I talked to Swimbuff via email for a while and decided to meet at the hot tubs, but things got a little crazy for me so we made other plans. We described ourselves to each other. He had told me after I sent him pictures of my aching 8 inch cock, that he was 6 inches and uncut. I wanted to taste him badly. We met at my job and I grabbed a quick bite to eat. Fortunately above my job there are some apartments where we went for some privacy. As I ate my lunch in the front room of the vacant apartment as we talked about our pasts & what we do for a living and the difference between life in the States versus life it Italy, where Swimbuff is from.

After about 30 minutes I moved closer to him and touched his chest & started to rub it. Soon we were kissing, his tongue was reaching the back of my mouth, his moustache tickled my lips as we kissed. I reached down to feel his cock, but I could not feel that much -- he was still soft, but not for long. I whispered in his ear " I want to taste your cock." We quickly moved into the bathroom where we could be more comfortable and discreet. While we kissed some more we worked his belt loose & soon his pants dropped to the floor. There hanging still limp but beautiful was his uncut cock. He said in his Italian accent "this is the foreskin". I told him that I have never sucked an uncut cock before. With trembling hands, being the first time I have ever held an uncut cock, I lifted it and tongued its tip and took the whole thing in my mouth. In seconds his cock was hard & throbbing in my mouth. I slowly sucked and licked his beautiful cock. His skin was so smooth and silky I could not believe I was doing this. I released his shining cock from my mouth and pulled the skin over his head and marveled how beautiful it was. His foreskin pointed upwards and covered his slit.

I pulled the skin back behind the ridge in fascination. I licked & sucked his hairy balls until they were wet. I wanted more of his cock and started to suck it again. With his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, I was in heaven. My own cock was throbbing for attention, so I unzipped my pants and released it from its prison and began to stroke myself. He reached down my shirt and began pinching my nipple, by luck he pinched the sensitive one that used to be pierced, the pleasurable pain went right to my dick and hardened even more. I sucked him even harder, I wanted to taste his Italian cum. "I'm going to cum" he almost whispered. I sucked like my life depended on it and soon his sweet cum was unloading into my mouth. Sweet shot after shot filled my mouth and I swallowed all of it. I continued to stroke my cock while I tasted the last of his cum and shot all over my hand & jeans. I licked my own juices off of my hand and milked the last drop from his cock and licked it from its head.

After we caught our breath he washed his cock in the sink as I watched. He would not want any residue left on it in case his wife had wanted to suck him when he got home and also to keep it clean. We both got our pants where they belong and gave each other a hug and kiss and said good-bye.



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