Erik’s Story

Let’s start with the couch.  I push you down onto it and start on your neck because that’s always soft and warm, and I love starting there.  Then I work my way around your jaw and over your lips, staring into your eyes.  I close mine and take your lip between mine, putting pressure on your crotch.  I keep going until you’re breathing nice and heavy.  Then let’s work our way down.  I start to take off your button-up shirt, your sweating now.  I undo the top two buttons and kiss your collarbone while I slip a hand beneath your shirt.  A bead of sweat drops off your forehead as I open a few more buttons.  Down to the fifth, I pull your shirt over and play with your nipple a bit.  Aww, but that’s boring, and your belt is in the way.  Let’s get rid of your belt. I toss it off the couch as I pull open your pants and go all the way down to the base of your hard-on. I come back up and go back to the buttons. One left, let’s make it count. Oh, and what’s this hand doing?  Your jeans are sliding down the tiniest bit. Now your chest is left wide open, but you’re still hot. Let’s slip your arms out of that and use your shirt to keep them tied together behind your head. I kiss you while grinding against your zipper.  Let’s slip off that annoying shirt, again on the floor.  You lean forward towards my crotch, and I push you back down to the couch. Not yet. Oh, and let’s finally open up yours. Undo the button and use my teeth for the zipper. My nose slides down the bulge, bringing a bit of heat with it. There’s a growing wet spot at the top. Now we have to remedy that, don’t we? Nah. Let’s make you leak some more. I slide my hand around your thigh and into your crack and I just start rubbing. I kiss your chest slowly, picking up speed as I get closer to your mouth. After one kiss on the lips, you’re ready for more. Again, I make you wait. While still rubbing with one hand, I run my other through your hair until I find enough to grab. The hand on your crotch goes a bit faster and a bit harder while I kiss you the same way. As I hold your lower lip between my teeth, I push hard right where it counts,  making you ooze into your jock.

I pack up your pants, put my sweater over your shoulders and drag you outside with your hands still bound.  Outside is the truck of the guy I know you’ve been eying, don’t worry, I’m not mad, were going to have some fun. It’s a warm night and I’m light as I sit on your ass as your face is buried in his crotch, which is slowly getting firmer under your cheek. We pull up to a nice, clear field. There isn’t a cloud in the sky as the two of us carry you into the field, where a mattress and blankets wait. No time for dawdling, let’s get these closes off. We remove your shirt, socks, pants, everything but your jock.  Of course, we remove all of our clothes, too. Three gay boys in our underwear in a field on a mattress, there’s a cliché there somewhere, we’re just too horny to care. 

The guy you’ve been eyeing drops on top of you, driving all thought from your mind. Chest to chest he begins making out with you. Of course, I’m right next to him, placing a trail of kisses down his side, getting closer and closer to his bulging, neon yellow bikini briefs.  Knowing you, I flip you both over so you’re on top, waiting for you to tear the briefs off of him. But your moment is over when I see his hard-on, and you make way to watch a great blowjob start. He’s a bit bigger than you, and it’s almost a challenge to deep-throat him. You start stroking yourself through your jock as he starts moaning. Once he starts getting close, I strip you completely as well as myself and begin making out with you a bit. Seeing as he’s so lubed up, and you’re nice and clean, I fumble you over until you feel it streaking against your back, all wet, hot, and ready. You make your way on top of him, staring into an awaiting face.  You both grimace as he enters; you from the stretch, him from holding off, and you both shut your eyes. He starts moaning harder as you take him deeper and deeper with each bounce. He’s all sensitive and complains a bit when I make you slide 180while almost all the way down. I start blowing you and fingering him while you ride him, going deeper and deeper. Now he’s moaning and bobbing on my fingers.  You flip off of him, and get on your hands and knees as he readies himself behind you and re-enters in one thrust. After lubing myself up just a touch, I thrust into him. He rocks back and forth between my dick in his ass and your tight hole gripping him. All of us begin to moan louder as pleasure builds. Now he’s flat against your back, still wiggling inside of you, but you can’t do anything yourself. You’re so close you could go off any second, if you could only touch yourself, you can’t though. Don’t worry, you’ll get off soon.  I thrust hard into him and go off. He yells out twice, scaring a few birds into flight, and begins pounding into your tight ass. You can’t do anything as he pounds into you except let go. You erupt, hands free, covering the mattress beneath you as he fills you up. Of course, he doesn’t stop, and neither do I.  We make it back home as the sun rises, no-one the wiser of what we got up to over the night, and the only sign that anything happened is the dark circles under your eyes and the massive load in your ass. 




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