Growing up, I had always wanted to follow in my dad's and uncle's footsteps and become a fireman. However, as I passed through my teens I knew that I had to keep a secret. No one knew that I was gay. I don't mean just having desires of sex with men, either. At fifteen I was fully active in both oral and anal sex with any from other guys my age to grown married men in their thirties and forties.

My dad was only eighteen years older than me and my uncle was two years older than dad. Together, they got me into the fire academy for training. I was under the minimum age of twenty-one when I started. The rules stated that you had to be twenty-one before your graduation to get credit for the training. I turned twenty-one a month before graduation.

I was hired and assigned to the station where my dad, Brad, and my Uncle Mike were assigned and put on their shift. When we were on duty, we worked several twenty-four days in a row, living at the station.

I need to back track some to give you the full picture. My mother and dad divorced when I was eighteen. Dad and I took it hard, but we survived. After about six months I was in the kitchen when dad walked in nude. He apologized but said he enjoyed being nude at times but my mother forbid him from doing it. I told him I was cool with it and it didn't bother me. I didn't say it but I loved looking at his long slim cock.

I also began going nude some. When dad saw me the first time he smiled and said it almost reminded him of he an Uncle Mike. He said that when they were growing up, when they were alone they would go nude and would go camping in the woods frequently on weekends and stay nude. I told him that I guessed I got my love for being nude from him.

Uncle Mike was divorced also and when his lease on his small apartment came up for renewal, dad suggested he move into our spare room and pay us rent. He agreed and moved in and once he saw dad and I going nude some , he did it also. We didn't live nude but were nude quite a lot.

Now, back to the main story.

I began my life as a fireman and loved the excitement of it. I also loved being able to see the other firemen nude when they showered. Most were under forty-five and al had nice builds. cock size ranged from a near five inches to one that looked to be close to eight or nine inches.

It was about two months after I started that I got up one night to use the bathroom and noticed both dad's bunk and Mike's bunk empty. I had stopped calling him 'uncle'. I began to check things out and went down stairs searching for them. they were no where to be found.

Then, I noticed the door leading to the fenced area behind the station open slightly. Upon closer inspection, I saw that a rock had been put in place to keep it open.

In my briefs, I slipped out the door and began searching. If the door was open, they had to be out here. Suddenly, I heard soft sounds coming from a large storage shed and a soft glow coming through the window. Easing up to the window, I peeked in and froze.

There in an open space were dad and Mike, both in their briefs and obviously boned, arms around each other kissing passionately and trading tongues. I stood and stared. I had never dreamed that either of them were gay.

I continued watching as my dad slid to his knees and after puling down Mike's briefs, completely swallowed my uncle's cock. I watched as dad soon brought Mike to a climax and swallowed. Mike then did the sam to dad. During this, I shot a huge thick load on the side of the building. When i saw Mike swallowing dad's load, I hurried back inside, making sure the rock was in place so they could get back in.

As I lay there in my bunk, I heard them sip back in and return to their bunks. I replayed the events in my mind, still not believing what I had seen. My dad was gay. Unreal!.

For several days when I was alone with either or both I tried to drop subtle hints. If they caught them, they didn't respond. Then one afternoon, as I was around a corner, I heard dad say softly to Mike just one word. "Tonight."

After we went to bed, I waited until I felt that every one was asleep before easing out of my bunk and going to the shed. I had swiped the key from the Chief's pants so I could get back in if they didn't show. I waited and watched.

About an hour later, I saw them ease out of the door, putting the rock in place. I quickly hid behind some boxes and removed my briefs. They came in, lit the candle, and began kissing and groping each other.

Their eyes were closed and I eased up silently. When I was right next to them, I grabbed each of their asses and said "May I join?"

They both froze in shock and fear.

"Mark, what are you doing here?" dad soon asked.

"Looking for the same thing you two are," I replied before squatting down and sliding down their briefs and grabbing their cocks.

"Mark, wait. It's not what it seems. This isn't right."

"Dad, how can you say it's not what it seems when you two were tongue kissing like hot teens when I waked up. I saw you two suck each other a few nights ago. I want some of the action also."

With that, I began sucking dad's cock quickly bringing him back to a full erection. Then I started sucking Mike. As I did, I glanced up and saw them return to kissing. Alternating between cocks, I brought them both to a roaring climax, making sure I managed to swallow all of both loads.

I then stood and began tongue kissing them, first dad then Mike. As I tongue kissed Mike, Dad went down and began sucking my cock. Knowing it was my dad, I climaxed quicker than normal.

As he stood up, he said, "We need to talk but not until we get home."

Two days later when our days off began as soon as we walked through the door, dad turned to me and said, "Okay,spit it out. Tell me about you."

I told him that I had been gay since I was fifteen and doing it all. Then I told him about seeing their bunks empty and looking for them.

"Dad, it didn't start out as spying. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Now what about you."

"Well,Mike and I have been having sex since our teens. When we got older and decided to marry, we thought we could go straight. It lasted about a year before we started sneaking off together for sex. We have just kept at it."

"Well, now that it's all out in the open we can live nude and have sex anytime we want," I said.

"Yes, we can," Mike said.

"But right now I want both of you naked and in dad's king bed." I quickly stripped and was laying in the middle of dad's bed when they entered the room.

For most of the day, we stayed in bed sucking fucking kissing and rimming each other. feeling my dad's cock enter my ass and fillit with his seed was awesome.

Unfortunately, we had to return to work. I was wiping down one of the trucks and saw dad talking to Kevin, one of the ladder men, and laughing.

Kevin was single and twenty-seven and hot as hell. He was the one with the cock that was close to eight inches.

Three days later, Dad passed me and whispered that one word, this time to me. "Tonight."

I couldn't wait until bedtime. When I thought everyone was asleep, I eased out to the shed and like dad had done, I propped the door open with the infamous rock. I went into the shed and removed my briefs and waited, watching out the window.

Suddenly, I was terrified. coming out the door and heading to the shed was Kevin. I quickly hid behind some boxes and watched, hoping he would leave quickly.

He came in and removed his underwear and began stroking his semi-hard cock. As it reached rock hard status, he said, "Come on out Mark. I know you're here and what you want. It's what your dad and Mike come here for."

I eased out and asked, "What do you know about my dad and Mike?"

"I saw them coming out one night before you started with us. I was curious as to what they were up to. I followed and saw what they were doing to and with each other. They never knew that I saw them. Then when I saw you coming out, I figured you were into the same. Are they coming?"

"Uh, I don't know. I just thought I'd jerk off in private."

"I have a better idea. Why don't you suck this for me. Make it feel real good. Go on. I can see you want it."

I did want it and knelt and sucked it into my mouth soon managing to deep throat it. As I sucked, he moaned softly before finally climaxing and flooding my hungry with a huge load of thick creamy delicious cum.

"Man, that was awesome. I love it. Anytime you want to do it again, just let me know. It will be our secret."

"Okay," I replied.

"And if your dad or Mike saw me come out here just say you hid and watched me jerk off, okay."

"Sure," I said.

I quickly put on my briefs and went back in scared yet happy. Seconds after I got in bed, Kevin returned to his bunk.

The next morning when I saw him he smiled and winked, then made a call on his cell phone, speaking softly. A short time later, I saw dad and managed to speak to him privately.

When we were alone he said, "I was on my way out when I saw Kevin up and heading for the door. Did he go out there?"

"Yes, he did."

"Fuck son, what happened?"

"I was watching and saw him coming. i hid and he came in and dropped his briefs and jerked off then had a smoke. I managed to slip out. He didn't see me."

"Good, but we might have to cool things for a while."

"I agree."

We didn't have any more 'meetings' for the rest of our time. When we got home, we began making up for it. Dad decided to barbecue that Saturday and said he had invited a guest to join us but we could remain nude, cause he was into it also.

I was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Dad answered the door and I was expecting to have him bring his friend to the kitchen to meet me. After a moment dad called out, "Mark, come here."

I started out of the kitchen and ran straight into Kevin, standing there totally nude. He grabbed me and tongue kissed me wildly before saying, "Hello, Stud!"

I was speechless and looked back and forth between them. Dad began laughing.

"Son, that night when Kevin went to the shed it was all a set up. Kevin joins Mike and I frequently. He's one of us."

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed.

Kevin looked at me and said, I want something I didn't get the other night." With that he led me to the sofa and sat me down then dropped to the floor and began to lovingly suck my cock. He took his time and when he brought me to a wild climax he hungrily swallowed my load.

"Damn, your load is better that your dad's and his is awesome."

"Well, since you're one of us there is something I want. I'll be right back."

I left and soon returned. Kevin was on the sofa, his cock half hard. I began sucking it and once it was hard. I quickly stood on each side of his his and lowered my ass straight down onto his cock.

"Ummm, yea. Ride um Cowboy," he said.

And ride him I did, soon bringing him to an unbelievable climax up my ass. I loved it, and dad loved watching it.

That day Kevin and I stayed close and got to know each other well. Dad finally told me that he and Mike were lovers and had been for several years.

Kevin and I began spending a lot of our time off together out together or having quiet evenings at his house. Within a year, I moved in with him as his lover.

After five years, I still love him with all my heart and he is so caring and faithful to me. Dad and Mike are still together.

Somehow, our chief found out about dad and Mike and Kevin and I. His said he didn't care as long as it stayed out of the firehouse ad wished us all the best. He was more tolerant because his own son is gay.




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