I have a friend Roy who I’d known since the fifth grade when he’d moved into my neighborhood. Never was sure why we were friends because he was a jock, lettering in both wrestling and swimming and I was kind of a geek.  

Still friends after graduation, he was helping me install a faucet on the kitchen sink. He was under the cabinet and I was working on top of the sink area. As he stretched, his shirt went up and exposed his happy trail of luscious curly dark hair from his belly button down through the top of his pants. It was so hot and it turned me on. 

I knew he was straight and that he didn’t have a clue about my bisexuality. 

Anyway, I could not get his gorgeous body out of my mind. 

Later that day we were talking and having a cold Dos Equis (XX) and I told him about some gay experiences I’d in the past. I described some of them to him in detail. He didn’t protest or anything and actually seemed interested since he’d never saw me that way. I respected his straightness and didn’t make a move on him. 

A couple of weeks later Roy invited me to lunch at TGIF Friday’s.  We started out with Buffalo wings and Guinness stout.  Over their Smoke Stacked Burger (Beer-braised sausage & onions, Asiago & cheddar between two fresh hickory-smoked burgers with sweet Memphis seasoning, melted sharp cheddar, Tennessee BBQ sauce, BBQ ranch aioli, Applewood-smoked bacon and coleslaw) I somehow managed to bring up the topic of cock sucking again and we talked and laughed a little and enjoyed the day.

The whole time we were talking I was dreaming about sucking his cock. When we were leaving Friday’s, I found the nerve to asked, “Will you let me suck your cock?”

Roy looked up at the sky and the side walk, everywhere but at me before he finally said, "Nooo…I don't think so.” Then after a long pause added, “Maybe if I was real drunk." 

“So,” I quickly said, “So I’ll have to get you drunk?”

“No,” Roy said, “I’m really not interested.”

Bummer for me, right? 

We went to different colleges but saw each other as often as we could over the next three years and of course, each time I had the urge to ask him again but I never brought it up.

Then last year when we’d both graduated and were back home Roy was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt one day and I could see one of his nipples and it was pierced. I said, “So your nipples are pierced?”

‘Yea,” he said as he lifted his shirt and pulled on one of the rings. “Go ahead pull it,” he laughed, “it doesn’t hurt.”

So I pulled and played with his nipple rings and Roy didn’t stop me for a good fifteen minutes. But that was all that happened that day. I was still scared of pushing my desire. I was reeling inside with wanting to give him a blow job but I resisted. 

The desire and the wanting was never far from my mind. 

Things had changed while we were in college. Roy had a degree in business from a minor college and was now the manager and franchise owner of his Jiffy-Lube and was doing quite well financially. I know because I was the CPA that did his company’s books. At my suggestion, he was even thinking of opening another across town. I was even going to invest and be a minority partner. 

Last week Roy came over and sat in my office with me discussing our future business venture. Our main concern was a reliable manager. He put forth the name, Kevin, a guy we’d went to high school with. Kevin had also gotten his degree from the same college Roy had. 

We’d been discussing a new store for almost a year while I’d been crunching the numbers and evaluating locations. Toward that end, Roy had hired him as an assistant manager. He’d proved to be a good assistant manager with the potential to run a store himself.

As he talked, Roy stretched back in the chair. His shirt went up exposing the dark hairline again that started my desire. I looked away to avoid my pain of wanting it so bad. Roy gave me a grin but I wasn’t sure what for.

Finally, I couldn’t hold it anymore so I asked, "Can I suck your cock?" 

Roy looked at the ceiling and laughed a little but gave no answer. So I said, “Come on, let me exercise my perversion. I want to suck your dick.”

He looked up at the ceiling once again and said, “Uugggghhhhhhh…OK,” so I dropped to my knees and looking up at him with a lustful smile on my face, I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and then pulled down his pants.

When I pulled down Roy’s underwear, his hard cock, hooked in the elastic of the waistband. It got bent down with his underwear and all at once out popped a good thick, uncut cock with a big, slick reddish/purple spade shaped head under a loose foreskin. 

Roy gasped when I grabbed his cock with both hands and ran my tongue over the head. I looked up at him as if I was in a trance and murmured, "I have always wanted to do this." 

Within seconds my mouth wide, I engulfed the head of his dick and I rolled my tongue around it, toying with the slit.  

Then my hands went up under his shirt to feel his amazingly hairy stomach and his nipple rings. 

The feeling was unbelievable after that long desire. 

We both laughed as I reached out and cup his balls in one hand, while with the other I pulled him to me as I guided that throbbing dick towards my mouth. 

His hands on the sides of my head, Roy started to moan, “Mmmmmmmmm,” in a tone I’d never heard out of him before. Going deeper, I took the whole thing in until that dark thatch of curly hair was pressed against my face. Then after some bobbing of my head, Roy kinda of pulled away and groaned, “Ooohhhh shit, I’m cumming. Ooohhhh God suck it.”

Roy must have been pretty horny because it was only a couple of minutes before he grabbed my head even tighter, pushed his cock deep into my mouth and groaned, "Aaaaahhhh,” as he let loose a torrent of cum in my mouth. I wouldn’t let it go and took in one gulping surge of his cum after another. I kept sucking until his balls wouldn’t produce another drop. 

Knees weak, I got up, looked at him and said, “Now that was awesome.”
Roy agreed. “Shit, you’re a damn site better than my wife. She acts like she’s doing me a favor sucking it and god forbid I should cum in her mouth.”

When I moved to sit back down at my desk, he cupped his balls and asked, “You’re not finished are you?”

With a big grin I went back to my knees at his feet.

Already dissatisfied with his childless marriage to a prima donna, that day I started helping him hide his assets. By the time he filed for divorce he was near penniless on paper.  With no kids and Texas a no alimony state Barbara walked away with nothing. Because they lived in a luxury apartment instead of a house, there was no house. And because they leased rather than bought, not even a car.  She got part of the furniture but because she had no place to put it and didn’t move it in 30 days she even lost that.

Because I felt sorry for Barbara so I arrange her a minimum wage job working the counter in a cleaners that I was part owner of. I even arranged her a room in a by the week motel within walking distance down the block. I even let her work the rent off on her back or on her knees, depending on how I felt. FYI: now she swallows.

Even though I was now sucking Roy’s cock on a regular basis, he remarried to a girl that wanted kids and two years later was the proud papa of a boy and a girl.



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