Why do you think men spend so much time trying to get that perfectly ripped physique? Just to be healthy? Obviously not. To impress the women crowd? From their perspectives, maybe they do intend to do that but unfortunately for them; most women actually do not appreciate that shredded look as much as they, themselves, do. According to major study, women would prefer their men to have that slender and slim fit physique over any other body type.

So to those men who strive to become as ripped as they can be, that who look out for big bulging biceps and 8 pack abs: what exactly are you trying to achieve? If neither of the reasons on the above apply, so what exactly are those muscles for?

There is only one other species in this planet who can appreciate and probably are thankful for the existence of perfect human male anatomy. I'm not talking about those Greek Gods toned bodies that is apparent in the works of medieval artists. And I am not talking about those big freaky bodybuilders type either.

I am talking about that shredded round shoulders which tapered down to deep V waistlines which are enhanced with wing-shaped like oblique and a rigid 8 pack abs; a chest that is wide and perky and arms that are as hard as rock. That perfect body.

Theres no one but us, the gay crowds, who seem to have such high appreciation of that kind of physique. And to those straight men striving to attain such muscular frame – bad news for you, we drool over you and we want to touch and lick those crevices so badly it hurts.

It hurts because we simply will never be able to make our fantasy come true. It hurts because you will never let us appreciate what you have worked so hard for.

It is sad, isn't it? God surely has a purpose to give these men with such toned and ripped physique. And I strongly believe that they are meant to be shared; they are meant to be appreciated. It should be legal for people to shred those men's clothing and expose that magnificence that is his torso for the world to see. And I think, it should also be legal for us to lap our tongue onto the mounds of muscles freely as the man obligingly flex their muscles to our liking because this is how these muscles should get appreciated.

But I guess the world isn't a fair place.

Or maybe it is.

His name was James. The first time I spotted him was during this one stormy night in the backyard of my house. I found him almost unconscious in the heavy rain, lying on the muddy grass on his chest. All of his clothes were soaked up; his white linen shirt seemed to have tapered his honed back perfectly. My member instantly got hard just seeing him lying there motionless.

Just as I was about to approach near him, I noticed a movement in his body. James tried to stand up and when he did, I swear to God my heart just skipped a beat. I could see his divine face staring into my eyes. That prominent blue eyes, even under the dark skies, seemed to have emanated. His striking features were... striking to the very least. Dark hair and a little bit of scruff; this is the kind of man that I had been dreaming of!

It also doesn't help me that his shirt was half opened in the front, exposing his rigid 8 pack abs which seemed to look more ripped in the rain.

And he seemed to notice that I was inspecting him. I was in awe but at the same time terrified when he decided to march forward to where I was standing right in front of my door. There it was, a strange man, who seems to be too good to be true, walking towards you who might as well just a be a serial killer.

But oddly enough, I only reacted by standing idly, waiting for him.

When he finally was close enough to where I was standing, he brought his hand forward and then greeted me.

"Hi, we haven't officially met before. But my name is James."

Embarrassingly, I only stood there staring at his strong veiny arms. My eyes travelled up to the bulbous shoulder and down to the sculpted torso and my body decided to just can't take it anymore. My legs fail me as I fall down. To my surprise, James swiftly grabbed my arms and stopped my body from falling. He then used his hand to support my back.

"Whoa there, easy kid. I got you"

To keep myself from falling completely, I extended one of my arms and found a support as I put my hands on his chest. Even through the soaked shirt, I could instantly feel the hardness of that meat just by judging from the contour of the muscle plate. My body trembled at the proximity I was getting with the divine beauty.

As I looked up to stare at his bedazzling eyes, my heart melted away. I let out a long sigh.

"Ouuch." He exclaimed.

I didn't even realize that my hand started clawing his chest so hard. I instinctively moved myself away from his hold and apologized.

"No, it's fine... its fine. Don't worry" he said trying to calm me down. I moved back far enough to see the whole muscular torso in all its glory and boy, that is one proportionate body. The wide chest seemed have filled the wet shirt so tightly that you could see the deep separating chest line even while clothed.

As my eyes found their way back to his face, I could see him smiling. If there was lust at first sight, this has got to be it. He was so gorgeous that I just wanted to lick and kiss his face the whole day.

"I apologize for my abrupt presence tonight and I know that this is going to sound a little bit weird for you, but we really have to get going. We don't have much time" he explained.

"huh? What are you talking about"

"Listen, you just have to trust me on this one. You have to get inside the house, now." His tone became much more serious it sounded like as if he was ordering me.

If James had been another stranger, I would have definitely contested him back by retaliating. But oddly enough, I obediently followed his order without saying a word back. When I finally got into the house, I tried to look back but James was gone.

I could hear that the rain poured down even more heavily this time around. The sound of thunder was becoming more of repetitive. For some reason, I felt very much unease. There was something wrong but I couldn't seem to make of it.

The electricity suddenly went off and I panicked.

My heart started to beat faster but I stayed idle in my position, trying to inspect my surroundings. The living room suddenly felt oddly calm.

Not even in a minute, the lights went up again. My body was still leaning on the door but my hands were shaking.

Feeling very much weirded out, I tried to walk off my corner but almost instantly someone grabbed my mouth from behind.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." When I looked back, it was James. His face was so close to mine.

"He's here. "

I am not quite sure what exactly was going on, but I kept my stare and decided to trust him. I didn't dare to move a muscle and neither did he.

The awkward silence went on for some time until I could hear foot steps right behind the door. There was certainly someone out there.

"You foolish angels never really learn do you?"

And then there was a bang.

An unnatural force blasted the door and knocked us both to the edge of the living room. The collision was so impulsive, all I could remember after the explosion was the sight of ungodly figure entering my house, standing among all the debris.

If James appearance resembled a divine beauty, this man could easily be on the other side of the spectrum. Draped with a long, torn dark robe, the demon had a slim but yet a tall figure. His eyes were red and when he saw me - he smiled. His teeth were fiery black coupled with pointy fangs.

"Oh dear Michael, so sorry for this mess!" For some reason, his apology didn't seem sincere.

"I had to because your guardian angel tried to foolishly block this house"

Guardian angel? What was he talking about?

"You mean he hasn't told you yet?" It was as if he could read my mind. He then scanned the room and brought his attention towards the kneeling and heaving stud on the other corner.

James had managed to get up and recovered from the blow. But I could see that his breath was still heavy as he stood up straight to face his opponent.

"Leave him be, Ikarus." James exclaimed.

The demon, Ikarus, took quite a while to study James form. Wanting to get a closer look, he took a careful march towards the heaving stud.

"They have been sending you guys in human form lately. How creative." When he spotted the bulging shoulders and ripped abs over the torn white shirt, he then grinned.

"I see what they're doing there... Hahaha, you foolish creatures think you could win their hearts by becoming their fantasy eh?"

I couldn't exactly fathom what the whole conversation was all about; just that statement had definitely irked James so badly that he decided to lunge forward and tried to deliver a blow with his fist. James moved so fast that I don't think my eyes were unable to perceive his lightning speed movement.

In a split second, James was already in front of Ikarus with his fist touching Ikaru's face. The blow seemed to have little – or even no effect at all; Ikarus didn't even budge.

Knowing the power disparity between the him and James, Ikarus smiled and then threw a lightning fast jab at the stud's abs, causing James to buck forward and falter.

"ARRRRRRRGHHH!!" James screamed and went down on his knees. I could almost swear I heard a crack on someone's ribs.

As fucked up as this might sound, I couldn't deny that I didn't want this scene to end. I knew I was supposed to feel sorry for James but the thought of him getting dominated by the lanky Ikarus might possibly cause me to sport a sudden hard on. So instead of helping him, I just stood there fretfully, waiting for what will happen next.

When James was kneeling in pain, Ikarus looked down to see the muscular frame writhing in agony and found himself rather awarded with a view majestic traps, even while still fully clothed. He carefully then tried to place his sharp nails and dig down into the flesh, feeling the stud's muscles up. Ikarus grin became a laughter.

"Oh we are so going to have so much fun!"

With that, he then flick his fingers and almost immediately, James was thrown back to the wall. With another few flicks, James's figure was vulnerably put on display with his arms on his side. The black magic had disabled James completely.

I could see how James struggled to move a muscle but he couldn't. When he tried to jerk his limbs and body, it further accentuated his perfect musculature which made me gasp for air.

Satisfied at what he has done, Ikarus proceeded to then continue walking towards the hanging stud on the wall. When he finally managed to get close to the stud, he carefully positioned his face to the exposed abdominals and inspected the convulsing movement of James's rippling abdominal movement as he was panting.

With just another flick, James's abs suddenly become static and flexed to its glorious form. Looking from the side, I could see how Ikarus had brought his snake like tongue outward to lap on the deep crevices of James's rigged abs. James felt so powerless and all he could do was to close his eyes and witness the morbid act that has befallen upon him.

As Ikarus kept his pace in licking the muscle flesh, he then brought his hands downwards to prod the stud's torso. It was no ordinary prodding; James's entire torso, particularly his abdominals and oblique become so much ripped and shredded after the sudden movement that his veins were protruding from just about anywhere. It caused James to scream louder than ever before.

The sound of him screaming had caused me to finally cum in my pants. As I kept my stare at the sight of my powerless guardian angel getting his divine body probed and touched by the demon, my penis squirted even harder. If that writhing guy had not been a beautiful man like James, I would have probably tried to help him and end his agony.

3 minutes into the ordeal, Ikarus finally stopped his assault. He smiled when he saw me standing at the other corner of the room, trying to contain my full raging hard on.

"Don't be ashamed of that. Besides, he came here just for you," said Ikarus.

I couldn't exactly understand what he was saying. James came just for me? I didn't even know who he was few minutes ago and now this beautifully sculpted man is looking for me?

"Yes, your guardian angel here went down to earth from his holy kingdom up there to meet you. To get you back on the right track, so they say" Ikarus explained.

However, I was still completely puzzled.

"I... I don't understand what you are saying. Angels? Right track?" I finally broke my silence.

"Yep, and to do that, he is now trying to win you back. They told him to become your fantasy. And so he did" Ikarus vaguely tried to enlighten as he put 4 of his fingers on the stud's rippling abdominals.

With a careful pressure, Ikarus's sharp nails found their way to dig into the muscular mounds slowly, causing a few streams of blood to squirt out of the stud's abs.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHH AARGGHh!" James couldn't stop screaming as he endured the pain. Ikarus kept his piercing motion until his whole nails sink into the flesh completely.

"HHHRGGHH, ARGH.... ARGHHH!" Ikarus kept his pressure distributed across the abdominal blocks and every time he intensifies, the blood stream

When Ikarus moved his fingers up, the blood finally was freely flowing down our muscular hero's abs. If James had been a normal man, he would have probably died from such invasion. But to my surprise, it looked like as if the deep wounds were actually healed not even in one minute time!

"Even though he is in his human form, he still maintains his healing power. So that's a plus for us and very unfortunate of him"

Although healed, James was still in so much pain. He looked down and closed his eyes as he tried to control his breathing. I, on the other hand, might have wetted my pants for a second time now already. I closed my eyes trying to contain the sensation.

Is this real? I asked to myself.

"Oh yes honey, he is as real as it can be. Here let me do you a favour"

I could see Ikarus then tried to claw his fingers as he chanted another spell. My eyes were then focused on the heaving muscle stud hanging on the wall and I was bewildered. I really was not ready to witness such sight.

James's muscular torso began to ripple and started to flex by itself continuously as if his body was forced to work out in a static motion. Throughout the process, James couldn't stop groaning and I, on the other hand, started to sport have hard on (not even few minutes after my second orgasm).

By each second, I could see how James's body began to grow bigger and even more shredded (as if it was possible). The magic had made it possible to speed up for the muscle formation process.

"Come here, sit down and enjoy" That was like a command that my body couldn't resist. My body moved by itself to go where James was being tortured. This allowed me to have even a clearer sight of the muscular frame rippling and heaving which made my heart skip a beat.

As I sat on the chair, I could feel the heat radiating from the towering torso beneath me. There were also signs of veins protruding across my guardian angel's arms and I instantly gasped.

"Oh. My.. God"

Ikarus smiled. As I was about to cum for the third time in my pants, he stopped the whole process, leaving James panting incessantly. James's whole muscular frame had grown just as I fantasized all my men to be in my dreams. Ripped but not too big. All of the muscular mounds were perfectly apparent. The shirt seems to be finding itself hard to contain the body.

When Ikarus saw how satisfied I was with the work done, he finally brought James down to his knees, right in front of where I was sitting. He positioned James close enough that my knees were on his hips. At such proximity, I could see the majestic torso in front of my in full glory. James's body was gleaming in sweat and every inch of his muscles was forced to contract.

Ikarus then went behind the kneeling stud and positioned himself as if he was hugging James from behind.

"So how do you like it?" He grinned as his head rested on the James's rippling neck. Ikarus also had both of his hands roaming over the expanse of his abdominals and chest beneath the shirt, causing James to slightly moan.

After about few minutes massaging the heavenly body, Ikarus brought his hand to the back of the stud's shirt and ripped them off. For some reason, the ripping sound excited me.

And then something odd happened. By Ikarus's magic, my pants started to unbutton itself. When my underwear was pulled down, my erect penis was finally let out and displayed in all its glory.

By that time, I was also already gasping for air. The tension was building up so quickly.

Not wanting to let the pressure die down, Ikarus grabbed James's hands and forcefully put them behind James's own head, clasping and allowing his biceps to strain at its maximum peak. In that position, the guardian's angels rippling torso was also at its most vulnerable.

"Now, I'd like you to do the honor." Ikarus said as he eyed the stud's remaining clothing.

To witness such filthy act being done to my own guardian angel was, I thought, too much to ask. Now he wants me to join in and be a part of the circus? So help me god.

Hesitant at first, my hands finally moved to grasp James's cloth and pulled them off, revealing what is probably the most perfect male body I have ever seen in my whole life.

"Jesus Christ.."

My body went weak instantly that I had to use James's body as a support to keep me from falling. Seeing how excited I was, Ikarus decided to torture me even further by forcing James to lean forward, close enough until my dick rested on the crevices of his abs. I could feel James abs flexing and massaging my tool that I almost spew my juice.

In that position, James's face was so close to mine that I could feel his hot heavy breath with my mouth. I marvelled at the fallen beauty in front of me and put my hand on his jaw. So rugged and handsome. My other hand started to roam to his flexed right biceps and knead, to test the hardness of the muscles.

Aware of what is happening, Ikarus then chanted another spell to force James to contract his muscles even harder.

"Ughhh" James contorted his face in pain.

All of the sudden, James body started to move. It moved upwards and then downwards slowly as my penis was abs-fucking him.

"Ohhh ohh.. Oh Jesus" The feeling of those hard rippling abs massaging your penis was too much for me to bear. My instant reaction was to squeeze James's right biceps so hard that it causes him to groan.

I then stared at James' half open mouth and with all the courage in my heart, started to kiss him passionately. Throughout the whole abs-fucking session, my tongue invaded his mouth and to my surprise, James obligingly accepted my kiss.

Not even 2 minutes into it, my penis exploded to what is probably the greatest orgasm I have had in my entire life. My juices were splattering all over the stud's abs, filling every abdominal crevices. Few of them shot up to his neck and the trickled down his chest. I kept my hand on his flexed biceps to keep myself steady.

If there was such thing as heaven, this was definitely it.

When I stopped cumming, I finally broke the kiss and looked at the sweaty, heaving angel in the eyes. His eyes were still half open, but they were still remarkable.

"Bravo! That was quite a lot of fun wasn't it?" Ikarus bellowed as he clapped his hands.

At the same time, he also broke the binding spell which allowed James to breathe more easily and drop his arms to the arm chair, supporting himself. I moved my hands on to the undulating neck shoulders and rested there for a while as I studied the divine beauty, leaning on to me.

James was still breathing heavily, as apparent from the constant upheaving of his chest which looks undeniably striking with their perk, erect nipples. It also doesn't help that they were gleaming in sweat and cum.

When James saw me staring intently at his pecs, he nodded. He instantly grabbed my hands, which were resting on his neck, and guided them both, slowly tracing the contour of his heaving pecs.

It didn't take a while for me to get hard, especially when you have this majestic beauty of a man trying to tease you around by allowing themselves to be fondled freely. James widened his chest and brought his back straight to let me savor the wide expanse of his muscular pecs in all its glory.

As James started to moan, I was already gasping for air.

He kept his hand on my hand as he guided them to follow a circular motion, massaging every part of his chest erotically. While James was doing that, Ikarus suddenly appeared behind him with both of his fingers straddling James's rippling 8 pack abdominals. James, instinctively, flexed them to its max even though he was already struggling to focus and breathe.

"Good youre learning." Ikarus whispered in James's ears as he slowly brought his mouth to kiss the stud's neck.

"But I think I can make this a whole more satisfying for James if I did this"

Almost instantly, Ikarus fangs penetrated into James's neck.

"Arrgghh!" James threw his head back and started to groan louder. Unconsciously, his whole body was tensing; his tightened his grip on my hands. Blood was also trickling down his spine and chest, mixing with the sweats and dried cum.

"oooohhhhh shitt" I gasped as I felt James body trembling beneath my touch.

At the same time, I could also see Ikarus's needle like nails started inserting themselves into the individual abdominal blocks which forced James to flex even harder. When I saw such spectacle, my penis started to ooze another precum and my groaned started to resonate around the room along with James' scream as he endured both the pain and sensation.

Ikarus kept the rhythm going for what seems like forever. His grip on James's body kept it in place during the whole ordeal, allowing myself to witness and feel the muscles rippling as they were prodded endlessly. It was so erotic that I shot another load to James's abs and chest.

Remember when they say, God works in a mysterious way?

Well I guess this was it for me.

Ever since James came to my life, my days were never exactly the same anymore. James never really left and neither did Ikarus.

I never really understood why James came down and present himself in human form on that day. But I'm glad he did. I'm very much grateful that he did.



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