I had asked Ted to be my best man and he immediately decided we had to have a bachelor party. A real 'hot wild sexy' one as he put it.

It was planed for the Saturday night a week before the wedding. Ted had rented the suite at the only nice upscale hotel in town.

The night arrived and there was Ted, me, John, and three of my closest buds from the fire academy, who like myself were now regular paid firemen. We were in the suite all drinking and talking when there was a knock at the door. Checking my watch, I saw it was shortly after nine. I asked Ted if he was expecing anyone else.

'That's your surprise,' he replied.

He opened the door and admitted two hot attractive young ladies who, upon entering, removed their lightweight coats. Underneath, they were wearing just bras and panties.

They asked who was the groom and Ted directed them to me. I was greatful for Ted,' 'surprise' but I politely told them that I was faithful to my intended bride, but that they were my gift to the others in attendance.

Soon, each girl was in the company of two men, steadily undressing them. Before long, all four of the other men and the girls were all totally naked, the men sporting huge boners.

John and I watched and drank as both women were soon receiving hard cocks in both ends at the same time. After the men had all climaxed, there was a pause and later it began again with the guys each choosing a different hole to fuck.

As it was going on, I was geting boned seeing the four guys hard throbbing cocks. I glanced over at John and noticed a huge erection in his slacks. That made me even harder.

Around two, the girls left and the guys began dressing. One by one they left until only John and I were left.

'Mark, why didn't you get some of that action? I'd never have told.'

'I just enjoyed watching, besides Sue made me pomise that if girls were here, I wouldn't touch.'

'I know. She told me to keep an eye on you but if you had fucked them, I'd have sworn you didn't do a thing. Us guys have to stick together.'

'Yea, but why didn't you take advantage of some free pussy.'

'Oh, I don't know. It's been so long since I had any, I probably wouldn't have remembered what to do with it.'

'Yea you would have. It noticed you had a pretty big tent in those slacks.'

'Oh you did, huh. Well the fucking tent in yours wasn't little. I was kind of hoping you'd jin in on the action. I was wanting to see what Sue was going to be getting.'

'Oh you were?' I replied.

'Yea, I was and still am.'

I was wondering if it was the alcohol talking. I had quite a bit to drink myself and was in a 'didn't give a shit' mood and asked, 'You want to see it?'

'Hell, yea! Strip down and let me see allof you.'

I stood and as I began stripping I said, 'If I have to do it, so do you.'

I was using this as an excuse to see John naked and see his huge manhood.

He quickly stood and began stripping also. Within seconds we were both shoeless and shirtless. Together, we boh began unbuckling our belts and dropping our slacks then stepping out of them. We both had on boxers and each of our cocks began making another 'tent'.

Looking into each others eyes, we both pushed down our boxers, stepping outof them also.

Looking down at my hardening eight inch cock, he said, 'Holy shit man, you going to get all that in her?'

'I hope so,' I replied. 'How did you get all that in her mom?' I added referring to his equally as large uncut cock.

'Well, at fourteen it wasn't near this big.'

'No, probably not.'

Stepping within a foot of me he said, 'Damn, Mark, I'm jealous of Sue. I wouldn't mind having some of that.'

'What?' I said in surprise.

'Shit, I was thinking it and didn't mean to say it out loud. I can imagine what you must think of me now'

'John, did you mean it? Do you really want it?

'What if I said yes?'

'Then I'd say 'It's just us here. Anything that happens here stays just between us.'

He looked into my face and I smiled and nodded.

Stepping right up to me he hugged me and as he went to kiss me on the cheek, I urned toward him and our lips met. When I didn't pull back, he parted his lips and offered his tongue. I, inturn, parted mine and offered mine. We kissed for a couple of seconds and when we parted he lowered himself o his knees.

Secnds later, I felt his hot mouth swallow my cock to the balls. Only and experienced cocksucker could do that the first time. He began

pistoning his head back and forth and the feeling he was giving me was beyond belief.

As he sucked, I moaned continuously. Soon, I said, 'If you don't stop, you're going to get a mouthful.'

He sucked even harder and I soon let out with a loud 'Oh, shit, NOW!' as my cock exploded into his mouth. As I did, be eagerly began swallowing every drop if my thick white cream.

After he had taken every drop, he stood and looked at me and said, 'That as awesome.'

'I agree,' I said and kissed him.

As we kissed, I reached down nbd grasp his rock hard cock. When we seperated, I quickly dropped and swallowed his massive mantool.

'Oh, shit!' he exclaimed.

I sucked hungrily on the cock I had wanted for a while and soon brought him to his climax and eagerly swallowed.

I stood and looked at him as he said, 'Fuck, Mark, that wasn't your first time was it?'

'No, it wasn't and it wasn't yours either.'

'You're right, and I think we need to talk.'

Staying nude, we sat on the sofa and he asked simply, 'How long?'

'My first time was a eighteen, but I was curious before that.'

'How about you?'

Smiling, he said, 'Thiteen. A bud and I began experimenting and found we both enjoyed it. We sucked and fucked each other almost daily. Then when I was almost fourteen, I heard some older guys at school talking about another kid saying he was 'queer'. I didn't want them saying that about me and I started hanging around girls. That's when I got Sue's mom pregnant. None of the guys thought me 'queer'.

'I guess not but did you continue?'

'Oh, yea but not with anyone at school. I made sure they weren't from our school,' he said, then asked 'You strictly oral or do you do anal?'

'I enjoy both, giving and receiving.'

'So do I,' he answered. 'Now, our problem. What do we do about this? You're going to be my son-in-law, but I'd love for this to continue. I've always desired you.'

'I've felt the same about you. too. I think even after the wedding, we could coninue to see each other but maybe not as often as we'd like.'

'Mark, I have guys I ge with that are married and they live in pure hell, aways afraid that their wives will find out. They hve said ht at times it affecs their sex with their wives. Can you live like that?'

'I don't know. What I do know is that I want you to spend the night with me tonight.'

'I'd like that,' he replied with a smile.

I led him to the bedroom and soon we were in a hot passionate embrace. We had a sixty-nine then before going to sleep we fucked each other.

During the night, a severe storm came through bringing a couple of small tornados with it.

One of the tornados ripped through the gardens and gazebo where he wedding was to take place. The owner called Sue and explained that it would be several months before it would be available for use.

Sue was devistated because she really wanted the wedding there. The guest lis was small consisting of just a small amount of family and a few close friends. She got on the phone and called everyone explaining what had happened and that the wedding was delayed until repairs could be made and that the would be advised of the new date.

By now I had my own apartment and John came over several times a week for hot mam-to-man sex. We worked the same shift at the same fire station and it was hard not to touh and kiss while on duty although it did happen on ocassion.

One night when John was at my place I said, 'I see what you meant about what you said your married buds ere going through. I have problems devoting my attention to Sue when were together because I'm thinking of you. John, I don't know if I can go through with it.'

'If not, end it now. I won't be upset.'

'But what do I tell Sue?'

'That I can't help you with,' he said.

Over the next few weeks, Sue seemed to become more distant and have other plans when I'd suggest we go out.

One Saturday night after being turned down, I called John and asked if he'dlike to go to dinner then say the night at my place.

'I'd love it and I know just the place. I'll pick you up at seven.'

He was right on time and I climbed into his truck with him. We arrived at the restaurant and after a few minuets wait, we were seated on one side.

We ordered drinks, hen our dinner. As we ate, I saw John's eyes suddenly get larger and his gaze was crossing the room. I looked in the direction he was looking and I froze.

We were both looking at Sue on the arm of another man. They were seated in a quiet corner and as we watched, they held hands and kissed gently. I saw one of his hands go under the table and hen her eyes got larger then close and she smiled, I knew where his hand had gone. It was someplace she wouldn't let mine go.

I looked at John just as he looked at me.

'Mark, I'm sorry. I had no idea.'

'I know you didn't because if you had I feel sure you would have told me.'

'Yes, I would have. I love you in a special way and wouldn't have let you be strung along.'

We finished our meal and when we were ready to leave. I said, 'You walking over with me?'

'Yea, if for no other reason than to keep you from punching her lights out.'

As we neared he table, she was cuddled up with the other man. she saw us and her face turned snow white.

'Hi,' I said. 'I hope your having a great evening.'

'Who's he?' the man said.

'Oh, she didn't tell you. We're engaged to be married. Or at least we were until tonight. I'll expect the ring back by Monday.'

The man sopped their waiter as he passed saying, 'Cancel our order.'

The waiter just stared dumbfoundedly as the man stood and said to Sue, 'I hope you have cab fare home because I'm not taking you. If you'll chea on him, you'll chea on me. Don't call me either.'

Then looking at John and I he said, 'Gentlemen, shall we leave?'

The three of us left with Sue still at the table and the customers around her staring.

Once out side, the man said, 'I'm Carl Baker.'

John and I introduced ourselves then John said, 'And I'm her father.'

'Damn, caught by her fiance and father. Shit, that's wild. I can't wait to tell the guys at the office.'

'You didn't know?'

'No, Mark, I didn't. If I had I'd never have asked her out. She never wore a ring.'

'Carl, I'm not upset with you. Have a great evening if you can.'

We went our seperate ways and as e pulled outof the parking lot we saw Sue exit and head for a cab.

As we drove home, John's cell rang. It was Sue. I don't know what she said, but John replied with, 'I don't want to talk tonight. Mark's upset and I plan to look after him. And by the way, I'm taking the money I've spent so far on your wedding out of your college fund.' He hung up.

John and I had wild uninhibited sex that night. Our meetings became more frequent.

Within two months, John was practically living at my place. He informed Sue that he was selling the house and she needed to find her own place. She again asked where he'd been staying. His response was the same as before: 'With a friend.'

The house sold and John and I found a new larger apartment. It had two bedrooms, although only one got used.

Then one Saturday night as we sat cuddled on the sofa watching a movie, he casually said, 'Mark, shall we make it official? Will you be my lover?'

Turning to look a him, I smiled and said, 'I'd love nothing better, unless it's loving you, which I do with all my heart.'

'And I love you, baby,' he said before kissing me passionately.

When we got the apartment, John wouldn't give Sue the address. He told her if she needed him to call on his cell phone.

After we became lovers, John caled Sue and said he needed to see her. He told her to meet him at the city park at one that Saturday. When we arrived we saw her sitting on a bench, her back to us. We parked and John went to her, sitting a couple feet away.

As they talked, I eased up staying out of her line of sight. When I was right behind her he said, 'Sue, the main reason I wanted to talk to you is to tell you that I've found someone that I love very much.'

'Dad, that's great. Who is she?'

He stood and held out his hand and as I took it, she turned to look into my face. I leaned forward and we kissed.

'What? You too? You're boh queer?'

'No. I hate that word,' he said. 'We're gay lovers.'

'I don't believe his shit! My own father and my ex-fiance having sex together. Wait til the guys at your sation hear about this,' she said, vindictively.

'They already know. We sat them down and told them. They have no problem with it. And neither does the Chief.'

She turned and stormed off. The gossip in our smal town was seldom aou us. We were accepted with open arms everywhere. Sue, however, was talked aout constantly. None of the single guys would date her more than once. If she put out they might call her a second time. If she didn't, they never called back. The only guys wanting to see her regularly were married guys cheating on their wives. She was cnsidered the town whore. She soon moved out of state.

As for John and I, we're still together after six years and happier than ever. We've started our own fire protection company and are doing extremely well. Things couldn't be better.



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