nude in bed with another guy or had him touch my cock."

"Not even as a boy, experimenting with your buds?"

"No, not even then."

"Did you ever do anything with your buds?"

"Nope, nothing. I'm sure I missed out on some wild experiences."

"You did," he said.

Then, after a moment he said softly, "Mark, you're a very hot and exciting guy. I enjoy looking at your nude body and I really enjoyed having my hands on it."

"You didn't enjoy it any more than I did," I replied.

Slowly, he leaned over and pressed his lips to mine. When he saw I wasn't going to pull away, he parted his lips and offered his tongue. I parted mine and we exchanged tongues, gently at first then with more vigor.

Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him toward me.

After a hot passionate kiss, we separated and as he looked at me, he asked, "That your first time kissing a guy?"

"Yes, and before you ask, I liked it."

"So did I. May I have the pleasure of showing you more pleasure? You can always say no."

"Show me what ever you want," I said.

He asked if I was sure and I said yes, my heart racing in anticipation. We kissed again and then it began.



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