Josh had been my best friend since our freshman year of high school. Both of us were on the shy and reserved side and told each other things we'd never tell anyone else.

One Saturday we were walking out in the woods near our homes and got to talking about sex. We both admitted we were still virgins and the only sex we had experienced was jerking off almost daily.

We sat by a stream and decided to jerk off together. This became a regular thing with us. During the week, we'd do it at one of our homes after school and before our parents got home. On weekends, we'd go out in the woods a couple times a day and jerk off, seeing who could shoot first or who could shoot the farthest.

Then, during the summer between our sophomore and junior years, something happened.

We had both turned sixteen and thought we were older that our years. We went into town one Saturday to see a sci-fi movie at the local theater. We always sat all the way up in back on the last row since it was always empty up there and we could whisper during the movie.

About half way through the movie, Josh said he had to pee and headed for the restroom. he was gone longer than expected and when he returned, I expected him to ask what had happened while he was gone.

Instead, he sat down quietly and only half way watched the movie. Leaning over to him I asked, "What's wrong?"

He just looked down and shook his head slightly.

Not giving up, I said, "Come on, what up? You can tell me."

After a moment he whispered, "I just did something in the restroom."

"What?" I asked.

"I went in and was standing at the urinal peeing and a guy came in and stood next to me. He started looking over at me and playing with his cock. He started getting hard and so did I. He told me how nice mine looked and said he'd give me twenty dollars if I let him suck me. We went into the last stall and I let him."

"Damn, man, no way! Really? What did it feel like?"

"It was awesome. Much better than jerking off," he replied.

"I wonder if he's still around?" I asked. "I'd like to see what it's like."

"Damn, Mark, you serious?"

"Yea. You did it. I'll be back."

I went to the restroom and stood at the urinal. A moment later a guy in his mid twenties came in and stood next to me. He did and said the same things to me, offering to pay me to let him suck me. I agreed and like Josh he took me to the last stall and sucked me off.

I returned to where Josh was sitting and as i sat down Josh asked, "Was he there?"

"He came in right after me and he said the same thing to me and we went into the last stall. You were right, it was fucking awesome."

On our walk home we talked and both admitted that we enjoyed having it done. Every Saturday, we'd go back, hoping to see the man again but he was only there once more during the summer.

During our junior year, we'd continue going to the stream in the woods and jerking off. One day Josh caught me off guard when he suggested we suck each other.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, we both enjoyed having it done. I just thought we could make each other feel good."

"Yea, but I'm not sure about doing it," I said. "You think you could do it?"

"I think so. I'm kind of curious about what it would be like."

We talked some more and I finally agreed to do it. We decided to lay down and do each other together to make sure the other didn't chicken out.

We gradually took each others hard cocks in our mouth and began sucking. To my surprise, it wasn't bad and I found it to be a turn on. Soon, we both climaxed and swallowed. Josh gagged slightly but I took it right down.

After that, I would suck Josh regularly and he would do me occasionally. Before long, however, he was sucking me as much as I was sucking him. We both enjoyed it. It didn't take long before we were going further and fucking each other regularly.

We continued our sexual escapades throughout our senior year, sucking ad fucking more and more frequently. During our senior year we would go out together and find boys our age or men who wanted sex. We were very active sexually and considered ourselves totally gay.

We graduated high school and decided to enroll in the state college in a larger town a little over an hour away. My parents were divorced and I lived with my dad. Josh and I began working on our parents trying to convince them to share the expense of a small apartment for us rather that live in the dorm or commute.

It was a chore trying to convince them but we kept at them.

My twenty year old brother, Brad, was due home on leave from the Marines, and I had plans to enlist him in convincing dad.

Brad was due home one Saturday for a two week leave. Josh and I knew we'd have to curtail some of our sexual get-togethers while Brad was home.

Deciding to have one hot experience before Brad got home, Josh spent that Friday at my house with us having sex all day.

We were in one of our several hot sixty-nines, when I noticed Brad standing in the doorway of my bedroom watching us. Josh and I jumped up trying to cover ourselves, even though Brad had definitely seen us in action.

"You're not due home until tomorrow," I blurted out, not knowing what to say.

"Hey, Bro, I made it in a day early and it's obvious you weren't expecting me."

"Brad, please, don't tell dad what you saw," I managed to get out.

Josh and I began reaching for our clothes when Brad said, "Hey, man, I don't plan on saying anything to anyone. And there is no need to get dressed. In fact, I was planning on shucking my clothes and joining you."


"Look, Mark, you're not the only one in this family that likes man sex," he said as he began removing his fatigue uniform.

Soon, Brad was nude and his big cock was rock hard. He came over to the bed and leaned toward me saying, "How about a hot hello kiss for your big brother?"

He pressed hos lips to mine and offered his tongue. I immediately responded and our tongues explored each others mouth. after the kiss he gave Josh one also. Then smiling he said, "I want to do something I've wanted to do for a long time."

He laid me back and after grasping my cock, he swallowed it all and began sucking me. Soon, I gave him my load and after collecting it all he smiled at me and swallowed.

"Ummm. Just as tasty as I thought it would be,"he said.

He kissed me again and turned to Josh and began sucking him. As he did, I swallowed his cock and quickly brought him to a roaring climax. After i had swallowed hos load and he had swallowed Josh's, he smiled at us and said, "This is one leave I know I'm going to enjoy. With the military the way they are about gays, I have to be extremely careful about having sex. I do without most of the time."

We had more sex with Brad fucking my ass and me fucking him. It was awesome having sex with my own brother.

Before he joined the Marines, he had several girlfriends and I figured he was straight. When I asked him about it he laughed and said it was all a cover-up to hide the fact he was gay. He said he and a couple others from his football team were gay also and they'd get together for sex after taking the girls home after a date.

Josh headed home shortly before dad was due home and Brad and I dressed and waited for him, Brad back in his fatigue uniform.

Looking at him in it, I said, "I want to suck you while you're in uniform. I think it would be hot."

"No problem bro," he said.

While we waited, we talked about how each of us got started and decided that we were gay instead of bi. He asked if I had ever fucked pussy. I was honest and said no. Laughing he said, "Well, I have and fucking a man's ass is ten times better. I'll never fuck another cunt."

Dad arrived home and was surprised to see Brad was there. When he asked what we'd been up to we just said catching up on what had been going on.

We went out to dinner and had a great evening. That weekend we talked and caught up on what Brad had been doing and what had gone on in town.

Monday morning dad left for work at his usual time, and moments later Brad was easing into my bed nude, saying, "Bro, I want you all to myself for today."

"Sounds good to me," I replied.

We kissed and made out a while before he went down on me sucking me some then sucking my balls and eating my ass. He returned to my cock and sucked me slowly and lovingly. Afterward, I did the same to him.

As we lay there afterward, I asked, "What did you mean yesterday when you said you wanted to do something you had been wanting to do."

"Mark, I've been sucking cock since I was fourteen. When I was sixteen, I saw you jerking off and liked what I saw. I wanted to suck you then but was afraid of what you might think of me. I didn't want to ruin the closeness we had. As you got older, the more I wanted to suck you."

"Damn, I wish I'd known."

"Does dad know anything?" he asked.

"Fuck no!' I exclaimed. "He'd probably disown me if he knew."

"No he wouldn't."

"Does he know about you?"

"Yes, he does and he's cool with it. I really think you need to tell him."

"Brad, I just can't," I said.

He just looked at me and smiled. Then seconds later, he began eating my ass again when I told him to fuck me. He did then I fucked him. We spent most of the day in bed having sex.

Tuesday, Brad, Josh and I went riding around, and later, Josh and I took Brad to our spot out in the woods next to the creek where we went skinny dipping and had sex on the bank.

Wednesday, Dad left for work and Brad again came to my bed. We kissed and made out a while before going into a hot sixty-nine. As we were going at it, we suddenly heard a voice say, "May I join in?"

I jumped and turned to look at the door. There stood Dad, totally naked and his cock hard. I saw Brad smile then say, "it's fine with me."

Dad walked over and tongue kissed me then Brad, as he fondled both our cocks.

After the kiss, dad quickly began sucking my cock and I looked questioningly at Brad.

"Now you understand why I said you should tell him? I did it for you."

I smiled and just said "Thanks."

Brad watched as dad sucked me off and swallowed then I watched as Dad sucked Brad dry. Afterward, Brad looked at me saying, "I've had him many times. Why don't you take care of him this time?"

I quickly went down and began sucking my dad's hard cock, soon hearing him breath heavier as he neared his climax. Seconds later, i was rewarded with a huge thick load of his cum which I eagerly swallowed.

As we all lat together dad said he called in and took the day off. We spent the day having sex. It was so hot having my dad fuck my ass and me fuck his.

I found out that he and Brad started having sex when Brad came in and found him having sex with another guy while I was spending the night at Josh's house. Brad said he was seventeen then.

The two weeks Brad was home was filled with dad and sons sex. Dad agreed to let Josh join in a few times.

Knowing Josh was gay also, Dad realized why Josh and I wanted to get an apartment and agreed to talk to Josh's parents.

We were room mates throughout college. On weekends we'd go home and dad and I would have sex. Brad completed his tour of duty with the Marines and came home and became a local city police officer, living at home with dad. after graduation, dad got me a job in the finance department of the company he worked for. I lived at home also.

At home we lived nude and would have sex whenever we wanted with whoever we wanted. It was a fantastic relationship and lasted for years.




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