Without the air conditioner, we would have killed each other. We knew that, admitted it, and discussed it frequently. The CD player got us through a few rough moments, too. The trip had been a dumb idea from the start, as we realized at the start. We were too tired, too grouchy, and too, well...us, to relax on a long car vacation. 'We could be at a resort,' Kevin grumbled for the 20th time. I gave my 20th deep, heartfelt, martyr's sigh, followed by the 20th 'you wanted to see things.' He swore under his breath for 3.8 miles. I clocked it.

Under normal circumstances, we get alone very well. Lovers when we happen to feel like it, friends always. These were not the best of circumstances. In fact, they'd have to improve to be shitty circumstances. 'The engine's making that funny sound again,' I pointed out helpfully. Kevin snarled at me, and pulled the car over. He got out, slammed the door, opened the hood, stared at things he couldn't name, then slammed the hood. I got out, still being cheerful Mr. Helpful, which I knew would piss him off more than anything, and pointed. 'Let's go see if they'll let us use the phone and call the auto club.' He gritted his teeth at me and turned to stare at the white farmhouse. Off he went, with me moving to catch up with him. The closeness had been an illusion, and it was quite a hike to the farmhouse. We were hot sweaty and winded by the time we got there. Kevin still had enough energy to knock on the door. All I could do was drop to the stoop. I only half-listened to Kevin's discussion with whoever answered the door, but something burrowed into my sluggish brain. It was his 'voice,' as I called it. The deep, seductive voice he used when he wanted something or someone. I turned my head, looked up and nearly creamed all over myself.

Holy impossible shitfuck, he was beautiful. Not handsome, not good looking, but flat out this-can't-be-real beautiful. Long, thick, wavy golden hair. It fell in a shimmering mass to his shoulders. His eyes were enormous, the clearest, royal blue eyes I've ever seen. Small nose, full sensuous mouth with perfect, gleaming white teeth. He'd been delicately bronzed by the sun. His skin looked soft and buttery. His body was incredible. He wore a blue chambray workshirt with the sleeves rolled up. Broad shoulders, muscular arms. Slender waist. The old, faded jeans were like spray paint on his muscular legs. The head of his cock had worn one of the faded patches in the jeans. By my calculations, we were talking 7 inches flaccid. My own cock was hitting 7 inches erect at that very moment. Kevin's pants were trying to enter the house without him. I managed to stand up, and Angel Face smiled at me. I wanted to whimper and lick his hand. I realized Kevin was speaking and turned to him. 'What?' I managed to say. Kevin gave me his biggest smile. 'Tommy says we can use the phone, wait for the tow-truck and have some dinner with him.' I smiled and nodded, rather stupidly, I'm afraid. We ended up in the kitchen of the farmhouse, stiff cocks mercifully hidden under the table, watching the incredible ass move back and forth as he prepared dinner. Kevin had introduced me as Clyde, which I hate, but it's better than my real name, which is Clarence, and hated even more. Tommy was bright and friendly and an excellent cook. He was also a good dinner companion, and we learned a lot about him. The most important thing we learned about him was that despite the fresh blush of youth on his face, he was, in fact, 20. We weren't going to end up in prison for what we were thinking. The other thing we both picked up on was that when he discussed dating, he did so with great ambiguity and a lack of specific pronouns. Hope springs eternal, and it was springing like crazy in our crotches as we looked at him.

He showed us the farm after dinner, which we oohed and aahed over, like we actually knew a damn thing about farming. The hayloft was incredible, though. Fragrant, comfortable, and with a great view of the setting sun. The three of us sat up there, inhaling the hay and clover, and the gusts of clean air, and looking out as the sun went down in a burst of red flames. Tommy sat between us, leaning back on his hands, smiling to himself. Finally he stretched, and began to unbutton his shirt. 'I don't get to meet a lot of other gays out here,' he said softly, neatly folding the shirt and putting it aside. Kevin and I sat frozen and dropjawed as he slid out of his boots and socks, then his jeans and briefs. He lay back in the hay and stroked his stiffening cock. Kevin and I looked at each other. We sat and stared at each other for a full 10 seconds, and yes I counted. The we turned and launched ourselves mouths first at the Angel's cock.

Kevin took one side and I took the other, and we slid our tongues up and down the thick, hard shaft. Up, down, then around, our tongues dancing with each other, then exchanging wet, sloppy kisses as Tommy rubbed the backs of our necks contentedly. We licked him until he was dripping, then took turns going down on him, taking his cock in deep and sucking it hard. I had an idea while watching Kevin deep-throat that gorgeous rod. I leaned down, and delicately took one of Tommy's balls in my mouth. I heard the stunned, delighted gasp, as did Kevin, who immediately ducked his head and very carefully took the other ball in his mouth. Kevin and I pressed our lips together, our mouths each cradling one of the young, heavy testicles. Tommy shot cum all over both of us. He licked us clean, his hands quick and eager to strip our clothes off.

We stood before him, and he knelt, first using his mouth and one hand on me, the other hand on Kevin, then switching. We could both bury our hands in the thick hair and massage his head. Tommy was in ecstasy, eyes closed, totally absorbed in the two hard cocks that oozed precum into his mouth and hands. He made little murmuring noises deep in his throat. I looked down, and discovered his cock was hard again. He opened his eyes suddenly, grinned, then took each testicle in his mouth in turn. All four balls were cradled in his warm, sweet mouth. He grinned again, and rubbed the heads of our cocks together. Both were slippery with precum and wet from his mouth, so they slid over each other. I groaned helplessly as I watched. Kevin grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and kissed me deep, his tongue thrusting in, the hand dropping down to squeeze my ass. Tommy suctioned himself to my cock with relentless determination. Kevin took my mouth with his tongue as the hand on my ass worked between my cheeks and fingered my hole. To say that I came does not begin to describe the internal earthquake that savaged me. I exploded, and felt like I broke bones and pulled muscles in the process. The planet took a sharp dip to the right, and I was nestled in soft hay watching the stars go around. Kevin was wide-eyed and Tommy was trying to blow some of my cum out of his nose. 'Couldn't take it all,' he said apologetically. 'Moved my mouth the wrong way.' Kevin patted his head. 'You're young. You'll learn,' he said reassuringly. I just laid there and prayed to live.

Kevin sat with his legs spread and Tommy went back to work with his soft, strong mouth. The way they were positioned I could look right at Tommy's ass. I reached up and tapped the inside of his right thigh. He separated his legs more, which gave me a better view of his spread cheeks and his hanging balls. He wagged his ass like a happy puppy when he sucked cock, which started tingles in my cock. I licked my left index finger, reached up and popped the tip in the tight young ass. The stunned gasp was intense, as was the increased slurping, sucking noises. Kevin managed to clap a hand over his mouth before the howling scared the shit out of every farm animal for miles. He lay with a hand over his mouth, twitching like someone had handed him a live wire to hold. Tommy backed up against my finger and humped me a few more times then managed to turn to me, straddling my arm and keeping my finger in his ass...all without breaking my finger. He grinned at me, his eyes went dark...and I got my mouth on the tip of his cock just as the cream spurted. I swallowed gratefully and licked him clean.

With the resilience of youth he bounced up immediately and danced off. He came back with three icy cold cans of soda. 'Workshop's up here,' he explained as he dropped his perfect body to sit cross-legged. Neither Kevin nor I could keep our hands off him, so we sat and caressed his silky skin as we sipped soda, stared up at the night and talked. We drifted through some serious topics, when Tommy suddenly looked distracted. He pulled nervously at his hard cock. Kevin grasped his wrist. 'What?' he asked gently. Tommy looked embarrassed. 'I've never had my ass fucked,' he blurted. 'I want it so bad it hurts, but I'm kinda scared, and besides, well, you know.' Kevin and I looked at each other. We knew. We smiled at each other, then at him. He got up, trembling slightly, and came back with an unopened, brand new box of lubricant. Opening it was almost ceremonial.

We laid him back comfortably in the hay, and pushed his knees up. His ass was perfection, round, firm, tight. We both kissed and licked a cheek, getting closer and closer to the crack, but going very slowly. Finally our tongues were licking over each other. Using just our fingertips, we spread his cheeks and looked at the virgin hole. Pale pink. Perfect. Kevin trembled. I knew the one thing he'd never done. He'd never penetrated a virgin ass. I grinned at him, kissed his mouth and whispered 'do it.' He had to clench and unclench his fists several times to still his shaking hands. First, he lowered his mouth and tongue fucked that pure little hole until Tommy was gasping and writhing. I scooted up and wrapped my arms around him, kissing him and murmuring to him. He looked at me, eyes huge. 'Damn,' he whispered. 'It's so good. It's so incredibly good.' I nodded at him, my cock waking up. I handed the open tube to Tommy and helped him lubricate Kevin's fingers. Kevin went slowly and gently, inserting first one finger for a thorough fucking of the tight hole, then the other. Tommy was wide-eyed and gasping. I lubricated Kevin's cock, then turned back to Tommy and kissed him passionately and thoroughly. He was relaxed and distracted by the kiss. Kevin entered carefully. Tommy pulled his mouth away from me and stared at me with disbelief. 'Uh,' he said. I smiled and nodded. He looked at Kevin. 'Uh,' he said again. Kevin chuckled and began to pump slowly, looking down at the now ex-virgin. Tommy visibly relaxed and let out a long, shuddering sigh. 'Wow,' he said faintly. 'Oh, wow.' He said a lot of things after that, but most of it was 'Fuck me!' delivered in a high, piercing shriek. I lay next to him and stroked my cock, kissing him and holding him with my other arm. Kevin was lost in the rapture of his secret fantasy fulfilled, as was Tommy, and I got an incredible rush from witnessing the whole thing. We all came at about the same time. This time I think we did scare the shit out of every farm animal for miles.

We spent the rest of our vacation in that little farming town, and eventually even remembered to call the auto club.


Morgan Grayson

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