As a sophomore in high school, my mother got me a part-time job working at a flower shop during the holidays. The owner and I were working late when the owner cornered me in the storage closet and I found with myself quickly with my shorts around my ankles.

I was a sophomore in high school and my mother got me a part-time job working at a flower shop during the holidays. I was paid under the table and I couldn't make deliveries yet as I didn't have a license, but I was there to help with holiday merchandise and setup. The owner was an outspoken very entertaining guy named Blake. Blake was an ex-body builder in his mid-40s with a very tan body. He always wore his brown hair cut short with blonde highlights. Often times he'd make a crack or two about taking me to one of the bars he frequented. One night, we returned to the shop after making a late delivery in the city, he made a humorous suggestion:

"You know, I should sneak you into the ******* club tonight and have you sit at the end of the bar. You can ask for a glass of warm milk with a straw, and watch all the free drinks start pouring in...I'll sit next to you and you can keep passing them over. I'll drink free all night!"

I wasn't totally grasping what he said at the time and I replied, "But I hate drinking anything from a straw."

Always quick with a comeback, he said, "Well that's too bad, you don't know what your missing."

I laughed and started pulling in the merchandise from outside to close up shop. He was always making innuendos like that, but I realized this time he wasn't really laughing when he said it. I went to the back store room to stack the last few items. The store room was about 8x8 feet and was cluttered with so many boxes that there was basically one clear to move in and out of.

Blake came in and handed me a few wicker baskets and asked me to stack them up on one of the high shelves. When I reached up to put the baskets up, I suddenly felt his hand come in from behind me on my hip and start moving around to my crotch and I froze not knowing what to do. He pulled me around by my hips so that I was now face to face with him. He didn't say anything and I didn't either. I tightened up my frame standing straight up like a solider at attention. He moved in closer and without warning planted his lips on mine. My lips were pursed, but he rammed his tongue past my lips and deep into my mouth. His breath was masculine and I wasn't used to that. He moved his hand under my T-shirt and pinched my nipple hard (and I mean hard).

I realized that my board shorts coupled with boxer shorts couldn't conceal my arousal and it only took him a brief moment to notice the same thing. He briefly left the room and heard the front door dead bolt and window blinds close. He came back in and closed the door locking it behind him.

I think the fact I hadn't moved excited him. He quickly reached over and unfastened my belt and pulled my shorts and boxers to the floor. I didn't say a word. Despite the fact I had a girlfriend, this was the first time I'd had my penis exposed to anyone. Feeling a little uncomfortable about the situation, I started pulling my boxers back up. When my boxers were half way up, he grabbed them from going any further and bent down and took my entire cock in his mouth. His strokes were so smooth and his lips were so tight locked around my shaft. I put my hands on his shoulders. His skin was so soft it like one of those comfortable leather chairs you love to sink into. I could feel his saliva dripping down to my hairless balls which excited me even more. His other handed moved around me and I felt his finger trying to find my ass. I wasn't put off by this as I'd been probing my ass at night ever since I was little. I reached back and guided his finger to the opening. He plunged his finger in deep and fast. A few seconds of feeling a grown man's finger in my ass was too much for me and I exploded into this mouth. He paused and started sucking hard, pulling every last drop out of me. I went home a little confused, but very aroused and excited about what happened.

Blake and I didn't talk about that night or acknowledge it. But a few months later my mother asked if I would be interested in helping him cleanup his garden, but I'll save that story for another time.

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