I was in high school still, 10th grade, I was 16 yrs old, I was a very good looking boy, I was about 5'5" and 140 lbs., long brown hair, hazel eyes and what some girls I knew said were my best features long full eyelashes and full lips, girls said very kissable lips. I had went to a event at Cordova park, there were BBQ, music, ball games going and some beer, which I couldn't drink, I ate some food and walked around, I decided to go sit in the shade of a tree, I sat and was watching them play, a pretty good game to, as I sat there I felt someone was near, I turned my head and took a look, sure enough there was a boy close to my age, he said hello and sat down near me, we watched the game in silence, then he asked me who I was with, I said I'm alone, wow so am I he said, I'm Lane and he held out his hand to shake, I took it and we shook hands and smiled at each other, after we had shook hands we kind of had our hands still in each others hand, we noticed and I pulled away embarrassed, he said so we took along time to shake, its all good, we laughed a little, we watched the game but we talked at the same time, he told me where he lived and said he was pretty new to town, but he said he had made a few friends already, maybe we can hang out sometime, he said, since we were having a good time and getting along well I said yea we can do that, the game ended and I got up to go, he asked which way I was going, I told him and he asked if he could walk part way with me, sure I said, we talked as we walked, then he said he had better go, as he started to leave he turned and said my parents are going out of town this weekend do you want to come over and spend the night, we will have a good time I said id think about it, he gave me his number. I thought about it and decided to do it, he was after all a very cute boy. And to be honest I had been attracted to other boys for about eight years, although id never acted on it. Id thought about what it would be like to hug a boy, kiss a boy, touch another boys penis, but fear of getting caught stopped me from ever trying.

It was Saturday night and we had been hanging out and just doing boy things, we were going to watch some more TV then go to bed, we turned off TV and lights and went down the hallway I was in front of him and he was directing me, I hesitated after he said something and he ran into me, he put his hands on my hips when this happened, and said sorry, I said its alright, we moved again and he was up against me hands still on my hips, then he took them off, into his room we went, I said I wanted to shower, and I did, after I dried off and thought I don't have any clean clothes, I asked if he had something I could borrow, he said yes come into the room, I did, he gave me a pair of underwear and shorts, I went to go back to the bathroom to dress and he said you don't have to do that just put them on here, so I did, I put on the underwear and looked up, I saw he was looking right at my penis, I just went about my business, he had a double sized bed in his room he asked me what side I wanted, I picked one he said that was his side I said we can switch, he said no I'll try this side, we went to bed and feel asleep, during the night I woke up a bit, I felt something on me and saw that he had moved over to his side of the bed and now he was up against me, his cock to my ass and a arm over me, I didn't know what to do, I lay there and thought, well I thought about everything but how to get out, I could feel his bulge from his cock on my ass, his arm over me wasn't bad, so I went back to sleep excited because id felt a boys cock on me.

We started to kind of hang out, it was about a month and a half since the first night together, we were in his family room playing pool, a shot would be made and we would walk around the table for our shot, as I was walking past lane he stopped me and I looked at him waiting to hear why, he put a arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, I didn't have enough time to pull away so I went to him, then he put his lips to mine and kissed me, I was shocked, but I liked it, I kissed him back, again we kissed and this time he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue into my mouth, our tongues met and proceeded to give each other a long French kiss, we parted and looked at each other, he said I've wanted to do that since I met you, I'm glad you did I said, I liked that, we went to sit down and we talked, I asked him if he was gay, he said yes I am, well bi cause I sometimes date girls, he asked if I was, I said I don't know I've never done anything like this before, do you like it so far he asked, yes I do I said, he reached over and took my hand, he said we can try some things together, we can stop anytime you feel uncomfortable, o.k. I said and I put my arm over his shoulder and we leaned toward each other and had another big wet kiss.

Lane did try things with me, we kissed a lot and had our arms around each other a lot, we would spend the nights together and we slept naked so we had access to each others body parts, I masturbated him many times till he would cum, I really enjoyed having his cock in my hand and knowing I could make him cum, then he gave me a blowjob, I loved how it felt he had sucked till I came in his mouth, so he had me try it, I tried and I loved how it was hard and yet soft, it tasted good, it felt good and while giving my first blowjob I did as I thought everyone did, I did what Lane did to me, I sucked him till I got a mouthful and stomach full of his hot delicious cum, he told me I didn't have to do that and I said its how its done isn't it, when he told me we laughed, from then we sucked each other off often, I or we decided I had gay tendencies, if I liked to suck cock and swallow cum then I was pretty much there, I really had a thing with sucking cock, it was so nice but yet nasty, have it in my mouth and like it, I sucked Lane as often as I could. Then he said he had something else for me to try, what I asked, he said I'm going to fuck you tonight, I said that has to hurt, it does at first your first time but it starts feeling good soon, I said o.k. you can fuck me tonight, that night we were in bed and he put his hand between my legs he told me to spread them I did, he put his finger to my hole and asked if I liked that, I said yes, he reached over and got some lube he said I have to get you ready, and he put a lubed finger in me, it was kind of uncomfortable but felt good, he fingered me till I was relaxing and open to that finger, then he pushed in another I moaned then, he said good you like it, after a few he pushed in another he had three fingers in me, he finger fucked me for a while till I could take them o.k., he pulled them out and I said why did you do that, he chuckled and said I have something else for you, he climbed between my legs and pushed my legs up and apart, and pushed my knees toward my head, I felt very vulnerable, wide open like that I knew I was getting fucked, he moved his cock to my hole he teased me and said tell me what I wanted him to do, I said I want you to put your hard cock inside of me and fuck me good, he pushed in, the head popped in and it hurt, he stayed still, when I was used to it I got more, still then more, he did that till I felt his balls hit my ass, you have it all my little slut he said, yes I do I feel so full of your cock, yes you are then he pulled out some and pushed back in, I moaned, he did it over and over, soon he pulled out till just the head was in and then all the way in, his hips and legs hit mine and there was a slapping sound as we fucked, it was such a turn on hearing us fucking, I felt like my hole was completely full of his cock, I guess it was, he kissed me as he fucked me, it was so awesome, laying there under him and being kissed as I was fucked, I knew right then I was just what he had called me, his little slut, it was my first fuck and instead of the pain I expected it was pure pleasure after I loosened up enough, for him to be able to fuck me, he did it for what seemed like a long time, and I loved it, so intimate, he did me harder and harder, and faster and faster, then he stiffened up and I felt his cock hard and it throbbed in me, then I felt his cum filling me, it was warm and felt great, he pulled out of me after a few and while he was going soft, he lay next to me and put his arm under my head, he told me that I was great and felt so good, he said he wanted to do that to me as much as he could, he said his parents work and don't get home till about six, so we could come after school and fuck every day, I said that's great, I want you to fuck me every day, little did I know what I was getting myself into.

On Monday after school he walked up to me and said lets go to my house, I said are you sure, yes he said, I said well I don't know if we should, He looked at me with his cute/handsome face, he had kind of a stern look and said well you don't have a choice, we agreed to going there after school every day, now lets go, so we went, as we were walking down his street he reached over and took my hand in his, we walked about three house till we got to his house, I was worried about us holding hands, he asked me if that bothered me, I said I just don't want anyone to see us doing that, he said well your gay and my boyfriend so people are going to see us holding hands and maybe even kissing in public so get used to it, I didn't know what to say, if my parents or other friends found out what me and lane were doing together they would flip, maybe disown me. We went into the house, he told me to go to his room and get undressed then come back out naked, I asked why, he said because you're my boyfriend and I want to see you naked, I didn't say anything and I went and did what he said, I came back out embarrassed about being naked, he walked up to me and took me in his arms and said your so hot when your naked, he took my hand and we went to his family room, we played a game of pool, I did it naked, he asked me how I felt being naked, I said I guess its alright I'm used to it now. He kissed me and said come on, we went to his bedroom and he got naked, he told me to suck his cock, I did, he was really hard and id gotten him wet with my saliva, he told me to lay on my back and spread my legs, he asked me what I wanted, again I said I want you to get on me and fuck me like you did Saturday night, he said o.k. ill do that and he lined it up and pushed it in, it hurt because the only lube was my spit, he fucked me softly at first, then when I moaned he picked it up and went faster, that day he fucked me longer then he did before, kissing me a lot as he did, then he said something that made me realize what was going on, he said, yes you're my good girl, taking my cock in your boy pussy, he came in me again, we went to his house every day after school, then Saturday nights id sleep over, I was being dominated, he told me what to do, when to get naked, how to lay, told me to suck him when he wanted me to, I was his girl like he had said. This went on for about six months and he would fuck me with no lube, I learned how to relax so I could take it, my hole was loose for him now.

One Saturday afternoon I was with him and he said tonight we are going to go to a friends house for the night, they are nice guys a little older but alright, you will have a great time, I said I don't know if I want to go, he said well it doesn't matter what you think, your going because I said you are, I stayed silent, even though I was sometimes uncomfortable being in his control, I liked it because I liked what we were doing sexually, and I felt so close because he was fucking me all the time, I thought of us as a couple. I was young and had never been intimate with anyone, I was with Lane and id never been in love but I thought I was in love with him, so id do as he wanted because I wanted him to be happy with me and to love me. We arrived at a boy named David's house we went in and I was surprised to see two other boys, they were Mike and Steve, I was introduced and we all sat around talking, then we went out back and messed around, they were nice and we all talked, I liked it because they all showed a interest in me, I felt liked, when it got to be night David said well lets go to my room and decide what to do, we went, he had a huge bedroom, it had a couple of chairs and a king sized bed, we sat, I was sitting on the bed with Steve, while we were talking Mike looked at me and said you sure are a cute boy, I said thank you, Lane said yes and he does as I tell him, Don't you Chris, I did do as he told me so I said yes I do, the other boys said that great, Lane said want me to have him do something, yes they said, Lane looked me in the eye and said take off your clothes, I just looked at him, he said I said take off your clothes, do it, I stood I didn't want to in front of the other boys, but I did, when I was naked Lane said come here, I went to him, he pulled me onto his lap, he turned my head toward him and kissed me, he pushed his tongue into my mouth, when we broke the guys said that's cool, have him do something else, Lane said get on your knees I did, he said open my pants, I did, he said suck on my cock, I did, in front of three other boys, after I sucked him for awhile he told me to stop, I did, I looked toward the boys and saw they had all gotten naked, Lane told me to go to Steve I did, he told me to suck him so I did, then another boy then another, id sucked all of them, Lane told me to lay on the bed, then he pulled out some straws or pieces, he told the boys to pick one they did, Lane said o.k. the long straw goes first then the next longest, Mike had the long straw, he climbed on the bed and got on top of me, now I was paniced, I didn't know what was going to happen, I felt Mikes cock on my thigh, he was hard, he pushed my legs apart and lined up his cock and started to push into me, then he was fucking me, soon he was fucking me hard, it wasn't what I wanted to happen, but it was, and I was kind of freaking out, here I was with three naked boys and while being fucked by one, I knew the others were going to fuck me to, and the first one was making me feel good, I was enjoying hm fucking me,, he did it till he came in me, he got off, but he did kiss me first, he said o.k. next for sloppy seconds, Steve climbed on me and he put it in me and started fucking me, I started to moan and put my arms around him, and I started to move my hips I time with him, he told me I was a good fuck, he fucked me till he came in me, he pulled out and I felt the come from the two boys running down the crack of my ass, then the third boy, he fucked me also till he came, then Lane got on me and started to fuck me, as he did he said you're a good boyfriend, and you're the slut I told you were, I said yes I'm a slut, and I love you, do you love me enough to come back again, now that you know we will all fuck you, Yes I said, I really like being fucked by a bunch of different guys, good he said then he started to pound my used up cum filled boy pussy, outloud he said take it you little slut, I said yes give me your big hard cock, fuck me you know I want it, he said here I cum, I said give it to me, fill me, and he did, through the rest of the night I was there girlfriend, they all fucked me at least once more each a couple twice and I sucked all there cock, multiple times, I was never so turned on in my life, that is till later gang bangs, I had sex with all of them dozens and dozens of times, then I moved away, I didn't have another boyfriend till about three years after that, but the one I found and stayed with for awhile was a older man, We were together for about four months when he started to introduce me to his friends, they knew he was fucking me and when I would meet one I was always complimented , when my new boyfriend asked me if I would do something for him I said yes anything, he didn't know about my past, but he took me one night to a party at a friends house, we were welcomed by everyone and I was hugged a lot, then my boyfriend said its time to really meet my friends I want you to fuck them all, there were six other men there, I said who first, he told me and I went over to him dropped to my knees and opened his fly, took out his semi hard cock and started sucking, when I had him hard, I looked up at him and said I need for you to fuck me now, in front of all your friends, he did, then I was fucked six more times in a row, while one was fucking me I would suck another's cock, I got filled to overflowing with cum, and I don't know how many loads I swallowed, that went on for a couple of years, yes I became a full fledged male slut, and I liked being one, I had sex like that till I was 28 and to old for a lot of guys they liked the young ones that were just starting to be used.



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