-The Davis family-

"Wake up honey." Moms voice soothes as she shakes my shoulder. I groan at the disruption of the best sleep I've had in ages stretching out like a lazy fatty cat knocking over a small side table in the process.What? Opening my eyes the living room swims into view. Why am I asleep on the couch?

Oh! "Where's Dane?" I sit up eyes darting around the room. "When did he leave?"

"Not long after I came in last night. I have to say it was quite a surprise finding you two entangled on the couch together." She smirks wiggling her eyebrows at me joining me on the couch. My cheeks don't feel hot but I just know I'm flushing beet red.

"Oh." Was all I could respond?

"He didn't want to wake you honey. You were sleeping so soundly I swear he stared at you for a solid 30 minutes before disengaging himself out of your surprisingly tight hold."

"Oh." Words were clearly not my forte this morning.

"I hope we'll see more of him." she lingers her question mark.

"I hope so too." I smile plucking at my blanket. God I'm acting like 16-year-old school girl.

Mom leans forward grinning mischievously. "So is he a good kisser?"

"MOM!" I yell hiding my embarrassment by thwacking her with a cushion.

"Oh come on!" She whined, "We never talk about boy stuff. Indulge your dear old mother please? I mean I'm getting pruny! I need rejuvenation through your deliciously wicked stories! Oooooh please? Pretty please?" Her bizarre attempt at puppy eyes is more comical than pleading but I guess I can't really begrudge her this. I smile a completely involuntary smile aching my cheeks as I remember his kisses staring down at my fingers again.

"It was good. I mean really good."


"He's... surprisingly affectionate, kept touching me in some way... never really letting go you know? I...I wasn't expecting that... I wasn't really expecting anything."

"Oh honey.... Did it make you feel uncomfortable?" her motherly instincts kicking in.

"What? No! I love it." I grin, it's a toothy one I can feel it. Man I couldn't stop grinning I had no control over it at all. "He smells like lime flowers mom."

"Really? Like Grandpa's tree?"


We sat on the couch together for another hour munching on yesterdays cold pizza for breakfast. Idly chatting catching up on the week's events. After a while mom stretched checking the mantelpiece clock.

"We better get our asses moving if we're going to be ready on time."

I sigh exuberantly time to face the music I guess.

"I get first dips on the shower!" Mom yells as she jumps off the couch and races to the upstairs bathroom. Bat shit crazy lady, god I love her.

An hour later I'm showered and decked out in my new clothes. Although it did take me 45 minutes to match my shirt and trousers. Maybe Dane's colour code system isn't such a bad idea. Moms still busy, she bought a new dress for the occasion so I'm hoping she'll feel good about herself this time.

There is a knock on the door. I frown who the hell could that possibly be?

Two grins greet me at my doorstep and I'm stunned into silence.

"W.. what are y-you doing here?" I stammer.

"Surprize!" Eddy grins he looks quite dashing in his shirt and slacks.


"We thought you could use a little back up today...?" Dane's smile is nervous as he's standing looking downright sexy on my porch; dressed in a white shirt with the leaves casually rolled up and a light grey waistcoat and slacks. Everything about him made my his eyes pop. He's waiting for approval as I stare at them in semi-shock. I can't help it I'm choked up. This is so sweet.

I step up to Dane and pull him into a hug burying my face in his neck. I feel a sigh of relief leave him. "Thank you " I whisper as his arms wrap around me.

"Where's Queenie?" Eddy asked having already slipped past me raiding the cookie jar.

"Here I am." Mom's standing in the kitchen doorway, the boys just stop and stare at her.

"So how do I look?" She asks fretfully pressing down an non existing crease. I can't answer that; I don't know what to feel right now.

"You look nice Cheryl." Danes smiled tight-lipped.

"I think I look like an adult for once." I nod agreeing with her. That was certainly one way to put it...

"Queenie did you robe funeral home? - Eddy to the rescue - I mean come on! That doesn't at all look like you!" His face scrunched up in disgust at the grandma dress mom had bought. The long sleeves and high neckline resembled a tweedy potato sack.

Eddy snatches moms hand and drags her back up the stairs. "Come on Dane we can do better than this."

"You look great sweets." Dane kisses my cheek softly before following a protesting mom upstairs. I'm smiling before I even know I am. I would never have thought that a simple compliment from the right person could feel so very different from any other.

Upon finally reentering the kitchen mom completely knocks my socks off. Glam rocker chick all the way; slim black jacket sleeved scrunched up, black skinny jeans with purple pumps topped off with one of her classic tight band T-shirts. I can't believe she had all this in her closet but it worked so well together. Her smiling face only enhanced the effect.

Now this was mom.

"You look fantastic." Never a fan of jewelry but she loved her leather bracelets. It accentuated her outfit well, completing the look.

"I feel on top of the world honey. I would never have thought of this." She turned on her heels pulling Dane and Eddy into a clumsy heartfelt embrace.

Her demeanour shifting from confident mom to stressed out ex-daughter-in-law. "Dang, we're 15 minutes late and it's a hours drive. Come on boys in the car." Snatching her keys from the kitchen counter.

We dread this day each year. Anything that can go wrong mostly goes wrong. Fuck off Murphy; we have enough on our plate today.

- The Fallen family -

If I had in any way expected the room to fall silent in awe of the moment we stepped through the doors, I would have been bitterly disappointed. Our arrival seemed completely unnoticeable or was simply ignored. I saw a few eyes pop from what I'm guessing were younger cousins but no one came to greet us. Eddy had done all he could to keep the mother and son distracted during the long drive. Stress rolled of them in thick waves and Mirren had held my hand tightly in his lap the entire time.

Mirren's grandparents were the first we walked over to. They hugged Mirren tightly and seemed genuinely happy to see him. Cheryl received a simple nod and tight smile. There wasn't much communication between them. Mirren considered him and his mom a package deal; he wouldn't go where they weren't both welcome. Next we shuffled along a row of aunts, uncles and cousins. All giving us stiff nods, tight smiles and strangled hellos. I shivered at the chill in the air. Nobody asked who Eddy and I were but of course being the ever gentlemen Eddy took it upon him to introduce himself to everyone and sake their hand.

Whether the greeted was willing or not.

"Hi I'm Edward Fallen, I'm nobody don't mind me." 
"Hi I'm Edward Fallen, from the rent-a-kid Foundation."
"Hi I'm Edward Fallen. Clean up well don't I? You wouldn't have guessed I picked up of the streets but an hour ago"
"Hi I'm Edward. Don't worry Lily says I don't sparkle."
"Hi I'm Edward Fallen. Cheryl's guardian and financial advisor."
"Hi I'm Edward Fallen. My dream is to be a porn star one day I think I could be really good at faking it." His greetings became more and more outrageous and I would have put a stop to it if Cheryl and Mirren hadn't been sniggered the entire time.

If they didn't care why should I?

I could feel Mirren's body tense as we neared the end of the procession. A tall skinny lady with grey hair neatly pulled back in a bun and ice blue eyes glared at us with open distain.

"Aunt Imogen." Mirren greeted. "Nice to see you."

"Mirren... - she seemed to swallow vinegar by the look on her face - you look... acceptable... Cheryl well..." The lady sighed heavily giving Mirren's mom the once down. "I suppose you did try. Why you -"

"Oh excuse me." Eddy spoke up with a glittering smile. Aunt Imogene blinked startled at the audacity of the interruption. "I think you dropped your manners. I can understand with that stick up your butt it would be difficult for you to it pick up."

A high-pitched giggle escaped Cheryl's lips as Eddy grabbed both her and her son steering them to the bar. Taking an executive decision the greetings were over. Sometimes I could kiss my younger bother I really could.

For the next hour we stood chatting at a high reception table munching on snacks and drinking a little champagne. I allowed Edward a half a glass for his fantastic performance. To his credit Mirren had tried to engage a few cousins in conversation. Yet their blank responses and monosyllable answers quickly brought Mirren back to our table. Cheryl hadn't even bothered to try but no matter how hard Mirren struggled the hurt of rejection on his face couldn't be hidden from her.

After a while we took our seats at the dinner table though no one moved to join us. I've never felt like such a pariah in my life... Cheryl and Mirren do this every year?

Completely out of the blue a young woman we hadn't seen yet came up behind Mirren covering his eyes with her hands.

"Guess who?" Her voice was light hinting at laughter.

"Bonnie!" Mirren's face broke out in the first dazzling smile of the day. My heart melted at his sudden change of countenance. The young woman wrapped Mirren in a tightly hug.

"Good to see you Mirr! Hi Aunty Cheryl." The beaming Bonnie gave Cheryl the same hug treatment.

"I didn't know you'd be back for the party!"

Bonnie took a chair and placed it assertively between Mirren and his mom.

"You're kidding and pass up on this freak show? I've missed too many years as it is." Her short bright ginger curls bobbed as she spoke. Her eyes zeroed in on us within seconds.

"So who's this then?" she nudged Mirren with a smirk.

"Oh Bonnie this is Dane and Edward Fallen."

"Oh Edward our neighbourhood friendly smartass. I've already heard about you." She beamed leaning of the table to shake his hand.

"I think I'm going to like you Bonnie." Eddy grinned.

"The feeling is mutual Edward. Anyone to stand up to the hag is a friend in my book." She winked. "So Aunty Cheryl is it true you hired these escorts to shame the family?" Her tone of voice happy and mocking anything but indignant.

"What?" Mirren burst out laughing. It was really good to see him relax beside Bonnie. The last vestiges of stress vanished from his body. "No, Dane is ...-" he stopped looking at me unsure what to say. I froze, was he out to his family? Did he want others to know? Was he thinking what I was thinking? I guess I hesitated a second to long cause Eddy leaned over the table whispering loudly; "- his intimate acquaintance!"

"Ooh Mirren that's awesome! Why didn't you tell me?" She thrilled. Eddy was right we were going to really like this woman.

"It's really recent and I thought you were still in Ghana Bonnie. The latest postcard arrived just two days ago."

"You've been away?" Eddy perked right up, he loved everything about traveling.

"For a couple of years now. But I'm back for at least a few months this time. Ben and Clara told me how awful the family has been treating you. They practically begged me to come to this excuse of a party to save you guys this year."

"What? The twins? Really?" Cheryl's mouth hung open as Mirren's eyes popped in surprise.

"You should see the letters I get." Bonnie whipped her head around searching the room. Waves the two teenagers over to join us as she spotted them in a corner at the far end of the room. "They're just really shy. It's adorable though once they get started they don't shut up well on paper at least."

The two teenagers shuffled hesitantly to our table. Identical twins they weren't but clearly siblings with the same electric blue eyes.

"Hi." Their voices as timid as their postures.

Bonnie made them sit with us. "Come on live a little." She said when Ben peeking over his shoulder seeing an older boy frown at them. They grinned sitting down, our table had become quite crowded now. Our noise level rose as we sat enjoying ourselves listing and laughing at Bonnie's stories. Bit by bit the twins seem to relax and eventually joined in. Their dry sense of humour taking us all by surprise. Eddy had been more quiet than usual when Clara spoke. I swear I saw a hint of a blush each time they crossed eyes.

- The Davis family -

I held him tight. It was all I could do standing pressed together on my porch. All I could do to express the enormous gratitude and warmth I felt at that moment.

His arms wrapped around my body the instant I'd hugged him and neither one of us seemed to want to let go any time soon.

"Thank you." I whispered against his ear before nuzzling his neck. "Thank you so much. I had the best time."

"Me too." His answer muffled by my shoulder. "Bonnie and the twins were a surprise weren't they?"

I chuckled surprise was the understatement of the century.

"It was so good to see Bonnie again. As for the twins... well it's amazing to meet friends you never knew you had." The fact he returned my embrace with the same vigor lifted my heart to unknown heights. He kissed my neck before claiming my lips in a sweet lingering kiss tongue gently dipping in. Knowing that if the kiss became any more passionate he would never get Eddy home on time I gently disengaged.

"I wish you could stay." I whispered looking down.

"Me too sweets."

"But you should go."

"Yes I should." He muttered not moving at all.

A car honk brought us back to the porch. Gently cradling my head in his hand I received the sweetest goodnight kiss. Before he drove off home to his family.

Tonight cocooned in warm softness of my comforter I knew exactly who's arms I'd be imagining holding me in the night.



"So we're set?"

"Yup" Dane started the car.

"Everyone's taken care of?"

"Yup." He jiggled the gearshift to neutral.

"You sure?" Mirren buckled up.

"Yes Mirren I'm sure. You worry more about my family than I do and I didn't think that was actually possible." Dane said keeping his foot off the gas pedal.

"I can't help it. I really like your family!"

He takes a hold of Mirren's hand and squeezes it gently. "I know and they know, they'll be fine."

"Yeah... so what are we doing tonight?"

"Something I've wanted to do for a long time." Dane smirked revving the engine.

"What's that?"

"Go somewhere and park."

Mirren giggled. "Your not kidding are you?"

"Nope." Not kidding at all. Dane's foot hit the gas pedal, shifting gears and off they were.

"Good, I like that idea."

"I thought you would."

Dane drove them to the highest hill he could find and parked as close to the top as he could. As amazing as the view was Dane wasn't really paying attention to the skyline. Neither was Mirren, in fact he turned his back to it.

It's a bit of rush stealing away time like this. The gang at Queenies for movie night, shaping into little tradition for Friday nights.

In these moments they were alone together.

Mirren unbuckled and climbed onto Dane's lap. He really likes sitting on top of Dane. Though they don't differ too much in height Mirren took a guilty pleasure in sitting higher and Dane found he didn't mind at all. Cause one of the few things going through Dane's mind right then is just how amazing a kisser his partner is. He really knows how to use those incredibly nice lips of his...

This is one of those things that can't be done in front of the family. Though the Fallen's have always been a very affection family with hugs and kisses in no means out of place. I'd think any pre-teen gang would veto them making out on the couch.

It makes these stolen moments all the more sweeter... All the more sweeter indeed.


If Mirren were asked to describe the Fallen family with a single word he'd have said: Osmosis. Movie night had become date night for Dane and Mirren so it became inevitable that Fallen's would stay at the Davis house during those evenings. Why that was inevitable was a mystery to everyone involved, it was just the way it was. The Davis home has a large family room and Queenie saw to it they were taught the correct movie classics to love while still in the moulding stage of their tastes.

Mr. Fallen was only too happy to let her. He particularly enjoyed her sweet and salty homemade popcorn and her company... Mr. Fallen regretted leaning on his eldest son so much so that he didn't even realise he was preventing Dane of having a life of his own. As the weeks wore on and Mirren and Dane grew closer their families seemed to merge.

At first Mr. Fallen had tried to halt it. He didn't want to impede on their budding relationship and still felt guilty for leaning on his eldest son so much. But if he thought the gang was a force to be reckoned with he'd found Cheryl to be of equally intensity.

- The Fallen family -

Chris was concerned.

He lay on his stomach listening at the crack under the door. It was very light out and everyone still slept. Everyone usually still does when Chris wakes. He really liked this time of day, when the house was quiet and void of hustle and bustle of his siblings. Even this house. This big happy house, his adopted room here was nicer than the one at home which he shared with Eddy and Eddy snores... loudly.

Chris really liked spending Friday night at the Dragons den. Saturdays they all go to the game or to practice together, even Dragon and Queenie come along unless Queenie has work.

Which sucks big time cause they all like to hear her roar.

"Hey what'cha doing there honey?" The quiet whisper in Chris's ear made him jump a foot high. But is was only Queenie leaning down on the floor beside him.

"I think Dane's hurt." He whispered back after his heart started beating normally again.

"Why would you think that?" she whispered back, lying on the floor beside him belly to the ground.

"I can hear noises."

Queenie smirked pressing her ear against the door. There was no sound at all coming through the door. "I don't hear a thing Chris." She said lifting her ear away to which Chris presented a glass from somewhere about his person and pressed it against the wood of the door.

"You really have to listen closely and hold your breath and don't think of anything..." he demonstrated his method by lifting his ear to the glass, the tip of his tongue sticking out in concentration, eyes squinting. Queenie was shaking trying to keep her laugher in her belly. Chris's eyes light up "I can hear it! I can!" He whispered excitedly. He hands her the glass and Queenie does as instructed. An extremely faint muffled moan filled her ear.

"I don't think Dane's hurt honey, I think Dane is very happy." He lifted herself off the floor pulling Chris up with her. "What do you say about making some breakfast cupcakes?"

"Breakfast cupcakes?" Chris eyes her suspiciously considering his options carefully.

"Yes little sandwich cups with eggs and bacon it in. Mirren loved itwhen I used to make it for him."

"Doesn't he love it anymore?"

"Of course he does." Queenie smiled.

"But you don't make them anymore?"

"I guess I haven't made them in a while but I think we can restart that little tradition today what do you think?" She held her hand out.

"Can we put tomatoes in them?"

"Anything you want honey." Chris took her hand and they tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen.

"I don't like tomatoes."


I wake smiling; it was a common occurrence lately. Especially when I wake in Mirren's bed, breathing Mirren's scent, touch Mirren's skin...

The best thing of all Mirren sleeps naked.
Completely, utterly, blissfully naked.

Though we're on a nice steady pace with our intimacy. I always take full advantage of Saturday mornings. We couldn't do this at my house, the best thing about Mirren's home... very... very thick walls.

He's my little spoon, he prefers it that and always holds my arms tightly around him. I softly stroke this side along his waist, down over the bump of his hipbone and down his thigh. I love touching him, the feel of his skin with the curls of hair on his thigh under the tips of my fingers. Up along the soft gentle smoothness of his hips...


Though little experienced he confessed not to be a virgin. I hadn't expected him to be, neither was I but it seemed to bother him. I didn't understand until he told me why. After his dad had up left them he sunk low. He sought out male affection in the wrong way but quickly came to his senses after a particularly bad experience. After that he kind of withdrew completely.

He hadn't been touched in since he was 16.

Though he may not technically be a virgin, to him my touch was like being touched for the first time. In contrast to those other men that had wanted something from him I didn't want anything from him.

All I really crave is from him to love me, like I love him. Trust me loving this man came easily, cause it was easy. So easy and natural I couldn't think of it being any other way.

Mirren stirred under my ministrations, he thoroughly loved it, purring with each stroke. I can't deny I was poking him something fierce, nature's laws rule nature after all. Could you blame me? You'd be poking him if you'd have him in your arms starting the wiggle up against you, driving your quietly insane...

Two can play that game... he has this little spot at the base of the back of his neck. The hairs on his arm stand up when I kiss it, the lighter the kiss the bigger the shiver. A moan escapes when I stroke his inguinal ligament that nice spot in the hip crease above the groin... He traps my morning glory between his thighs holding it firmly against his balls.

... Now... oh now it's a duel...

I take his very hard and very hot prick in my hand and squeeze it. He grips my other arm that's snakes under him pressing his back into my chest. He has surprising strength in those thigh muscles. His grip triggers my movements without previous instruction. As I'm enjoying the feeling I'm also trying to make him feel... more. Moving the palm of my hand over his flared head, spreading the glistening precream with each pass. I can feel his thighs spasm around my prick and I moan in unison.

We haven't spoken as of yet. Not uttered a single word there's only the rustled of the duvet and the pant of our breaths filling his room.

He grips me hard and bucks into my hand faster nicely in harmony with my climbing strokes.

We climb, pant and moan, climb, pant and gasp, climb, groan and tremble ... until that tiny second where all movements stop and you hold your breath for the briefest instant before releasing the pressure in his your lungs with the explosion in your groin.

The duel is over... there are no losers in a duel like this... it's winners al round.

- The Davis Family -

Pickles... pickles... pickles... We're out of pickles? Again? I skip upstairs to the kitchen where the gang is  stuffing their faces with hotdogs. It's always hotdog at noon on Saturdays.

"We're out of pickles." I announce earning a general groan for my efforts.

"Write it on the board honey." Mom's frying more extra onions an all round favourite at the table. Mr Fallen's making a bigger mess than Chris 'helping' him and Dane is... where's Dane?

I write pickles on the chalk board next to the fridge. "Don't forget peanut butter!" Edward yells from behind. Oh right ...

"You like the smooth kind right?" I ask adding it to the list.

"He likes any kind. As long as it's edible." Dane says coming up from behind and wrapping his arms around me. There he is... I relax into him adding some other items to the list I usual forget. Coffee filters... dishwater liquid... paper towels....

He kisses the side of my head, as I'm busy. "Want a hotdog?"

"Yup!" I smiled turning my head to give him a peck. "Don't forget I like..-"

"Yes, yes I remember" He chuckles shaking his head, releasing me to fix me my hotdog.

"You're the only person we know that puts mayo, mint and cucumbers on their hotdog Dragon." Lily grins twisting in her seat to face me

"Have you tried it? It's delicious." I ask depositing the chalk.

"No, I like ketchup and mustard just fine."

"You don't know what your missing!" I sing taking the chair beside her.

"Dad Dragon's trying to lead us to the dark side." Edward nudges Mr. Fallen.

"Mirren stop leading my family to the dark side." Mr. Fallen says without looking up.

"I was doing no such thing!"

"Sweets putting mint on your hotdog is as dark as it gets from my family." Dane adds gravely handing me my disgrace of a hotdog.

"You know that if you'd tell a Belgian that Chris loves to put bacon on his Belgian waffle they'd be shocked at the heresy of it. But Chris loves to add bacon so it's fine and I love to add mint and cucumbers to my hotdog so that's fine too."

"Bacon doesn't count. Bacon goes with everything." Mr. Fallen shakes his head munching on his own classically assembly dog.

"Where do Belgian's live?" Chris pips up crunching his face in thought.

"In Belgium dummy." Edward rolls his eyes

"Isn't that the capital of Brussels?" Chris cocks his head. Lily shakes her head

"No Brussels is the capital of Belgium." Edward answers attacking his third dog. Lilly nods as he continues. "It's really small, between France and the Netherlands and they have like three official languages." We all look at Edward happily eating away. He stops chewing noticing our stares.

"What? Am I the only one that pays attention during World History? Beside I play saxophone remember? Well guess where that was invented!"

"You're kidding." Mr. Fallen is righteously shocked.

"Nope, named after a Mr. Sax."

"Mr. Sax?"


The table just laughs off the conversation and continue eating and messing about. After lunch the twins have ballet and the boys have music. Edward plays sax and Chris the flute; the girls were never much interested in music I'm told. But Edward did go to dancing lessons for a long time, Dane said they were told it'd help his coordination. Which apparently it did.

After all their activities they go home... to their own home... that's the part of the weekend I don't like very much...


- The Fallen family -

"Where are they going?" I ask watching Dad drive away.

"Just out to dinner." Mirren glowed, he was so happy his mother was going out. Out on a date.

"I didn't think he'd ever ask her." I really didn't they've been tiptoes around each other for months.

"He didn't. She did." Mirren smirked at me.

"Figures." I grab Mirren pulling him to me. "So you're all mine tonight?" I slide my hand down the back of his slacks, I love that they've become his favourite thing to wear. They're so easy to slide off...

I have to calm myself. I've been thinking about him all day. His moans, his groans, the cute way he bits his lip right before he cums... Shit I want him so much right now.

He giggles pushing me away. "Baby we're on your porch."

"Exactly my porch and I can grope you if I want. Everyone's inside anyway"

"You know their peeking through the curtains don't you?"

"Yeah but they better be watching TV when we come inside!" I yell loudly promptly followed by giggles and running feet behind the door.

"Baby don't worry I want you too, later when everyone's in bed. The walls are very thin here..."

"Oh I can be quiet Sweets. Very quiet." Growing up in a house full of people makes you quiet.

He doesn't reply just kisses me deeply before disappeared into the house before I realize what's  happened. I follow after him... after I've visibly cooled down a bit.

- The Davis Family -

Cheryl touched up her lipstick in the restaurants bathroom mirror. Dinner had gone swimmingly! She was thrilled Martin was having just as much of a good time as she was. It's uncanny how alike they are...

Though they'd already spend a lot of time together during these last few months. Cheryl had finally bit the bullet and asked him out herself. He seemed shy to do so himself. They were close in age and for a forty something man Martin had kept every bit of his handsome looks. Actually he looked ever better now than some of the photo's she'd seen of a much younger Martin. But however yummy he seemed on the outside, Martin himself was what really attracted her to him. He lived for his family... I mean who wouldn't? Those are some great kids...

After one last satisfied wardrobe check - that Dane had put together for her- she left the bathroom to return to their table.

At first she couldn't see Martin anywhere but when she spotted him paying their bill at the bar, her heart caught in her throat. His face was ash white and full of fear.

"What's happened?"

"There's been a fire, one of them in the hospital."

Cheryl's blood ran cold "Which one?" she croaked.

"I don't know." They fled the restaurant and Cheryl had to remind Martin to drive carefully, lest they end up in the hospital themselves and not as visitors.

An hour later they finally arrived to find all the Fallen kids huddled in the emergency waiting room. Even uncle David was there with Chris asleep on his lap.

"What happened?" Martin asked panting for breath he'd ran all the way from the parking lot. Cheryl counted kids, Chris, Lily, Risa, Eddy, Dane...

Dane's face was red and puffy and dirty, he opened his mouth and a rattle of words came tumbling out. "Everyone was asleep and we'd dozed off on the couch and the next thing Mirren was yelling about smoke and shaking me awake and running around pounding on the all doors..."

"Where's Mirren?"

"Our Dragon isn't fire proof." Lily spoke in that soft voice of hers.

"We were coming down the down the stairs, Mirren behind me when the stairs caved in... " Edwards voice was fare away and hollow, he just sat there staring in front of him. "...and he fell."

"Where's Mirren?"

"Mirren Davis?" a doctor called out entered the waiting room. Every one turned but Cheryl rushed forward.

"Is he alright?"

"Mrs. Davis your son has a third degree burn on his left leg and second degree burns on his left arm and shoulder. We found his right foot to be broken and he's suffering from severe smoke inhalation." The doctor imparted gravely.

"But he's alright? He's alive?"

"Yes he will recover but it will takes some time." The doctor nodded checking his notes.

"Can is see him?"

"Just immediate family for now." He conceded.

Cheryl grabbed her per purse "Dane come on!"

The doctor was about to object when a very fierce glare stopped him "Are we going to have a problem?" Cheryl snapped holding on to Danes hand. The doctor shook his head and stepped aside. "Good man."

    - Familia -

Martin Fallen checked every single one of this kids from head to toe. He knew they'd all been vetted by the doctors be did it anyway.

"How did this happen?"

"The fire men think it was an electrical fire, a malfunction of some sort." David said.

"How did Mirren get out?"

"I tried I really did, I tried to lift the debris of him but it was too heavy and the smoke was getting so think and ..." Edward cut short sobbing, sobbing for the first time now his father was here.

"It's alright Eddy. It's alright." Martin hugged his son to him.

"No it isn't I had to leave him there!"

"The firemen found him straight away Eddy, you did good." David tried to sooth. The fire brigade had arrived in record time it's a plus when you don't live far from the fire station. Eddy had directed them right to the unconscious Mirren.

"Thank god for that!" Martin breathed holding his son tight. "What about the house?"

David shook his head and Martin tried not to be overwhelmed by the situation. Everyone's here, Mirren was going to recover and everyone was alive. That in itself was a small miracle.

A few minutes later Cheryl entered the waiting room again, Dane had stayed by Mirren's bedside. They all waited with bated breath for her assessment.

"He'll be alright in the long run." She sighed sinking down onto a chair, Lily zipping to her side.

"I'm so sorry Cheryl." Martin's face one of complete guilt.

"It not anyone's fault Martin." She sighed hugging Lily close. She'd been terrified to think it could be Mirren that was hurt but truth be told she'd have been just as gutted if it had been any of them.

It was almost an hour later before Dane appeared again. His face blotchy from the tears, he'd held Mirren free hand the entire time he'd been by side. Mirren was drugged up and asleep. But Dane didn't care, he just wanted someway of letting Mirren know he was there. Seeing everyone huddled up in the waiting room quietly brought reality back to the foreground.

"Martin I can take two of them but there isn't much extra room in our house..."

"Maybe Mom and Dad can take the boys..." Dane's dad mused watching Chris asleep on David's lap.

"What?" Dane blinked confused.

"We can't go back to the house Dane, I'm told there's hardly anything left."

"Your going to split us up?" Dane gawked, the possibility hadn't occurred to him yet. They didn't have a home to go back to.

"Of course he's not." Cheryl scowled. "You're all coming back to our house."

"Cheryl... no we can't-"

"Are you going to argue about this with me Martin? Honestly?"

"But this isn't just a sleepover Cheryl. It'll be some time before everything with the insurance is settled and..."


"Yes Cheryl?"

"Are you all coming back to our house?"

"Yes we are." Yes they were.

"And why are you all coming back to our house?"

Dane turned to his father. "Cause Mirren wouldn't stand to have it any other way."

"Exactly, in fact he'd demand it so that's precisely what I'm doing."

It was early in the morning before everyone got cleaned up and settled. Dane stood in the middle of Mirren's room. It was so weird being here without him. In a daze he undressed and crawled into Mirren's bed. Immersed in the very essence of Mirren's scent he finally relaxed. Running through the entire night over and over again in his mind.

They had fallen asleep on the couch cuddling in front of the TV... He still felt Mirren hands on him shaking him awake, smoke all around him. The panic of getting everyone outside, the screams, the shouts and then...

Eddy coming out without Mirren.

Eddy was frantic, blabbering about the staircase. Dane had tried to go back in but he couldn't see a thing and the fire was spreading fast. He screamed at the firemen when they showed up. Screamed at them to find him.

The relief had been so profound when he heard Mirren would be all right he almost lost himself. He looked so frail and hurt in that hospital bed, the burns on his leg were the worst. The one on his shoulder reached right up along his neck across his cheek touching his nose.

He'd wanted to stay at the hospital but Cheryl had advised against it. She knew best Dane supposed being a nurse and everything...

He'd almost lost him tonight... he almost lost him for good.

-The Davis family -

I wake up to Dane's voice in my ear and a hand stroking my hair. I was only napping anyway mom had been in earlier giving me a run down of the situation.

"Hey there Sweets." He whispered his face close to mine. I'm relieved to see him, to have him here, to hear his voice.

"Hey baby." I croak my throat still soar form the smoke inhalation. "I'm so glad you're ok." Glad was putting it mildly; I'd been so relieved when mom told me everything this morning. His grey eyes filled up instantly at my words.

"I'm so sorry you got hurt."

"Oh Baby don't cry." I hold his face with my free hand. "Everything's all right. We're all fine."

"You're not fine Mirren, you're hurt and badly.

"No, not that badly baby trust me I've treated worse."

"But you're not the nurse this time, you're the patient."

"Bones heal and skin regrows. I'll be fine. Although I might not be as appealing to you as before. I'll have some pretty hideous scare when this is all over." I joke trying to make light of the situation.... But deep down I'm trying not to dwell on it but the burns on my leg are pretty severe and I'll have permanent scars on my shoulder let alone my face... I'll have to practically bath in moisturizing cream.

Dane's face turns very serious very quickly; his eyes blaze with an intensity I haven't seen before.

"You're as beautiful to me now as when I first laid eyes on you at the store that day. A few scars won't change that. Ever. I promised you didn't I?"

"Promised me?"

"That I'd never let you fall."


The gang arrive a few hours later. I had one hell of a time trying to calm Edward down. He feels so guilty not being able to help me get out of the house. Poor boy.

At least he smiled at my jokes after about an hour of reassuring him I didn't blame him for anything. Chris sat at foot of my bed drawing on my encased foot. Mom and Mr. Fallen talking by the door, the twins at one side and Edward and Dane at the other. Bonnie came in about an hour later when everyone had settled down somewhat. She freaked at the sight of me. It again took some time to explain everything. I had a lot of helpers; the gang seemed to have fallen in love in her on sight. She does that to people she draws them in.

"The Twins send their love." He whispered to me.

I was laying there in wonder at the amount of people in my room. All these people were here cause the wanted to be. For me.

"Where is the Davis boy?" Came a voice from the hallway. I froze. A tall middle aged man stood in the doorway of my room. Mom's mouth fell open and Bonnie's eyes popped.

"What are all these people doing here?" The man demanded frowning.

"Uncle Alfred?" Bonnie squeaked. The room hushed, the Fallens were looking at us confused and Dane gripped my free hand tightly.

"Dad?" I croak.

"Mirren. Oh god what happened to you?" He tries to step up to my bed by the multitude of Fallens bar his way.

"Dad? What are you even doing here?" I ask. Even now, even now after not seeing him after almost 7 years all I want to do I run up to him and hug him. He's my Dad after all. But dad never was a big hugger, not like mom and not like Dane and other Fallens.

"I was in the country on a business trip when I got your moms message."

"You were in the country?" Mom gawked.

"Yes I'm often..." he stopped probably realizing his mistake in admitting he's never even contacted us when he's been here. "What are all these people doing here?" He regains he composure eyes the Fallen suspiciously. "I thought only family was aloud."

"Then why are you here?" Edwards asks crossing his arms.

"Excuse me?"

"They are family dad, my family." I explain.

Dad cocked his head toward mom. "You always said you wanted more kids Cheryl but my god I didn't think you'd actually shake up with someone who has five to spare."

Mom's too shocked to reply, she just stares at him her face waxen. It's the first he's even spoken to her since the night he left.

"Mom didn't shake up with anyone dad. I did." My voice gruff with anger. Dad's eyes flicker to my hand clamping Dane's his eyebrow raises.

I don't think I've ever actually told him I'm gay, he'd left before I told anyone at all. He takes an involuntarily step back and it tells me all I need to know.

"I appreciate you coming dad, I do but I think you should leave now." I sink back into the cushions of my bed.

Bonnie takes dad's arm. "Come on Uncle Alfred you heard the man. I'll walk you out."

In a second he was gone.

But it doesn't matter I'm surrounded by family.

- Familia -

"Dane! Where's the popcorn?" Edward yells from the family room

"Calm down it's coming!" I shout out distributing the popcorn into several different  bowls.

Friday night is movie night. The room is dimmed and I narrowly avoid tripped over arms and legs as I pass the bowls around. Chris and the girls take up the floor cushions spread out everywhere, Queenie and Dad on the main couch, Eddy on a single next to them and Mirren....

Mirren is waiting for me on the twin seat. Our seat. He straightens giving me room to slide in behind him, our favourite position. He twists his head and smiles at me, the now fading scar on his left cheek still visible but smooth. He has no idea how sexy I find it.

It's a year ago tonight. A year ago I stood sobbing next his unconscious body at the hospital. A year ago tonight that I almost lost him.

His shoulder and arm healed remarkably well as did his foot. As for his leg well.. it's not very pretty but it isn't hideous either. At first he refused to wear shorts during summer but I soon but a stop to that, it's a badge of honour and he shouldn't be ashamed of it.

"Dane?" Risa asks from the floor.

"Hm?" I don't take my eyes of Mirren as I stroke his cheek and he purrs into my touch. Damn I can't wait to tear his cloths off when I get him upstairs. I want him to fu-

"When are you getting married?"

Mirren's eyes snap open and I know mine are bulging. I look up and see six pairs of eyes looking at us. Where did that come from?

"Jees guys, I don't know in a few years maybe?" I shrug

Chris's face is a mask of horror. "A few years!"

Eddy puts his bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and pointedly switches of the TV.


"This is something personal between Dane and Mirren, you guys. It isn't up for family debate." Thank you dad!

"Everything is up for family debate in our house." Eddy counters.

Mirren giggle sitting up straight.

"Besides if they get married, he's effectively saying say to the whole family and that means us too." Lily arguments

"But you're already here, we've already got you." Cheryl giggles... she's enjoying this...

"That's beside the point." Risa waves the words away.

"Hey if they got married wouldn't they then move out?" Chris pips up. This does actually shut everyone up. They all look as us expectantly.

"Why would we move out?" Mirren asks tucking his knees up under his chin, he's smiling as if our family is amusing to him. I can't blame him... they are.

"You know..." Eddy rolls his hand. "To have your own space and all that."

"We have the attic. It's practically an apartment. The only thing it doesn't have is a separate entrance. Why do you think we moved up there?"

A unison shrug.

"Sweeties it really is up the them if the want to get married or not." Cheryl finally tries to intervene

"It's not a matter of if Queenie it's a matter of when." Lily counters again. "When will Dane ask? That's the question."

"Who says Dane will propose?" Cheryl tries again... grinning.

They all give her a very pointed look even dad. Damn

I sidle up against Mirren hugging him to my side.

"Would you say yes if I asked?"

"Are you asking?" he grins; he's joking with me playing along with their game. I dig into my trouser pocket.

"I had a whole speech prepared and a whole different setting in mind." I whisper to him holding the little box in my hand. I've been carrying it around for weeks. But it's never been the right time...

Mirren pales. "Oh crap."

Oh crap?

"Oh crap? I haven't even said anything yet and I get an oh crap."

He turns to big eyes to me and lowers his legs thumbing for something in his pocket. I don't know what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting him to present me with an identical little box. "I've been carrying it around for a while now..." he admits nervously. I hear a muffled ohmygod from the hushed gang watching us.

After a very pregnant silence we both open them with the natural squeaks of small hinges presenting them to each other. I'm looking at a simple silver hand with a black stone in its centre. He's looking at an identical simple band but with blue line along the middle. We each slip them on the others finger without saying word and Mirren all but knocks me off the couch lunging at me.


There are small hushed voices next to us but right now... right now I'm just thinking about holding on to the man in my arms. I almost lost him a year ago, I'm not about to let that happen ever again. He's mine and nobody dare try and take him from me.

"Did they ask?"
"Was that a yes?"
"Where those yeses?"
"But they didn't say anything!"
"They don't need to honey."


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