AUTHORS NOTE : In the second part of Family Affair, I stated that Kyle and Jason were "step-brothers" when they were actually half brothers. Hope u like part 3

Kyle worked outisde. He was shirtless and the warm Colorado sun made his golden tanned, skin glistened with sweat. His dark, curly hair slightly wet. The muscules in his back and biceps twitched as he brought down the ax. Chopping firewood was good exercise and it helped releave some of the sexual tention. It had been a little over a week since his younger brother Jason had returned to college. They had spent a hot weekend making love. Jason was a few feet shorter than Kyle with short brown hair, brown eyes and a lean, toned build. His cock was huge. Almost 11 inches. It was thick and long. Kyle's 8 incher stretched against the low hanging jeans on his narrow hips. Suddenly, he heard someone pull up into the front yard and went around to the front of the house to see who it was.

When he rounded the corner of the cabin he saw Jason's car parked out front. Both doors opened and Jason poked his head out. "Hey, bro! Were here!" Kyle looked confused. We? He knew Jason was comming up for the weekend but he didn't know he was bringing someone with him. The mild annoyance of having their weekend of hot, raunchy sex was replaced with shock and lust when he got a look at the guy who climbed out of the passenger side. Tall with short, spikey black hair, brown eyes and caramel colored skin. He was devistatingly handsome. He wore a tight fitting dark blue t-shirt which showed off his buff physic and a pair of tight fitting jeans. Jason ran up to his brother and kissed him passionately on the lips. Kyle held him at arms length.

Hey! We have company!" The young hottie smiled at Jason and Jason smiled back. "Oh, that's my roomie Hector. He knows all about you and about us." Hector's brown eyes sparkled as he looked at Kyle. Smiling politely, Kyle offered his hand and Hector grasped it. "Jason has told he so much about you" he exclaimed in a deep, husky voice. Jason grinned. "Isn't he perfect?" he whispered into Kyle's ear. Kyle grinned. "What are you up too?" Jason smirked. "You'll see!" Kyle watched as Jason ran up to front porch and into the cabin. Kyle turned to Hector. "Come on, lets get you settled."


Hector watched as Kyle led the way up the stairs and into the house. He could see Kyle's firm round ass through the fabric of his jeans and his cock twitched in response. Jason had told him his brother was a hot stud but damn! He had no idea he'd be that hot! The inside of the cabin was modestly furnished. Couch, stone fireplace, wide screen TV and kitchen. "Would you boy's care for anything to drink? Kyle asked. Hector nodded. "Iced tea if you have it?" Kyle smirked. "I certainly do." He went to the kitchen and poured two glasses. "Hey Jason, would u entertain our guest while I go take a quick shower?" Jason smiled and nodded. Hector couldn't take his eyes off of Kyle. He'd never seen anything so beautiful or sexy in his whole life.

Sure he'd had some pretty hot fuck sessions with other guys, Jason included but Kyle looked like he could tear him in half. His cock grew harder, thinking of all the things they could do together. Jason smiled. "Told you he was hot, didn't I?" Hector smiled. They sat on the couch and chatted until Kyle came out wearing only a bath towel around his narrow hips. "I thought we'd welcome our guest properly" he exclaimed looking at Jason. Jason nodded. Kyle sat down on the other side of Hector with him in the middle. "Hey bro, would u go in my room and get the "entertainment"?" Jason stood and dissapeared down the hall. He returned a few minutes later with a DVD which he put in. He flopped down next to Hector and pressed PLAY.

Hector couldn't believe he was sandwiched between two hot studs. He looked over at Kyle. On the screen two hot studs were naked and kissing, their muscular bodies rubbing together. Hector watched as Kyle's hand drifted from his lap to his crotch. He watched as he massaged his cock through the towel. He looked to his left and noticed Jason was watching the TV intently, rubbing the huge buldge in his pants. "Fuck, that's hot!" Jason exclaimed as one of the men on the screen knelt down and took his lovers cock into his mouth. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of panting and moaning comming from the screen.


Kyle was turned on by the two hot men on the screen but it was a scene he'd watched many times. He looked over at Hector. His eyes were glued to the TV. Kyle put a hand on his thigh and Hector turned his head to look at him. His dark eyes burning with lust and need. "Why don't we get naked?" Jason smiled. "You go first since you're wearing the least." Kyle smiled as he slowly pulled the towel open revealing his long, hard cock. He spread his legs and gently stroked his cock. His eyes met Hectors. He knew he wanted to suck his cock. Kyle wouldn't force him. "That's a tasty looking piece of meat he's got isn't it Hector?" Jason asked. Hector nodded. "Why don't you suck on that big dick?" Hector smiled shyly. "Can I?" Kyle smirked. "Go for it." Hector went to lean over when Jason stopped him. "First things first."

He turned off the TV and looked at Hector. "You're turn to show us what you got." Hector smiled shyly as he stood. Kyle and Jason watched as he lifted his shirt over his head. His pecs were smooth and sculpted with two dime size nipples. His stomach was flat and ripped. He had one of those thorn arm band tatooes that went around his whole left bicep. Hector kicked off his shoes and smiled bashfully as he unzipped his pants. Kyle sat there slowly stroking his cock. Jason's eyes were glued to Hectors hot body. They watched as Hector pulled his jeans down past his narrow hips and stepped out of them. He wore a pair of black Calvin Kline boxer shorts. Kyle could see the pouch in front was heavy. Hector went to pull his boxers off when Kyle stopped him. "Come here. Hector stood between Kyles legs. Kyle reached up and slipped his fingers inside the elastic band of Hector's shorts. He slowly pulled them down, revealing, hard, chisled muscle.

Jason meanwhile had removed all his clothes and sat their naked, stroking his own boner. The thought of his brother (and lover) and his best friend going at it made him hot as hell. He watched as Kyle kissed the tender, warm flesh of Hector's pelvis before pulling his shorts down even further. They caught a glimps of Hector's dark, fluffy bush and the monster cock that seemed to grow from it. Slowly Kyle pulled his boxer briefs down, down, revealing more and more of Hector's huge sausage. When he reached the tip, he yanked and watched as Hector's cock bobbed like a coil. Hector held onto Kyle's shoulders while he helped him off with his shorts.


Standing there in all his naked glory, Hector looked at the two hot studs sitting there watching him. Jason stroked his fat cock and smiled up at him and Kyle looked like he wanted to devour him entirely. His own rock hard cock pulsed and twitched with each beat of his heart. "Why don't you lay on you're back so all three of us can join in the fun?" Jason suggested. Hector smiled and nodded. He laid down on his back, the black leather of the couch felt warm from their combined body heat agaisnt his back. Jason straddled his head with his cock hanging down, aimed at Hector's lips. Hector opened his mouth and Jason slid his fat cock into his mouth. The sensation of Hector's warm, wet lips on his cock made him moan softly.

Meanwhile, Kyle leaned down between Hector's legs and began working on his own equally massive shlong. "MMMMM!!" Hector moaned around Jason's cock. Soon all three men were panting and sweating. Kyle took his mouth off of Hector's cock with an audible "POP!!". "I gotta fuck that hot ass of yours!" he exclaimed looking into Hector's eyes. Jason smiled. "Yeah! Lemme see you fuck that hot ass!" Kyle lifted his legs so that his knees touched his chest. He got a perfect view of his smooth, muscular ass. Not someone who believed in wasting time, he dove between those perfect clefts and began eating out Hector's ass.

Hector was moaning and panting. He clearly was loving what Kyle's magical tongue was doing. "Oh yeah! Lick my asshole!!" Jason sat on the armrest of the couch and stroked his big cock. Watching his brother and lover eat out his friends ass made him so hot. He wanted to blow his load but he didn't want to cum before the others. When Kyle felt Hector's ass was lubed with his spit, he moved close and holding his cock by the base, slowly slid it in. His cock didn't encounter much resistance. Hector cooed with delight. "UGHH!! Yeah! Fill me with that hot dick!" Kyle leaned over him so he could push more of his cock up into him.

Jason's own stiff rod was now aching to blow but he still didn't want to cum yet. He watched as Kyle slowly began fucking his friend, his firm ass clenching and releasing with each thrust. "Yeah! Fuck that ass!" he exclaimed. The inside of Hector's ass felt amazing to Kyle. He moved faster, Hector's sphincter pumping his cock with each thrust. Soon he felt himself nearing the edge of the "cliff" and he knew he was about to cum. "I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. Jason smiled. "Yeah! Cum in that hot ass!" he encouraged. He watched Hector's semi hard cock flopp against his chisled stomach with each thrust. He leaned over and took it in his mouth, sucking on it like a pressure hose. Hector cried out. "Fuck yeah!" Kyle's breathing became more labored. "God, here it comes!!" he exclaimed. He thrust hard and felt his cock expload deep inside of Hector. "UUUHHHH!!!" Kyle grunted. Hector moaned and latched onto Jason's cock. Jason meanwhile was busy sucking Hector's steel hard rod. He felt it twitch in his mouth as his hot, salty sperm shot out over his tongue and down his throat. Jason felt his own cock go off in Hector's mouth. Hector sucked all of Jason's cream out happily like a kid sucking on a milkshake.

When it was all over, the three men lay there holding eachother. Kyle smiled. "Thanks little bro for an awsome weekend!" Jason smiled. "Didn't I tell you Hector had a hot ass!" Kyle laughed and smacked Hectors firm cheek. "Yep! You did!" Hector looked back at Kyle and smiled. "I'm glad I came here!" The three lovers fell asleep as the sun set over the Colorado mountains.


Hey guys, I hoped you liked the third and last installment of this story. I could have kept going with the adventures of Jason, Kyle and Hector but I've found that "to be continued" stories are to hard for me to write LOL!! . Who knows? We may see them again in the future! Send me an e-mail telling me if you liked it or not and any info you might have on how to make my stories better:) Love u guys!!

Stephen :)



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