When Stevie arrived home after his second year in college to began his summer vacation and summer job, his mother informed him that his cousin Phillip had called and invited him to visit the farm for a week to relax and learn about life on the farm.

"Stevie, you have spent all your life in the city and you have never experienced the farm life as I did growing up. My nephew Phillip purchased my parents farm where I grew up until I married your father and moved to the city. Why don't you call cousin Phillip and accept his invitation for a week?"

"Yes, mother, I think that would be fun. I have two weeks before I start my summer job with the city recreation department. I will call cousin Phillip and tell him I will see him on Sunday."

"Great Stevie. I will pack you a lunch, as the drive is 175 miles. You can stop on the way and have a picnic lunch."


Stevie left on Sunday morning for the farm. Around noon he pulled off at a roadside picnic area and selected a picnic table and began eating his lunch. Soon a car pulled in with two young men. They appeared to be college students from the college logo on the back window.

The two really cute guys went into the restroom. Stevie tried to wait until they came out before he took a piss. Finally, he could not wait any longer to piss. When he entered the restroom, and went up to a urinal, he noticed that the two young guys were in one of the stalls.

Stevie tried not to be noticed as he wondered what they were doing is the same stall. Before long, he heard slurping sounds as one of the guys said: "OMG, Conrad, you fucking slut, deep throat my cock. You are some fucking cock sucker. Blow me until I dump my seed down your throat. Take my sticky semen, you bitch."

Stevie became frozen and tried not to piss, as he was curious and had become rock hard. This experience had him thinking about his own sexuality.

He wanted to know what would happen with these two guys.

Soon a voice said: "Oh, Fuck, I am cumming. Oh Shit, Yea, I am cumming. Take all my seed. Suck me dry."

Then the other guy said: "Tate, your cum is so delicious. But I need to get off. Lets change positions. You horny bitch, suck my aching cock and let me blast my creme down your throat. Deep throat me now."

Stevie, although shocked at what was happening,he wanted to wait until they finished. Then the other guy yelled: "WOW, I am ready to come. Hell, yea, Here it comes. Eat my hot cum you bitch."

When finished the two guys left the stall and smiled at Stevie as they returned to their car.

Stevie thought about what had happened and how horny he had become. He began to jack off. He had never been more aroused and horny. Soon he erupted with a huge climax into the urinal. He thought about the question: "I must be Gay." He was a virgin but now he lusted after a cock.

For the rest of the drive, he could not take his mind off of this experience and how much he loved

the jacking off from what he had heard in the bathroom.

Stevie arrived around 3 PM at his cousin's farm. Phillip greeted him with a big strong farmer's hug and asked: "Stevie how was the drive and how is the family?"

"Phillip, everyone is fine and they send their love. I had a very mind blowing experience on the way here."

Cousin Phillip is a bachelor. The 1,500 acre ranch/farm has a number of ranch hands to manage 200 head of cattle, several horses including breeding race horses, harvesting acres of hay, large vegetable gardens, and the usual farm animals (pigs, chickens and dogs).

Phillip used his pickup to spend the afternoon showing Stevie the big farm. At the end of the farm tour, they returned to the farmhouse where the cook, Betty, had a huge super for Phillip, Stevie and all the farm workers.

Betty and her husband John lived in the guest house. The workers had a large bunkhouse as their sleeping quarters. Phillip lived alone in the main house.


Phillip, 29 years-of-age, graduated with a bachelor's degree in agriculture from the state university. His father and Stevie's mother are brother and sister. The grandfather had been an immigrant from Sweden.

Phillip is 6 feet 4-inches tall; weighs a rock hard farm developed 215 pounds; blond hair and complexion; deep blue eyes; smooth hairless arms with big biceps; ribbed, chiseled and jetted body including the chest, stomach, thighs and legs; legs and thighs the size of tree trunks; and finally a 9" cut cock with big balls.

Stevie is from the same strong Scandinavian stock. He is a stud from his daily workouts plus he played football in high school. Stevie stands 6 feet; weighs a toned 175 pounds; light blue eyes and blond hair; a tanned chiseled chest, stomach, and abs; muscled arms and biceps; and sprouts a 10-inch cut cock with a thick shaft and above average balls.


On Monday morning at 6 AM, cousin Phillip woke me up. "Get up you sleepy head. On the farm, we rise early and get to work. You can help me with the farm chores today. Betty has breakfast ready."

Phillip pulled the covers off of me and saw my huge hard-on. I always woke up with a boner at my age. I was so embarrassed. "Hey, cousin, Stevie, that can wait until tonight."

"Sorry cousin. I will take a quick shower and be right down for breakfast."

We started out the morning milking the cows, feeding the hogs, moving some of the cattle to a different pasture and picked some green beans for Betty.

We spent the afternoon as Phillip and John helped with the delivery of a new calf as I watched. Late afternoon, a horse trailer arrived with a Kentucky bred thoroughbred stallion that had been brought to the farm to breed one of cousin Phillip's prized mares. WE all watched as the stallion mounted the mare and used his huge cock to penetrate the mare. I had never seen this action before.

We went to dinner. I had become exhausted so after I finished dinner I excused my self and went to my room. But I was not sleepy. I was horny from the morning hard-on and thinking about the two hot guys back at the roadside rest area and their hot sex. Was I Gay?

I pulled the covers back, got on my back, lowered my boxers, spit all over my cock and into my hands, and began to masturbate my huge hard cock. I forgot to close my door in the rush to get off. I was consumed with lust. I began to moan and moved all around the bed that produced a loud screeching of the bed springs. Phillip over heard the noise and as an active Gay man, he wanted to see what was happening.

I was shocked when he entered the room without knocking and said: "WOW, OMG, cousin Stevie, I see you are trying to pick up where you left off this morning when I interrupted you. Oh, my, what a big handsome cock you have. It looks like it needs some help from me. I bet I can milk it dry just like I milk one of my cows."

I tried to cover up but it was too late.

"Oh, cousin Phillip, I am so embarrassed. I am so sorry."

"Stevie, no way. You are a young stud with raging hormones. You need to get off. As I just said, let me help you milk that boner."

Phillip was wearing only his briefs and I could see that he was packing a huge erect cock. I saw his purple cock head sticking out of his fly. He had precum on the cock head.

"Oh, cousin Phillip, we are first cousins. It would be wrong for us to have sex. Let me cover up and go to sleep."

"Stevie, my cousin, you cannot go to sleep in that horny condition. You need relief."

I knew he was right and I so wanted to make love to my beautiful stud cousin. I could not resist his gorgeous body. I wanted him so bad. I also remembered those hot guys back at the rest stop. I had to get off. Hell, yes I knew now that I was Gay.

"Well, cousin, you will not tell anyone and especially my family, will you? We would be disowned."

"Hell, no. We both would be in trouble. This is our little secret. Move over and let me in bed after I close the door. I am burning up with lust to have you tonight. You are the hottest guy I have ever seen. I am so hot to be the one that takes away your virginity."

"Oh, cousin, I am hot as hell to have you show me how to get down and dirty with Gay sex. I lust after you."

Big hot Phillip took off his briefs and pulled my boxers off. He grabbed the back of my head and brought his hot thick lips up to my mouth. He plunged his tongue deep into my throat. We engaged in long sloppy kisses as he spit down my throat. Wow, I loved my first man on man kissing. My cock was pulsating and bouncing like a beach ball. Both our crotches heated up putting off lots of heat.

Phillip jumped on top of my naked body and began to hump me with great thrusts as our cocks slid over one another. Our cocks were very slick from all the precum that had dripped off our cocks and onto our crotches and stomach.

"Cousin Phillip. I think I am Gay. I love your body and our cocks rubbing over each other. I have wanted a man ever since the incident yesterday back at the rest stop. You are so hot. I love the feel of our sweaty bodies and all the manly smells. You smell so great. What are you going to do to me?"

"Well, cousin Stevie, you have come to the right place. We are going to suck cock and fuck. You will love it."

Phillip's cock was the most beautiful sex organ I had ever seen. His whole hard cock was bright red with a wide-open piss slit. His semen would have no trouble blasting off with that cock entrance.

After about 15 minutes of humping me, Phillip said: "Cousin, baby, do you want me to suck your cock?"

"Oh, yes, please give me my first blowjob. One of my college buddies, who is Gay, told me that only Gays know how to give real hot blowjobs because they know how it feels to have their own cocks sucked."

Cousin Phillip went down on my cock and began to kiss and lick my purple cock head as he grabbed the base of my cock. He slid his tongue down first one side of my shaft and back up the other side. After about 5 minutes of licking and kissing my rock hard cock, he slowly took my cock down his throat until he had all my cock deep in his throat. He bobbed up and down my slick cock as he sucked me harder and harder. The pleasure was beyond description. I bucked my strong hips and thighs to meet his hot wet tongue and mouth.

"Oh, cousin, you fucking cock sucker, suck me, suck me, and take all my cock. OMG, it feels so good. Oh, shit, I think I am going to pass out."

As cousin Phillip sucked my cock and fingered my ass, I planted my hands behind his neck and pushed down hard. After about 10 minutes of this heavenly blowjob, I yelled: "Oh, cousin, it is too late. I feel my cum flowing through my cock. Swallow my seed. Eat my cum. Drain me dry."

I blasted at least seven huge bursts of cum down cousin Phillips throat as he swallowed ever drop. He pulled off and planted his lips on my mouth, inserted his tongue deep into my mouth as we shared the thick cum. It tasted delicious.

"Cousin Stevie, let me fuck the most smooth, pink and gorgeous hairless ass I have ever seen. I will lube your ass and be very gentle until you adjust to me big cock."

"Oh yes, cousin, I want you to fuck me. I want your cock to be the first one ever to enter my man pussy. Take my virginity away. You are the hottest dude I have ever seen. Fuck me now. But let me suck your cock first."

I took cousin's huge wet 9" cock down my throat with one swallow. I was amazed how I opened up and took the entire monster tool down to the base. I sucked that cock while playing with his balls. He was lying on his back as I had been when he sucked me dry. I also fingered his ass. As he came close to coming, he stopped me and rested before he would began fucking my ass.

Phillip poured lots of lube around and into my ass. He lubed his own blood filled cock and put me on my stomach on the bed. He spread my legs far apart and began his journey into the depth of my guts with his hot cock.

"Oh, it hurts so bad, cousin Phillip."

Relax, baby, and it will get better."

With those words, I relaxed. My ass began to open up and pulsated as cousin Phillip entered me again inch by inch. He drove all the way in this time as I felt the velvet sides of his warm cock against my ass walls and prostate. WOW, it felt good. I loved his cock in my guts. I cherished his cock where it was. He fucked me hard with great speed for at least 15 minutes.

""Oh, cousin Phillip, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH SHIT, Mmmmm, YEA, it feels so good. Pound my ass. Give me all you have got. Drive that cock as deep as possible.

Phillip began to grunt, took shorter breaths and moaned. I could feel his cock head swell and I felt his first huge blast deep in my guts. He flooded me with what seemed like a rive of semen.

When he was spent, he pulled out and had me suck his cock clean. The taste of his cum was like ice cream. I sucked his cock for the longest time hoping for more cum form his beautiful cock.

"Stevie, I love sex with you. Lets suck and fuck all week. I cannot get enough of you, you hot sexy stud."

"Oh, yes, cousin Phillip, I too cannot get enough of you. I want to fuck you and be fucked by you. I love the smell of your sweaty farm body and the taste of your cum."

At the end of the week, I called my mother and told her that I had decided to spend the entire summer on the farm with cousin Phillip.

"Stevie, I like that idea. You will get great exercise working on the farm and learn about how I grew up on that farm. Be safe darling and I love you."

Mother, you are right. I will get lots of good EXERCISE working with cousin Phillip. I love you too mother. See you at the end of the summer."



Naughty Eric


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