I live in a fairly busy and remote area. LOL. Sounds like an oxymoron right? Well, it kinda is. It's an oil boomtown, and so is full of transient people from all over the world. The roads are constantly busy and the gas station a block and a half away from me is the busiest in Canada - netting over 7 million dollars a year in fuel and miscellaneous sales.

This Shell station is the closest thing I have to a corner store, and when it's really cold out and you have no milk or smokes, even walking the short distance can be a royal pain.

A few weeks ago I had to go there to get a few things. If I go, I always go after midnight in order to beat the crowd. That night it was about -42C with the windchill so I bundled up good and set on my way.

As I rounded the corner, a great big guy in a rig slowed down to take a look at me. That is strange behaviour here as it's a pretty redneck town. When I got to the gas station, he was there filling up his truck.

I went into the store and started grabbing what I needed. The trucker came in to pay for his gas and grab some things. I could feel him looking at me as he paid the clerk. I looked up at him. He smiled at me and asked how I was doing. I told him I was doing well. I looked him up and down and could see that he had been on the road for quite a while. His coveralls were filthy and I got a hint of BO emanating from him. I put the loaf of bread in front of my crotch in order to hide my growing erection.

He exited the store and made his way to his truck. I paid for my items and left soon after him.

As I walked past his truck I noticed the passenger side door was open. I heard a whistle and saw that the trucker was calling me into the cab. I hesitated for a second, looked around to see if anyone was watching, and climbed up into the truck.

'You can just put your bags in the back here if you like,' the big man said politley to me.

I did as he said and as I turned back around I noticed he had pulled his stinky uncut cock from his dirty coveralls. I mean, I could smell it from where I was sitting and it wasn't a small truck. That cheesy uncut meat smell. Very strong and pungent.

He pulled back his foreskin to reveal a fair amount of thick white cream. I licked my lips and he just grabbed me by the back of the head, leading me down to his prick.

I'd surmise that he was about 7 inches long and almost the same thickness. I mean, he was thick. He fucking tasted great as I gobbled up and down on his knob, him thrusting upward to meet my hungry mouth. I hadn't sucked a cock in over a year. This was fantastic! Not only was he big and thick, but he was filthy. Just how I liked it. His BO was now very prevalent as he took off his coat and unzipped his coveralls. His chest was covered in matted hair and his pits soon took over all the smells in the truck.

He put the truck in gear and we pulled out of the gas station parking lot. Me still bobbing for all I was worth on his disgusting manmeat. He only drove a little bit up the street and parked in a dark spot.

'Let's get naked.' he said to me in a lustful tone.

We both took everything off and by the time we were totally nude, the aromas in the cab now included unwashed asses. I hadn't had a shower in a few days and I know he hadn't. LOL.

He groaned and pushed me over to eat out my ass. Damn this guy could rim. I felt pre-cum dripping from my cock by now. I turned around and adjusted myself so we eventually ended up in a comfortable 69 postition with me on top.

He devoured my hole like a fucking madman while I worked his thick tool. I opened up my throat and took most of him. He groaned and writhed as I did my thing.

Out of nowwhere he demands, 'Eat my stinky hole bitch!'

'Well, if you're going to put it that way,' I thought, 'Sure!' and dove right in for the kill. He sure was dirty. As soon as I put my mouth on his hole a few stray pieces of shit coated my lips. He didn't taste too bad and so I dig in deeper and started reaming him good.

This went on for I don't know how long. We were both dripping pre-cum all over the place and his cock was even bigger than before. Sensing that we were both close to cumming, I clamped my mouth over his cock and started working him again. I guess he took the hint and let my cock burrow into his throat. Now we were really rocking! It didn't take long before I was bucking his beard as my load exploded from my steel-hard dick. Then he started to cum and almost blew the back of my head off. Load after load of cum made it's way into my stomach and I swallowed pretty much all of it.

We lay on top of each other for a while, eventually positioning ourselves back into our seats.

He reached his hand across the cab and introduced himself,'I'm Dave.'

I gripped his hand hard but lovingly and replied, 'I'm BitchBoy.'

At first he almost laughed, but then raised an eyebrow. 'I like that. BitchBoy. Hmmm. Lord knows I could use one.'

'Well you can use me any time you want,' I replied.

'I may just take you up on that boy. What will you do for me?'

'Whatever you want Dave.'

'Ok then, here's my number,' he handed me a business card. 'Call me some time next week. I want to fuck your ass like it's never been fucked before and then piss in your face. You into that?'

'Oh yes,' I grinned as I put my clothes back on.

I grabbed my groceries and left the truck as I was only still a short distance from my place. Besides, he wasn't allowed to drive the truck in a residential area. I turned around and waved at him as he pulled his horn and lit up the night with the loud sound.



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