Fantasy World It's hard to believe that it happened. I don't know how it happened or why it happened. Actually maybe I do know why it happened.

Deep down inside it was a fantasy of mine. I had often fantasied about having unconditional, uncontrollable sex with some sort of Sex demon or Almighty Being . Just let them use my eager butt over and over again. The bigger the cock, and the harder the cock, the better. Just give me cock. I needed it, I craved it.

One night back in the early summer I had been walking through a secluded woods that I had come across a while back.

It was beautiful pristine woodland where there was no sign of civilization. I was kind of surprised as I had never seen this area before but had been around here a lot of times. How could I have missed it?

Now in the long run I realize that it was not meant to be seen by just anyone. It had to be the right person. And I just happened to be that person.

I had a deep down craving to be made into a sex beast. A fantasy sex beast. My ass was made to be used.

Anyways, I strode along the path and up ahead I saw a bright shining mystical glow I let curiosity get the better of me and I moved towards it.

As I approached it, it suddenly got intensely brighter. I had to close my eyes and when I opened them, I wasn't on the path anymore, as a matter of fact I wasn't in the woods anymore.

I was in a large cavern and there before me sitting on a throne made of rock was an enormous hunk of a stud stallion man.

He had on a leather harness, Chaps, Arm bands and leather studded gauntlets and a leather golden crown nested on his handsome head. And between his legs hung the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life, it was soft but it hung down ten inches and was as thick as my wrist. How would I ever be able to service this Masterful stud?

He smiled at me and in a booming husky masculine voice spoke to me, "My Name is Amadamious. I am your new Master. You have been summoned. This realm needs someone such as you. Your every wish is to be granted. You will become my new minion. I will show you what it is like to have the most upmost of pure enraptured pleasure that you will ever experience. Your every want will be fulfilled."

He clapped his hands together with a loud clashing sound.

Suddenly I was clothed in a sexual uniform. And my ass was twitching, wanting to be filled with big hard cock. I had on a leather chain harness over my chest. My nipples had become bigger and longer and I had on a pair of tit clamps. I had leather studded arm bands on my triceps and I had on a pair of tight form fitting chaps on as well. Around my neck was a studded collar embossed with diamonds. I looked down at my body and my mouth fell open in shock. I had filled out. I was like a muscleman. I had a firm hard six pack, my legs and arms had filled out and was massive. I was like a body builder. I had been transformed into an utter Sex Beast.

Again in his booming sexy stud voice Amadamious spoke out, "As long as you obey me, your new Master, you will have anything and everything you desire. Do you understand Sex Beast?

Damn, my ass was twitching, I wanted this horse stallion to fuck me hard and deep make me worthy of being a Sex Beast for him. I considered for only a moment, yes this is what I truly wanted.

I bowed my head in servitude and answered in an obedient meek voice.

"You have to but to order me Amadamious, I am your willing Sex Beast. Please teach me to be worthy of being yours. Train me, I belong to you Amadamious."

"Good," He smiled down at me. "Kneel before me and show me what you can do with that new mouth I have granted you. It is my command."

I dropped to my knees before my Master and looking up into his deep penetrating eyes searched to see if I may savor his man rod. He looked down at me approvingly and nodded his head.

I reached between his muscular legs gently took hold of his cock. It immediately started to grow and lengthen and thicken. It was at least fifteen inches long and as thick as my wrist. Damn could I handle it? To my surprise As I leaned forward and opened my mouth I was shocked. My mouth opened wider that it had ever done so before. He had made my mouth able to open up as wide as needed. He thrust his hips forward and his gargantuan cock head entered in past my lips. It fit perfectly. He didn't stop. He kept thrusting forward; his girth went down my throat as it expanded to accept him. All fifteen thick rock hard inches entered me till his humongous balls slapped against my chin. I could feel his cock enter my stomach. There was no pain, just pure pleasure. Then his cock began to pulsate, vibrating my throat as he used it.

Amadamious stood and put his hands behind my head, and then he began to face fuck me. He pulled all the way out and then rammed back in as hard as he could. He had tamed my mouth and throat. I accepted my new master like the obedient Sex Beast that I had become. All I wanted was to please my new Master.

As I knelt before him he fucked my face harder and harder then with a loud masculine yell he roared and shot his creamy ambrosia into me.

The taste was amazing; I had never tasted anything so good.

Then as he emptied his last drop he reached down and with his mighty strength grabbed my harness and lifted me up high into the air. He held me before his face. His eyes penetrated mine and then he said to me in a mocking Masterly voice, "Who is your MASTER, Sex Beast? WHO?"

I knew how to answer him.

I bowed my head meekly and in a grateful voice answered him, "You are Amadamious , Master, only you, I am yours, and you own me. Anything you want of me I must give. I desire to be, no I beg to be your Sex Beast my Master. Please, let me serve you. Please Master, PLEASE."

Tears began to run down my face. I really did want to be his Sex Beast. I was meant to serve him. Somehow I always knew I was his property. I was created to be his.

Master released my harness and I fell to the floor. Then he ordered me to get up and turn around.

"Bend over Sex Beast, NOW." He ordered in his all-powerful Master voice."

I obeyed immediately.

Then Master Amadamious started to slap my ass with his big manly hand. My ass cheeks rippled as he stuck them. It felt so good. My Master was showing me levels of pleasure that I could only imagine. Suddenly he stopped, I glanced behind me and he had this demonly smile on his face.

He grabbed a hold of his massive cock and placed it against my ass entrance.

"What does Beast Boy want from Master? Tell me Beast." He casually inquired of me.

"I want you to take my ass that has become your property. Do to it as you see fit. You have changed me, molded me with your mighty powers, I am now and forever more you're Sex Beast." I called out in a totally subservient voice.

"No you must prove this to me," He stated in his booming controlling voice. "You will follow me to the Master bed," (He clapped his hands again and there appeared a full king size bed with jet black satin sheets)"and climb up over me and then you will sit on my hard cock. You will take it all the way into your stomach, deeper than anything has ever been possible to take before. I have molded your body to my perfection and you can and will take anything I do to you. Now, ride me up and down continuously until I shoot up your ass. That is all you have to do for the first test. The other tests will be more detailed as you prove your commitment to me, YOUR MASTER!!!"

He then strode confidently and majestically to the bed, lay down on his back, put his hands behind his head and motioned me forward. I straddled him and took the tip of his garganuous cock in my ass, and then without hesitation, I sat all the way down on him. He moaned with pleasure as I lifted off and sat all the way down again. I kept up the pace and followed his instructions to the "T". I felt his almighty power infuse me and make me stronger, faster, and filled with energy. I was able to do things I had never been able to before. I was in total and upmost rapture. I had unbelievable stamina. I did not tire. I just rode him over and over again nonstop and would do so until he told me to stop.

He was moaning and smiling and moaning and groaning with pleasure as I rode my New Master, my New God.

I rode him for over an hour and a half, then he let out a howl that filled the chamber with an echoing boom, and Yelled, "Oh God I am Cumming, take my load my obedient Sex Beast."

He then erupted deep inside my hole. I felt the gushing hitting my prostrate, no my stomach walls. I was being completely filled up. He must have filled me with a gallon of his lava hot cum. He just kept Cumming and Cumming. It was running out of my ass.

"Now I am in control. Master informed me in his hypnotic mesmerizing voice.

He grabbed me and with his mighty strength pulled me off of his cock with a loud suction noise.

Then he threw me on the edge of the bed, doggy style or is it Fuck Beast style?

Then without a word, rammed all of his fifteen inch cock to the hilt deep into my ass.

It slipped right in as I was full of so much cum my ass was well lubed. He was like a stallion in heat. He trust and each time it seemed deeper in me. It felt great. Then I couldn't help it I started to beg him, "Please fuck me harder Sir, I want that cock, I need that cock, Please!!!!!!!"

He obliged me and rammed as hard as he could, while slapping my ass cheeks. I was almost passing out from the sheer pleasure of this stud.

He continued to ram me as hard as he could. I felt like his whole body was entering mine. It was if we were becoming one. His balls were pounding hard against my ass cheeks as they hit with loud slapping noises. Slap, slap slap, over and over again. He was taking me all the way, I was his to use. I was moaning loudly by this time, I was having so much pleasure.

Then he suddenly pulled out sat on the bed and made me ride him again. With upward thrusts he plowed into me. Making me revel in ecstasy. Then without taking his cock out, he rolled me over and got at me on my back.

Ram ram ram, Over and over again. Building up speed until he let out a loud yell and screamed at the top of his voice, "Oh Fuck, I'm Cumming. "YOU" RAM "ARE" RAM "MINE". And he shot his load deep inside of me.

He pulled out and whispered in my ear, "You have passed all the tests with flying colors. You have proved that you are my total Fuck Beast. As your reward, you will reside with me for eternity. You will want for nothing and need nothing except my wondrous glorious cock. What say you Lord Fuck Beast?"

I bowed my head in servitude and mumbled out to Master, "Permission to speak freely, my Master?"

He nodded his head and I continued, "You have made me feel like I have never felt before, I feel like I am in heaven, your heaven. There is no place that I would rather be. Please Master, My Lord; I give myself freely and totally unconditionally to you. I am yours."

He snapped his fingers and I was suddenly sitting in a throne beside him, every bit as grand as his was. I then knew that all my dreams had come true and I was where I was meant and wanted to be.



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