Cockwhore that I am I have been giving these two guys blow jobs on a regular basis. Actually I suck them, mouth their balls, rim them, and they often fuck my pussy mouth. Though different both of them have nice cocks. One is married and older, in his 40s. The other is single, 20-something-year-old.

The married guy's cock is average - 5-6' long, about 4' around. The young single guy has a beautiful and rather unusual dick, at least for me. It is tapered at the head, broadening down the shaft especially from one side to the other, then tapering again at the root; larger than average - 7-8' long and 5-6' around.

I deepthroat both of them, taking their cockheads and part of their shafts all the way down, the remainder of their shafts covered by my mouth and lips right to their pubic hairs. They love me sucking them because I swallow their cum. Both cum so much I usually spill a little bit onto their hairy pubes - the nest of hair at the top of their cocks and on their fuzzy sacks holding their big nuts so full of cum for me. I lick up the spillage, swab their crotches clean, suck out the last strings or dollops of cum from their satisfied rods, and clean them with my lips and tongue.

They must like my cocksucking mouth. They keep coming back for more - the married guy for over a year now, the single guy for three months. All they have to do to get off in my mouth is email, IM, or call me. If I am not sucking or being fucked by someone else right then they can come right over for me to pleasure them all over with my lips, tongue, mouth and hands. If I am with someone else we - my two regulars and I - make a time within an hour or so for them to come get kissed, licked, sucked, mouthed, rimmed, jacked and feed me their cum. I don't mean they come over at the same time, although I have suggested that. They come one at a time.

I have also suggested to each one of them that I would like to be fucked. Both have declined so far, the married guy saying he only fucks his wife, never in the ass, and she doesn't suck or rim him. The single guy says he will fuck only bareback, without a condom, otherwise he loses his truly great feeling erection. I have declined to take him bareback in my manpussy ass because he is single. I would fell much safer with the married man barebacking me, but he has refused to do it.

That all changed Friday evening and Saturday morning. For the first time I went to a new bar in town, the bar known as a gathering place for men looking for action with other men. I had even heard there were some transvestites - crossdressers, and transsexuals frequenting the bar. So, again, a first time for me but a long time fantasy desire I dressed as a woman.

Soon after I had my first drink a young man sauntered over and sat on the bar stool next to me. He bought me a drink, and we chatted amicably. The talk soon turned to sex. He bought me another drink and another. He made it clear to me he was looking for some action. I made it clear to him as I was becoming more than a little bit inebriated that I was crossdressing and looking for some cock action, a man for me to suck and him to fuck me. As I enjoyed my fifth drink of the evening, the fourth one he had bought for me, I even lifted my skirt, pulled my panties aside and showed him my cock. He took it in his hand, felt and stroked it a bit, then invited me to join him outside in his six-wheel doolie truck.

As we walked to his truck he kept playing with my cock, balls, and fondling the fake tits in my bra. When we got to his truck he opened the back door and told me to get inside so I could suck him and him fuck me. I looked in and there sat another guy, his cock out through his fly and up hard as he stroked it. I turned around to tell the guy who had picked me up I had not reckoned on a three-way but it would be alright with me. The guy in the truck grabbed my arms from behind, and the asshole truck owner sucker punched me.

He got in one blow to the left side of my face before I freed my arms and proceeded to kick his ass. Driving him away from the truck I literally kicked him in the nuts. When he bent over I kicked him in the face, spun him around, kicked his ass knocking him unconscious to the ground and turned on the jerkwad in the truck. I drug him out of the truck and sent him in a few well-placed fists and feet kicks to join his partner on the ground.

I had figured immediately these turds were either trying to rob me or were bashers intent on hurting me. It turned out the other way for them. As they groveled on the parking lot pavement I picked up my low heel woman's shoes that I had kicked off before using my feet on them, hiked up my skirt and walked home the short distance to my downtown apartment. When I got home I checked my face for damage and found I had a slightly puffy lip, and damn it all, a chipped front tooth.

As I lay on the sofa with a cold pack on my lip, sure enough, the married guy called me. He asked if he could come over for a blow job. I told him, 'Sure.' As usual he showed up in about a half hour. We got undressed, and I started working my mouth on him from his tits, across his belly, into his navel with my tongue, stroking his cock, mouthing his balls, rimming him, and went down on his cock kissing and licking it. I took his nice meat stick in my mouth to suck it and soon realized I could not cover the chipped tooth with my lip enough to keep from scraping his sweet cock with the bad tooth.

I pulled off of him and told him what had happened. He was all sympathy, but said he was real horny and wanted to get off somehow. I said, 'Well, I can stroke your cock, or you can slide it up and down in my lubed asscrack, with a rubber if you prefer.' He agreed with that idea, unwrapped a condom, and covered his cock. I bent over on the sofa for him and loved the feel of his hard cock riding in the cleft of my ass. I loved it even more when he asked me to spread my buttcheeks wide, open up for him, and he would finally after all this time, fuck my ass.

He worked the knob end of his cock against my crinkled, star-shaped ring and breached my tight sphincter. 'Oh, yeah, do it,' I breathed. 'Fuck me. Fuck my ass.' He pushed his cock slowly into me right to his balls, his curly pubic hairs tickling my crack. I backed against him, and we rocked right into the delicious fucking motion. He moved back and forth, in and out, me humping with him, him going on and on about how good it felt, until he finally after about 15 minutes pushed hard up inside me and filled the condom full of cum from his jerking, throbbing, swollen cock. He pulled out, peeled off the rubber. I turned around and cleaned his cock with my lips and tongue, being careful to keep the snaggled tooth off his sweet man pole that had just fucked me so good.

We sat and talked for a while. Finally he told me he wanted to fuck my ass again. So we did it one more time. As we talked after our second fuck he apologized for denying both of us that pleasure for so long. I assured him we could do it more, and that I would get my tooth fixed as soon as possible so he could fuck my mouth as well and me suck him as usual, but it might just be foreplay for us from now on since he enjoyed fucking me so much. I loved it too I told him, just as I knew I would.

I slept for a few hours until I was awakened by the ringing of my telephone. Sure enough it was the young guy wanting to be sucked off too. I told him right up front on the phone what had happened at the bar and in the parking lot, about the chipped tooth. I ventured on this may just be the opportunity you have been awaiting. I am as I told you before reluctant for you to fuck me bareback but you can ride your cock in the cleft of my ass and cum on my back or stomach. Or I will take your cum in my mouth.

He was at my place quicker than usual, and we undressed together in a flash, easy for me since I was only in pajama bottoms. His long, tapered, broad across the middle cock was up so hard he had some difficulty pulling his underwear over it. When he did, his raging rod flopped up against his belly reaching to his navel. I fondled and stroked it; cupped his big balls; kissed, licked and sucked his nipples; worked down to his navel; kissed and licked the head of his cock leaking pre-cum that I slurped up eagerly; mouthed his balls; licked his crack; and rimmed his hairy ass.

He told me to get on my knees leaning against the back of the sofa. Then he lubed my butt crack, his cock, and started sliding it up and down in my cleft while playing with my nipples, belly, navel and hard cock. Oh, that felt so good.

He always brought the best poppers with him, the true stuff only to be bought in Canada now. I sensed him opening the bottle, taking hits in each nostril. His cock erected even harder and leaked more pre-cum. Then he held the bottle to one of my nostrils closing the other. I sniffed. He switched the bottle to my other nostril and closed the one flooded already with the poppers. I sniffed again.

I felt the pungent chemical suffuse through my body, warming me in my chest, down through my belly, into my balls, cock hardening, my anus relaxing. He was still sliding his stiff meat up and down in my crack, then, 'OH, OH, OH,' his pointed cockhead entered me, 'Aaaah, aaaah, oooh, ungh, aaah, unh, oh,' his shaft slid right up into my welcoming hole. The broad, flat expanse of his middle shaft spread me like I had never been opened before, stretching my tight ass in all directions but mostly from side to side. I pushed back against him driving all of his cock up into me, opening my mancunt to take all of him.

He kissed, licked, nibbled on the back and sides of my neck, on my shoulders as he fucked back and forth into my yielding manpussy. 'Oh yeah, yeah, fuck me, please fuck me,' I begged him.

We did more poppers as he rode his cock back and forth in me, and I rocked with him, knowing secretly I would have never been able to take his big, thick cock unless I had been fucked just a few hours before by the married guy. I started cumming all over my sofa, the white creamy jism shooting out of the head of my cock, my ass clenching on this young man's cock pummeling my fuckhole. I didn't care right then if he filled me with his cum. I even wanted it, but he jerked his throbbing, swollen dick out of me and shot his load all up my back. The first shot hit me about the middle of my back, the second. The third spurted all the way up between my shoulder blades, another about half way between that one and the first two. Then another, another and another until only dribbles of his hot manjuice dripped onto the top of my asscrack. I rolled over to sit on the sofa and clean his cock and balls, his whole crotch with my mouth, using my lips and tongue carefully avoiding any contact with broken tooth.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, swabbing his tongue inside to taste his own cum. We snowballed it back and forth until he was hard again. He pushed his cock back into my gaping hole and fucked me a few more strokes. Then he asked if he could put on a rubber and fuck me until he filled it in my ass.

'Unh, unh,' was the only sounds I could make at first, then, 'Yes, oh yes, please.'

He did it. He fucked me for a half hour, more, both of us using the poppers. Finally I felt his cock swell, throb, lurch, jerk, and the condom filling with his cum. He drove hard up into me, and we lay there locked together kissing mouth to mouth again. Then he grasped the end of the rubber and eased his shrinking cock out of my wellfucked hole. He rolled it off carefully, held it over my face, drained his cum into mouth, open like a bird taking food from its mother. I held his cum on my tongue and opened my mouth, showing it to him. We snowballed again. Finally it was gone, swallowed by both him and me.

I curled up on the sofa, pulled a blanket over me and lay there, both of us talking about how good it was, promising to do it from now on, as he got dressed and finally left me alone to fall back asleep, my ass still gaping and tingling, not sore but certainly sensitive. So now it is Saturday morning and I am laying here, dozing in and out of sleep and so looking forward to the next times with my married man or single guy.



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