I had lots of adventures on my cross-country move from Los Angeles to Sparkling Springs, Florida. This is one of them...

I'd chosen to drive instead of fly, even though I knew I'd be in for almost a solid week of driving eight hours a day to cover the distance. I hoped I'd find lots of hot men along the way.

At one of the first gas stations I stopped at, I saw my first one. He was sexy, probably mid-thirties, over 6 feet, with sleepy-looking eyes and - not many men can wear a mustache well, but this man could. His skin was dark, but I couldn't tell if it was tan or pigment. He could've been Hispanic, African-American or even a tanned Caucasian - he'd be a credit to any race that claimed him.

His filling station uniform was navy blue and worn around the seams, he'd probably worked there a long time. His name badge read 'Dean'.

He looked tasty to me, an epitome of rough-edged masculinity out in the desert sun where California bleeds into Arizona. His manner was very interesting - he was methodical and thorough as he pumped my gas and cleaned my windshield - not slow, but not rushed - just steady and determined.

That was a good way to describe him, steady and determined.

'Long journey ahead?' he asked when I paid him. His voice was low and rich.

'Yes, all the way to Florida.' I answered.

'How's it going?' he said.

'Good,' I said, 'Yourself?'

'Okay. Looks like it's going to be hot today,' he said.

'Definitely,' I said, looking him in the eyes. He looked at me back, a little surprised - straight guys are raised to break eye contact with another man quickly - but held it for an intriguing moment before breaking it.

'Can I ask you something?' Dean asked.

'Shoot,' I said.

'What do those stickers on your car mean?'

I followed his eyes to the rear of my car, where I'd affixed a few decals during my life in LA. I realized that outside of major metropolitan areas people might not recognize them. Hell, even in big cities a lot of people don't know what they are and what they mean.

'The pink triangle is the symbol of gay pride.' I said, pointing.

'You mean you're a f-homosexual?' he asked.

'We prefer gay. And yes,' I said. 'The rainbow flag is the symbol for gay freedom, and the last one you might know - the American flag?'

'Yeah, I knew that one,' he said, 'So you're a gay, proud, free American,'


Dean paused for a second, looking at the stickers.

'So you have sex with other guys, huh?' he asked.

'Yes.' I said, 'Frequently.'

'I aint never had sex with a guy before,' he said.

'Would you like to?' I asked. Dean thought about it carefully before he answered.

'Yeah,' he said, 'I think I would,'

'When does your shift end?' I asked.

'Shift?' he said, 'I'm not waiting 'til the end of my shift. I want to do this now. I'll go on a break.'

'Okay,' I said, 'Let me park my car.' I pulled my car out of the filling line and parked it in the one of parking spots on the side.

'Is there anywhere we can be alone?' I asked him when I got out.

'Yeah, follow me.'

Dean led me around the back of the station, into the employee bathroom, which was actually pretty clean. He went to tell his boss he was going on break, and when he came back I was naked and ready.

'Look at you,' he said, closing the door and locking it.

'Yeah, look at me.' I answered. 'You want some of this?'

'Hell, yeah,' he said. 'But what do we do?'

'Leave it to me,' I said, walking over to him. His eyes roved over my gym-toned body and my erect cock. I reached for his fly, but he grabbed my hand before I could touch him.

'You're not going to tell anyone about this, right?' he asked.

'Of course not,' I said, 'Who would I tell?' He let go of me and I unzipped his pants. His nice big uncut cock flopped out, half-hard already. I got down on my knees in front of him, and took his dick in my hand.

'Mmm...' Dean said, 'That feels good,'

I held his large organ, gently squeezing it. Within seconds it had enlarged to its full size.

'You think that feels good,' I said, 'Check this out,' and I took his cock in my mouth.

'Oh God,' he moaned. 'That's fucking awesome,' With my lips and tongue I gently pushed back his foreskin to expose his dickhead, which I then started sucking. 'Ohh...' Dean said, reaching down to touch my head with one hand. He ran his fingers through my hair and took some into his fist, as if to hold me in place.

It was very hot sucking this man's big cock out in the middle of the desert, teaching a sexy stud just how good a man can make another man feel. Lubricating his dick with my saliva, I let it slip back and forth into my mouth. I tried to give Dean the best damn cocksucking I could give - it was his first time with a man and I wanted all my gay brothers to be proud of me.

'I'm going to come if you keep that up,' he said breathlessly. Immediately I stopped.

'You can't come yet,' I said, 'There's more to show you.'

'Does it feel as good as this did?' he asked.

'Better!' I answered, and reached for my shorts, which I had folded neatly on the floor. I pulled a condom and a travel-sized bottle of lube out of my pocket and brought them back to Dean.

'Now we put this on you,' I said and unrolled the rubber onto his big tasty cock. When it was all in there I squeezed some lube onto it and got it all nice and slick. Dean watched all the time with eyes full of desire. Then I got in front of him, facing away from him, and bent over at the waist.

'Come closer to me,' I said, and he did. With my hands I pulled my asscheeks apart to reveal my perfect butthole.

'Put your cock inside me,' I said.

'You serious?' Dean asked.

'Oh, yes,' I said, 'Come on, it'll be great. You'll see.'

'Okay,' he said, and pressed his dick against my hole.

'Push it in, man,' I said. 'Go ahead. You're not going to hurt me.' The big sexy man thrust into me with his hips and his cock slid into my asshole.

'Oh yeah!' I said, 'That's it!'

'Feels fan-fucking-tastic!' he said.

'You got it, man,' I said, 'Now do me good!'

'What?' he asked.

'Fuck me, dude!' I said. 'Fuck this tight gay ass! I'm a man, you're a man, take me!'

'All right!' Dean said, and started doing what I'd wanted him to do since the first moment I saw him - fucking me nice and hard, just the way I like it.

'Yeah, you like that?' he said.

'You know it man,' I said. 'You're screwing my butt just like the stud you are! This is what you were born to do, fuck other men and fuck 'em hard!'

'Fuck 'em hard!' he repeated, shoving himself into me so strongly I let go of my asscheeks and put them in front of me on the floor to steady myself. He was doing me so good I would've been pushed face-first onto the floor if I didn't brace myself.

'You like being fucked by me?' Dean asked.

'I fucking love it!' I said, 'I fucking love getting plowed by your hot stud cock!'

'Oh yeah!' he said as he grabbed my hips to hold me tighter in place.

'You can go harder if you want to, dude,' I said.

'You can take more?' he asked.

'Yes! I want more - hell, I need it! Don't worry about me, I can take it! You can just split me open, man!'

'Ready?' he said breathlessly.

'Now, stud, now!'

He threw his hardest fuck yet into me, and it was like he said before: fan-fucking-tastic! I groaned and grunted as the big sexy dude screwed me better than I'd been in months.

'Oh, shit,' he said, 'I'm gonna come!'

'Do it, man!' I said.

'You want me to shoot inside you?' he asked disbelievingly.

'Yes! Come inside me!' I said, 'Go for the gold! This is it, stud, it doesn't get any better than this!'

'Aw, yeah!' he said, 'Fuck-shit-goddamnit it feels so fucking good!' Then Dean came, and let out a groan of raw animal pleasure. As he did, I jerked my own cock - a few strokes was all it took. My orgasm crashed through me like a tornado and my load shot out of my dick to splatter all over the floor in front of me. Dean's ecstatic moan trailed off slowly as every breath in his body was blown out of him in a sigh of pure contentment.

We stayed like that for a short while, just suspended like insects in amber, frozen in respect for the amazing experience we had just shared. Then Dean slowly pulled his cock out of me, like he really didn't want to but knew that he had to. When it was out, I stood up and stretched, my muscles sore from being bent over.

'What do I do with the condom?' he said as he peeled it off his cock.

'Toss it,' I said. 'Throw it away.' He flushed it down one of the toilets as I put my clothes back on and put the lube bottle back in my pocket. Dean stuffed his cock back in his pants and zipped them up. Then we wiped up my come off the floor with paper towels and washed our hands with good hot water.

'And that, Dean,' I said as I put my shoes back on, 'is what it's like to have sex with a man.'

'Wow,' he said, 'But aren't you forgetting something?'

'What?' I asked, standing up.

'Don't I get to kiss you?'

'Do you want to?' I asked, surprised.

'Hell yeah,' he said, 'I'd like to kiss anyone I just fucked.'

'Great!' I said. 'Most guys aren't ready to kiss their first time. But if you want to, let's go for it.'

I grabbed him and hugged him tight, then raised my face to look up to him. He leaned down, bringing his lips to mine, and kissed me tenderly. I responded, and we stayed that way for a few moments, just savoring this amazing kiss.

Then finally we broke it.

'I should get back to work,' Dean said.

'And I should get back on the road,' I said.

'Thank you,' he said as he held the door open for me and we walked back out into the hot light of day. 'It was fan-fucking-tastic.'

'For me too,' I said. He got me into my car and closed the door for me.

'You going to be okay on your own?' Dean asked.

'Oh yeah,' I said, 'It's a long way to Florida. There'll be plenty more men along the way.'

I started my car and pulled out of the filling station, heading for the open road.



Christopher Pierce

[email protected]


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