Traffic was terrible.I tried to find another way.Somehow,i got turned around and ended up on the other side of the city.I was trying to make my way back when my car died.No cell phone,no map i started walking.After about a half hour and 2 miles of walking,i stopped to rest.A few cars had gone by,but,none stopped.A few minutes went by and a van went by in the opposite direction.I watched as it slowed and turned around and pulled up next to me.There were two black men in the cab.They asked what was going on and i told them.They asked if i wanted a ride and i said sure.They said hop in the back.Just then the side door opened and i got in.I looked around and the two seats were filled with six other black men..I sat between 2 men.They asked if i wanted a beer and i said ok.Then they handed me a bottle of bourbon and said "take a belt".I was a little reluctant,but took a sip.Man next to me said no,take a big drink,so i did.One of the men in the back asked if i had ever sucked a cock.I said no.He called me a liar and grabbed me by the back of my neck and asked me again.So i admitted that i liked men and had sucked cock.He asked if i had ever sucked a black cock .I said no.Well,he said,that is about to change.On of the men stood up in front of me and dropped his pants.The sight of that beautiful big black cock made me instantly horny.I reached out and held his cock in my hand.It felt wonderful and i couldn't wait to get it in my mouth.I slid my mouth up and down that black shaft.My lips rollingover the huge head.I licked the shaft,the head and the hole.I could taste some precum.Now i was really horny and just want to suck that cock and make it cum into my mouth so i could swallow a big warm load of cum.He started to moan ,and all of a sudden shot an enormous load into my mouth.I kept sucking until i had gotten all of his cum.I swallowed and sat back.He sat down but,now there was another black cock in front of me.I was living a dream i had had many times.I continued sucking and swallowing until i had sucked 8 cocks and swallowed 8 loads of cum.They took me to a garage and said their friend would help me.They told me they belonged to a club and i could come over any time.Gave me a couple of their names.The club address and phone #.I go there quite often as i am addicted to sucking black cock and swallowing the cum that comes out of them.I broke that record of 8.The new one is 16. 16 cocks +16 loads of cum=yum..



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