Wow, so this is a true story. I just came back from one of the adult book stores in my city. Its like any other raunchy book store. Gloryholes and a Theater up stairs. It's manly occupied by gay and bi men. On a occasions you can find a straight couple in the Theater getting there freak on and letting bystanders join in. I actually go there for the Theater. Its just something about being in the open sucking dick that turns me on. So, I'm a vers black bi gay man. I'm really into transsexuals and cross-dressers but the right guy will turn me on as well. I always have these fantasies about getting turned into a slut and made to do what ever I'm told. I've always wanted a guy to just take control and make me into his bitch. I've never swallowed cum are anything but I've fantasied about  it all the time. I really would luv to have a guy cum all over my face and make me clean his cock up. I like to be dominated. But if the guy isn't the one engaging the domination its hard for me to get into it. So i'm always looking for that one Transsexual, Cross-dresser or gay guy to be dominate and take over. Unfortunately it never happens. All though I never really go through with it. I've sucked on a few dicks in my time but never sucked long enuff to get the guy to cum. Mostly because I've always been kind of shy in public all though it turns me on. On this night though it was different. I went to the Theater as usual. There was about 7 or 8 guys in there at the time. A couple of them were getting there cocks sucked. It usually turns me on when I see other ppl fucking and sucking in public. It causes me to let my guards down a little. So any way I see this black guy. He's about 6'0 210-220lbs. O'yea I forgot to mention that I'm extremely turned on by chubs. Although this guy was not really a chub. Anyway I'm setting behind him in the Theater and peeking at him while he strokes his cock. I cant really see his dick that good because I'm behind him in the seat. So as usual I begin to unbutton my pants and pull my cock out. I start stroking making some little noises hoping he turns around to see me. So of course he glances over his shoulder to look back at me with my pants around my ankles and my cock in my hand. Most of the other guys were near the middle and front of the Theater. We were in the back where i usually sit when I come to the Theater. So he gets up and comes to sit next to me. I no he's kind of dominate cause he was extremely open and didn't care who saw him. You know some guys like myself tend to hurry up and pull your pants up when you notice some one coming or watching. This guy didn't care. It turned me on. As he sat next to me he pulled down his pants and started stroking his cock again. It was a nice size about 8 to 9 inches. I also luv saggy balls and he had a pair that hung low. So I'm setting there just looking straight ahead at the movie that's on the screen and I can see him out of the corner of my eyes glancing over at me trying to get my attention. He starts to pound his cock against his hand so that I could hear it. As I'm setting there I'm thinking "my goodness I want suck his cock." But I keep playing like I'm looking at the movie. So he starts to pound his dick on his hand again and again and now I'm thinking I need to make my move before he gets up and leaves and thinks that I'm not interested. So I glance over at him and start to look down at his dick. It looked so delicious I started to lick my lips to give him the indication that I want to suck him. Once I lick my lips he looks at me and nods his head for me to touch him. So I reach over and start to stroke his big black cock. It feels so good and warm in my hands as I'm stroking him up and down. He starts to moan a little and starts grinding to my strokes. Fuck, my mouth is wet know and plus there is no one back there with us. I got down on my knees with ass up in the air and slid his cock down my throat. It tasted so good. as I'm sucking him up and down he starts talking and saying "Yea suck that dick, suck daddies dick baby. You know you want it. Suck all this dick and don't stop." My goodness, this is just what I wanted. Someone that was a little dominate. As I'm sucking away at his cock I didn't notice that a crowd had came back there and circled around us as I'm sucking his cock. I look up and get kind of shy and was about to stop but he grabbed my head and shoved his dick back in my mouth and said "You better keep sucking daddies dick." So with out hesitation I continued sucking and looking out of the corner of my eyes to see the crowd around use. The other guys started pulling out there cocks and stroking to me sucking his cock.. It was turning me on so much. I really just wanted him to slut me out and call me all kinds of bitches and whores while everyone watched. I wanted him to make me start sucking on the other guys cocks as well but of course that didn't happen. Even though my complete fantasy didn't happen I was pleased with what was going on. After about 15-20minutes of sucking his dick I got up and sat back in the chair and started to jack off. He sat there and jacked off with me for a while and the other guys started to move back to the middle and front of the Theater where some more action was going on. Once they walked away he started to stare at me and said, "Come over here and get this nut out of me. Come get daddies cum." I started to stroke his cock again and he was grinding back and forth to my strokes saying, "You're going to make daddy cum. Do you want this cum." I said Yes I want it. So he started telling me to suck his dick some more. Again, no one was back there so I got down on my knees again and started sucking his long rock hard cock. He said, "You got me so hard baby, suck that cock like you want it. Go after that nut. Get that cum out of me. You know you want it." So i'm sucking away and my mouth got so wet that it was dripping with spit as I sucked and sucked. He started saying, "My balls are getting tight baby, that load is about to cum. Keep sucking." By then the crowd had start coming back around cause they could hear him moaning telling me to suck his cock and me with my wet mouth making all kinds of noise as I sucked. Once I saw the crowd again I stopped and got back up in my seat but this time I guess He wanted to shot his load and it was coming so he got up with the crowd standing there watching and walked over to me and said, "Come on baby finish sucking this dick and get daddies cum. You been working hard for this nut come get." That shit was turning me on and he said, "I want you you to get this cum and don't wast a drop." So I grabbed his cock while the crowd was standing there watching and started to suck his dick like there was no tomorrow. I could feel him start to tense up and he started saying, "Here it cums baby. Here that nut cums." So I positioned him to the side because I wanted to see it shooting out. He let out a loud moan and a big stream of cum shot out his cock. I didn't catch the first stream because I wanted to see it but that was OK because he said, "Here cum somemore baby, catch it." So I caught a little on my chine but I really wanted him to cum all over my face. As he shot his load I put his dick back in mouth and caught the stream that came out. He kept saying, " Let that cum out of your mouth. Let ooze out baby." So I let the cum just drip out of my mouth down my beard as I kept sucking him tell he got soft. The other guys where standing there jacking there dicks and watching and moaning. I got up walked in the bathroom to wipe the cum off my beard and then left. It was a great night. I'm starting to open up more in public and hopefully I will get that wish of mine to be a slut and get cum all over my face.



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