Robert Nelson arrived a day early at Ole Miss. Tomorrow was frosh

orientation, but he had the extra time to stow his stuff and check out the

campus. The whole place had a southern feeling. Robert, from New York

City, felt a little out of place. Confederate flags adorned the frat

houses and even hung in the chapel. He knew each time he opened his mouth

that the listener thought 'yankee'.

Robert was a compact kid, his waspy features would fit Yale or Harvard, as

well as his clothes. He noticed that the kids here worn blue jeans, even

overalls. Now this was not an agricultural college and had the usual

course offerings, yet the atmosphere was very rural.

His roommate hadn't arrived by twelve noon. He knows the boy's name was JP

Watson. He was from the state, but way out in the rural area. Robert sat

on his footlocker and setup his laptop. He was piggybacking on someone

else's wireless connection. Good, he thought, that'll save me some money.

He idly checked out a porno site. He was pretty inexperienced, two so-so

fucks and one blowjob, but years of checking out these sites almost made

him feel that he knew it all and had lived through some of the movies

there. He was getting a hard on. Nice, he thought. I can use a good cum

to relax me. Robert managed to get in two or more wanks a day. It is for

his health he lied to himself.

He zipped down the fly of his new chino pants, reached into the baffle at

the fly of his briefs and extracted his long pink cock, uncomfortably bent

over. The head was still dry, but as he lightly passed his cupped hand

over the shaft, a little moisture formed on the tip. He was surprised to

hear himself breathing a little deeply. I must be horny he thought. This

was a good idea. He began to move a little more rapidly. He closed his

eyes, but suddenly they snapped open as the door burst open and a figure in

overalls almost fell into the room, dropping two canvas bags on the floor.

'Howdy, names JP. Don't stand for anythin'. Folks chalked it in cause they

dint think of anythin'. You kin make up whatcha like. At school they

called me jerkin' pete, or jackoff pussy. Not too nice, but they mean no

harm. Say did I interrupt yur milkin' session. I can go, or if'n you

wish, I can help you out. Do it all the time fer my buddies.'

During this long speech Robert got, with difficulty, his cock back in his

pants. His face was red, but he glanced at the newcomer. JP was cute.

Robert decided it you look up cute in the dictionary, you'd find his

picture there. He had hay colored hair, untidy and falling over his long

shaped light blue eyes. His button nose and humorous mouth with full deep

pink lips, completed the picture. The kid was shorter than Robert's six

feet, probably by four or more inches. His body was strong looking and the

arms and shoulders revealed by the overalls were tanned, hairless and well

muscled. JP crossed the room, smiling engagingly and held out his large

hand. 'I'm mighty pleased to meet yu, I never slept with another guy

'fore. Hope I'm quiet when I sleep, cause yer bed is so close to mine.'

Robert felt two strange feelings as the warm clasping hand encircled his,

one was of superiority over this hick and the other a troubling feeling of

sexual energy passing into him. His wanking erection hadn't subsided and

seemed even more pulsating and insistent. He knew he'd have to get away

alone quickly and finish the job.

Robert sank back to sit back on the footlocker and watched JP bustling

around the room, stopping occasionally to smile broadly and engagingly at

him. JP was not the neatest unpacker. He dumped the two duffels on the

bed. From what Robert could see, they contained three more overalls, two

pair of heavy shoes, some loose toilet articles a heavy worn Bible and

magazines with, Robert could see even across the room with busty ladies on

the cover. There seemed to be no underwear, socks or dressier clothes. He

waved the magazines at Robert, 'Picked these up from what they call a

convenience store. Never seen anythin' like these. Naked ladies and men

with stiff things. It makes me hot as a forest fire and I hada stop twice

n' go into the woods to rub off. Yu can look at 'em anytime. Don't get

any milk on 'em.' He laughed sweetly as though to say, you and me, we


'Is it okay if'n I take a wash up. I must smell like a wet ox after

hitching all the way from Wainright.'

Robert nodded, then picked up a book and tried to read. JP opened the

buckles at his shoulders and the denim cover cascaded down to the floor,

revealing a body as nice as a Roman statue, without a fig leaf. The boy

was smooth as marble, tan and strong. His prick was uncut and hung fat and

long over his very large hanging balls. JP reached a hand down and lifted

his balls and sort of shook them. 'They get hot and sweaty hanging there

all day. You get that too?' Robert opined that he guesses so. He croaked

out the words. This boy was hot, he thought.

JP went into the bathroom and gave himself a sponge bath, returning with a

towel in his hand, wiping himself with special care to his ball sack. 'I

use ta' use the talcum power that daddy used on the saddle back of our

horse but it's all used up.' He went to the pile of clothes at the bed and

looked over the remaining overalls, smelled them and selected a rather torn

pair. He slipped it on one knee showing through a gapping hole. 'Nice,'

he said, 'I like this'n, yu can scratch yer knee easy.'

It began to grow in Robert's thoughts that how could such a rough

character, no matter how engaging, make the grades to get into this

college. While it wasn't an ivy league school, it still had stiff entry

requirements. The answer came days later when he realized that JP was one

of those wonders with a photographic memory. He easily memorized

everything put in his hand. He'd take a text and leaf through the pages,

his eyes intent and his pretty lips pursed and in a few moments he had it

all. 'I jis hafta go into my head, turn to the page and fill out the test

or give an answer. It's too easy.'

JP had also memorized every word in the Bible. He used quotations in his

class work. He told Robert that the professors respected him for that and

besides the quotations fit the case he was proving. It was amazing that

the boy spoke rural but wrote educated. JP explained that he had absorbed

a grammar book and listed to the radio preachers and he could speak and

write like this. 'I'm like a parrot. One of those speaking birds,' he

explained to me.

As the class work started and reports were coming due, Robert began to

depend on JP to fix up the punctuation and even help with learned

citations. The kid's brain must contain the Library of Congress.

A really amazing thing was that JP had never even seen a computer. He read

a bunch of books in the library and practiced on their computers. He

prepared his reports there. Once Robert let him borrow his laptop and he

typed as fast as I have ever seen a human. His mind hand coordination was

super human.

'Yu probly' wondering why I don't meet and bed girls here,' he volunteered

one day. Robert told him that he din't like to stick his nose in his

business. He continued, 'Well, I do mighty lak girls, everthin' 'bout

them. Oh, those breats, no cock but a sweet pussy hole. But my Daddy

taught that I should wait until I have a proper wedding to put my stick

into that hole. No matter how it drives me crazy, I will do what he says.

Course, I have my milking. That helps a little.'

Ah he brought it up. Robert managed to wank in private. He'd get stiff

and dripping quietly and then slip off to john to finish it. Mostly he was

already asleep when this happened, but sometimes he would greet me on my

return and smile happily at me. As for his own 'milkin' as he called it.

He's just announce to me that it was milkin' time and he would flop on top

of the covers and shake his cock briskly and then enthusiastically wank

away, catching to great quantity of spooge he produced into a wad of toilet

paper. He's throw the wad beside his bed and dispose of it in the morning.

Sometimes, often in fact, he's wank again in the morning and reuse the now

dry tissue. It was very stimulating to Robert. If it wasn't for his

roommate's activities he'd probably not jerk off so much himself.

JP was a great sleeper. He's say goodnight and shake Robert's hand each

night. 'I usta kiss my Daddy 'fore bed but you wouldna want it I think.'

Then he would flop back on his bed and in almost a few seconds he would

emit a sigh and then fall into a profound sleep. He didn't make noise as

he feared but he breathed very heavily when asleep, his chest rising high

and then falling. Robert knew the sleep was deep because he often

continued his studying, often a book slipping out of his lap and making a

loud bang yet JP never stirred.

One night Robert got up and stared down at the sleeping boy who looked as

innocent as a babe. He reached down and stroked his cheek. He would have

gone further but JP turned over onto his stomach, exposing his perfect

smooth white ass. Robert shook his bead and retreated.

Another strange thing was happening. Robert had chatted up a few girls but

nothing seemed to develop. He though maybe they didn't like northerners.

When he was getting more frustrated his interest in his roommate increased.

JP was as pretty as any girl with his smooth skin. Then too, he was naked

so often and wanking other times that the whole sex thing was always


One night, a naked JP reached over and grabbed Robert's hand for his usual

goodnight shake. Robert held on as JP was about to withdraw it. He said

softly, 'Your hand feels good.'

JP was touched. He said in a warm voice. 'Robert, I love you. You're

truly my friend. I would do anythin' for yu.' Then as he took his hand

away, Robert reminded him that JP had once said he would help him by

milkin'. JP sat up and nodded, 'I kin see you don't believe lak my Daddy.

You're missing doin' stuff with girls and there are no girls for yu here

and yur hurtin'. Now afore I do anythin' fer you, you unnerstan' I am not

makin' love to you. This is a brotherly thing. Don't do anythin' back.

Jes' lay there. Here, hold these tissues ready.'

Robert lay back, his arms crossed behind his head feeling very vulnerable

but with the beginnings of excitement. JP sat on the bed at his waist.

Robert could feel the smooth heat of his roomie's skin. JP reached out his

farm boy calloused hand and lifted Robert's cock from its hard perch on his

belly. Robert almost immediately began sighing. 'I know that feels right

nice. All the boys say so. Jes' enjoy.'

JP began a very soft, almost tender motion, hardly touching the cock.

Robert was lifting his hips trying to get more pressure. His cock was

leaking heavily and his stomach was dotted with precum. JP purred, 'Good,

Robert. Yur getting' the pleasure. Now don't hurry me else you wont

really spew good.'

JP moved to get a better angle and now he began to slightly tighten his

grip. Robert moaned in appreciation and then began mewling as JP began

moving faster. Soon Robert was crooning in passion. 'Oh, JP. That feels

so good. I think I'm gonna boil over soon. Hand me the tissue. Oh, Oh,

Oh, shit. Here it comes.'

His feet curled and his knees lifted slightly as his balls rose up the

shaft of his cock and all the muscles in his body tightened. 'Oh, here it

comes.' His thighs locked. The piss hole opened and shot out a long

stream of white cum, then two more long streams emerged. He was moaning

and gasping as small but just as exciting spurts came out.

JP laughed with delight. 'You really enjoy this. I am mighty pleased, but

you shouldn't say shit even ifn you are outta yer mind.'

Robert finally caught his breath. He patted the agent of his pleasure, that

large warm hand. 'Thanks JP, that was stupendous. I'll do you now.' He

reached for JP's erect cock but JP stopped him.'

'No thanks, I'll take care of this myself. I know jes what to do.' He

grabbed a well worn magazine, flipped to his favorite page and held it in

front of his eyes while the other hand as he rapidly stroked. In a short

minute or two or let out a long howl and shot copious spooge over his tan


'Thank was a bigun.' He said. 'Must be that helpin' you out made my balls

fulla than usual.'

They didn't refer to that night as the days passed, but there was

definitely a new closeness. For example, JP got a pimple on his forehead

and he asked Robert to squeeze it. Robert stood in front of him, his cock

against the boy's belly and squeezed. They both had erections and JP

giggled. They also began to discuss sex together. Robert told him about

the time he had been sucked and JP was very interested. 'I bet that feels

real good. Maybe someday I can teach my wife to do it.'

'I could show you. I've never done it, but you're my pal JP.' But JP

demurred. He said it didn't seem right Bible-wise, he appreciated the

offer and he even let a tear form in the corner of his eye.

Robert heard about Fantasy World. It was on a small road out of town. He

told JP about it and he seemed interested because of the movies they show

in the booth. Robert had a car at school. They piled in and after getting

lost a few times to they came to the dark building with one small neon sign

'Fantasy World.'

They entered. There were racks selling books and magazines. JP said he

might buy a new one as the old ones were falling apart. Ahead of them was

a swinging door. A little sign informed that the customers should first

buy tokens at 25 cents each. Robert bought five dollars worth.

There was a short hallway beyond the door. It was lined with about six or

eight men leaning against the wall. As soon as they saw the two handsome

college kids enter they stared at them. One man came over to Robert and

asked if he wanted a blow job. Robert told him that they were just going

to look at the movies. The two entered the small booth and sat down

together. Robert found the slot, it was pretty dark in the booth.

Suddenly the screen lit up and there was a movie of two guys and a girl

having sex. They watched, both breathing hard as one girl sucked the guy

and the guy was lapping on the other girl's cunt.

'This is really evil,' said JP in a breathless voice. He was rubbing his

crotch. 'My sexual organ is inflamed. I don't know if I should stay.'

Suddenly he froze, 'What's that?' he asked, pointing to a hole in the wall

next to him. There was a beckoning finger.

'He wants you to put your sexual organ in the hole and he will make you

feel good.' Said Robert being careful to keep the references formal as JP.

JP was flushed red. He started to get up and then fell back. 'I don't

think I ought to. It does remind me of a milking machine. Maybe.....oh

damn, here goes.'

He rose, dropped is overalls and now completely naked, his perky ass in

Robert's face he moved toward the hole. He let his cock rest on the bottom

of the hole and let out an oath, 'Oh sweet Jesus, he is licking it. It's

feel so nice, I kin hardly stand it.'

The boy began a fucking motion, sliding his cock in and out of the hole and

the other person's wet, hot, sucking mouth. Robert goy up and looked at

JP's face. It was screwed up in pleasure and his mouth was hanging open

and spit was drooling out of his sweet lips. Robert knew that the boy was

totally transfixed and absorbed into this new experience and overwhelming

sensation. Robert figured this was a good time to indulge his fantasies.

After all, this was Fantasy World. He put his hand on the fucking boy's

ass, at the center of the hot mounds, just over the spot where his asshole

was hidden within the warm, moist halves. He felt JP stiffen as he felt

this new sensation. Robert felt guilty and removed his stroking hand. JP

turned his red face toward Robert. 'Friend, do as you wish. I am so crazy

now, anythin' goes.'

Robert squeeze the melons, he played with the ass hole. Now JP was moanin'

loudly. They heard a voice from the other side telling them to keep it

down that they'd be thrown out. The door to there booth was crowded, they

could see all the feet standing there. Some tapped on the door.

The wall in which the hole was was flimsy plywood. JP had his hands up on

the top of it and his body pushed against the hole. He said out

loud. 'Friend on the otherside, git ready, Robert hold me from fallin' as

this shoot is goin' be a doozey.' JP began a fucking against the wall,

rocking the whole place and moaning very loud. Suddenly he called out 'I'm

goin' shoot. Here it comes.'

He seemed to fuck back and forth as he emptied his balls into the mouth of

the stranger.

Everyone outside applauded. JP was mortified. 'I made a jackass of

myself. Let's get home quick.'

As they left men in the aisle patted them on the back. Choruses of 'come

back ya heah' followed them as they emerged into the darkness.

There was no conversation on the way home. Back in the dorm, JP didn't

even undress as he fell on the bed and was asleep in an instant.

This was the testing period as well as the time when reports were due.

Robert was busy running back and forth to the library and when he was back

in the room he was swamped with typing. There was no tension between the

boys but they were just busy. JP would come with stacks of books and do

his amazing page turning. Then he would exclaim,'Got it,' and go on to the

next book. Robert had no miracles at his disposal. He had to sweat it and


The week of tests and report presentation ended and Friday night they

decided to celebrate. JP had no money to waste so Robert treated him to a

steak dinner. They drank cocktails, JP's first experience. 'I have had

some hard moonshine but these cocktails (a dirty word he exclaimed) seem to

hit me real hard. My eyes are practically crossed and I cain't feel my

legs. Is this what drinking folks want?'

Robert was pretty buzzed but JP was plastered. He had to put an arm around

his slim waist to keep him going as they crab walked to the dorm. When

they got there he sat on the edge of his bed. He was about to fall asleep

or pass out sitting up, so Robert called to him sharply. 'Hey roomie, hey

JP, you want me to help you get ready for bed?'

'Yeah, he said sleepily. Take me to the toilet for a piss.' Once there he

swayed in front of the commode, about to fall asleep again.

'You want me to help you?'

He nodded, The taller boy unlatched the buttons at the shoulders of his

overalls and let them fall to the floor. His cock was half hard from

needing to piss. Robert took it and pointed it down toward the bowl. JP

put his arm around Robert's shoulder and pushed his trunk forward and let

it fly. He pissed and pissed. Finally he stopped and a few drops hung on

the tip, fell, then more drops formed. Robert took the penis and shook it.

It immediately rose into a strong erection. He took the half asleep boy

back to the room and deposited him in his bed. He fell on his back, his

cock sticking up like a beacon, red and shiny. He was mumbling something

so Robert leaned down and put his ear near JP's mouth. 'Sucking was good.

Can you do it? You're my best friend in the world.'

'Sure,' Robert said and leaned down and took the steely cock into his

mouth. This was his first experience in doing this, but he already knew

what to do as he had imagined it many times. He sucked vigorously and

pretty soon JP began breathing hard. 'Oh Robert, this feels so good,

better'n that guy at the peep hole. Can I do you at the same time? Turn

yourself around.'

Robert reversed himself, his cock at JP's mouth. In a moment he felt the

boy's hot tongue lick him. Moaning he moved down Robert's shaft sucking

hard. Robert was half crazy with the lustful sensation but he still

resumed sucking JP. The two were moaning around each other's cock. Both

knew they would take the other's cum. They stopped and each shrieked that

they were about to cum. They came heavy, each boy's Adam's Apple rising

and falling as they gulped the offering of the other. Finally they broke

apart, panting and moaning.

Robert said, 'Now that we have done that. How about a real kiss?'

He pressed his lips against JP's warm mouth and JP pursed his lips to

return the pressure, then he relaxed them and opened them up. Robert was

quick to insert his tongue and they rubbed their tongues together, gasping

at the feeling and the intense intimacy.

When they parted, still holding each other tightly. Robert said, 'I love


JP responded, 'Course you do. I love you too. I don't think that Daddy

would mind, I only promised not to fool with girls until I was married.

You think I'm being obedient?'

Robert patted his damp ginger hair, 'Course you are.'

The boys stayed together for the whole four years. JP obtained his degree

with the highest scores ever recorded by the university. Robert said that

it was too bad they didn't give a degree for sex.



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