It had been a long day at work, a job he hated with those boring straights whose lives revolved around football and who was doing what to whom in the daily soaps.

As he made his way home he stopped off for a quick drink in his local before heading back for yet another lonely night in with a film and a take away, what a life he thought.

Of course it had not always been like this, he had friends and had, had boyfriends but people move on and things change.

He entered the bar it wasn't bad. very much a local but there were the occasional guys there who took his eye but he didn't dare make a move so went home alone night after night.

Making his way to the bar he was pleased to see the regular barmaid there. she was friendly enough and always greeted him with a smile.

After making a bit of small chat he took his beer and found an empty table and sat down.

The barmaid watched him,'Sad' she thought to herself, 'such a good looking guy always on his own'

She liked him but knew she hadn't a chance, Women always seemed to know the score and so she went back to drying glasses hoping Chris wouldn't always be so alone.

Chris drank his beer a bit too quickly and ordered another. Sipping this a bit slower he looked around.There were only a couple of others in the Bartok lads a bit worse for wear, a bit early thought Chris and a couple of girls giggling away over something trivial no doubt.

Chris finished his second beer and thought of getting home when the door opened and in walked one of the most handsome men Chris had ever seen.

About six foot dark hair with a short well groomed beard and moustache.

The guy went over to the bar and Chris noticed the two girls had stopped giggling and had to noticed this vision of a man now in their mists.

Paying for his drink the guy made for a table and sat down. he sipped his beer then taking out a cigarette he lit inhaled then blew out a long stream of smoke he even makes smoking sexual thought Chris. He was trying not to look at the guy but couldn't help it. he had sat at a table near him and Chris had a better view of him.

The guy was wearing a white shirt open at the top and Chris could see strands of hair sticking out so he guessed he had a hairy chest which was something that really turned him on also he had his sleeves rolled up to revel thick hairy arms and big manly hands.

Chris couldn't leave now with such a man in the bar so he went and ordered another beer and sat down, the barmaid smiled 'this just may be his lucky night she thought'

Trying not to keep looking over Chris picked up a paper someone had left and tried to read.

'Fancy a game of pool mate' Chris looked up and there was the guy smiling down at him.

'Sorry' blurted Chris

'Do you fancy a game of pool I'm on my own and I guess you are too, sorry to bother you but if you want a game.

'Yea why not' Chris tried to sound casual 'I am on my own and a bit of company over a game would be nice oh sorry my names Chris'

'Tony' he held out his hand and Chris shook it. Tony's grip was firm and Chris felt a surge of excitement but tried to hide it.

They went over to the pool table and Tony tossed a coin, Chris won the toss so while he set up the balls Tony went and bought a couple of more drinks.

They played a couple of games and made small talk about work where they were from all the usual stuff strangers do.

After several games to which Chris lost most of they sat down to finish their drinks.

'Sorry I thrashed you Chris' said Tony smiling and lighting a cigarette.

'Oh I don't mind it was just good to have a game and I don't mind getting thrashed now and then'

Tony blew out the smoke and said slowly 'I bet you don't'

Chris wondered if had said too much and made light of it 'The game I meant'

'Really. Look don't be embarrassed I saw you looking me over when I sat down,am I right?

'Well yes sorry its just well you are a good looking guy' Chris felt a little braver the beer was taking effect and there was something about Tony that felt safe.

'Well you not so bad yourself'he grinned 'why don't we finish these and if you want have one at my place'

Chris couldn't believe his luck and as they left the barmaid smiled.

'Now there goes two happy guys' she thought and went back to drying glasses

They got back to Tony's flat and went in. After closing the door Tony pulled Chris to him and kissed him hard forcing his tongue into his mouth.

Chris could feel his hot breath on his face and could taste the beer and a faint taste of tobacco Pulling back Tony looked him straight in the eye really like the odd thrashing boy. what else do you like'

'Whatever turns you on Tony' he stammered.

'Call me sir do you understand boy, make me happy and you'll never forget tonight'

'Yes sir' he didn't feel under threat and was willing to follow orders.

Tony undid his shirt 'like hairy men boy' he certainly had the most well groomed hairy chest Christ had seen'

'Yes sir'

'Thought you might now get here and lick my chest'

Chris obeyed and ran his tongue over Tony's chest feeling the hair rubbing against his face, His cock was bursting to be free of his pants but he knew only to do what he was told and when.

Pulling him up Tony once again kissed him rubbing his beard against his chin then spitting on his face'On your knees boy time to make your master happy'

Chris fell to his knees and watched as Tony undid his trousers and released his cock, It was large and wad dripping pre cum. He rubbed it all over Chris's face and across his mouth it smelt sweaty and Chris wanted to taste it. Looking up he could see Tony smiling and rubbing his chest 'Suck it boy take it all down'

Opening his mouth he felt the large cock enter and Tony's large hands holding the back of his head forcing him to take it all. He gagged as this monster went down his throat and felt Tony withdraw letting him catch his breath.

'Go slowly boy enjoy it.

Chris took it again and slowly got used to the size.He was eager to please his hairy master and worked the cock in and out of his mouth savouring the taste.

Tony held his head firm 'That's it boy, god you're hot'

He sucked for seemed ages then the cock was pulled from his mouth and he was picked up and once again kissed hard.

Tony took him to the bedroom and told him to strip Tony to striped and he really was a man to behold perfect body covered in hair and not a sign of fat.

Reaching out Tony grabbed the cord from his dressing gown and tied Chris's arms behind him then standing close he teased his nipples and Chris almost came. 'Please sir anything you want 'he said'Good.Now for that thrashing'

Bending Chris over his knee he spanked him hard making the boy count each one the pushing a finger up his arse he told him to get ready for the fuck of a lifetime.

Getting behind Chris Tony put on a condom greased up and entered Chris's waiting hole.

It hurt but this guy was not going to stop and pushed in hard.Gagging Chris's mouth he started to fuck hard and long.

Chris took it all and the pain became an overwhelming pleasure as Tony's cock hit that spot up his arse and he once again almost came.

Tony was a stallion and after fucking Chris for ages turned him over and untied his arms.

'I want to watch my boy enjoy his master fucking him'said Tony as he raised Chris's legs and once again entered.

As Tony rode him sweat fulling from his face Chris reached up and played with those hairy nipples taking every inch.

Suddenly Tony let out a cry and pulled his cock out,quickly removing the condom he shot streams of hot cum over his boy.

Chris couldn't hold back and he too came like he had never done before.

Both men lay back truly spent. Tony lit up and pulled Chris onto his sweaty chest.

'Enjoy that if you did there is more I can do if you like it hard'

'Yes' said Chris 'I do'

Before going to sleep Tony kissed him 'I may be an animal in bed but very caring and protective with the right guy fancy giving it a try?'

'Yes I do' and drifting to sleep he thought

'Yes fantasies can come true.



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