I left home. It was the best thing to do. It was the only thing to do. I just packed a bag, walked to a bus station and then I was a thousand miles away. It took a while to sink in that I was alone, running out of money, tired, cold, not really sure where to go, generally confused. I just knew I didn't want to go back. I didn't fit there. School was misery and what pleasure I found was a few minutes of lust with strangers in dark corners.

First snow was falling and the temperature hit me like a cold slap when I got off the bus in Boise. I was headed west and my bus wouldn't leave for 6 hours. I wandered around the station, out on the street and saw a diner across the street. I slung my duffle bag and used the cross walk like a good citizen. I found a seat at the counter. I ordered something cheap. I was sipping a Coke when Mr. Bailey showed up about 10 minutes later. He sat down on a stool one over from me. He was in his late 30's, tall and thin, with a friendly smile. Disarming, you might say. He had on an expensive leather jacket and his hair cut looked perfect. Right away he started talking me up. He asked where I was from, where I was going, how old I was. My food arrived and as I ate the warmth of the food settling in my stomach conspired with the heat in the room to lower my weary head. I responded to his friendliness. After about 30 minutes of Q and A he pretty knew what there was to know about me. Then he moved over to the seat next to me. He had very dark eyes which seemed to envelope and penetrate me. I was mesmerized. He told he had an old back injury that prevented him from lifting so he could use some help moving some stuff around his place. Wouldn't take long. I could earn some money and be back for my bus that afternoon. I'm not that dumb, but at the same time I was tired, alone and my hormones were raging. I just knew it sounded good to go with him. He paid for my meal and we walked outside. The air was full of the reality of a harsh winter. We walked to his car, a vintage El Camino. The rumbled to life and within minutes the inside was filled with heat. I fought to keep awake as he drove out of the city. His place was well out of town, one of those ranchettes on a couple of acres in the foothills.

His house was a long, single story ranch house with a brick front. Inside it was spacious and the furniture was covered in leather, like his jacket. The art on the walls were nudes, men and women, wild colors with the blurred lines of erotic impressionism. There was sense of wanton abandon about each of them, and together they created an aura abandon. He watched me as I took the room in. He told me to sit on the couch, on of those huge corner things that faced a huge flat screen on the wall. He offered me a beer, pouring it in a tall stein. He talked to me from behind a kitchen counter as I sat on an overstuffed couch. He asked what I did for fun in my home town? Why did I leave? Did I get in trouble? Did I hang out with cool guys. He was talking and I realized I could not keep my eyes open. That the last thing I remember was him asking how I liked to make it with a guy. I don't remember my answer, if I answered, I just couldn't seem to hold my head up.

I woke up.

I was naked.

I was tied to a chair.

Something was inside me.

Something thick and long filled my ass.

I sat, naked, bound and impaled.

Mr. Bailey was across the room, standing in black crotchless leather chaps, stroking his cock.

He watched me. He watched me watch him.

'I have a thing for young, smooth, tight boys.'

He said this while stroking his cock. It was long and hard in his hand.

'I like them thin and very smooth, nice lips, tight butt, and very, very hot.'

He walked over to me, his cock hard in his hand, so close that I could see the big head throbbing in his fist.

'You fit the bill, and you are hot.'

He raised his eyebrows and motioned downward with his head.

I looked down.

My cock was jutting upwards and lay against my belly. I was fully erect..

He reached between my legs and fondled me.

My breath heaved as his fingers ran over my cock.

'The reason you're so hard' he said, 'is because there's a rather large black silicone dildo in your ass. It apparently stimulates your youthful prostrate and thus you having a raging hard on. That's the scientific view of sex but I have an additional theory. You're hard because looking at my very hard cock turns you on. '

As he played his finger over my cock his dick was swinging back and forth in front me of my face. I could not stop looking at it. It was long and slim, like him, with a sharp cleft beneath the perfect crown and it swayed back and forth, inches from my face. It seemed hypnotic.

He spoke to me in a whispering tone.

'You're a queer. We've established that, right. But you haven't had a cock up in you. You have a very tight hole, you see. I really enjoyed working that big rubber dick into your ass. You moaned a lot but I just lubed that thing up, spread your legs really wide and slid it right up in your ass. Took a little patience, but that's okay. Wouldn't want to ruin a good thing. No, I don't think you've been fucked in the ass, but I bet you've sucked a few cocks, eh? As soon as I saw you in the diner, I thought, now there's a sweet young cocksucker. And I was right. I think you've wanted to suck my cock since the first time you saw me.. I think you left home because people were catching on, because word got out about you, about how you like to get down on your

knees and suck cock, about how you liked have smooth boys jack off on your face, about how you liked to lick the cum off their pretty dicks. How you liked to swallow.

I think you left so you could be the queer you want to be. Or maybe the boys in the locker room made you life miserable, or maybe you were going down on a teacher, or a relative, and things were going south. But you left and it was cause you're a fag. If that's true, just nod.'

I was paralysed. I was naked, tied to a chair, impaled on dildo, shoved tight in my butt and a man was playing with my dick while his hard cock was inches from my face. I was still groggy from whatever he had given me. The room moved around me. I had no idea how long I'd been out but he had stripped me and done whatever he pleased with me while I was unconscious. The dildo felt huge in my ass. I squirmed and it moved within me.

He slapped me, open handed, across my cheek.

He slapped me again.

The pain was sharp and electric. It shocked me.

He picked up a leather strap.

'You need to tell me. You need to say to me 'I'm queer'.

He doubled the strap in his hand and whipped it across my thigh.

I jumped, the ropes pulling against my wrist and ankles. The rubber cock moved inside me and I shuddered with sensation.

He smiled and motioned between my legs.

'Your cock is very hard.'

I looked down. My cock was incredibly hard, jutting upwards, mocking any denial I might offer.

I looked up at him, my eyes submitting to his.

He revealed a small, knowing smile as he spoke.

'It's all about discovery, you see. I think you like the pain. I think you like to be punished. You didn't know you did, but now you do? I know that rubber dick your sitting on, so far up in your ass, is making you crazy. You're feeling some new things, eh. Erotic, nasty, sexy things. You probably have some fantasies about being helpless, just like this and used. Yeah, I think you do. Well I can help you with all those details left out of your fantasies. This is the real thing, queer boy. Smell the leather.'

He held the strap under my nose and my nostrils were filled with the aroma of leather.

He slapped my thigh again, then across my chest, back and forth, then back to my thighs.

I was confused. I was scared, terrified, yet excited, in all the ways he said; erotic, nasty, sexy ways and each punishing slap seemed to make my dick even harder.

'Say it!' He demanded.

He slapped me with the belt over and over. The burning pain turned to a dull heat on my naked flesh and my cock pulsed hard with each slap. He grabbed my face in one hand while he held his dick in the other.

'Say it!'

I nodded within his grip. He released my face. He moved closer and his cock brushed my cheek.

'I'm queer.' I said.

He let his dick touch my lips.

'And what do queers do?'

The head of his cock was hot against my lips.

He patted my face with his hand. I flinched. He grabbed a handful of my hair.

'Queers suck cock. Right. So you told me you're a queer, so what do you do, queer.'

My chest was heaving.

'I suck Co---' He thrust his dick between my open lips and the big cock head pushed against the back of my throat. I coughed and gagged around his big hot dick.

'Then suck my dick, queer.' He whispered

I closed my lips around his cock and began to suck on the soft hot flesh of his hard shaft. He grabbed the back of my head with one hand and began to fuck my mouth, his cock pumping back and forth. He weaved his fingers through my hair and held my head upon him while he thrust his hard dick into my mouth, faster and faster. He did it for a long time. I gagged and coughed as he raped my mouth. I felt his cock surge between my lips, so hot, so hard. He was merciless. I felt my saliva pool and leak from the corners of my mouth as he used my mouth like as his cunt. Both hands gripped my head now and he rolled his hips as he used me. He thrust himself into my mouth in wild, primal way. His cock pulsed against my lips, on my tongue and then, suddenly, he came, a torrent of hot thick cum. It filled my mouth and he held himself there, forcing me to swallow the thick cream. It overwhelmed my ability to swallow, my mouth flooded with hot sperm and it drooled from my lips and dripped off my chin. I coughed and sputtered cum around his cock.

He finished slowly, seeming to savor feeling his dick go limp in my mouth. He reached down and I felt the rope on my right hand go slack. He picked something up, a wired control panel with a dial.

'You can reach your cock, now. Just that far. I want watch you make yourself cum.

I still held his half swollen cock between my lips, his cum was thick on my tongue.

It was true, my hand could reach my lap, no further. My cock was so hard it hurt . He held the control in front of my face as he turned the dial. The dildo in me came to life, vibrating, a crescendo of wild sensation filling my ass and traveling upward through my very core. It gathered and built and I felt my hand slipping back and forth over my hard dick, faster and faster

as the vibrating dildo pulse raped my hole. I sucked on his limp cock as he fucked me artificially, as he fucked me with his finger on the remote. I was jacking myself off, masturbating with a man's half limp, cum covered cock in my mouth, naked, and tied to a chair with dildo vibrating at maximum speed up inside my butt. My flesh was on fire. I rolled my ass on the chair, the dildo feeling like a live thing inside me, drumming against the walls of my core, driving me made with sensation. I felt my body convulse, arching my back against the chair as I came, my cum spurting upwards in a high arc, splashing in viscous white trails on his chaps, on my naked thighs and stomach. I was panting and moaning around his cock. He turned off the vibrator and stepped back, his limp cock slipping from my lips. I went limp in the chair, my hand still gripping my cock as cum seeped between the fingers of my fist and out onto my thigh.

'How'd you like that? Feel like a bonifide queer now, a real fag, a total buttfucking homosexual?'

I looked up at him. He moved close again and gathered cum off his chaps with a finger and then put it to my lips.

'Lick it off.

I parted my lips and he slid the finger between them. I closed my lips around it and licked the cum from his finger. He slid the finger back and forth between my lips a dozen times then pulled it free. He patted my cheek.

'Good' he said. ' So you are a cock sucking queer. When I'm through with you you're going to be a real cock slut. A punked out, cum eating, buttfucked slut for cock.'

He moved towards the stairs.

'I think you're going to miss your bus, queer boy. What do you think?'

He laughed and grabbed his cock and balls framed so pale against the black chaps. '

'You sit there for a while and I'll be back to use you some more. I want you to get used to that rubber dick inside you so when I slide the real thing up in you it will be real easy. It won't hurt a bit, you'll see, and then you can really enjoy being ass fucked.'

He was gone for about an hour. It was hard to tell time in the overheated, dimly lit basement.

Cum coated the inside of my mouth and grew dry on my face and body. When I squirmed against the ropes the dildo would move inside me. After 15 minutes of moving around with rubber cock in my ass I realized I wasn't struggling, but squirming and my cock had grown hard. I began to roll my ass on the thing and stroked my cock with loosened hand. I wiggled and stroked and came, again. I lolled back against the chair, trying to comprehend what was happening to me.

He was right, I felt so queer.

He did return. It might have been an hour, or half a day. I'm not sure. He came down the steps completely naked this time. He walked over to me, coming close enough so that his half hard cock dangled in front of my face as he took something from the wall. It was a leather collar, thick, with a silver ring riveted into the seam. He buckled it around my neck and attached a leather leash.

'Now, you're my bad puppy.' He said. 'My sexy, cocksucking, queer puppy.'

He showed me another strap. It had a full size replica of a cock head fastened to it. He put it in my mouth and strapped it in place behind my head. The cock gag filled my mouth.

'Now that's a gag, so you don't bark or bite while I fuck you, but it'll feel like you've got a cock in your mouth to suck the whole time Cool, huh.'

He moved behind and the ropes slacked. He held my wrists and I felt cold metal as the handcuffs locked round them. He untied my ankles and pushed me from the chair onto my hands and knees. He had a small leather whip, braided leather handle with a dozen leather strands dangling from the working end.

The whip raked across my back. It was dozen bites of pain. It came again. He pulled forward on the leash, walking me on my hands and knees across the cold concrete to a wooden block set in the floor with a shiny steel pad eye in the center. He pulled me close to the pad eye. As he joined the ring in the collar to the pad eye I was forced to rest on my elbows and knees. It left my butt pouting up in the air, and I realized that was the whole idea. He reached down and pulled the dildo from my butt and dropped it on the floor next too me. It was very long and glistened with lubricant. I heard him kneel behind me. His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me upward and towards him, pouting my ass at an extreme angle. I felt the hot, soft head of his cock between the cheeks of my bottom, pressing against my hole, and then in one, sudden thrust his cock was in me.

I cried out against the gag and he slapped my buttock.

'I like it fast and rough.' He said and he began to pump his cock into my ass, holding my buttocks high, by the hips. He filled my ass with his long hard cock. He fucked me relentlessly as I lay shackled to the floor, my head pressed against the floor, as he rammed his hard cock into my ass, pouted so high in the air behind me. It went on for half an hour, as he raped of my ass, thoroughly and completely. He leaned over and held himself deep in my ass and whispered in my ear.

'I own you.', He said. 'I own your ass. I won your mouth, I won your fucking soul.'

He slammed into me, even deeper and leaned close again.

'And it's okay. You know why? Because you want to be owned. You want to be stripped, bound and treated like the cock suck you are. This is what you want.'

He called me names, slapped my butt with his open palm, pulled on my hair to arch my back to an extreme as he impaled my ass upon his hot , thick spear. Pumping, thrusting, ramming his dick deep into me until I felt the explosion of his cum inside my body. He leaned into me and held himself in me until the pulsing jet of sperm stopped.

He pulled his cock from my ass and stood. He pulled the cock gag from my mouth

'You are one sweet piece of ass.' He said. ' I'm gonna fuck that tight cum hole a lot. And you love it, don't you. Punk. You like that hot dick up in you. '

He laughed and went upstairs.

I laid on my side, my cuffed wrists over my head and felt his cum drip from my hole, my own cock a hard thing that lay against my belly.

He had fucked me. Sodomized me. Used me.

And it made my dick hard.

It was hour or so, I'm wasn't sure. I actually dozed, naked and bound on the floor. His steps on the stairs woke me. He wore sweat pants and a tee shirt. He unclipped the carabineer and pulled me to my feet with the leash. He led me to a corner of the room. The walls were concrete, painted a dull grey. He pushed me against the wall with one hand while his other hand gripped my cock. He stared into my face with his free forearm across my throat. I gulped and struggled to breath. He didn't say anything, just stared. Then he laughed.

'You're getting hard, fag boy. Your cock is getting hard in my hand.'

He leaned close and kissed me, running his tongue into my mouth and then over my lips.

'I can taste my own cum.' He said. 'Don't move.

He stepped away and I saw him working with a wooden stand. One end seemed to be hinged and he lifted it. He grabbed my leash and pulled me to him. He bent me over and pushed my neck into a notch on the wood , unlocked the handcuffs, and placed my wrists in notches on either side. I saw the hinged top part come down, trapping my neck and wrists in between. He snapped a padlock into one end.

'This is called a stock. Pilgrims invented it for punishment. I like to use it for having sex with smooth boys. Homosexual boys. I like fucking a young homo in stocks. Nothing they can do. Nothing you can do, punk.'

He stood to one side.

'Think about it. Nobody can find you here. You're mine. You're naked and locked in a stock with that fine, smooth butt hanging out there for anyone to use. I fucked you in the ass and fucked your mouth. I whipped your tight, young body. And all of it turned you on. All of it gave you a hard on. All of it made you want to cum. Hell, you're getting hard right now.'

He slapped my bare ass, reached between my legs and stroked my hard cock a few times

'Think about it.' He said and left.

I had an hour to think about it, bent over ,naked, with my neck and wrists pinned in a wood vise.

I had time to think about his return, about him doing whatever he wanted to me. I was naked and helpless, being kept in a guys basement, and he was right. No body would come for me.

He would rape me, my mouth, my ass, use me in any bizarre, twisted fashion that would satisfy his sexual need. .

I had already sucked his cock and he had cum in my ass. I had been whipped and sodomized by an artificial, vibrating penis. I had been raped by a man. I would be raped again. I'm totally fucked, I thought, and almost laughed at my own, dark pun.

I heard his foot steps and craned my neck to the right to see him. He wore the same sweats. He was half way down and stopped.

'Surprise.' He said.

More footsteps, behind him, and another man appeared, younger and muscled, wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

'I brought a friend. I like to share with my friends. I've decided to share you.'

Bailey walked to me and pulled down the front of his sweats. His long cock came out rigid and the soft crown pressed against my lips

'Suck it' He said and pushed his cock between my lips and filled my mouth with dick.

I sucked him. I sucked his cock.

His friend was pulling off his Levis' to reveal muscled legs and a long, thick cock which he held in one hand and stroked as he watched me suck Baileys cock. He moved closer, close enough to rub his cock on my face, rolling the soft cleft of the head over my cheek.

'Here, try it out.' Bailey said, pulling his cock from my mouth. His friend stepped in and his thick, hot dick was in my mouth.

I sucked it.

I heard Bailey chuckle.

'I think I'll try the other end, maybe dip my wick in that tight little bun of his.'

''Right.' His friend said.

I felt a hand on my butt, kneading the flesh. The slap that followed shocked me and I gulped a cry around the other mans cock. He grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved the head of his cock against the back of my throat. I gagged once and sucked.

'Spread your legs, queer.' I heard from behind me. I moved my legs apart and felt Baileys legs against my thighs and his cock pressing between the cheeks of my behind and against my butt hole.

'I'm all oiled up, so just relax, cause I'm gonna fuck you one way or the other. You might as well make it easy and enjoy it.'

I consciously relaxed my lower body and his cock slid into my ass in one hot, hard rush. He pushed hard against me, his belly rubbing my ass and I moaned around the cock between my lips. He began to pump his cock into my ass, a surge of heat and erotic sensation filling my body as he fucked me. The friend was pumping his cock, too, faster and faster as he gripped my head, rolling his hips upward and driving his cock like a piston into the warm bore of my mouth.

They worked me over, fucking me for half an hour, and then they came, both preferring to pull free and pump hot cum on my bare ass and across my face.

They used me in the basest of manners, leaving the cum dripping from both ends of me like sexual graffiti drawn with their seed that marked my body as belonging to them. I felt humiliated, nasty, and completely, utterly used. I was a capture,

a kidnapped transient with no one to looking for him. I was their naked boy toy to use, to abuse, punish and to cover in sperm. I could not begin to imagine how they would use me next but I knew it involve in some way satisfying their primal needs, and that would mean more hard, hot cock to suck and fuck. My cock was hard and hung down conspicuously between my legs. The friend stood behind me and rubbed his limp cock between my buttocks, along the crease of my ass, leaning over , he gathered my cock in his fist and began to stroke me. He whispered over the stock .

'Bailey was right. You are a smooth young thing. I like your lips. You suck good. You're an excellent queer. A very good cocksucker. And I liked watching Bailey fuck you. He fucked you

hard and deep and I think you really like that. You're learning that you like to used, huh, treated like cock sucking, buttfucked boy toy. You like that hard dick up in you. You like your mouth full of hot cock. Don't you? Don't you? '

I gasped and my cum splattered on the floor and dripped from his fingers. My chest heaved and I realized his cock had grown hard; a thick, hot thing rubbing between my bare buttocks.

'Oh yeah, jacking you off was hot. So I guess you know what's gonna happen next.'

I felt the thick head of his big cock pressing against my hole and then my ass was full of cock, his big, thick cock. He fucked me. He fucked me hard and fast, and came in me.

They left me in the stocks for a couple of hours. I could hear them upstairs laughing, their feet heavy on the floor above. I hung in the brace, exhausted, cum drying between my buttocks, my thighs, and the starchy taste of their sperm was thick on my tongue, the taste of their cocks a living memory. I felt used up. I looked around the room and saw plywood sheets fastened to the concrete walls with a variety of things hanging from hooks; leather straps and lengths of chain, things I couldn't really make out, some that looked like masks or hoods. In one corner stood a set of metal bars put together in a sort of square. It had a leather sling hanging in the middle. Near it was a saw horse covered in leather with big rings fastened low on each leg.

A gas heater was suspended in a corner behind me, blowing hot air over my naked body. It was very warm in the basement, verging on hot. I knew I was covered in sweat and cum, mine and theirs, from all the fucking. I felt like a kept animal. Human stock kept for fucking. Breeding stock. I was thirsty and tired. My legs were growing weak from standing and my back ached from the bent over angle. And my ass was sore from all the fucking and my lips felt swollen and raw from sucking cock.

I heard them coming down. Bailey was very casual about it. They were wearing clothes again.

Bailey stood in front of me and pulled down his sweats.

'Give me some sugar, lover boy.'

He held his limp cock to my lips and I ran my tongue around the soft flesh of the head. I felt it grow against my lips, on my tongue. He rolled it against my cheek , then back to my lips. He offered up the soft underbelly and I ran my lips back and forth along the superheated shaft. I felt it become hard against my tongue. He groaned.

'Oh yeah, now that's dick licking.'

He brought the head of his cock back to my lips and held it there, stroking his very hard shaft while I ran my tongue wildly about the crown. He liked that and stroked himself even faster.

'You know what's missing.' He was talking over me to his friend. 'Sound effects.'

The slap across my ass took me by surprise. I cried and jumped. Bailey grabbed my hair and held my lips against the head of his cock as my ass was slapped, over and over. I worked my tongue furiously around the end of Baileys cock as the sharp stings of the punishing hand turned into a dull heat, emanating with me, consuming me. I felt a hand gather round my hard cock, the press of his friends coarse levi's against my bare ass as he leaned against me while the free hand slapped my naked cheek and thigh. Bailey spurted cum against my lips and smeared his cock across my face, and I came with him in an almost painful climax as his friend stroked my cock.

I heard his friend speak behind me as he let my cock go.

'My turn.' He said.

I expected his longer, thicker cock to be in my mouth but instead I saw a black six inch replica of a cock in my face.

'Open.' He said. He slid the latex cock into my mouth and I closed my lips around it.

'Don't lose it', he said, 'Don't drop it.'

They were behind me and I heard levi's snaps popped opened and then his cock was in my ass and he was fucking me fast, hard, and deep. It was all I could do to keep the rubber dick in mouth as he fucked me, as the stocks rattled under the onslaught and crept over the floor from the repeated impacts of his cock in my ass, as he banged his body against mine. It was a very primal commitment to keep the rubber penis between my lips while I was fucked in the ass. It excited me in a strange, obscene way. He came quickly and held himself in my ass until he was finished. I let the rubber cock fall from my mouth. He didn't seem to notice.

Bailey opened the stocks and helped me stand upright. He cuffed my hands in front of me.

'You are a mess, queer boy. You look like you been rode hard and put away wet.'

They both laughed. Bailey gathered the leash and pulled me with him as he walks to a door in a corner I hadn't seen before. It led to a bathroom with a toilet, a sink and a stall shower. He pushed me into the shower and to my knees.

'You know, I been drinking beer, and now I gotta piss. You gotta piss?' He said this to his friend.

The friend nodded and I watched the snaps open on the levi's while the front of Baileys sweats came down.

'Open wide.' He said.

I opened my mouth, wide, and watched them pull out thier cocks, aiming for my mouth, and peed. Their urine arched into my mouth and splattered across my face, the pee hot on my tongue, bitter to taste as it filled my mouth and spilled over my lips to flood off my chin. They seemed to pee a long time, and when they were done Bailey turned on the shower. Hot water cascaded over my body. I slumped into one corner as the water poured down upon me. Bailey gestured to a shelf above me.

'Soap and shampoo. I want you to smell nice when you come out.'

He turned to his friend.

'You know, he looks plum tuckered out. Like he's been fucking around and it caught up with him.'

They both laughed, again, and he drew the shower curtain across the stall.

It took me awhile to work up the energy to stand and find the soap. The handcuff chain rattled as I struggled to wash my self. The day seemed like a blur, surreal, a fantasy that had played out in my head, not really happening, not real. Stripped and raped, my ass fucked over and over, swallowing hot cum as cocks were forced down my throat, slapped, spanked, and whipped, sodomized with an vibrating dildo, peed on, used and humiliated; bound, naked, and raped by strangers in a basement. But it had happened. It was real. The taste of a mans cock was still in my mouth, the smell of fresh urine was still strong in the shower, and my ass felt empty after being full of hard dick, thrusting and pumping and ramming up in me. I was hard again. I reached down and put the soap to good use.

By the time someone came back for me I had found a towel, dried off and was sitting on the toilet seat with the towel across my lap. Bailey came in alone. He stood in the door way for a moment, looking me.

'You're a pretty boy, you know. Pretty like a queer.' He held out his hand and I gave him the towel.

'I don't want you catch cold so I brought you something to wear.'

He held out something black and thin.

'It's called a Teddy. It's made for girls. But since I've made you my bitch, I thought it would nice to see you dressed up like a cunt. Put it on.'

It was two pieces. I pulled on the panties, my genitals bulging against the sheer black material. He took a cuff off, one at a time, as I slipped the top over my arms. The material was very soft and sheer. Re-cuffed, he led me by the leash back into the basement. I could see a small couch against a wall behind the wood stock and a stereo on a wall shelf behind it. He walked me over before the couch and unsnapped the leash from the leather collar. He sat on the couch, leaving me standing six feet away. He thumbed a remote control and the stereo came to life playing ZZ Top. It was a hard driving music and he smiled up at me.

'I want you to dance for me.'

He reached across the couch and picked up a short whip with half a dozen leather strands hanging down.

'I want you to dance for like you want to fuck me.'

He slapped the whip against the couch.

'I want a sexy bitch.'

He turned up the stereo and the music filled the room with screaming guitar and rapping drums.

The singer was belting 'Gimme all your loving'

I started to move my hips, round and round, waving my arms. He was staring at me and I saw the mound in his sweats growing.

He lunged out and leather whipped across my thighs.

'Fucking put some sex into it, fag boy.' He yelled over the music.

I moved my hips, working round in a small circle and ending in a thrust like fucking, then half squatting and waving my butt back and forth like I was taking it in the ass. He smiled.

'Think about my hard dick up in you.' He yelled.

I turned round and moved from side to side and lowered my body low, then bent over and rolled my butt near his face. He whipped me. I knew he would. I moved my ass again and repeated the move. He whipped me again. I spun around and rubbed my hands over my crotch as I danced from side to side. The song ended and another came on, just as heavy a beat, just as sexy, just like fucking. I danced for him, in my little black teddy, and I got into it, swaying and swinging, rolling my hips, jutting out my crotch, then offering up my butt, knowing he would whip me. I slipped my cuffed hand down the front of my panties and rubbed my palm over my dick in time to the music. He nodded. I pulled my cock out and held it in my hand as I danced, letting the panties slips down my legs, and then I kicked them off. I moved round and round, moving my bare ass in a shameless seduction, offering it to him ever so often, and to the whip. I was stroking my dick in time to music and he was very excited, watching, rubbing his crotch. I turned my back to him and swayed back and forth, lowering my body on an imaginary cock, slowly going down, then up, making a face of ecstasy as I pretended to bob my but up and down on the fantasy cock.

I felt his hand on my ass and then he was laying down on the floor next to me, his sweat pants gone and his dick jutting upward as he lay prone. I danced a circle around him, letting him see me move my ass in a such a nasty, slutty way and I then stepped over his waist, straddled him, leaning from leg to leg, back and forth, my cock swaying to the rhythm of the music. He held his cock with one hand and waited. I rolled back and forth, lower and lower until the head of his dick brushed my butt. I braced my forearms on my thighs and weaved my ass to the right and then to the left over his cock, sliding the naked flesh of my butt cheeks over the soft, hot head. He reached up with his free hand and grabbed my dick. I went down on my knees and he guided his dick between the cheeks of my ass and found my hole. I rolled back upon him, on his cock and I felt it slide up in me, hot, hard and throbbing. I shuddered as it filled my ass, and then I began to fuck him, rolling my hips, arching my back as I leaned forward, feeling his cock within me, driving me crazy with sensation, with erotic heat. I moved faster and faster, rolling my hips in rhythm to the music, my cock held in his fist as I moved my hot ass on hard cock.. He leaned forward and licked me. I moaned and fucked faster and faster. He grabbed my butt with his free hand and pulled me upon him as he rolled his body off the floor to meet my thrust. Gravity did the rest and I felt him cum in me. I kept rolling my ass and then slowed as I felt his breath heave through his belly and against me. He stroked me till I came, a river of sperm running over his chest.

I sat on his cock for awhile, moving in slow circles as he grew soft in me. Finally I moved to one and he looked me.

'Not bad.' He said. 'You can definitely fuck. I might keep you.'

It was week later, a full seven days spent servicing Baileys every sexual whim, in ways I could not imagine, yet craved to perform again. He put me in a room upstairs. It had a bed and a bathroom, and a locked door. When I came out I wore the cuffs, and little else. When he came in the room I didn't wear the cuffs, but I got fucked all the same, cuffs or no cuffs. He came for me in the morning, in the evening , and sometimes in between. I sucked his cock in the room, under the table while he ate his dinner, while he watched TV. I spent a good part of the day with his cock between my lips, and just as often his penis was sunk deep in my ass.

I sucked and fucked, and in between I ate waited for sex, with him.

His friend didn't come back till the weekend, and he did not come along.

Bailey took me to the basement and made me strip. He put leather cuffs around my wrists, made me kneel on the floor and then snapped the cuffs to padeyes in the wall on either side.

'Look' he said. I'm having some guys over. Here's the deal. When they come down here, they get to use your mouth. You're the party favor. Got a problem with that?'

I shook my head. He nodded and pulled something off the wall.

'This will make it interesting.' He said.

It was a leather hood and he held it so I could see it. It would cover my entire head with the exception of my mouth. The mouth on the mask was a short, round tunnel, just the right size for a hard cock. He slipped over my head and snapped it closed at the back. I was blind. I was naked, on my knees, shackled to the wall wearing a cock sucking hood.

'Let's try it out.' He said and his cock was in my mouth, running between my lips with a reckless rhythm, a haphazard thrusting of hot dick into the leather tunnel and down my throat. He fucked my mouth for five minutes and then his cock was gone and I could hear him climbing the stairs.

They came for me through out the evening, one at a time, steps on the stairs, the sound of breathing, zippers pulled down, snaps unsnapped and then the heat and hardness of cock in my mouth, hands on my head, holding me on them and the pumping, thrusting, demanding fucking of my mouth. They filled my mouth with cum and after they left I would spit out what I could before the next hard cock fucked my face. I lost count after the first five or six, and I was pretty sure some guys came back for seconds. I was amazed at how different one guys cum could taste from another, how cocks could feel so different on my tongue, between my lips, the size and texture of a cock flesh, the shape of a cocks crown.

Bailey came for me later, took me down from the wall but left the hood in place.

He led me across the room and bent me over the saw horse. The leather cover was cool on my skin and he I felt leather cuff strapped to my ankles and wrists, then snapped to the rings on the legs. My belly rested on the leather saddle while the splay of the sawhorse legs spread my butt and my wrists were bound low. I rested my cheek on the leather. Bailey leaned over to whisper in my ear as he ran an oily finger into my hole, in and out, round and round

'Everybody wears a condom. I'm the only one who fucks you bareback. That's the rule.

That's the only rule.'

A voice came from the top of the stairs.


'Ready.' Bailey replied.

Steps on the stairs, then across the concrete floor, the sound of a zipper coming down, heavy hands on my ass, the head of a cock wedged into the crease of my ass, against my hole, and thrust in. The cock pumps into me, hard, fast, heavy breathing above, my moaning, his panting, and he fucks me five minutes. Even with a condom I feel him cum. He pulls out and the sounds are reversed as the man retreats up the stairs.

A few minutes later another man descends and fucks me, then another, then one who slaps my ass and jacks on my buttocks, another who alternates fucking me and then running his cock into cunt hole in my hood. Six, seven, eight, and I lose count as one after another sodomizes me upon the sawhorse, fucks me as I lay prostate, wearing only a leather hood that removes my very identity so that I'm just a smooth boy bound for buggery, a ready piece of ass, a party diversion, a human cum hole waiting in the basement.

Bailey comes to my room. It's late afternoon. He leans against the wall with folded arms.

His smooth face and perfect hair are set off by the suit he wears. He is a software engineer , I know that now, and does quite well. I sit on the edge of my bed.

'You can go.' He says.

I simply stare at him. I've been in his house a month. Week upon week of sexual servitude to him, or whoever he chooses. My door has been lock and the cuffs are always on when out. And now he says I can go.

'I mean it. You can go. I'm not worried about you going to an authority. Everything you did in the basement was recorded on four different camcorders. Everything. You might have a hard time explaining some of your more seductive moments.'

I had danced for him more than once, straddled and ridden his cock more than once, and I know it did not look like rape to anyone. He tossed a packet of DVD's on the bed.

'Those are copies. You might enjoy watching them. I certainly did.'

I picked them up, turned them over in my hand as he spoke.

'Or you can stay.'

I looked up.

'You can stay and be my house boy. You would still be used for sex, and not just by me, but it would be different. I'd give you money and you can come and go as you want, as long as you're available when I want you. Lot's of fucking and sucking to be had, and I'm far from tittilating your need to be punished and used. You would essentially be my boy whore, plus chores around the house. I think you should learn to cook and clean, and once in a while even wear clothes.'

He walked and patted my cheek. He walked to the door and turned.

'Think about it.'



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