To give you some background on my family, my father and grandfather both started their families with a son at the age of fifteen.

My parents divorced when I was five and my grandparents helped dad raise me, buying the house next door to us. At fifteen, my grandmother died and dad insisted that my grandpa sell his house and move in with us.

It was at the same time that I knew I was gay and began engaging in both anal and oral sex with what ever male was willing. To keep from embarrassing my family, I managed to keep it a secret.

I graduated high school and went away to the state college three hours from home, going home on weekends when I could and if I didn't have a date with some hot stud.

About half way through the first semester I decided at the last minute to go home for the weekend. I usually called ahead but not this time.

I arrived home about seven to find the house empty and quiet. I pulled my car into the garage and closed the door and went in. After eating and watching some TV I decided to go on to bed and see dad and grandpa in the morning.

I was sleeping soundly in my room with the door closed when I heard voices. I recognized dads but not the other man's voice. I glanced at the clock and it was almost one in the morning. I couldn't understand why dad had another man in the house at this time of night. Now keep in mind, I'm now eighteen, my dad is thirty-three and my grandfather is only forty-eight.

I listened intently and heard the man say something about getting dad in bed. I froze! What the hell did he mean? My dad wasn't gay!

I waited a moment before silently opening my door and peeking out, nude since I sleep that way. Dad's bedroom door was open so I eased down the hall and peered in.

There was dad and a strange man in dad's bed,both totally nude, kissing and making out while fondling each other. My own cock immediately became rigid. I watched as dad soon flipped around and they began a hot sixty-nine. After a few minutes and before climaxing, they stopped and dad began fucking the other guy in his ass. I watched as dad climaxed deep in the man's hole then lay down and let the man fuck him and fill his hole.

After seeing the man climax in my own dad's hole, I hurried back to my room and after closing the door, I jerked my own cock to a roaring climax.

I heard dad and the man talking about getting together again sometime when the man could get away from his wife. Dad said he was looking forward to it. After the door closed, I heard dad return to his room.

The next morning, I walked into the kitchen wearing briefs to find dad naked, drinking his coffee while reading the paper.

"Mark, when did you get home?"

"Last night about seven," I replied calmly.

"Did you go out later?"

"No. I fixed something to eat and watched TV a while then went to bed abut eleven. You and grandpa were both gone."

"Grandpa went out of town with friends for the weekend," dad said.

"I heard you come in about one, though. Someone was with you. I heard another man's voice."

"Nah, you must be mistaken. I was alone."

"Not when I peeked into your bedroom. You were quite involved."

"Mark, just what do you think you saw?"

"Dad, it's not what I think I saw, it's what I know I saw. You two were in a sixty-nine, then you fucked his ass then he fucked yours. Dad, if you gay, I think it hot, because so am I. I have been since I was fifteen."

"Mark, son, I didn't want you to find out this way. I should have told you. I'm sorry."

"Hey, don't be. I still love you, even more now that we have something else in common. You're still young and hot and I can definitely see why men would be attracted to you."

"Son, I love you too, and I never dreamed you were gay. How did you start?"

I told him that I was curious after seeing two guys doing each other in the park. I told him that when I told a bud about what I'd seen he suggested we try it. I said I agreed and found I liked it and continued with him. Then I asked him when he started.

"Like you, I was in my teens. I, too, hid the fact by having sex with girls. You are the result. After your mother walked out, I started meeting guys while your grandparents watched you."

"Dad, would you think me weird and out of place to say that I'd love to have sex with you?"

"What? Mark, you're my own flesh and blood. It wouldn't be right."

"I don't care. We're both above the age of consent. Besides, who will know?"

"You're really serious, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am," I replied, shoving my briefs to the floor releasing my semi-hard cock. Walking over to dad I leaned forward and kissed him passionately as I fondled his cock.

After the kiss, he said nothing. He just stood and, holding my hand, led me to his bedroom. There, we lay on the bed, kissed and made out then went into a hot passionate sixty-nine, taking and swallowing each others loads.

"That was awesome," I told him afterward.

"Yes, it was," he replied. "Unbelievable!"

We kissed and cuddled and after a while, I asked, "Dad, does Grandpa know you're gay?"

"Yes, son he does. He's the one I started with."

"What! Grandpa is gay also?"

"Yes, he is."

"How did you start with him?"

"I was about thirteen when he caught me jerking off in the barn. He joined me and after jerking a few times together he told me that there was another way to get off that felt even better that jerking off. I asked how and he said he'd show me. He gave me my first blow job. I was shocked when he took my load and swallowed. I asked if I could do it to him and he said yes. I did and liked it. Things went from there."

"Is he out of town with other men?"

"Yes, he is," Dad said with a smile.

"Do you and he have sex?"

"Almost daily, son."

"Dad, don't tell him about me. Not yet anyway. Okay?"

"What ever you want," Dad said.

That weekend dad and I made up for lost time sucking and fucking each other over and over. It was a fantastic weekend.

I left before Grandpa returned from his weekend out, promising dad I'd be back every weekend.

during that week, I had sex with my room mate as well as one of my instructors. he was a hot married man that loved only oral with another guy.

The next weekend I was packed, ready to leave immediately after my last class. I arrived home about five, before dad and grandpa got home from work. I again put my car in the garage and shut it and went to my room. I heard dad come in and greeted him with a kiss and a grope.

"Dad, do you and Grandpa g nude here at home?"

"Yea, why?"

"I have a plan. I'm going to stay in my room until he gets home and strips. Once he's out in the den naked, walk to you bedroom and as you pass tap lightly on my door. I'll take it from there."

"You little devil! What are you planning?"

"You'll see," I replied before turning and going to my room.

About thirty minutes later I heard Grandpa come in and ask dad how his day was. I heard Grandpa in his room next to mine then shortly later dad tapped on my door. I peeked out to see dad head back to the den.

I followed and found dad in the kitchen starting dinner and Grandpa with his back to me talking to dad. I eased up behind Grandpa, also nude myself, and quickly stepped around him saying "Hi, Grandpa," then quickly began tongue kissing him, catching him totally off guard. Then after the kiss, I quickly dropped to the floor and swallowed his stiffening cock as he looked at dad and said, "What the fuck is going on?"

"Hey, Dad, just relax and enjoy it," my dad said.

"Brad, did you know he was going to do this?

"I knew he had something planned but I didn't know what."

Grandpa didn't say anything else right then. He just leaned back against the counter and moaned softly. Before long, he began to shake and his cock exploded, filling my mouth with his hot sweet thick creamy load. I eagerly swallowed before standing and kissing him again.

"Okay, Brad, fill me in. When did you find out about him?"

Dad told him about the previous weekend and how I'd seen him in bed with the other guy and about our weekend together.

Smiling, grandpa said, "Mark, my boy, two can play this game," and quickly knelt and began sucking me. As he did I motioned for dad to come over and sit on the counter. He did and while Grandpa sucked me dry, I sucked dad to a climax.

When it was over, Grandpa looked at dad and said, "Brad, damned if I don't think he sucks better than you and you have more experience.?

We all had a good laugh and prepared dinner together. After eating and washing up the dishes, we went to the den and began a three way.

The main objective was for Grandpa and I to have the pleasure of fucking each others ass. It was so fucking hot to feel both my dad and granddad shooting their loads up my ass or down my throat.

Every weekend we had wild sex. During Christmas holidays, my dad's brother, Uncle Jack and his son, Josh, came to visit. Josh was seventeen and a senior in high school.

Dad had said they were due on the twenty-third. On the night of the twenty-second, as the three of us were having sex on the den floor, Uncle Jack and Josh walked in on us. I found out that dad had it all planned to embarrass me.

Once the shock was over of having them see us sucking each other, they quickly stripped and joined in. Dad, Jack, and Grandpa watched as Josh and I sucked and fucked each other. That night we all had sex with each other sucking and fucking. I found it hot to be doing my uncle and cousin.

After Josh graduated high school he came to state and we became room mates. Jack got a company transfer back home and moved in with dad and Grandpa.

Of course, Josh and I sucked and fucked each other daily as well as others we met on campus.

When we went home, it was an all out five man orgy, and we all loved it.

Josh doubled up on his classes and we graduated together. We found employment together with the same company back home. By then, Josh and I had become lovers and Dad, Jack, and Grandpa were thrilled. It wasn't long before Dad, Jack, and Grandpa announced to us that they were all three lovers.

Our family get together's on weekends are awesome. We love them.




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