A quick shag with Uncle Mark

Lance hurriedly dropped his black soccer shorts and white jock strap to his ankles and clambered onto his bed on all fours, his shorts and jock remaining tangled at his still socked feet, the front of his striped soccer shirt pulled up behind his neck as his bare rounded buttocks were perfectly presented, a narrow trail of downy fair hair spilled from the trench between his arse cheeks and covered his muscular toned thighs.

 Lance looked back over his shoulder to see his Uncle looking at his watch as his other hand fumbled hastily at the zipper on his worn faded work jeans.
 “We have 15 minutes, maybe 20 tops” Uncle Mark remarked as he undone the button and pushed his jeans and boxers down to his knees unceremoniously before hobbling awkwardly over to the bed where Lance eagerly awaited, Uncle Mark’s fat prick already rock hard and throbbing as he positioned himself.

Lance watched as his Uncle spat on the palm of his hand three times before smearing the saliva up and down his shaft. Lance turned his head and buried his face against the soft duvet as he heard the sound of his Uncle spit three more times. He felt two rugged hands gripping his hips and he took a deep breath in. The moist tip of the cock head homed in on his tensed quivering slot, burrowing forcefully against it and pushing inside making Lance whimper loudly as his back arched, his teeth gritting against the instant searing pain.

There was nothing romantic or tender about their brief lustful liaisons. They were always rushed and hasty, a primal urge his Uncle felt, the need to spill pent up seed that made his bollocks ache and hunger for his nephew’s tight hole. But to Lance they meant more, he cherished the rough abrupt fucks that sometimes felt careless and emotionally detached, he longed for each precious moment when their bodies would connect so intimately.

“Fucking hell yeah, my cock feels so good in your tight little shithole” Uncle Mark groaned as he began to thrust back and forth, his rough firm gripped hands pushing and pulling upon Lance’s hips for maximum penetration.

“Oh yeah fuck me please Uncle” Lance begged as he tried to force his ring of anal muscle to relax into the sudden invasion and manic pounding.

One of his Uncle’s hands broke contact and Lance let out a yelp as it landed with a hefty slap across his right arse cheek making his chute clamp down abruptly around the meaty shaft.

“Oh God yes” Uncle Mark cried out as the palm of his hand struck again upon the same rounded white rump that was already turning a rosy blushing colour, sending Lance’s anal passage into spasms.

Lance could feel every inch of his Uncle’s hard cock sliding inside as it stretched him apart and filled his cavity, that perfect shaped cock that he had wanted to feel from the first moment he had laid eyes on it dangling in its soft flaccid state. He had often wondered if those first brief moments of exposure before their sexual interactions began were purposeful, a means of alluring him, baiting him, forging his sexual desires and nightly erotic dreams.

“Yeah, fucking take it all!” his Uncle growled as he slammed unmercifully into his nephew’s backside, sweat dripping from his brow as he ploughed deep.

Lance felt his Uncle come to a sudden stop, the length of his manhood driven deep as he began to manoeuvre and rotate Lance onto his back. Then the fucking motion began again, long deep strokes in and out as his Uncle pressed his nose against each of the socked soles in turn, inhaling deeply as he thrust and plunged his erect cock ever harder and faster, the ripe scent of the soccer socks clearly bringing about heightened arousal, and bringing a greater gusto to his performance.

“Dirty little fucker” Uncle Mark mumbled in a muffled voice, his face pressed firm against the left sole of his nephew’s foot. Lance was unsure if he was referring to himself or Lance as his motions become jerky and erratic.

“Filthy bastard” Uncle Mark added with a deep lingering sigh, switching from the left foot to the right, almost hyperventilating as he began to take quick short shallow breaths, continuing the anal assault with avid enthusiasm.

Lance knew the fifteen minutes would soon be over and hoped they would go into extra time, just another five minutes of arse fucking that was the best he could hope for today. His hopes were dashed as he heard a sound of a car pulling in to the drive.

Uncle Mark’s motions became frantic and urgent, the sound of the car doors slamming signalling the return of his wife and Lance’s mother. Lance watched his Uncle’s face as his eyes closed tightly, his forehead furrowed as he tensed and thrust his hips harder and faster, groaning and huffing desperate to shoot before the front door opened.

The flood gates opened and Lance felt the warm surge of spunk fill his hole, the gasps and groans as his Uncle trembled and shook violently, his hips still thrusting to drain the last few drops from his nut sack.

Uncle Mark pulled away, tugging his boxer shorts and jeans up and wedging his still erect sticky moist cock inside before pulling up the zipper.
 “Fucking bollocks, quick get dressed, see you down stairs in a bit, just going to splash my face in the bathroom sink” Uncle Mark said as he made a quick exit from the bedroom without so much as a thank you.

Lance lay back on his bed that now stunk of man sex. He grasped his soft cock and coaxed it to a point of semi arousal, stroking and squeezing it as he felt the warm glow of his used hole filled with his Uncle’s fresh load. He reached down and stuck one finger in his cum drenched crack, feeling the gooey contents and using some to rub over his now almost erect prick, the white creamy froth thickening and coagulating as he worked his fist up and down slowly.

He slid two fingers in his arsehole whilst the other hand remained clamped around his cock, scooping out more jizz and this time placing it up to his lips, sticking his tongue out and savouring his Uncles deposit, the white salty viscous fluid that made his dick pulsate and throb with immense joy.

Lance closed his eyes as he forcefully stuck the two fingers deep in his mouth, sucking on them as he stroked ferociously, recalling the few occasions when he had sucked his Uncle’s dick to completion. His Uncle usually preferred to just fuck him in the arse, but now and again, when the mood took him he would enjoy a blow job. The thick load would fire rapidly down Lance’s throat with force as he gulped and swallowed, and how he loved servicing his Uncle’s cock, the way it felt and tasted as it throbbed in his mouth, exploring under the tight fitting hood with his tongue and feeling the drizzles of pre cum beneath. The way his Uncle would face fuck him relentlessly, making him gag and wretch to the point of almost vomiting, forcing every inch down into his gullet and holding it in place, his big sweaty hairy bollocks perched on Lance’s chin as Lance drawled and dribbled uncontrollably.

Lance was close as he continued masturbating but the voice of his mother calling from down stairs made him stop
 “Fuck it” Lance grumbled aware he was so close to busting his own nut but knowing it would have to wait till later.

Lance changed into a pair of jeans and a casual chequered shirt that he left hanging out to help obscure his current state of arousal before making a quick dash to the bathroom on the landing.

 “I will be right down” Lance shouted down the stairwell as his Uncle appeared from the bathroom, looking cool as a cucumber and unflustered as he patted Lance on the shoulder and made his way down stairs.

Lance stared in the bathroom mirror as he ran the cold tap. He could see the healthy glow that radiated from his cheeks, that glow that just screamed to the world that he had just had sex. He looked at his boyish reflection and smiled, brushing his wet hands through his thick mop of blonde hair as he still basked in the sensation of the recent man sex.

He wondered what it would be like to have sex with his Uncle in a way that did not feel they were against the clock. Then he let out a deep sigh knowing this was the way it would always be, always on borrowed time, always counting the minutes and seconds and never knowing unhurried love making that ended in a lasting naked embrace.

Lance had men he could do the romantic thing with, yet his Uncle felt special, he was the first man he had real sex with, the man that had broke him in and taken his virginity, there on the dirt ground at a clearing in the woods. There beneath the blue sky and the dappled light that shone through the trees, pressed face down as he was prized open and screwed.

“Looks like you caught the sun a bit during your game” Lance heard his aunt say as he stood in the kitchen and she looked at him smiling cheerfully
 “Yeah a bit” Lance replied as he looked back at her and wondered if she was fucked so hard and brutally by her husband, thrown around like a rag dole and screwed at every angle. She looked so prim, so proper, her hair perfectly pristine, he could not imagine his Uncle releasing his aggression on her like he did with Lance, those untamed moments when Uncle Mark let loose with a beast like manly passion.

It always felt strange putting up the facade moments after making out, that nagging feeling that someone would notice the twinkle in the eyes, the scent that lingered on his skin, or the way he walked as if something large was still shoved firm up his butt.

Lance swore he could smell the cum that still coated his arsehole as it threatened to come dripping out into his briefs. He raised his fingers discretely to his nostrils and sniffed, he was sure those too had a fragrance of his Uncle’s jizz. It was easy to fall quickly into a well of paranoia and he watched as his Uncle stood chatting to his mother, keeping it together so cool and calm, as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and in a way this had become ‘the ordinary’, after so many years of screwing...



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