Fun in the field

Living in the country has its fair share of seclusion problems, being 19 and unable to drive I found myself being drawn into country life and rarely did I go further than the nearest town to socialise with friends and make new ones. When I was 14 I came to realise that I preferred men, watching the men throw the hay bales into the loft, their muscles bulging and their tight jeans hugging their firm buttocks made it impossible for me not to hide away in my room and beat my cock till explosion.

I would imagine them bending me over the bales and using me as a cum dump, but of course this never came to pass. The thought alone was enough for me never to need porn and I used that image of the hay makers balls deep in my ass often to jack off whilst fingering my virgin hole.

Growing up with five other siblings I seldom found enough privacy to jack off as much as I wanted to, being insatiable to the thought of finally being fucked and my cherry being popped. Luckily I lived on a 66 acre farm and I'd often find excuse to go check on the cattle so I could find a secluded spot to beat my cock and explode on to the ground.

At 19 I stood over 6 feet tall and all the years of farming meant that I had a toned muscular body. I had a strong chest with  large protruding nipples and a slim waist. My legs were muscular which led up to my best features; my firm bubble butt and my 8” thick cock. I kept myself well groomed and tidy hoping for the day some muscular stud would take advantage of me.

Having met no gay men in my area, I became frustrated with my position and was so horny I found yet another excuse to go down the fields for some me time. I parked the tractor and went down to a secluded spot covered in fir trees and got myself comfortable at the base of a tree and started to rub my cock through my jeans. Before long my jeans were by my ankles and I was beating my cock with fingers up my hole, mounding audibly at the pleasure it was bringing me. I was yet again thinking of Jake who helped up with the hay bales during the summer. I was tall but Jake was 6f 6” and had muscles where I didn't even know muscles could be. He had a prominent chest with a slender waist like me, however his legs are like tree trunks and I can't help but imagine he'd have a big cock to use on some lucky bitch that he slept with. As I was getting close I heard a crack of a stick, which startled me and I looked up and there was Jake looking at me with his shot gun over one arm and two pheasants he clearly had poached and has been caught.

I pulled my trousers up quickly and ran over to him “what the fuck are you doing, this is private land” bringing the focus away from the fact he had just caught me two fingers deep. He just looked at me in shock and looked down to see my 8” cock was still raging hard in my trousers. “Sorry I didn't mean to disturb your .. erm… Private time, you looked as though you were having fun” he said with a slight smirk. I hung my head being totally embarrassed and noticed his bulge was getting hard and already looking tight in his jeans and before I could think he had me on my knees and undoing his zipper.  

“I always knew you were a little faggot” he said whilst lowering his boxers revealing a sexy trimmed bush above an enormous cock. It was 9” long but extremely thick, with veins running up the sides of it. My mouth was watering already. Not having any experience in sucking dick I wondered what the hell he would think of my petty attempt of pleasing him. He obviously saw my reluctance and moved a step closer to me. At this point his cock and low hanging balls were so close to me I could smell them and I needed them in my mouth right away. “What are you waiting for, suck my cock bitch” he exclaimed in a low husky voice. With that I didn't need a second invitation and I started to run my tongue up and down the shaft, paying close attention to the tip of his thick meat. I lifted the cock with my right hand, it was so strange to feel another mans cock in my grasp but I loved it. I then slipped both of his balls into my mouth using my tongue once again go softly rotate them. By this point Jake was moaning and clearly enjoying my efforts. This gave me enough confidence to try and get his huge member in my mouth being especially careful of my teeth. All the articles and stories I've read on the internet had not prepared me for this huge meat, but after awhile I was getting used to it and he was soon throat fucking me. I was trying to get him all the way in me but I was gagging  too much and saliva had already started to drop off my chin. However the smell of his balls and as they were slapping my chin along with his moaning was sending me to feel my climax mounding as I had already been jacking off before Jake arrived. So I undid my zipper whilst still on my knees sucking dick and I exploded all over Jakes wellingtons. He saw what had happened and pulled his cock away from my mouth and told me, sternly to “clean my wellies”. I ran my tongue all over his wellies eating my own spunk as I did it. Having cleaned his wellies he seemed satisfied with cock sucking and he told me to get naked and lean on the tree and push my ass out. He seemed to know what he wanted and was doing which made me think he had fucked a dude before.

I complied with his commands and got naked all the time he watched and stroked his hard shaft. I found a comfortable spot still out of sight and place my hands on the tree and arched my back revealing my wonderful bubble butt at its best. I spread my legs revealing a nice gap between both my cheeks and he could see my tight pucker. He moved in closer using his rough working hands to fondle my ass. “That's a fucking tight hole, my cock is going to feel great in there.” After he had finished speaking he slammed his hand hard on my right buttock cheek and I let out a yelp.

“I'm a virgin” I yelped, “please be careful I've only had fingers up there and you're huge.” Without warning he parted my cheeks and I felt him kiss my pucker. It was at this point that I realised he had done this before. “Ohhhhh… Yeah, lick that hole, ohhhh yeah” I moaned. This had my cock hard in seconds already dripping its second lot of pre-cum. He began to tongue fuck me and I began to relax into it and love every minute. He continued to spit on my hole and make it lovely and wet. He then proceeded to place two fingers up my hole, he must have had huge hands as it filled me and my tight hole hugged them and he started to thrust the fingers into me with vigour. “You've got a mighty fine ass, I can't wait for my rod to fuck your senseless” he said whilst I was getting high off his fingers. “Please fuck me, fuck me now. I have lube in my bag”

I could here him slapping the lube around his cock and suddenly I felt two fingers up my hole and he lubed that up too. I arched my back more and revealed my pucker to him and prepared for the cock to hit my rose bud. “ I'll go gently at first, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be here all day, just relax and meet my thrusts” he grunted. With that I felt him at my entrance to my hole and I let out a little whimper in anticipation for the pain. I felt him put pressure on, and the head popped into my arse causing my whole body to spasm in pain. “Get it out, it's too big” I yelled but that just seemed to spur him on and soon enough I felt his pubes at my rear and his balls slap against mine. “How does it feel to have a real man all the way inside you?” He asked without giving me time to answer. I could feel my hole begin to loosen around his huge cock as he pushed out all the way to the head of his cock and rammed it balls deep again causing me to moan and buck for more. “Fuck me… Yes, yes, yes!” I yelled as he thrust his cock in and out like a stallion. At this point I was matching his thrusts and he was fucking me real deep. “Your ass is mine now! Does your faggot ass like my cock?” He said with batted breath. I didn't respond with words but I tightened my hole around his cock which instantly made him moan. He was fucking me for what seemed like ages when I felt his cock swell in my ass. “You ready for my cum!?” He yelled not giving me a time to respond as with his last word he thrust  one more time in me and splattered by bowels with his man juice. This caused me to erupt all over the bottom of the tree and scream in pleasure. He stayed in me for about a minute or so before pulling out. Instantly my ass missed his cock. He pulled up his trousers and said “payment for the pheasants, same time tomorrow”

With that he left and I was in a daze of excitement for tomorrow. I cleaned myself up and went home smiling.




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