Written by: Bill Hudley

Sitting at the Departure Gate waiting for my flight to be called, I wondered again, why airports didn't offer apartments for rent. There must lots of people like me who are on a plane three or more times each week. I spend more time in airports than in my apartment for sure. The Gate attendant just announced a one hour delay for my flight home to Atlanta due to a nearby thunderstorm. I stood and walked out to the concourse to look for a place to eat. I found a fast food shop with no line at the counters and I ordered a sandwich, fries and coffee, waiting for my order I noticed that a line had formed behind me rather quickly as other flights were announcing delays.

The place was filling up quickly and without really looking at him as I was unwrapping my food I saw a young guy in his twenties coming toward me with his tray and asked if he could join me, the booths were filling up and he said he didn't want to get trapped sitting with kids nearby. I laughed and pointed to the seat as my mouth was full at the moment. After washing down the bite of sandwich with warm coffee, I stuck out my hand.

Before I could introduce myself, I saw the look of disbelief on his face, then he broke into a great smile.

Pax? God! Paxton Parker, it is you...What a surprise."

"Uh...BRADLEY? I don't believe this. What are the odds that we would ever meet like this away from home. Jeez get better looking each time I see you, more handsome than either of your brothers for sure, but I'll deny every word in front of them. Man it's great to see you."

Bradley Davenport is my first cousin, he's the youngest of three boys born to my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Doug. Brad and I are both were blessed with a large dose of our Grandfather Paxton's Patrician genes. Looks wise, we Davenport and Parker men can hold their own in Savannah Society.

"It's been a while since we've talked, we didn't get to talk much at all over Christmas, but with both your Mom's and our houses full of Paxton's, Davenports and Parkers coming in, Mom had us working as slave labor in the kitchen. I remember taking off after the dishes were all loaded in the washer. I knew she'd rope me into something else, so I just slipped away quietly, I walked over to our house changed into jeans and a tee and went to a Bar. Say are you still in love with New York City?

"I'm still there, but the more I go home these days the stronger the lure of home becomes. There's a lot to be said for the slower paced life of the genteel South where we were raised."

"I agree completely, even Atlanta is changing, becoming more cosmopolitan and less and less the Jewel of the South, more international in culture. But I do imagine that of all places in the South the last to change will be home, our dear old Savannah will fight change till the end of time." I said.

"You're still in Atlanta though, right Pax?"

"Yeah, I'm still in Atlanta, still working for a London based Vistaphone. The USA is our smallest market to date. It's my job to change that."

"So Pax, are you headed back to Atlanta, today?"

"Yes and a week off, my folks are heading down to Palm Beach for a few days and I get to stay at their house alone. Where are you off to?"

"I'm on my way home to Savannah too, Since Mom and Dad moved back home from Birmingham, I go down quite often. Dad and I are getting into show horses again like when we were kids.. Pops even has Uncle Patton going with him for the workouts when I'm not there. My Dad thinks your Dad is getting the itch to show again."

"Mom told me that Dad was talking about getting a horse again. Man those were some fun times. Some of my fondest memories are of those horse show weekends. Remember how good the cold fried Chicken and Potato salad were in those picnic baskets. Wow, just talking about it brings back memories of some of the outrageous things I did on those trips."

Say Pax, we should have dinner and drinks while we're there, Mom and Dad will leave me alone most of the time anyway. Since they've discovered ballroom dancing there gone most of the time. Between the horses and dancing I don't know how Pops does it. Maybe I can get you to tell me about those outrageous things you did on the Show trips.

"My Mom tried to get Dad into the dancing thing, but he wouldn't go for it. He told her that 'the Shag' was as far as he would go. She said it was because the Shag is the only dance he can do with a cocktail in one hand and holding her with the other!" I added

"Oh gosh, I had forgotten that, I remember being at the club as a kid and seeing all the parents dancing like that. Dad always wore Weejuns and no socks. Ya know Pax, the older I get, the more I realize that the folks were kinda cool back then."

"Yeah, I think we sort of had to grow into realizing how great they are. There were some good times back then. Brad, do you remember the vacation we all took to the Outer Banks that summer? All of your family and ours. They pretty much let us boys do what we wanted, within reason.

"Yeah, that trip was when I caught...uh...nevermind."

"Caught what Brad?"

"It's nothing, just drop it Pax, it's embarrassing and I don't want to talk about it."

"Come on Brad, that was ages ago. What was it."

"You and I shared a room that trip and I started in one night and you were know..."

Brad made a jack off motion with his fist.

"You saw me jacking off?" I howled.

"Yeah, but the bad part was that I stayed and watched. I'd never seen another guy do that before."

"Well Brad, back then I was 16 or 17, and that's what I did most all the time. Still do, more than I would like to admit, I can't even date much, what with having to jump on a plane at a moments notice...But at 16 what better way was there to pass the time. Did you watch until I finished?"

"Yeah, I did. You never knew it, but I had this huge guy crush on you then."

"Jeez, I hope I didn't do anything to hurt your feelings or embarrass you. I remember what that was like, I had the same sort of crush on Drew, he never knew it either. When we jacked off together, I was always sneaking looks at him, I can still see the way his face screwed up when he got his nut. Oh fuck! This has to stay here Brad, Please don't mention this to Drew. He knows I'm gay, but he never knew I wanted him that way."

"PAX! You're gay?"

"Yeah, I am, does that bother you Brad."

"NO...NO...not at all! Pax...uh...I'm gay too! I told the folks 2 years ago. Drew knows about you? Wow, he was pissed at me for a couple of hours, but then he came around. Cam still acts a bit weird around me, but then it's really no big change, Cam has always acted a bit weird with us. I remember Drew telling Mom once that the hospital must have switched babies when Cam came home, because he was always so different that Drew and I, then he grew up to look exactly like Pops. So Pax, When are you flying to Savannah, you said you were going to Atlanta today."

"I plan on driving down tomorrow, I like to have my own car there, Mom and Dad restored his old Mustang and the Jaguar, now I get nervous driving them so I would much rather have my own there. I do dread that I -16 Stretch from Macon to Savannah, the loneliest road in Georgia." I said.

"Want some company? I could get a room in Atlanta tonight and we could ride down together, reacquainting each other now that we're all grown up.. I'll even treat you to dinner tonight Pax. I know what you mean about I-16, when I was at Georgia Tech I always had to fight falling asleep driving that road to go home."

"Sure Brad, that will really be great. I'd really like your company on the drive. But you have to stay at my place tonight, it isn't the Ritz Carlton but I'd feel bad with you in a hotel. I have a spare bedroom, you'll stay there, besides Mom would beat the living daylights out of me if she ever heard that I had let you stay in a hotel."

"Don't I know it, my Mom is the same way. Funny, even being sisters, they've been best friends since they were very little girls, I guess it's because they're twins. We four boys were the same way sort of, we haven't ever been as close as they are, and as grown men we've scattered out and don't stay in touch like we should. I know it does them good to see their kids being friends with each other. You'll have to come over for dinner one night, Mom will insist when she hears your at home alone."

It's been ages since we've been alone together and I'd just like to spend some time with you. I idolized you when I was a kid in High School and even on into college. I crushed on you something awful. Looking at you now as a grown man I think I'm gonna be crushing on you again, you're so darn handsome."

Suddenly Brad started laughing.

"What so funny, Brad?" I asked.

"I just had this crazy thought. I wonder how our families would handle it if you and I got together, you know, as a couple?"

"Oh yes, a big time ruckus, especially from Grandfather!"

"But you know Pax, for me, I'm just as sure that it would be worth every second of any family trouble it might cause, just to be with you."

I know I sat there with my mouth hanging open. I couldn't believe what Brad had said.

"BRADLEY! Man, you can't think like that. I could never face Aunt Sarah if you and I were to have sex together. I want to think you're joking but your eyes are telling me differently. Jeez Brad."

"I know, I'm sick, a pervert, crushing on my first cousin. But Pax, I've always had this thing for you Pax, even before I knew what 'gay' meant, I'd think about you sexually. Uh...Change of subject! Tonight we will have a great dinner and spend some time together, catch up, get to know each other as adults. Just remember Pax, that if you ever want to play 'I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. Cousin Bradley is ready and willing!"

"Yeah, you're a pervert alright. Sure we can go to dinner, and you are staying at my place tonight. Do I need to lock you in your room tonight, pervert?"

We both got a good laugh from that and as we settled down we heard the P.A. announcements that our flight was back on the schedule, I went to the ticket counter and changed our tickets into First Class so we could sit together and talk. While we were waiting to board Brad called his Mom to tell her of his change in plans to ride down with me. He chatted a few minutes and told her hold a sec, and he handed me the phone.

"Hi Aunt Sarah, it's Pax. I just met up into your pride and joy here in the O'hare Airport! He's going to take me to dinner tonight in Atlanta, spend the night at my place and we'll be driving down tomorrow. It took a second for me to recognize him, all grown up and a businessman like his Dad, so handsome."

"Pax! Oh sweetie it's so good to talk to you, Caroline and I were talking about you this morning. I need a favor from you Paxton. It's Bradley, Please talk to him...please. He's already had two failed relationships. We worry so about him, afraid he'll meet the wrong man and run in to trouble. Take him under your wing and watch out for him. I wish he could meet a man like you, I could quit worrying then."

"Are you trying to get me to commit incest Sarah?"

"Incest! No. I don't think there would be much chance of you two producing brain damaged offspring because of inbreeding, I just mean that he can learn a lot from you. You are a good role model for any man to emulate, you're, kind, thoughtful and devoted to your family. I want Bradley to always know that his family loves him, supports him and wants to always be involved with his life. His father and I both want him to be with someone like you, so we don't have to lie in bed worrying about him. Please try and talk him out of that hell hole of a city he lives in; New York City is no place for a Southern Gentleman"

"Me, a role model? Are you and Doug rolling your own smokes again, like you did back in the 70's?" I'll be happy to answer his questions, and give him the safe sex talk, but I'm no angel Aunt Sarah, and certainly not a role model, I can't even have a relationship with me flying all over the country every week.

"But it's still true Pax, you're a good man, so is Bradley. I just don't want him getting caught up in the wrong crowd. I'll always be a mother hen Pax, I just want my gay son to find someone like you. I want him to find a man, who will be good for him and good to him."

"We'll talk later. Love you, Ciao..,here's Brad again."

I gave the phone back to him and he told her he'd call when we got to my place. Closing up the phone he looked at me.

"What was up with her? You looked frightened there for a couple of minutes."

"She and your Dad just worry about their boy. They want you to find some nice guy and settle down. No...Uh...what they really want is for you to to leave NYC and then find a nice guy and settle down. That's the biggest thing that bothers them, you living in New York."

"Well they're not alone Pax, I'd like nothing better that to find THE GUY and settle down, in the City or out."

"They want you to find someone like me. They think I'm a good role model for you without knowing anything about my life. I could be the kinkiest dude on the planet for all they know. But they think I am a good role model for you. You should sit them down and talk with them Brad, just to reassure them that you're doing okay."

The call to board was made and we were first on in first class, in less than ten minutes we were in the air. The pilot was making up for lost time, I could see vapor trails coming off of the wing tips. Brad nodded off and snoozed a bit with his seat laid back. I watched him sleep and found myself looking at him as a man, not as my cousin. I decided that IF we were not first cousins, I'd be trying my best to bed him. He has just about everything that I find attractive in men. Brains, personality and good looks. A lethal combination that nearly always gets me into trouble.

Bradley is somewhere over six feet tall, with broad shoulders tapering into a veed torso and a tiny, flat waist. Streaked blonde hair like mine, about 165 lbs., and better looking than any man has a right to be. Sleeping there, his collar unbuttoned and his tie loosened, he is a very sexy man. Cousin or not, I was getting a boner just looking at him.

Back in Atlanta, we rode the MARTA Train back to Midtown and caught a Cab for the 10 or so blocks to my place overlooking the Park. I helped him in with his bags and took them on into the guest room. I told him to make himself at home and get comfortable, I went to get out of my traveling clothes and into board shorts and a tee. Brad came out in a tee and his knit boxers that clung to and defined, vividly, those parts of the male anatomy that most fascinates gay men. I had to fight springing a woodie again as he got us beers from the fridge. I need to have sex, it's been a over a month now and I get hard with the slightest provocation and sometimes for no reason at all. But walking around my apartment in those knit boxers, showing everything he has, and he has plenty of everything, I might add, kept me hard in my loose and baggy board shorts

Brad's junk and butt were fully covered by the knit fabric stretched taut and fitted to every contour and bulge of his body. In front I could see the ridge of his cut cock helmet outlined near the end of a more than ample soft package along his right leg. His round little butt made me want to fuck him. JEEZ PAX, get a grip I told myself.

"Sorry for the boxers Pax, I forgot to pack any shorts or lounge pants for this trip."

"Whatever makes you comfy Brad."

He got the phonebook from the bookshelf and called in a reservation to Bones Steakhouse for us at 8:30. It was nearly three hours away so I slipped down into the sofa cushions and soon went to sleep."

When I woke and we both Brad and I were on the sofa, My legs in behind his, his calves against my hard cock. I shook him as I got up and we hit the showers, each in his own room. I finished first and was in the living room waiting when Brad walked in. He wore a crisply creased 501's, no belt, a starched, white, pleated, wing collar Tuxedo shirt, a dark corduroy sport jacket and cowboy boots. He looked spectacular! A wet dream walking! I felt underdressed in my tan turtleneck, tan slacks, a Navy Blazer and cordovan slippers and belt. I watched Brad move about the house. I have a hard time keeping my eyes off his round butt crammed into those jeans. that butt in combination with the packed crotch out front, will be my undoing before the night is over I feared. the kid oozes testosterone and sex appeal! Damn it ! He is a handsome young man, why does he have to be my Aunt Sarah's son?.

I'm only 5'10",Brad is three or four inches or more taller than me, on our way to my car I joked with him that people will think he was my kept lover. He looked me in the eyes and said.

"You'd never have to 'keep me' Pax. Dude, if I ever get the chance to make love with you, I gonna put it on you so many different ways you'll have to like one of them. The things I've done with you in my dreams can make even me blush sometimes. I've crushed on you for ages Pax."

"Just be prepared for stares Brad, and don't even pretend that you didn't calculate every detail of that outfit your wearing. If you intent was to make me desire you it worked. You sure are one handsome fucker, cousin or not. Damn, Bradley!

The restaurant is in Buckhead and there will likely be a good number of gay men there. You'll be cruised heavily and maybe even groped in the mens room ."

"Really!...I'll just tell them that you're my lover, that will stop them."

"Brad you've been gay long enough to know that having a lover just makes other guys try harder to get you."

He started laughing, "I'm a big boy now Pax, I can take care of myself."

We waited in the bar for a few minutes before being seated at our table. We had our drinks from the bar and we talked, mostly remembering things we did as kids, the four of us were pretty much together all the time. Our steaks came and we ate heartily, enjoying the meal and being together again. I told Bradley how glad I was that we accidentally met up so far from home.

When we walked in the door to my Apartment the phone was ringing, I raced to get to it and heard crying as I picked up the phone. It was aunt Sarah, Brad's mom; between her sobs I pieced together that My Mom and Dad's plane had gone down on the way to Palm Beach. They were gone. Dead. I dropped the phone and sank to my knees on the floor, as terrible wracking sobs shook my body.

After talking with His Mom, Brad picked me up and carried me to my room, he crawled onto my bed, spooned up behind me and cradled me in his arms as I continued to cry. I felt Brad's tears too on the nape of my neck. Somehow we managed to cry ourselves to sleep, when I woke we were still wrapped together with arms and legs entwined but we were now face to face. Opening his eyes, Brad pulled me closer, my face across his shoulder and his across mine, as close as we could physically be, we clung to each other crying again.

I've heard of it happening, even read about how it wasn't at all uncommon in times of grief, but I was stunned when it happened to me. Somewhere in all the grief we felt our only comfort was holding each other. I can't begin to explain or even know how it happened , all I remember is being in each others arms, our lips met and we kissed, it was passionate and sexual but still it was healing, a catharsis, badly needed by both of us. We made love to each other, tenderly, sweetly and with a love and care for each other that surprised and stunned me.

When we woke about 6:30, I felt embarrassed by what we had done, I was standing at the mirror in the bath when Brad came in behind me. Our eyes met in the mirror and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm so very sorry Pax, I love them too, please don't feel bad about what we did, it was natural, a way to help heal the pain and sorrow both of us feel. For me, it is a moment that I will always cherish in my memory. You were so sweet and gentle making love to me. I'll never forget this night, I'm so glad that we were together when Mom Called. I'll call and cancel the dinner reservation and book us on the next flight to Savannah. I hope Dad's at home with Mom, she's a wreck."

I turned and hugged Brad.

"I'm so glad you are here. Finding out alone...I don't know what I would have done. I needed you here."

Our trip to the airport was quiet, neither of us in the mood for talk and we were fighting to keep our composure in public. Both of us are frequent fliers and we were ushered through the gates quickly and with in 45 minutes of getting to the airport we were in the air. It was dark now and Brad moved his legs so that our feet and lower legs were touching. When I gave him a questioning look he smiled and said.

"Your not alone in this Pax, we're family, as tough as this is going to be, we'll all get through this together."

I nodded and looked out the window as tears streaked down my cheek, Brad put some tissues in my hand. I was numb when we deplaned in Savannah. Brad handled everything, got us a rental car and we headed to my Mom and Dads. Brad called his Mom and she said she would be over within the hour.

Walking into the house I grew up in was so sad. No Mom or Dad to ever rush to hug me again. I sat down in the family room and the crying began again. Brad fixed us both doubles of CC and water and after a while I managed to finish the drink. The crying had stopped at least; then the front door opened, Aunt Sarah rushed in and we all were crying again.

When we were able to gather our wits a bit she told us what she knew. My Mom and Dad were flying to Palm Beach with the Bakers, their long time friends from down the street. Mr. Baker was a pilot and had his own plane. Of course it will take months for the FAA report but the investigator on site said it seemed to be a direct lightning strike that disabled the plane. Aunt Sarah handed me a set of keys.

"Pax, here's the keys your Mom gave me, theres one for everything about the house and the cars. Tomorrow we need to decide what you want done. Maybe we need to talk with your Dad's attorney to see if he has any instructions about their wishes for something like this."

"Mom, where's Dad?" Brad asked.

"He's on his way home from Texas, honey. He flew out a well over an hour ago, on his way home, he was there inspecting one of their plant renovations. He's really crushed, he and Patton were best friends these past few years, always together when they weren't working. Doug was closer to Patton than he is to his own brother."

Sarah got up and went to the kitchen and we heard her rustling about and in a few minutes she had the island covered with things for Brad and I to eat. Both of us were hungry, the grief and the crying, had us ready to eat just about anything. The three of us sat at the island noshing and trying to keep upbeat, talking about the fun we always had with both families together. When we boys were young, I thought I had three brothers, we were that close and the four of us were usually together, at our house or at Aunt Sarah's. The Horse Show weekends in the summer, the sports for us four guys, vacations; usually whenever we went anywhere it was the eight of us, three Parkers and five Davenports .

Sarah got a call from Uncle Doug, he was at the airport and on his way to their house. She gathered up her things and made ready to leave. First she hugged and kissed me, then Brad. Brad's brother Drew and his wife live here in Savannah, Its Cameron's last year of college in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee, he will be home later tonight. Looking up at her son she said.

"Stay with Pax tonight Brad, I don't think he should be alone. Keep him company."

"Mom call us with Cam's flight info and I'll go pick him up so you and Dad won't have to stay up so late."

"Thank you sweetie, it's all written down." she dug into her purse and handed Brad a piece of paper.

I stayed at the house while Brad went to pick up Cameron. I lay down on my bed and was asleep when Brad came back.

Somehow we made it through the next two days, the visitation at the Funeral Home was the worst because it was so tiring. More than nine hundred people signed the guest books, we received them as a family, Sarah, Doug, Cam, Brad, Drew and me.

Back at the house after the graveside service, I fell onto the sofa and was asleep in a minute or two. Brad pulled a throw over me and went about tidying up the kitchen. Later I roused a bit turning over onto my side and heard Brad in a hushed discussion with his Mom on the phone. I nodded off again and slept for nearly two hours. Brad had put the house phone onto the auto answer program on the machine so I could sleep.

I woke to the smell of Spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove. I stood and stretched and saw Brad at the stove stirring and tasting the sauce.

"Hmmm so you can cook too?" I asked him.

"Hey sleepyhead, you feel better?"

"Yeah, not so tired, it's been a tough few days for sure. Anyone call while I was out of it?"

"I had a long talk with Mom. She told me about her conversation with you when we were still in Atlanta. She's since talked with Dad about it and they both think that it would be a good thing, you sort of mentoring me to find the right man. I think I finally got it through her head that it takes a lot more than 'Mom and Dad' or Cousin Pax saying it's okay for two people to get together. Anyway, she won't bother you with that again, I made her promise. "

I watched him closely as he told me about Sarah's call, he was a little bit sad I could tell. I wondered about that, then remembered him telling me about how he had crushed on me as a teen. He's so much like his Mom, kind natured and tender hearted, but he looks like I imagine Uncle Doug did at Brad's age, anyone seeing them together could see immediately that they were father and son. I started to wonder what it would be like to be with Brad in bed, then I felt a bit guilty for even having such thoughts. I don't remember much about what happened at my place in Atlanta, the grief sex still bothers me that we did that. But with that said, I'm sure that if he were not my cousin, I would have been trying to get him into my bed as we flew from Chicago to Atlanta. I knew that a sexual relationship with my male first cousin would present all sorts of problems, especially in Savannah society. I shook myself trying to get rid of my sexual thoughts about Brad, having him here has been a such a great gift for me. This would have been so much harder without him here.

I got a big lump in my throat thinking about how Brad had stepped in and has taken care of me. I walked to him at the stove and he turned to face me. I put my arms around him and hugged him to me, and kissed his neck.

"Thank you Brad, I would have never made it through this without you here. There aren't any words to describe just how grateful I am that you've been here with me through this."

I turned to go back into the family room when he grabbed my arm and spun me around and back into his arms. This time he kissed me, hard, I felt his hands at my butt pulling his groin and mine together and grinding against me. When we broke for air he smiled at me.

"There's no grief or sorrow in that kiss Pax. That's how I feel about you! Now, go wash up for dinner...we eat in about five minutes."

In the bathroom I had to sit down. Brad had completely wrecked my already frayed nerves and I trembled with goose-flesh all over my body. There was passion and love in Brad's kiss! He wasn't thinking of his Cousin when he kissed me for sure. I washed my face and hands and put a cool cloth on my neck for a bit to take the edge off that kiss and let the excitement in my shorts calm down too.

We sat at the counter, side by side and had a Caesar Salad, Spaghetti and Garlic Toast with sweet iced tea, we both were hungry and the meal was very good. I would sneak little glances at him while he was eating and about halfway through, I felt his leg resting against mine. I enjoyed his touching me while we ate, it was both the familiarity of family and the sensual touch of someone who cares very much for me. When we finished, I took the plates and rinsed them and the cutlery and loaded them into the dishwasher. I reached under the island and pulled out the Canadian Club and filled two glasses with ice and made us drinks.

We went out to the patio, Brad lit the firepit and we sat there and sipped at our drinks. Brad looked to me and started to say something but stopped. I asked what he was about to say. He shook his head and said just drop it.

"No Brad I can't just drop it. Everything, every word between us has intensified and taken on a significance that we've never had together before. What were you about to say. Please!"

"It's this business with Mom and now Dad too. I don't want you to feel pressured or to feel you needed to do something you don't want to do. They talk about you so much that sometimes I think that they would be happiest if you and I were a couple. I know this is very awkward and embarrassing for you. Just know that you don't have to do anything. You know how Mom can get a little crazy now and then."

I just sat there and watched his face as he talked. I saw genuine pain in his eyes as he talked about how I shouldn't feel any obligation. I took a deep breath and turned to face him, it hurt me to think that I could be the cause of his pain.

"Let's forget this business with your folks and their coaching or mentoring ideas for a while Brad. These next few days will be full of decisions and hard tasks, cleaning out Dad's office, packing up all his things, meeting with his attorney. If you have to get back to work I understand but if you can stay here, I want you with me. I can't imagine being in this house alone yet and especially without you here with me."

"Okay, Pax. I'll call my office and take a few more days off. If you need me I'll be right here for you. Do you feel like going to the mall with me tonight. I need to get some casual clothes and stock up on toiletries. I'm sure you are tired of seeing me in my underwear."

The image of him in those knit boxers came to mind and I thought, he's dead wrong about that, when I think of him now, that is the way I see him, those knit boxers hugging his fine, hard body. Oops, here comes my boner again.

"Sure thing, lets go, I need some things to. But for the record, you in those knit boxers is quite a treat for these old eyes I must say."

Brad blushed crimson, and with his head lowered looked up and smiled.

"Really, you noticed me?"

"Yes Brad, I'm just older, I'm not dead. You know very well how hot you look in them."

We made the trip and got what we both needed and Pax bought more underwear, joking "these are for you" as he picked them up, as well as the items he had forgotten to pack. Back at the house, we had a couple more drinks and went to bed. Brad to the guest room, me in my old room. Sometime during the night I woke and Brad was spooned against me. I didn't know when it had happened but I liked the way it felt, him hugging me to him.

The next morning over coffee he told me that I was having a nightmare, yelling and crying out and it woke him. He came to check on me and just got in bed with me and held me while I calmed down and went back to sleep. I knew right then that I could get serious about my cousin. Kinfolk or not, I could fall for him big time.

After a shower we took Brad's rental car and turned it in, I gave him the keys to Mom's old Jaguar. I drove Dad's Mustang to the bank. I call their cars old but both cars had been recently restored. Mom' s car is a Tuxedo Black, 1985 Jaguar Vanden Plas Sedan and Dad's a Burgundy and Tan 1967 Mustang convertible, they both loved their toys. I've finally realized that they were my toys now, and set about to enjoy driving them.

Everyone at Dad's bank came by to give their condolences and share a story about my Dad. I left with all his things, ribbons and trophies and pictures from our Horse Show days, the ones I had won in track and swimming in High School and college, pictures of Drew, Cam and Brad, plus a box full of cards and letters from his clients. I managed to get away finally and drove to his Attorney's office. He welcomed me in, offered me a drink which I declined, and then he sat beside me in one of the client chairs. He reached over and put his hand on my arm.

"Paxton, of course you know you are the sole heir to your Mom and Dad's estate. Their will does specify gifts to your Aunt Sarah, Uncle doug, and their three sons, each of them will get $1,000,000. A gift of $1,000,000 to the Savannah Chapter of the American Red Cross in your parents names and the remainder of the estate belongs to you."

Already I was stunned, that's 6 million dollars in gifts, I hadn't expected the whole estate to be half that much. Attorney Allen continued.

"The home in Ardsley Park, the house in Palm Beach, the cars, all their personal property, is all left to you. Here's a listing of the contents of their safe deposit box. There's a note there that your Mom wants her sister Sarah to have the Jewelry that was their Mothers and Grandmothers. There are over a hundred stock certificates there too, and here is a list of the investments and bank accounts, all of it now belongs to you.

Paxton, I worked for and with your Dad for nearly 30 years, he was my very good friend and most likely the best man I've ever known. Honest to a fault, loyal and an absolute wizard at making wise, safe investments. After the Gifts to your Aunt and her family and the Red Cross, and counting the values of the two houses and the investments; your inheritance total is quite substantial as you can see. Oh...and it doesn't include the value of your mothers Jewelry which has to be appraised."

I was completely stunned. I never dreamed Dad could have accumulated that kind of wealth. I just sat there staring at the listings.

"I don't know what to say Mr. Allen, Dad never let on that he had done so well. I knew that they had a nice nest egg and planned to do a lot of traveling when he retired. What will I do with all that money! I'll have to set up some sort of scholarship fund or a Foundation in their names. Can you help with that?

"Yes, Paxton, I will gladly do all I can to help you honor your Mom and Dad. I'm glad to see that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. You're a lot like him, both in your looks and in your heart. He was so very proud of you."

I drove home in a daze, I was having a very hard time believing that my folks had accumulated so much wealth, but Dad had started early, I can remember as a little boy his admonishing me to save at least half of my weekly allowance. I walked in the house like a zombie, still dazed by the news from the attorney. Bradley became worried when I went by him and into my room and lay down on the bed. I was only nodding yes or no to him. He said he was going to call his Mom to come over, that I was scaring him.

I rose to a sitting position and patted the place beside me. Brad sat down I handed him the asset list Attorney Allen had given me. He looked it over and when he got to the bottom line I heard him suck in a big breath.

"Holy fucking shit! Is this what you have inherited? Jesus Pax...26 million dollars!

"Brad, you, your brothers and your Mom and Dad will each be getting $1,000,000 from Mom and Dad's estate. I had no idea that they had so much. I was expecting their entire estate to be between two and three million, mostly because of this house and the one in Palm Beach. I just can't imagine my Dad amassing that kind of money. His attorney said he was a wizard at investing, this is sure proof of that. I'm going to lie here a while, I don't think I've ever been so completely stunned as I am with this."

About an hour later I got up from the bed and went into the family room. I found a note pad and made a note to go by the bank tomorrow to transfer accounts. Aunt Sarah called and wanted us to come over for lunch. Cam was there and Drew too, she wanted all of us to be together for lunch so that Mom and Dad's funeral would not be the last memory of our time together if something else should happen. Aunt Sarah is one smart lady.

Drew, Cam, Brad and I had a great time, we even went outside to shoot some baskets together. For me, it renewed the old bond the four of us had shared back in our younger days. We were always more like brothers than first Cousins. At one point I noticed Uncle Doug on the patio snapping pictures of us, we stopped to pose for him, arms around each other's shoulders, laughing, just having a good time together and letting the stress and grief melt away for a while.

Brad, Drew and I took Cam to the airport to fly back to school. It was a great afternoon and it made each of us appreciate what we had. We are still a family, loving and caring for each other, despite being two fewer in number now.

Drew promised that he would come over soon, I'd decided that I wouldn't go back to my job. I was so tired of the flying and now I could take my time and discover something that I was passionate about doing. Brad was set to fly out tomorrow to return to his job in New York. I had mixed emotions about him leaving, without him here I shudder to think how hard this time would have been. His being here had made my life much easier than it would have been if I had been alone.

Then there was that kiss in the kitchen, when he spun me around and took me, his tongue deep in my throat and his hands on my butt pulling me into him. That is what I think of now whenever we are together. That kiss, the feel of him against me; but he's leaving, even if I asked, he wouldn't stay here without a job to do, he wouldn't be kept as he has said.

At the bank I learned that Mom and Dad had put my name of all their accounts as a

co-owner so I had access to their accounts immediately if I needed cash. All I needed to do was complete the signature card which I did. I knew I needed to get back to Atlanta and close out my affairs there so I decided that I would fly as far as Atlanta with Brad, close out my apartment and transfer my accounts to the Savannah bank. I stayed to see Brad board his plane to New York, he turned and waved back to me before making the turn in the boarding ramp and vanishing from view. I felt a terrible pang of loss when he passed out of my sight. This isn't good. His plane isn't off the ground and I miss him already.

Over this past week I've recognized that my Cousin has become much more to me than being like a brother, every day I think of him more and more as the man I'm supposed to be with. The One! Dear God, what's to become of me now. I stayed and watched out the big window as his plane taxied then rushed headlong down the runway taking Bradley away from me. I had to choked back tears. He was gone.

I made my way back to the Airport Marta station, rode into midtown, got off at the nearest station to my apartment and took a cab for the 8 or so blocks to my place. Walking into my Atlanta apartment was a shock, after being in a real home for a week or so. This nearly bare, dreary little place I called my home was depressing, a sad, non-descript place, functional but with no style nor anything to make it seem mine or of me. Short of my personal snapshots, my collection of books, the computer and TV there was nothing there that I wanted but my clothes. I packed up the things I was taking and after telling the superintendent, I called Goodwill to come for the rest. The furniture was in good shape, mostly due to little use. It wasn't expensive, just functional.

I loaded the boxes and bags into my two year old SUV and drove through downtown to I-75 headed to Macon and the I-16 ramp to Savannah. Back home in Savannah, as soon as I shut the door at Mom & Dad's house the loneliness closed in. I've never been so sad, losing a parent is a traumatic event no matter what one's age, but as an adult, I sensed my own mortality as I mourned my Mom and Dad.

I went straight to bed, and remembered how good I felt with Bradley spooned to my back. Tears flowed again as I lay there missing my folks, missing Bradley, and wondering what I could do to change this unbearable sadness into something worthwhile. I lay in bed for what seemed like hours, unable to get to sleep, I finally dozed off and woke again just before dawn.

I went to the kitchen and made coffee and thought to myself that I was standing where Bradley was when he spun me around and gave me the kiss that made me think of him as more than my Cousin. I stood there in his spot, reliving that moment. In just a few moments I knew that it would happen, I'll go to him and get on my knees and beg him to accept me if I have to..

The Next afternoon Uncle Doug called and asked me to ride up to the stables and see the horses. He needed to work out his horse and he said I could ride Brad's three gaited horse. At first I begged off telling him I was just too tired. Then completely out of character for him, Uncle Doug got after me a bit telling me to get off butt, and away from the bottle of booze and get about the business of living again. Finally I agreed to go with him mostly just to get him to stop yelling at me. I was looking for my keys when I heard him toot the car horn out in the drive. On the way he chattered on and on about the horses and I began to get excited. It has been more than five years since I last rode. By the time we arrived I was looking forward to riding again.

Uncle Doug's Five Gaited stallion is magnificent, a red sorrel with white socks on both front feet and a smallish white star between his eyes. Brad's three gaited gelding is what's called a Blood Bay, a rich, almost mahogany brown with a jet black tail and roached (shorn) mane. I was back into my old riding groove is less than half a lap around the workout ring. I felt rejuvenated, completely alive riding Brad's horse. I know I had a mile wide grin on my face and I can't remember the last time I felt this good.

Uncle Doug, the stable owner and three grooms gathered around the fence to watch. This was a very good horse and we clicked together. We had a good ten minute workout, after finishing, the hot walker took the bridle and saddle off and walked the horse for half an hour cooling him down, Cot Kennedy, the Stable owner came over while I was cleaning up the saddle and bridle and asked me why I hadn't been riding with Doug before. I explained that I had just moved back home after my parents accident. He offered his condolences, saying that he knew them both and remembered the days when they showed every weekend. He asked what I do for work and I told him I had retired and was looking for my passion. He laughed a bit and said.

"Horses should be your passion son. You've got the touch, that horse you rode is a handful for everyone that get's on him. Even Brad has a hard time with him. But you got him to do things no one else has. He's never worked as good as he did today. Think about it son. This could be your calling."

On the way back to Savannah Uncle Doug told me that the stable owner asked him a great deal of questions about me.

"He would like you to come back there and work with some of his more difficult horses. He says you're a Horse Whisperer. From what I saw with you on Brad's horse, he's right. Brad's a very good rider but he doesn't communicate with that horse like you did."

"Hmm. I've wanted to be around horses all my life. Someone asked me a few weeks ago what my passion is. I said Horses, before I had time to think about it. I may try it. I've got to find something to do."

Back at the house I was making a sandwich when my phone started it's vibrating dance on the island counter. Grabbing it before it danced off the counter, I saw that it was Brad's number and I answered quickly.

"Hey there good looking, how are you tonight."

"No fair Pax, that was my opening line for you. So what did your handsome self do today?"

"I may have found a job, and I rode your horse today. I went to the stables with your Dad. The stable owner was impressed. He and your Dad have me thinking about getting into the horse business again but this time as a trainer. What do you think about that Bradley?"

"That I'll be jealous as all hell if you do it."

"Well you know it's a big job, I will need an assistant if I decide to do it. Finding the right guy for the job will be the hard part. Someone I can trust, but we can talk about that later. It may not happen at all."

"You are a devil Pax Parker, teasing me with horses."

"I miss you Bradley."

"Damn it Pax! Don't you start that; I've used up all my vacation time."

"I know, but that doesn't stop me from missing you, there's always something I want to tell you, and times when I just want to see your face, to hug you, and after the night we had the spaghetti, I keep wanting you to kiss me again."

"You're killing me here Pax."

"Sorry Brad, I guess I'm being selfish, but it is lonely here now. I've been busy, changing everything over into my name. I called Dad's club and they will be happy to accept me, and they'll transfer the membership to my name in a day or so. I"m going to go there to drink, I don't want to go to the local bars or clubs alone. I can drink in peace at the club, I bet I'll be the youngest guy there."

"Except for the staff! I've been there with Dad, Pax. He took all three of us down there for a drink on our 21st birthday. I was propositioned in the men's lounge the first time I was there alone by one of the barmen. He was damn good too."

"WHAT! You made out with a barman from the club?"

"This was nearly five years ago Pax, I was a horny young kid back then and we did a good deal more than make out. He bent over and grabbed his ankles in one of the empty conference rooms."

"Think of the Headlines if you'd been caught..."Young Davenport heir buggers City Club barman, over brunch!"

We both were howling with laughter.

"Ahh to be 21 again even for just one night" Brad sighed. I suppose you never had any wild experiences when you were younger, it's funny, Aunt Caroline wanted you to be more like me and my Mom was always held Paxton up as the example to model our behavior after."

"Brad I had a rule that I would never do anything here at home that could cause the family embarrassment. Mainly, I didn't want Grandfather Paxton on my case, but away from home, I was a naughty boy...often. Once when I was still a kid of 16, we were all at a Horse Show up in Alpharetta, it was early in the afternoon and this guy a couple of years older than me pulled me into a horse stall and went down on his knees, we had a very good time.

The summer before college I liked to sneak over to Hilton Head, I could always find action there, cute boys left alone for the day on the beach, and I did love going to Palm Beach, I could hook up in less than 5 minutes on that beach, day or night.

"Yeah, and I bet you still can too!" Brad chimed in.

"I'm just not into that these days, Brad, i'm thinking more and more of settling down. I've got my eyes on this one guy, he's handsome and has a body crafted by the gods! I want to settle down with him, love him and be loved by him; I just have to find a way to convince him that I'm the guy for him."

"Jeez Pax, he'll be a lucky guy for sure, just don't let anyone know about the money Pax, I worry about you enough without having to wonder who is trying to worm their way into your life."

"Brad you're the only one who knows about the money, I haven't told your Mom nor your Dad yet, of course I trust them, but the fewer who know the less chance there is of others finding out." But no, it'll be me that's the lucky one, Bradley, if I can get this guy I want. Let's change the subject. Your Dad and I are going back to ride again tomorrow. Your Dad said your horse's registered name is Callaway's Blue Max, what do you call him?

"We all just call him Max. There are times when he just gets in his groove and he really puts on a show. He can be really good, I guess I should get off the phone and go eat. Pax I miss you too. Listen to me, don't you get hooked up with that guy you talked about until I see you again, okay. You have to get my approval, okay!"

"Sure thing Bradley. I can promise you that I will not get with any guy until I seen you again. By the way, do you have any idea when that might be."

"No, not now, Pax. I don't."

"Well, I do feel a bit better after talking with you, not so lonely, is it okay if I call you tomorrow night Bud?"

"Listen up Paxton Parker! You can call me at anytime, day or night...remember that, besides being family, I'm your friend too. I'm always available to you. ALWAYS!"

For days now its gone like that, I call him one night, he calls me the next. I don't know how much longer I can wait for him to come to me. I'm thinking that I'll have to fly to New York and kidnap him. It's becoming clearer to me every day that he has to be in my life, like right here with me, every day. It's him I want, I must find a way to get him past his pride and realize that the money is just there for us to use. There's the First Cousin hurdle to get over too. We'll just have to fight that battle when it comes up.

Uncle Doug and I were riding every other day and I was beginning to think about getting a horse of my own. Getting back into riding was the perfect thing to get me back to living and coming to terms with the loss of Mom and Dad. They were never far from my thoughts, but mostly they were good thoughts now, sometimes I swear I can feel their presence, I know when they are with me.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since Bradley went back to New York, I can't take it anymore, I have to see him. I'm flying up today. When I landed at LaGuardia it was a bit after six pm and I called him, just chatting like we usually do, he didn't have a clue I was on my way to his place as we talked. I paid the cab fare and got out at his building and waited around for someone to enter or leave and grabbed the door and went to his floor and found his door. We were still talking on the phone when I rang the doorbell at his apartment.

"Pax, someone's at my door, hold on just a sec."

The look on his face when he saw me was all I needed...this is gonna work out. Without another word he threw his arms around my neck and pulled me inside, his lips found mine before the door was closed. When we finally came up for air he was full of questions.

"'s so good to see you, why are your here?"

"Brad, do you remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about this guy I hope to get to come be with me, live with me."

"Uh...yeah, I remember. I have to give my okay, remember."

"Yes I remember. Bradley for the first time in my life I am in love. I came here to ask you to be my companion, my life partner and my lover. I don't want to spend another night without you in my arms and in my bed. It's you I love Brad. It's you I need like I need air to breathe, please say you'll have me."

His eyes were wide and he was trembling visibly. He hugged himself to me and whispered by my ear.

"Yes, yes, a million times yes. I've loved you for so very long now. All through high school and college, it has always been you, you're the only man I've ever wanted."

"You understand that I want you in Savannah, we'll both find something to work at or to do that we are passionate about. We can stay at Ardsley Park, move, whatever. All that really matters is that we're together."

"I'll give notice at work tomorrow, they never let anyone work out a notice, so I can get started on closing this place out. It shouldn't take long to sublet this place, look around, if there's anything you want we can ship it."

"What I want will be sitting beside me on the plane. YOU!"

I pulled him into a kiss like the one we had in the kitchen at the house in Savannah. He was just as ready for this as I was. He gave back everything I put into that kiss and more. I love it when he grabs my butt and pulls us together so our cocks and hips grind against each other. There's no feeling so fulfilling or so potent as that moment when you know...'he wants me just as much as I want him.' That's ecstasy!

Lips still locked and tongues battling, Brad maneuvered me to his bedroom. We broke apart long enough to shed our clothes and then we were naked against each other in his bed. Nothing had ever felt so good to me. His hard, muscled body, taut against me, his hard cock pressing against my navel, the feel of his mouth against mine.

Breaking apart, we looked into each others eyes, both of us wanting to slow down, something this wonderful has to be savored, taken slowly to enjoy every second of discovering each other. I started kissing his face, his eyes, then down to suck on his chin, kissing at his neck, licking and tasting him, running my tongue into that little valley made by his collar bone, loving the feel of him, the smell and taste of him.

I nibbled at the hard nibs of his nipples, making him moan and hold my head tight to each nipple as I licked and bit and suckled them. I pushed his arm up and licked and sucked at his armpit, deeply inhaling the slight man musk smell of him. Brad moaned and grabbed fistfuls of bedding as I worked my way down his beautiful body. My tongue explored each and every crest and valley of his abs, followed by my fingers, spread wide and lightly tracing over the places my tongue had been, leaving him with goose-flesh as I worked down his body. After tonguing his 'outie' belly button for a bit I lay my cheek on his lower abdomen, tracing the muscle that veed from his waist to his groin lightly with one finger. What were love handles on some men were hard muscles on Brad, pointing in a vee shape to the main attraction, his throbbing, leaking, magnificent cock.

What hair there was on Brad's upper body was very fine and light blond, there was a small, dense patch between his hard pecs and a fine, golden treasure trail leading downward to his crotch. Once past his waist his body hair became dense and thick. His legs and butt were covered in soft, tiny golden curls, his narrow feet had a traces of blond hair atop them and light sparkled off the little golden hairs on long slender toes. Yeah, even his feet are sexy.

I traced a hand through his neatly trimmed pubic hair, there was hardly any there at all, just a small, closely cut patch above his cock. His testicles were shaved smooth and soft as velvet. His rock hard cock lay tight against his stomach as I played with his testicles. When I took both testicles in my mouth, Brad roared and thrashed about the bed. With my lips closed tightly I pulled back with his testicles in my mouth until he moaned loudly telling me how good it felt.

Quickly I moved between his legs and pushed his legs up, stabbing my tongue into his wrinkled opening. He gasped and yelled and was all over the bed, both his hands went to my head and he pulled and pushed my face harder into his butt. Calling out my name and moaning, he wiggled his butt and pushed back against my tongue as I licked and laved him there. Finally he pushed me away, saying he was going to get his nut if I didn't stop. I pulled away and sat back on my legs and pried his stiff cock away from his belly, I slowly jacked his cock as he watched my every move.

Changing positions, I now lay between his thighs, his hard cock in one hand, his soft as velvet scrotum in the other. I Looked into his eyes as I slowly lowered my mouth until my tongue darted out and lapped up the clear pearl at his slit. A deep rumbling moan came from his body. When I opened my lips and took his cock all the way into my throat, his hands ran through my hair, carressing me as I serviced his hard cock.

In only a few moments Brad called out my name and his body tensed, for a moment neither of us took a breath then his semen filled my throat, as he roared. I pulled back quickly to taste him on my tongue, then plunged his cock deep into my throat again, grinding him deep in my throat. Brad cried and whimpered and called my name over and over while I suckled his softening cock until the last drops of his essence was inside me. He reached for me and pulled me up for a kiss so tender that I heard a little cry from my own throat as we melted together, spent, exhilarated, sated, satisfied and any other appropriate adjective that can be imagined.

Before we dozed off I heard him whisper, so softly, so sweetly.

"'re mine, my last, Paxton Parker is mine."

I woke sometime later to Brad's kisses as he made his way down my body. I've never kissed any lips as soft as his, so tender and loving. His trek down my torso has me in goose-flesh already. After each nipple he returned to kiss and carress me, the same when he had finished loving on my abs, and again before reaching for my throbbing, rock hard cock.

By the time he had my cock in his hand, he had worked himself into a frenzy of lust, he no longer took time for foreplay, he looked up to my face and swallowed my cock to the hilt, making me gasp and cry out his name. There wasn't an centimeter of my cock that wasn't buried deep in Brad's mouth and throat. He bobbed and shook his head, one hand pulled hard, stretching the cords in my testicles to the pain/pleasure point.

I've had many sexual encounters in almost 15 years and I've fucked a good number of men but until tonight, I have never made love with anyone. There's been maybe more than my fair share of sex, but never any love making. Now that Bradley is in my life, we will always make love. I tensed a bit when his finger circled my anus, surprised by how good it felt. I've never let anyone inside me there, I've never been fucked, it's always seemed to be much too intimate an act to do with a stranger. But now, I know it is only a matter of time before I beg him to be inside me, I want to give myself to him completely.

Brad began frantically bobbing his head up and down, devouring my cock, deep throating me from my glans until his lips pushed hard into my pubic hair. On the fifth deepthroat plunge my entire body tensed as the ecstasy of orgasm claimed my mind and body. Involuntarily my hands in his hair clinched,holding him tight to me as my cock spewed its semen down his throat, I soon loosened my grip and my hands caressed his hair, I softly whispered his name, all my hopes and dreams were answered then. Bradley Davenport, my friend, my First Cousin, the love of my life, has claimed my heart and body as his own.

Pulling him up to me, I tasted my semen when we kissed, completely spent we were beginning to doze off into a contented, relaxed state, Brad at my back holding me tightly, then he whispered in my ear.

"I've wanted to do that forever it seems. I love you Pax. I always have."

We slept for a couple of hours and I woke to Brad making noises in the kitchen. I was stretching when he came to the bedroom door, seeing me awake he pulled me up from, the bed, gave me a toe curling kiss and was off to the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot. It was not yet 8 pm and I told him we would go out for dinner and he called a nearby favorite place of his and got us a table. He told me that he is a regular there and they treat him like one of the family.

He had chosen an Italian place with the most delicious Lasagna I've ever eaten, the portions were huge, we took home a doggie bag that had as much in it as we had eaten at the Ristorante. Back at Brad's apartment we sat on the sofa cuddled together and I told him about some of the things that have been on my mind.

"I've been wondering if I should sell the house in Ardsley Park and maybe build a new place with a barn and training facility. Or maybe we should keep the house and drive to the barn. We could have a caretaker live there and it wouldn't be more than 10 minutes away. I just don't want to decide all this without your input.

The same goes for the money, I want to set up scholarships or some sort of // foundation in Mom and Dad's names, both to honor them and to make all this money do some good for people who need a break or two to go their way. We need to get your Mom's input on that, she'll know what projects Mom and Dad cared most about."

"Pax we'll need help with all that and it will have to wait until we get back in Savannah. Right now, tonight, the only thing on my mind is you and me. My handsome first Cousin, Paxton Parker loves me! Nothing will ever top those words from you. Since your call telling me about that guy you wanted, I've been unhappy, wondering how I could ever act like I was glad you'd found someone or be happy about it, I was shattered thinking of you with someone else, I knew no one would ever love you like I do. I never dreamed you could be talking about me".

This night I spooned against Bradley's back and held him close, I could feel the steady beat of his heart under my palm on his chest. Both his hands were crossed over mine holding us together.

As we lay there, each drifting off to sleep I thought back on this incredible time together we've shared. Our chance meeting at O'hare Airport, our flight to Atlanta, The most horrible phone call of all when we heard about my parents. Since that call the one constant thing amid the turmoil and all consuming grief was knowing that Bradley was there to help, to guide, and to console me until finally he filled my mind and my heart with his love. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face knowing that Brad was the one for me, for better or for worse we're together now. Ready to face what comes together. A couple.

It took us three days to get Brad's affairs taken care of, his things boxed and shipped, his accounts transferred to the bank in Savannah, and the apartment placed with a rental agent for a sublet. Finally we were set to leave Manhattan and fly home. Out of habit I had booked us in coach, when we got to LaGuardia, I switched us to First Class so we can at least be comfortable and able to have a private conversation.

Our first order of business was to tell Brad's parents about the inheritance and about us, Brad and I as partners. Brad called his folks and talked them into dropping by on their way to their Ballroom Dancing group. He told them it was important. When they arrived we all sat around the fireplace in the family room, a cold beer for Uncle Doug, Absinthe for Aunt Sarah and CC and water for both Brad and I.

I started out by telling them about their inheritance from Mom & Dad's estate and the gift to the Red Cross. They were both very surprised and stunned at the news, I then told them they and their three sons would each receive $1, 000,000.

"Aunt Sarah...Mom wanted you to have all of Grandmother Paxton's jewelry and I want you to have all of Mom's jewelry, it hasn't been appraised yet but it should go to you, Mom would want that I know.

Uncle Doug was astounded, he asked?

"These gifts you've told us about amount to 6 million dollars, Pax. Can this be right"

"Yes sir, I was just as shocked as you are. I handed Uncle Doug the Asset Listing Dad's attorney had prepared for me. I will also be setting up a scholarship fund and some sort of Foundation to honor them. We'll need your help with that for sure."

When Uncle Doug had read the final line in the list he saw the total and his head snapped up and he looked at me open mouthed.

"OHMIGOD! I never had a clue that this could even be possible."

He showed the list to Aunt Sarah, she too paled at the total. Doug was the first to speak.

"Pax who else knows about this list.?"

"Just the four of us and Dad's attorney...and I would really like to keep it that way. Probate will take nine months, if anyone needs some of their inheritance before Probate is finished there is plenty in the personal bank account now in my name. Just ask and it's there."

"Good Pax, the fewer who know, the better off we will all be." Doug said.

Aunt Sarah slowly turned to me with a puzzled look.

"Earlier you said 'We'll need you help', Who is 'we' Paxton?"

Brad and I both blushed a bit. This is the moment of truth for us and his folks.

"That's the main reason we asked you here tonight. The 'we' is Bradley and I. It sort of slipped up on me. I didn't intended it to happen and in fact I fought it at first, I know how awkward it is and will be going forward, and what some people will call it. But for the first time in my adult life I'm in love. I truly hope that both of you can accept Bradley and I as a couple, we are together now. We love you both dearly, and for me, you, your sons, and Grandfather are the only family I have left. I love Brad and he loves me. He has accepted me, he and I will be together from now on, and we hope that it will be with your blessing."

Uncle Doug looked to Sarah then to Brad and lastly to me. They both had paled a bit. Doug took Sarah's hand and held it, she gave him a little nod then he began to speak.

"This news is bittersweet boys. I know your men now but you'll always be boys to us. Some will call this relationship incestuous but even if it is, there's no great harm to come from your pairing. Brad, we meant every word when we encouraged you to find someone with Pax's qualities, but it's a bit of a shock that you took us so literally. I think I speak for Sarah when I say that while it is shocking right now, when I think past the here and now, I can see that this is a good thing. One thing I know for certain is that we have little choice in who we love. Bradley, Paxton, you have our love and our blessing.."

Aunt Sarah said...

"Thinking back, it's odd, but that day after the funeral when we all had lunch together...before Cam flew back to guys were having so much fun together playing ball, horsing around like when you were all kids. Drew mentioned to me that you two would be good together. He asked me if I would be shocked if it happened. At the time I laughed it off, but it has been in my thoughts a lot since then and I know it's good for both of you. It is a solution that certainly makes Doug and I feel better, not having to worry about him in that hell hole of a city, having Bradley back home here in Savannah makes us very happy. As for what others might think or say, It really is none of their business. Just always remember, 'Those who mind, don't matter and those who matter don't mind.' We're happy for you Brad, Pax. We really are."

We all stood as Doug proposed a toast. I looked across and Aunt Sarah gave me a wink as we all clinked our glasses together, toasting a new beginning for Bradley and me. Doug and Sarah made ready to leave to continue on to their Ballroom Dance classes. I was standing in the open doorway waving goodbye to them when Bradley pulled me back into the room and started kissing and hugging and we eventually wound up naked, on the cool tile of the foyer, acting like teens who had just discovered sex, we wound up making love right there on the slate tiles in the foyer.

Brad was the first to rouse and he went to clean up from the drinks. I've learned that the 6 year difference in our ages comes into play largely in my sexual stamina. I don't have the stamina that Bradley does. The man is a total sex machine, give him ten minutes after his orgasm and he's ready and raring to go again. He's a master at 'edging', getting us right to the edge and then backing off, letting it build and build until we reach that moment that we can no longer stop. Once we past that point of no return the physical orgasm is phenomenal. But I don't have the words to describe the emotional orgasm I experience with him. It's the mind fuck, it leaves me glowing and my head and heart overflowing with love for him.

I was still lying in the foyer floor when Brad came and offered his hand. He pulled me up and kissed me. A nice 'I love you' kiss, not one of those passionate, toe curling, 'I gotta do you right now' kisses. Side by side we turned off the lights and made our way to our bedroom. Brad tossed my clothes I had been wearing into a chair and I fell onto our bed naked. He came out of our bathroom naked and as he walked to the bed his cock was rising higher with each step. I know my eyes got big as he neared me. He had just fucked my brains out not twenty minutes ago and here he comes ready to take me again.

"Whoa there Super Stud...this old man needs a break before you stick that thing in me again." I said.

"What can I tell ya' Pax. Since I was 15 I've dreamed about you and I being together like this. I meant what I said when I told you that you are the only man I have ever wanted. It's my good luck that you're as sexy as all get out and have finally come to your senses and realized that it's me you want."

I held up my arms to him and he lay down with me, we held each other and kissed, then Brad turned us and spooned up to my back, hugged me to him and kissed my neck just below my ear.

"G'nite Babe, you know I love you." Brad whispered.

"Nite Brad. Before you, I never knew what being in love was all about. I like it and I like us being this way. Sweet dreams baby. I love you too."

Somehow the time has slipped away, it is now almost three months since the plane crash that took Mom and Dad. We've kept the house in Ardsley Park, neither Brad nor I ever wanted to move into their bedroom, my old room is where we stay, we have all we needed there with it's ensuite bath. We left their room as they had it. If we ever need a guest room it will suffice, and there are two other bedrooms as well.

We were getting back into the horse thing regularly. Brad is riding at least five times a week and Cot Kennedy, the stable owner, has me working with some of the more challenging horses and their riders. I must admit that I have never enjoyed working at anything more than I like working here at the stables. Regular riding has improved Bradley's horsemanship by leaps and bounds. Even his Dad commented to me that since he moved back here he is ten times the rider he was before. In another month or so the Horse Show Circuit will start up, Uncle Doug, Cot, Brad and I got together to go over the scheduled events and decide when and where we would go to have our best shot and the toughest competition. From the very start our horses and riders had good chances of bringing home the hardware and the cash. Cot Kennedy is very good at what he does.

Cot, is the stable owner and trainer, he I get along very well. He's even broached the subject of us maybe joining forces, with me working with the hard headed horses and their riders. Since Cot has the stables, and the transportation for the Show circuit, as well as a good list of clients, mostly young girls with their Hunter Jumpers, it made a lot of sense business wise. A good number of these young ladies and men had horses that were retired race horses and were now learning a new trade. It took extra time with training both the horses and their riders.

Somehow, I turned out to be a good instructor for the younger riders and their horses trusted me. Things are working out. I became a partner with Cot and by summers end we had enough new clients to consider adding or or building another barn and another horse van. Nothing builds a business quicker that being successful. With some of our riders winning at every show, word spreads quickly and the need for another barn was soon going to be a necessity. I liked the idea of two barns just for the safety factor. In case of a disaster one might be spared leaving us to put all our resources into saving the stock in the barn that was in danger.

Brad needed more than the horses to feel that he was pulling his own weight. He had been in sales on his NYC job, selling banking services to corporate clients. His Dad suggested he go and talk with the people at my Dad's old bank. With his resume and success in the New York City Market, the Savannah Land Bank and Community Trust was elated to have him join their team. When he met with Bank President Andrew Dulaney, the first word's from Mr. Dulaney were;

"Your uncle Patton would be very proud to see you here, son."

Brad was happy to get back to work, he started out as a personal banking advisor and began studying the investment markets. He gradually eased into providing investment information and guidance. In a year or so he would be on track to move into the investment consultant position my Dad had held. I brought out the boxes of Dad's belongings from his office for Brad to go through and see if there were any hints to Dad's investment strategies. When we went through the boxes I pulled out all of the Horse Show trophies, pictures and ribbons from the boxes and took them to my office at the training barn

Brad was in his element. He loved working at the bank. In six months he had turned his $1,000,000 inheritance into $1,205,000. I was impressed, a 21% increase in only six months. I asked him to make some investments with the money left to me. I always call it our money but he refused to consider that he had any part of it. In exasperation I had a will drawn up making Brad my heir and I added him to the bank accounts in my name.

I convinced him to fly with me to Colorado where I inherited property, and we were officially married there. Neither of us needed a ceremony to make us official, the marriage was strictly for his protection to insure that as my legal heir he would inherit at my death. But for now, I'm happier than I've ever known was possible. Emotional old fool that I am, I can tear up just watching Bradley walk across the room. We are so good together and good for each other, we take each day as it comes, and never fail to say I love you at least every day. We are not promised tomorrow so we do our best to make every day a special one.

The End...?


Bill Hudley

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