Stephanie and I had been to the beach and stopped off at Terry's afterward to party and watch the football game with Walt, Paul, Ray, and some other guys.  This wasn’t her first time around my friends, and she knew a few of them from work.  She had gotten a lot of admiring glances as we entered; she does have a stunning little figure so I am used to seeing a man's reaction to her. Today especially as she was wearing a low neck-lined top and a short mini-skirt that really accentuated her body.  

The place was packed but we managed to get a seat in Terry's living room. After a couple of hours we decided to head for home but I needed to use the bathroom first. On my return Terry stopped me in the hall and led me back to his bedroom to talk about installing a spa in the back yard.  Terry and I talked for another 20-30 minutes.  When I got back to the living room Stephanie looked very flushed and agitated. As soon as she saw me she got off the couch and headed for the door with me close behind. 

I asked her what was wrong but it wasn't until we had been driving for about 10 minutes that she started to reply.  'I... I have something to tell you!'  'What is it baby?' I asked.  Seeing she was somewhat nervous and shaken, I pulled off the freeway and parked in a hotel parking lot. I waited patiently for her speak. I put my arm around her to comfort her. 

Eventually she started to speak but without looking at me, keeping her eyes on the floor. 'At Terry's, when you were at the toilet... Something happened.' I said nothing as I stroked her hair and let her continue. 'You will hate me, I know you will.'  'Of course I won't, how could I possibly hate you? Besides, you couldn't have done very much as I was only gone a few minutes.'  'A few minutes is all it took…' 'Look! I think this will be easier if you just say what happened and I promise not to say anything or interrupt in anyway until you have finished.' 'OK then! 

Well as soon as you started to walk away towards the bathroom, Terry, Paul and Ray surrounded me. They seemed friendly and cheerful and were paying me compliments. I was quite flattered really. Then Terry leaned forward and whispered in my ear, saying my cleavage was turning him on. With his head so close to mine, it was easy for him to quickly plant his lips on mine. Before I could raise my arms to shove him off, Ray and Paul grabbed one of my wrists each and held me as Terry kept kissing me.  I struggled to get away, but they were too strong.  

Ray and Paul then started playing with my breasts through my top, and then Paul slid his hand under my top and bra and onto my bare breasts.  He started squeezing and pinching my nipples while Terry was kissing me. Then Terry put his hand under my mini-skirt and started rubbing my pussy through my panties.  He flipped up my skirt so they could see me in my cotton thong; looking down my body I could see Terry, Ray, and Paul all running their hands over my panty covered pussy, then I felt fingers inside my panties and then they were inside me, fingering me. It happened so quickly that I couldn't stop them. 

“Were you scared?” I asked. 'No! That's why you will hate me! I wasn't frightened, I was turned on; it made me so hot to feel them take me so strongly.' There was a few moments silence while I let what she had told me sink in. As I hadn't responded or said anything, she then said.  'See I told you, you would hate me!'  'No my love, I don't hate you at all.'  'But you haven't said anything.' ' I.. I was getting my thoughts together. My first reaction was anger, not against you but against my own friends. But then I found that I had a hard on! I still have, feel!' I took her hand and placed it on my swollen cock. “So, what else did they do?” I asked, excited beyond belief, but also a bit jealous.   

She hesitated, and then started speaking.  “Well, Walt was there too so it was just those four and me there in the room and Terry was fingering me, I hope you're not mad at him,” she offered.   “No, tell me more,” I urged. OK, well, as I said, Terry had his hand up my skirt; he had pulled my skirt up and my panty crotch aside to expose my pussy.  As Walt, Ray, and Paul watched, Terry rubbed my pussy lips, running his fingers up and down my brown lipped slit.   I had gotten wet quickly which turned them all on. I was panting by then and humping my pussy up to feel their touches.  My clit was swollen and sticking out.  

Baby, they all took turns running their hands and fingers over my wet pussy. They each ran their fingers through my pussy hair, they fingered my clit, spread my lips, and finger fucked my pussy.  Then Terry slipped his middle finger in me and finger fucked me, pumping in and out. As Terry finger fucked me, Ray and Paul pulled my top and bra down to expose my breasts.  They both sucked and pinched my nipples and even French kissed me as Terry kept pumping my pussy.  As he pumped me with his fat finger he kept rubbing my g-spot and I couldn't help it, I started cumming.  I moaned as I pumped my hips up into his hand and nearly passed out from the over-whelming orgasm spawned by multiple men touching my body.   

Baby, I watched Walt pull his pants down and his cock was so big baby, I wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he got hard as I watched him slowly stroke himself while he watched Terry finger fuck me. Terry then pulled my panties down and off leaving me completely exposed.  

Grabbing my skirt he then pulled it off of me and I was completely naked from the waist down.  Walt asked Terry to spread me wide so he could get a picture of my pussy. Terry then pulled out his cock; leaning forward he rubbed it around my pussy getting it wet with my juices.  I was moaning and pushing my pussy up to him.  Then he poised himself above me and slipped it in my pussy while Paul rubbed my clit.  

I couldn't stop him as he slipped the head of his cock into my wet pussy, and I don't think I wanted to stop him.  As he pushed in me is when I came again.  I was pumping up on to his fat cock, rubbing my clit against him.   I cut in, “How fat is his cock?”   She moaned back, “It was at least 6 ½ inches long, and really thick with a fat head.”  As Ray and Paul held my legs open Walt took pictures of me being fucked by Terry.  

And when I started cumming again so did Terry.  He pumped me hard and fast and then shot off in my pussy.  I can feel it leaking out into my panties now.  I slipped my fingers between her legs and found her panties wet with cum leaking from her pussy.   This all happened in just a few minutes while you were in the bathroom.  Walt heard the toilet flush so Terry quickly got up and pulled his shorts back on.  He quickly walked down the hall as he told Walt, Ray, and Paul, “You finish off and I'll keep Baby busy talking in the bedroom.  

Ray and Paul held my arms as they pulled off their pants.  Holding my arms and legs, they spread my knees as Walt knelt between my legs and rubbed his big cock against my cum-dripping pussy.  He spread my pussy wide as he pushed his cock head into me; it was so big I wasn't sure it would fit.   Taking his cock in his hand Walt scooped up the cum leaking from my pussy with his cock head and told Ray and Paul to pull me up to him.  They held me tighter as they pushed me up to Walt's big cock; they placed my mouth about an inch away from his cock head.  

Walt leaned forward and rubbed his cock across my lips, smearing Terry's cum across them and then he pushed his cock between my lips.  I opened my mouth and he slipped his cock in across my tongue.  He was huge and filled my mouth; I started licking him with my tongue, running it around the fat head and sucking down Terry’s cum. I heard myself moaning as he pumped my mouth. His pre cum was leaking into my mouth as they held me there on his cock.   I could taste Terry's salty cum mixed in with Walt's thin sweet precum.  

I wanted to finish off Walt with my mouth since I had never sucked a cock that big before; I started to suck on his cock, tonguing and mouthing his fat cock head.  He let me do this for a minute before he finally pulled out and pushed me back on the couch.  Spreading my legs, he grabbed my ass and pulled me to him.  I watched as he pushed into my pussy, Terry's cum helped lubricate as it stretched around his cock head and when he finally popped through he drove half of his huge cock in me.   I can't believe you didn't hear me scream as I orgasm on his fat dick.   

Baby, he fucked me so deeply, filling me like no one has ever done baby.  All I could do is lay there as he fucked me, my arms and legs held back as he kept pumping me.  When he came I could feel him pumping me full of his hot cum and I orgasm again.  Baby, I begged him to let me suck his cock again.  I told him, “Feed me your cum.”  He pulled out and leaned over me so his cock dangled in my face.  As he stroked the fat shaft he shot a couple of more ropes of cum on my face and in my mouth.  They laughed as I slurped his cock head and took it in my mouth, but I got his salty cum in my mouth.  

I leaned over to kiss Stephanie; she hesitated at first, but then leaned in to me and we kissed.  My tongue licked her lips and tongue as we kissed; I could taste and smell cum on her breathe, the cum of my good friends.  We stopped and I let her continue with her story. Ray stood in front of me and dangled his hard uncut cock in my face.  He was also about 7 inches and fat like Terry's cock.  The skin was wrapped around the fat bulb of his cock head showing me the shaped tucked behind.  Ray pushed his cock to my mouth and told me to lick the leaking precum from his cock.   

Baby, I took it in my mouth and sucked the precum from his cock; it was so big and tasted so good.  I tongued the fat cock head and peeled the skin back with my lips and tongue.  Then he told me to get on my knees on the couch. He got behind me and slipped his big cock between my legs. 

Then Paul got in front of me with his hard cock dangling there in front of me.  He moaned, “I have wanted you so long.” He is about 7 inches long and skinny with a mushroom head and big balls. As Ray slipped his cock in to my wet pussy Paul grabbed my head and pulled it to his lap.   I started licking Paul's cock, and when I thought about him shooting off in my mouth it caused me to orgasm.  

I listened to Stephanie as she told me her story there in the dark of the car.  I was stroking my hard cock through my pants as she talked; I could hear her hands busy as well between her legs, the wetness obvious from the squishing and moaning Stephanie emitted as she panted out the story in lusty detail.   Reaching over I placed my hand over hers and felt the goo gushing out over her fingers; the goo was the cum from my buddies unloaded deep in her pussy.  I had my cock out and was jacking off as I listened and fingered her sloppy, stretched hole, her pussy hair matted from cum and her multiple orgasms.  

She continued.  This pushed Ray to fuck me harder as my pussy squeezed his cock; the juices flooding his cock pushed him over the edge.  I could feel Ray pumping his cum in me, his cock felt huge as he ground his hips into me; I could feel the hot searing cum as it coated my cervix.  Looking up at Paul with his hard cock in my mouth I realized how badly I wanted to make him cum in my mouth; I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and started pumping him into my mouth causing his precum to flood my mouth.  Paul kept pumping my mouth the whole time and as he heard us both cum he too started to cum.  He held my head down as he pushed his cock down my throat.  I swallowed his cock juice completely as he kept pumping his cum in my mouth.  

Leaning toward Stephanie I started kissing her lips, licking them and tasting the salty remains of Paul’s and two other men’s cum on her lips.  Grabbing her I French kissed her deeply, tasting the remains of another man in her mouth. 'So we were both aroused by this happening. That makes me feel a little better, not so guilty.'  'What I need now is to fuck you!'  'Oh yes! Let's rush home quickly!' She said, squeezing my cock.  'Why wait! Let's get in the backseat.'  No sooner said than we were scrambling over the seats into the back and pulling at each other’s clothes. 

I soon had her tits out and was sucking them hard. Stephanie was moaning and speaking but I couldn't at first make out what she was saying. Then it became clear. 'Finger me! Finger fuck me! Squeeze my tits! It appeared she was reliving her experience at Terry's in her fantasy. But then so was I, the thought of her being used by four of my friends was exciting. What she said next nearly made me cum in my pants.  'Lick me! Suck my pussy where I was fucked! Eat their cum!'  I got down between her lovely legs and almost tore her panties off. I dived into her naked juicy cunt, licking and slurping away like a madman. 

A moving shadow across her tummy caught my eye; I looked up to see a man watching us.  'Why'd you stopped licking me?' she moaned.  'There is a man watching us at the window.'  'Let him watch! Just get on with your tongue work. Keep sucking!' I went back to my work sucking out her pussy.  I drank in the cum of Terry, Walt, and Ray from my girlfriend's pussy enjoying the salty sweet taste of their combined cum loads.  As Stephanie climaxed her pussy spasm dumping a load of thick juice in my mouth; I was gulping it down when I heard a noise that made me raise my eyes, without stopping my licking. 

Stephanie was winding down the window and the guy reached in and was playing with her tits. This made me even more excited and I was licking and sucking on her luscious cunt harder and faster. 'Oh Yes! Oooooo Yes!' She screamed as an orgasm shook her lovely body. As her orgasm subsided, I started to scramble up her body to get in position to have my turn; I couldn't wait to get my throbbing dick inside her delicious cunt. 

'No! Stop! I don't want you to do it yet.'  'Wha..? Why not?'  'Cause I want him to fuck me!' She said indicating the black security guard who had been playing with her tits. 'You don't mind do you? I won't if you say not to! But I promise that you will enjoy me even more if you can wait until I am full of cum!'  Wow! I thought my dick couldn't have gotten any harder but now it was threatening to burst. This evening had been a whole lot of new experiences but this last thing she said really pressed my buttons. I climbed back over into the front seat and turned around to watch a perfect stranger, who we couldn't really see in the dark, climb into our car to fuck my sweet Stephanie in front of me. 

He had already unbuckled and unzipped his pants and sticking out above the top of his boxers stood the biggest and blackest cock I could imagine. He was at least 8-9 inches long and pretty thick across with a wide pink head; the slit was huge and leaked copious amounts of precum as he prepared to fuck my girlfriend's used pussy.  When Stephanie saw his huge cock up close I thought she would faint; she grabbed his massive cock and pulled it to her mouth as she leaned over in the back seat of our car in the middle of a hotel parking lot.   

She took the huge cock head in her mouth, barely able to stretch around his massive cock.  Her right hand was tugging at his low dangling balls as her left hand grasped the base of his cock and pumped his coal black shaft into her mouth.  Her mouth slipped off the shaft as her lips pursed his thick cock head and tongued the precum juice from his shaft.  Stephanie was delirious with lust, moaning and trembling as her body spasm with lust filled mini-orgasms.  

I watched my beautiful 22-year old Vietnamese girlfriend suck this hung black stranger, her fifth man that night. Her lips slipped down about 4 inches before her mouth was filled; then she started pumping the huge cock as she bobbed an inch up and down his shaft.  It only took about two minutes for him to lose it; he tensed up as he pushed his cock deeper into Stephanie's mouth, and then as he held her head with one hand and balanced himself over her with the other, he clinched his ass cheeks and shot his first blast in the back of Stephanie's throat.  She pulled back a bit and with her mouth surrounding his fat pink cock head he shot another and then another as he filled her sucking mouth.   His cum was already streaming from the corner's of her mouth and he was still cumming.  I listened to my girlfriend noisily suck this stranger off; her moaning, grunting, and thrashing about proof that she still needed to be fucked.  

Pulling her mouth from his cock she slid under him and wrapped her legs around his hips; reaching down she grasped the huge cock and pulled it to her sloppy pussy. Running his thick head between her tiny brown pussy lips showed me how truly big he is; Stephanie was about to get fucked deeper, fuller, and by a hung black security guard who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.   Stephanie pumped her hips up and the head split her stretched hole even wider; her face was scrunched up as she intensely focused on taking this man's cock in her pussy.  I watched as this guy started fucking his cock into my girlfriend's used pussy, the cum of my buddies providing the lubrication to allow her pussy to take his massive cock.  He had regained the little bit of length lost after he came in Stephanie's mouth and my imagination was in overdrive spurred on by Stephanie's moans. 

The guy started moving faster and faster and the car was violently shaking as he let out an almighty groan as he pumped his sperm into the wonderful pussy.  Pulling out of her pussy I looked at his huge cock dangling there with cum dripping from the slit.  Climbing half over the seat I grabbed the shaft and guided it to my mouth.  I could smell Stephanie’s used pussy on his cock as I took it into my mouth.  I could taste hot cum from all 5 of her lovers; thinking of her getting fucked by all of those cocks had me hot to try anything.  I pumped and sucked his fat long shaft until he was hard again.   I wanted to be used too; I climbed over the seat and straddled this huge guy.  He grabbed me and pulled me on his lap, his fat cock rubbed against my ass, balls, and thighs as he centered me onto his cock.  

I felt the cock against my asshole and then he grabbed my hips and pushed hard.  His fat cock head pushed into my ass causing me to scream out in pain.   Stephanie heard this and spurned him on by saying, “yeah, fuck his tight ass just like you fucked me.   I was near tears feeling his huge cock deep in my ass.  He kept pumping forcing more and more of his huge cock in my ass until I felt his pubes on my ass.  By then I was getting use to his huge cock, I grabbed his shoulders and started pumping my ass up and down his cock, each time I would grind deeply on his cock so I could feel him deep in my gut.   Stephanie was masturbating as she watched me fuck her lover; I imagined myself as a woman getting fucked like a slut.  I wanted him to cum in my ass.  

I started bouncing on his shaft, concentrating on the upper 4 inches with my ass and then dropping down taking him completely.  I kept doing this until our black lover grabbed my hips and started pounding my ass deeply.  He took me over the top; I started cumming by riding his big cock, my cum shooting out onto his chest and stomach.   My ass contracted around his fat cock and sent him over the top; he held me down on his cock completely buried in my ass as he started pumping his hot cum deep in my ass.  I moaned and whimpered as my black lover filled my ass with his sweet cream.  The feeling of his hot cum in my ass was incredible; I wanted to feel that over and over.  

I collapsed on our black lover as he slowly pumped my ass; Stephanie moved over and started French kissing him as we slowly fucked.  I could feel him start swelling again in my ass as they kissed.  This was incredible, but he finally pulled out of my gaping ass.  Cum gushed out onto the seat and down my leg; I could feel my loose ass dripping his hot cum and I wanted more. 

Wiping his dripping cock with a handkerchief, he got out of the car without a word and closed the door behind him.  'I'm waiting,' said Stephanie. 'I need more cock! Are you ready to give me some more or shall I go back to Terry's. I bet there are plenty of men there that would help a girl out.'  

Before she had finished speaking, I was behind the wheel and on my way back to Terry's.  I was sure they would enjoy hearing about Stephanie and I fucking this black guy as she stripped down in front of everyone.  Who knows, maybe other guys will show up. When we arrived back at Terry's we just walked in through the open front door.  I brought Stephanie in to the living room where all four guys sat.  

They didn't seem concerned when we showed up again.  I started with telling them that Stephanie had told me what happened, and before they could react, I followed up with what she had done with the security guard after telling me.   They were all smiling at my story, but looked truly shocked when I asked them to fuck her again, as much as they want.  I told them, “Now, I am going to strip Stephanie and lay her across the coffee table and eat out the load of cum left by you and the security guard, and all are welcome to join in any other way.”  

That night I watched my girlfriend get fucked over and over by all four guys at Terry's.  They even called a few friends who came over and took turns at Stephanie.   She was held each time, put into any position, however each guy wanted to take her.  Between each fuck I would kneel between her legs and eat out the cum of my friend, my buddy who had just fucked my girlfriend.  Though given a hard time about it at first, it wasn't long and they were standing over me wanting a blowjob.  I sucked off a few of my friends as others were repeatedly fucking or getting sucked by Stephanie.      


James Stone

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