Everyone has a fantasy. Something they would like to see happen and how. Being the shy average Joe older gentleman, I was afraid to put my fantasy out there. One day, on a recent trip, I put an ad on Craigslist. One the second day, I got a response that seemed legit and after a few emails back and forth, we agreed to meet for lunch the following Saturday at the restaurant in the hotel I was staying at.

At lunch he arrived and we enjoyed a lite lunch and good conversation as we got to know each other. His name was Brent. He was 28 years old and had been doing hair for six years after college. He had been doing massage only for the last two years. You see my fantasy involved massage and a haircut.

After lunch we went up to my room and Brent told me to sit down on the end of the bed as he prepared the room. He went into the bathroom and I could hear the shower running as he came back out with a couple towels and placed them on the floor. He moved one of the rooms chairs over top the towels and came back to me at the end of the table.

He then slowly removed his shirt dropping it to the floor and asked me if I wanted to touch. His chest and abs were to die for. Perfectly formed and hairless. I nodded my desire and he reached down and took my hands putting them on his chest as I ran them from top to bottom and back. He pulled back after a few and began to finish getting undress. Soon he was naked in front of me and moved to remove my clothing. First my shirt, shoes and then pants and soon I was naked lying on the bed.

He directed for me to follow him to the shower and directed I step in first with my front toward the shower head. He stepped in behind me and very sexually began to wash me from head to toe. At one point I reached back to touch him again and he stopped me saying this is all about you. But I wanted to touch him again and that would have been for me. But I obeyed and stood in the shower as he washed every inch of me clean. He then directed me forward under the water to get my hair wet and then leaned me back putting a towel on my face to clear the water and began to wash my hair. He turned me around so that I could lean back to rinse when he was done massaging and cleaning my hair.

As he rinsed me over and over and over again, he continually explored my average body with his other hand and when done reached over and turned off the water. He told me to stay there as he stepped out and grabbed a towel and proceeded to dry me as I stood there. As he approached my feet, he had me step out into the bathroom and soon I was dry. He led me to the bed and asked that I lay down on the bed face first. He then returned to the shower and I heard the shower running again as I assumed he was cleaning himself. My next ad would include mutual shower because I so wanted to be in there.

After a bit he came back to the room sitting down on the bed and pouring some warm oil on me and his hands and began to massage my back up and down. As he massaged, he spoke very softly praising my skin and how good I felt. It was almost as if I was a God and I began to get nervous because this was not me. He continued down my legs to my feet and returned to massage my ass before having me turn over. Starting with my head he worked his way down caressing and arousing the sexual feelings inside me. He massaged over my cock and balls several times but was careful not to go too far – that was for later, he said.

As he finished the massage, he helped me up to the chair where he continued touching and massaging me and more specifically my hair and head. I was drifting off as it felt so good. He then came around in front of me and covered my lower face with shaving cream and gave me a very careful and sexual shave. As he did a side, he would wipe of the face area and then rub it with his hands.

At this point I wanted to reach out and touch him so I did. He allowed me to rub his chest and abs for a few minutes as he stopped and enjoyed but told me to stop so that he could finish of shaving and did not want to cut me.

After shaving, he got out the clippers and began

cutting my hair. It was a simple hair cut – number one all over, shave the eyebrows and trim the back. All the while as he is working, his free hand is exploring my body or my head, arousing the sexual feelings higher and higher in my body. Hair fell from my head on onto my upper torso. As he finished, he carefully and sexually brushed the clumps of hair off and to the floor. When done, we moved back into the shower to be cleaned off and he spent a lot of time cleaning my hair and giving what was left a good shampoo.

Returning to the bed, we began to mutually massage each other caressing each other as he directed us. Soon we were stroking each other's cock and soon I could feel the cum begin to rise and climax was fast approaching. Faster and faster and faster until – explosion – stream after stream of cum flew from his and my cock on to our chests – it had been some time for me so I was well stocked up.

As the climax began to subdue, we fell into each other's arms hugging each other as our chest rubbed together our cum and sweat. I closed my eyes and soaked in his embrace and his touch. Suddenly he stopped moving and I opened my eyes.

I was lying naked in my bed, cum on my chest and no one else in the room. It appears it had been all of a dream.

I showered and cleaned up and went down to the bar for a drink. Sitting at the bar, another man sat down to my left and after ordering his drink introduced himself. "Hi, my name is Brent".........

The next thing I remember is waking up on the bar room floor with people standing around me asking if I was ok. But that is another story.



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