I alternated between massive whanger and nuts until Brad told me to stand up in front of him. He skillfully took my hard-on in his mouth, as deep as possible with mouth open, then enclosing with lips and tongue for the outstroke. Once fully lubed, he ran the length of my cock in and out of his mouth, applying just a little suction and thoroughly enjoying. He pulled me out for a moment and showed me I was oozing pre-cum, licked the thick drop off my slit, and resumed his blowjob.

After a bit, my leg muscles started to shake, and I told Brad I was close to coming. He and I switched places, me on the loveseat. Rather than kneeling down to suck more, Brad lied down on top of me. I was really turned on by this beautiful, strong man pressing his chest against mine, legs against mine, and cock against mine. Being slightly smaller than Brad, I felt slightly submissive. He kissed me deeply, our tongues played, and I lifted my legs, knees toward my chest, but outward, giving in to his domination. His whanger naturally pressed on my ass, and I loved it. I knew I wanted to be fucked by this man, but didn't know if I was ready. 'I think we need some lube', he said between wet kisses.

I asked if we could go to his bedroom, and we grabbed the lube on the way. I climbed onto the extra-high bed and, on all fours, put my ass in the air. Brad put two big pillows under my tummy and helped me relax by straightening my legs a bit. He said doing it right might take a while for me, so I should be comfortable. Having never had any anal play, I felt really vulnerable having this man and his big mushroom cap over my tight ass - but it was wonderful.

Brad asked if I had used the enema, and when told him I had, he ran his tongue between my ass cheeks. He spread my legs wider, licking from my balls to the small of my back, making my asshole twitch with excitement. He reached under me and pulled my cock out, pointing it straight down toward the mattress, and massaged it firmly while he licked my balls and ass. Then, through a spurt of lube, Brad slipped one finger into my bung hole, working slowly so I could relax.



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