Eric was starting to have doubts about his best friend Chris, whether they could even be friends anymore or if they would have to part.

They were both sitting a Eric's house watching TV while Chris waited in his boxers for his close to be done in the Dryer. Chris was a swimmer at their high school, and never seemed to give up his perfectly shaped body after graduation. Eric was made sure he was wearing heavy pants to try and hide his massive hard cock from Chris. Eric had always thought Chris was the hottest guy in their neighborhood, but lately for Eric, that had put a strain on their friendship while Eric tried to hide his feelings.

Chris new what was going on in Eric's head and was okay with it, he even felt a little vein about the situation. Chris was a little curious about Eric and didn't know whether he wanted to take a go at Eric or not. Eric had the biggest dick in their gym class at 10', Chris never hesitated to stare when it was out in the open.

'I think I'm going to get something to drink,' Eric said 'do you want anything?'

Chris replied lying to himself.

'Nah, man I'm good.' He was lying to Eric because he was thirsty but didn't want to be away from him, so after a few second of Eric being in the kitchen Chris got up to go get himself something too. As he walked in, Chris, heard glass break. When he entered he slipped on fruit punch and broken glass from the pitcher. As he began to fall his heart jumped, but just as his feet went from under him Eric grabbed under his shoulder and held on tight, Chris was about to melt into the puddle of cherry liquid beneath him by Eric's massive arms holding him. After a few second of them looking at each other, Chris was awaken from him gaze by something poking him in the side, when he broke away from Eric's glare, he found it was Eric's massive dick pushing through his thick Blue-Jeans.

'Are you OK? Eric asked pulling Chris to his feet, Eric was a little red in the face but not from holding Chris, Eric's Huge beefy muscles had no problem with that. He was embarrassed by his dick, he was praying to himself that Chris didn't notice.

'Yea I think I'm fine' Chris replied. He looked down at the floor and noticed red dripping from his foot. 'I don't think that's the punch,' he said pointing to his foot 'shit it's starting to burn.'

'I think we need to get that cleaned up.' Eric said lifting Chris onto the counter. He started the water and pulled Chris closer. As he started to clean the blood away, Chris began to get hard from the sensation of Eric handling him so gently. Chris leaned forward and put his forearm over his 7' dick to hide it, trying to make thing look like he was just clenching up from pain.

When Eric was done with Chris and he was Bandaged up they went to the living room to watch TV. The Dryer buzzed and Chris started to get up for his clothes. Eric was already up and put his rough skinned hand on Chris' chest.

'I'll get it.' Eric told Chris in a sarcastically nurturing voice. Chris like the feeling of Eric's hand on his chest so as Eric pulled away he followed with his smooth shaven chest to make it last longer. Chris also liked being taken care of by Eric and began to daydream of them living to gather. His daze was broken by a commercial that sounded interesting. An Airline was having a special fare this for next month. Select Weeks 50 dollars round trip on all domestic flights.

Chris immediately got an idea to save their friendship, him and Eric could take a trip somewhere just the two of them. This could also give me the chance to start going at Eric, and maybe, I can get into the same bed with him. The thought in his head made him hard and hot.

When Eric got back from the laundry room Chris proposed the idea and Eric was very happy about it. Not only did he want to save his friendship with Chris, he knew Chris slept in his underwear, and only used the sheet. I hope it's a thin sheet.

Eric's mind went to every dirty place it could as they got on the plane for Orlando, Florida. The two hour flight flew past while they were scrunched to gather watching a movie on Chris' laptop. When the flight ended they both were happy because they knew that meant they would be squished onto the other.

They got in their reserved car and within one minute Chris' head drooped down like he was sleeping. He fell onto Eric's shoulder and continued to pretend that he was asleep. Eric just stared at his peacefulness the whole ride to their Hotel.

When they got to their room Eric noticed that there was only one bed. Chris tried to hide the grin when Eric mentioned it to him.

'I don't know, I guess I booked the wrong room, oops.' Chris said trying not st sound to pleased with himself. They decided to go out to eat that night and got some drinks. When they got back both were drunk so they just stripped all of their clothes off and went to bed. Neither bothered to keep their underwear on, as they were to tired from flying to care. Eric went out when his head hit the pillow but Chris stayed up watching TV. It seemed every channel was about hot guys without clothes. Chris became so tempted by the big beefy man naked just a few inches away from him he started to slide the sheet off of Eric. He slowly slid them past his huge smooth pecks ans broad shoulders, then he ran his hand down his hard, dark stomach and fucked with his belly button as he passed it. When he got to the bottom of Eric's torso he stopped and saw a few dark hairs peeking from under the white linen. As he drew back the covers his cock became rock hard and he licked his lips while he watched Eric's huge dick flop out of the covers. He slowly lowered his cheek to Eric's crotch and felt his thick pubic hairs brush his face. He didn't want to risk Eric waking up so he ran his hand over Eric's thick dick twice and put the covers over Eric.

The next morning they decided to take a drive to the shore and get some sun. They stopped on their way to a convenience store for some tanning oil. Chris' dick became a little firmer at the though of Eric's big, sweaty, oily body glistening in the sun. He took a look at Eric's crotch and noticed he had shorts on. 'Didn't you bring trunks?' he asked.

'No, I'm going to change into mine when we get there.' Eric Answered

'Whatever' Chris said disappointed that Eric was wearing thick Denim shorts.

They pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car.

'Watch for people.' Eric said.

'Why?' Chris was confused.

'I'm going to change,' he smiled 'now turn around you perv.' Eric was joking but Chris didn't notice the humor, he was too busy trying not to look at Eric. When Eric was done Chris turned around and the first thing he noticed was a small red speedo barely keeping Eric's cock from bursting out. He followed a trail of hair up to Eric's face. They wound a spot on the beach and began to oil up. While Eric was looking at the ocean Chris came from behind and tackled him to the ground. Laughing and joking they rolled around with their greasy sweaty bodies rubbing to gather. They both kept hard boners rubbing to gather periodically, but neither noticed.

When they were both out of breath they stopped and layed there, one on the other panting and sweaty. Chris' head was laying on Eric's chest, slowly moving up and down with Eric's rhythmic breathing. Chris kept his eyes closed tight, hoping that the moment would never end.

As soon as they got back to their hotel, they went to the bar again to get drinks. Chris ordered a few beers but didn't drink too much, he wanted to be sober enough to make a good move on Eric tonight.

Eric had every sweet drink at the bar.

When Eric could barely stand, they both left for their room. Eric stumbled when he got through the door and spilled his Strawberry Daiquiri on the stark white carpet.

'Oops.' Eric laughed.

'Dammit Eric,' Chris screamed 'do you think that's funny? We're going to have to pay to clean that carpet!' Eric looked at Chris with a confused expression.

'Chris, just chill out man,' Eric slurred 'I can't believe you are freaking out like this!'

Chris was pissed at Eric, so pissed he teared up and ran after him. Chris knocked Eric on his ass. Eric turned and smashed Chris' face to the ground. Chris realized his mistake, Eric had to be three time his size. Eric picked Chris up and threw him on the bed. Eric leaped on Chris with his shirt torn open, bulgy chest exposed. Chris flipped over onto Eric and pinned him down. They both rested and looked into the others eyes.

'Go ahead you don't have the guts to hit me again.' Eric smirked.

'Oh yea?' Chris raised his fist at Eric, stuttered a bit. One second of trying to go destroyed him, he couldn't keep his feelings from Eric, Chris closed his eyes took a breath and pressed his lips to Eric's smile. He ran his down Eric's sides to his pants and began to stroke the huge bulge in Eric's pants.

Eric up and lifted Chris into his lap. He slowly pulled away from the lip lock with his friend and slid Chris' shirt off. He let his own shirt fall over his large shoulders. He felt Chris tug on his now exposed nipples as he layed Chris on his back and began to undo his pants. He gently rubbed Chris' bulge through his underwear and lowered his head and began killing his chest down to his crotch. He began to lick Chris' underwear then pulled them off.

'That looks good.' He smiled at Chris. Then he went back to Chris' fully erect cock. He lowered his head and popped the head into his watering mouth. He slid up and down the staff, lightly sliding his tongue around Chris' cock. He fell into a hypnotic state knowing that the guy he had wanted for so long, was actually in his mouth right now. His daydream was interrupted by Chris pushing him back.

Chris jumped on top of Eric and pulled at Eric's pants, He didn't bother undoing his pants, Chris just slid them right off. He wanted to get in so bad he tore Eric's underwear. 'Hey,' Eric had a tone of sarcasm 'I liked those.' Chris ignored this and propped Eric's legs up and smashed his dick through Eric's ass. Eric screamed and moaned for some time then the screams just turned to moans of pleasure. Chris rammed Eric's ass as hard as he could. After a while of the hard fucking and moaning, Chris asked,

'I'm gonna cum, what do I do? I never did this before.'

Eric told him in a panting speech, 'Just let it go in my ass, I want it.' That second Chris let his load out into Eric's ass. He pulled his dick out and slid down to Eric's dick. He wrapped his lips around Eric's massive dick and began blowing him. Chis liked this feeling of having another man in his mouth. He took Eric deep and licked his head. He periodically gagged on Eric. Eric Caressed Chris to look at him.

'Do you want it?' Eric asked. Chris didn't look but only stared at Eric's cock and licked his lips before putting it back in his mouth. He let Eric push his load to the back of his throat and swallowed the hot creamy juice.

He climbed up into Eric's open arms and layed his head on his chest. In one short sigh he managed to let out the the words he had wanted to say for years,

'I love you.'

Eric smiled and just kissed Chris lightly.

'I'm never going to let go of you.' he whispered softly.

Chris moved in with Eric, they both finished college, Eric became a largely known Lawyer in his hometown and Chris drew and painted portraits for the City's Richest.




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