It had gotten dark. Add that with it being twelve degrees, it snowing, and me running, by body was shivering like crazy trying to stay warm. Seems like no matter how much I bundled up, the cold winter would always get to me.

I was running in a good pace. Fast enough to get through the snow covered concrete, but also slow enough for me to notice where the ice spots were. And living in Manhattan, I also had to be careful with all the other people walking around.

"Almost there." I say to myself, my voice muffled by my scarf.

I kept check of each block I've gone through to make sure I haven't passed my destination. And luckily it helps. I finally reached the theater in 34th street and I stop running to catch my breath. When I go inside, I quickly look for the guys and find them standing in the same spot we always wait when one of us is isn't here yet.

"Cutting it close Kyle. The movies going to start soon." Allen said when he spotted me.

"Sorry." I say between breaths, walking up to them. "The snow caused some train problems. I had to get the rest of the way here by foot."

"This is why we keep telling you to learn how to drive. It would be a lot easier if you had a car." Trevor said, adding into the conversation.

I raise a brow at Trevor. "Yea and by the way you wouldn't have to wait for me if you had picked me up from work."

"Are you crazy?" Steven asked with a fake shock. "We're in the city. The later it gets, the harder it is to find parking. If we picked you up, we would have never found a place to park."

"Then why would I get a car!?"

"We'll debate on this later, let's go. I already paid for your ticket." Trevor replied. He patted me on the shoulder and we began walking.

Now of course, I bet you're wondering who we are. So some introductions are in order.

My name's Kyle. I'm 22 years old and I lived my whole life in good old Manhattan. Details... let's see... well, I'm just three inches shy of reaching the six foot mark, I've got light brown eyes and hair to match, almost tan skin and I guess and average framed body.

When we all got on the escalator, I took off my hoodie and bushed some of the snow that was able to reach my hair. "So what time does the movie start again?" I ask.

"It's at 8:45. We've got about twenty minutes for it starts." Replied Steven. "This movie better be good. I've been waiting way too long for it to come out."

"You ask for too much." Allen commented. "The movie can be good, but you always act like an ass with the little flaws."

"Hey, it's my job. It's my thing."

"You're job makes you kind of an ass." Allen simply countered.

Steven chuckled a bit and lightly bopped Allen in the back of the head. Allen just chuckled back.

I had to side with Steven on this. Since the day I met him in our sophomore year of high school, he has always been one to analyze things very carefully. He's my age and an inch taller than me. He has black hair, which he usually likes to spike up, and green eyes. His skin it kind of pale, which makes his eyes stand out more, but unfortunately he has to wear glasses over them. His frame is the same as mine. Maybe a little smaller. I'm not really sure.

Allen is 21; he's the youngest from us and smaller then me by two inches. Blonde hair and blue eyes, even skin tone, and his boy frame is actually a lot better than mine and Allen's. He has that four pack going for him. Not a six pack, but he puts work on it. And as you can see, he's not one to be shy. If he thinks about you in a certain way, he'll say it, plain and simple. And like Steven, I met Allen in sophomore year.

When we reached the second floor, we quickly made the lines for the stands and talked over what we were going to get and who was going to pay for way.

As we were doing this, I noticed Allen's sight was on something. He nudged at Trevor to get his attention. "Trev, you got someone locked on to you."

Trevor looked over to where Allen was looking before and so did I a bit. Like Allen said, a guy was checking out Trevor. He was standing two lines away from. He seemed kind of thin and his clothing was pretty skin tight.

Now, I'm not one hundred percent sure one stuff like this, but Trevor was a pro at this kind of stuff. He took a moment to examine the guy and then turned back to us. His reaction... he rolled his eyes.

"Nope." He said.

You're probably wondering what this is about. Before that, I'll just make it clear.

Trevor is gay... well... actually... all four of us are gay.

There's a stereotype to everything. And for gays... it's portrayed as girly, tiny, basically anything that's not consider a guy. And for Trevor, he hated the idea of that. He admits he likes guys, but he would never bother with a feminine gay. So much that he can tell who is like this or not.

How? Well he gets hit on a lot. And I'll tell you right now, he's got the looks for it to happen.

Trevor is my best friend. I've known him since freshmen year and I partly the reason I met him was because of the fact that he... well... hit on me. Like he might as well have had a shirt on saying, "I'm clearly hitting on you."

He's a year older them and is the tallest from all of us at just the six foot mark. He has a rich light brown skin and hazel eyes and black hair. And with being the oldest and tallest from us, he's also the best framed from us. Six-pack and everything. He puts more time in the gym then the rest of us combined.

But you're probably wondering more on that thing about him hitting on me, right.

Like I said, he's not into the feminine gay. He's more into the masculine. The stereotype of a guy, but you know, them being into guys.

I'll tell you right now, he put a lot of effort into trying to make me go out with him. Regardless of how many times he tried though, I would say no. Eventually I was able to just talk to him and after getting to know each other, it seemed easier to be friends. Yet, I will also tell you he still tried until halfway into our junior year.

As I mentioned before. He gets hit on a lot. Enough to distinguish which gay is which. You know bears, twinks, etc. And so he can make up his mind before even talking to them. It's not fair in my opinion. But when you're into something or not, it's your thing I guess. Even if you're judging too fast.

Eventually, we were next on line. We ordered what we wanted and made it to our movie just as the trailers began rolling.

While they were playing, I couldn't help but think more on how Trevor determines who he is willing to talk to or not. I mean, we all have what we're into and what're not. But it just doesn't seem right to push this person out just by appearance alone. I guess I just wasn't raised that way.

But then again... I'm not the right person to say this stuff... honestly there is one thing that doesn't work for me.

They're in uniform.

They're everywhere.

And they drive around in a car with lights flashing red and blue.



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