I've been on the Obama space station for a couple of years now. While I've been here, I've learned a lot about myself by the people I've interacted with. The last two years have been totally different than the first 18 years of my life. Even though I wouldn't trade these last two years for anything, I knew it was time for me to take the next step into my future. Most nights I was out and about with my friends and the family I had become a part of, but tonight I was alone thinking about what was, is, and could be.

The colony I was born on had been terraformed by TerraCorp but it had been commissioned by a religious sect that my great grandparents had been a part of. My grandparents, my parents, my siblings, my aunts and uncles and my cousins, had been raised according to the sect. With each generation there was an increasing dissatisfaction with the beliefs held by our elders. The only way off the planet was to get a job with one of the corporations. Every once in a while, our colony would send out a mission of young people in an attempt to attract new believers to the planet. While they usually brought some new people back, they would also have lost a few of the mission members who decided to stay on one of the other colonies. Or you could be sent away, like I was.

My colony was very repressive when it came to sex. According to the belief system, sex was purely for procreation and only between a husband and his wife. So when my father found me and one of my friends out behind the barn, with my friend's dick in my mouth, he and my mother went ballistic. In addition to hearing lecture after lecture about how unclean I was in God's eyes, I was forbidden to see my friend again. I'm sure he was having the same experience I was. As a result, my parents made arrangements with a family that lived nearby that I would marry one of their daughters.

Even though it was forbidden, I and some of my friends were able to hack through the firewalls the colony had in place to keep anyone from gaining access to what the sect determined was inappropriate on the net. We found some amazing stuff about other cultures on other colonies. Our elders told us that there were other colonies but that they were the realm of the devil. The music was so much more exciting than the hymns we sang when we went to services twice a week. eBooks painted vivid pictures of what life could be. Vids were more than just preachers from other colonies. We also found eBooks and vids about sex. Sex between men and women; women and women; men and men; and even groups. It wasn't just for a husband and his wife. As I read and watched more about sex, I realized that I was attracted to men and their penises. I even found out that the penis had other names: dick, cock, baby maker, Johnson, dong, meat stick, prick, woodie and on and on. In one of the eBooks I found, it said that there are more synonyms for penis than any other word in the English language. We also found out that sperm had many different names too. Words like cum, jizz, spunk, man juice, spooge, nut, and load.

It was after seeing all those things that my best friend, Tommy, who I had known since we were little, decided to see what sex felt like. In the last couple of years, Tommy had gotten taller and heavier than me. We both worked on our families' farms and had bodies created by physical labor and ample amounts of food. Once we both turned 18 and finished school, we didn't see each other as much but we'd see each other at services and always made sure to talk to each other. Since we had turned 18, our parents had become more lenient about being away from the farms, but after a long day of farm work, I was usually too tired to do much of anything.

At one service, Tommy asked if he could come visit me at our farm. He wasn't only my best friend but he was almost like a brother, so I was excited to have him come for a visit. As it got closer to the day of Tommy's visit, I kept thinking about some of the vids we had seen about sex. The ones I thought about the most were the vids of two guys. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't get the images out of my mind. While there were lots of different men in the vids, the ones that I found the most attractive were men bigger than me who had muscles and big dicks. There were times I would be working on the farm watching some of our farmhands who fit that description and my dick would get hard. Sometimes it would get so bad, that I'd have to find a private place to masturbate. That was another thing that was considered a sin. It was wrong to waste the seeds of life by pleasuring yourself.

When Tommy showed up at our farmhouse, he came in and respectfully accepted a glass of lemonade from my Mother while filling her in on the happenings of his family. After a suitable amount of time had passed, I told my Mother that Tommy and I wear going to have a catch. Both of us enjoyed playing baseball, one of the few sports that was allowed because it didn't have elements of violence.

We went out behind the barn and started playing catch. After a while, we stopped and sat down on a bale of hay. Tommy spoke first, "Have you been thinking about the vids we watched?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Almost all of the time. I've even had to masturbate a few times because my dick hurt so much."

"Me too." I didn't know what to say to keep the conversation going. I didn't know how Tommy would react if I said I liked the men in the vids. "What do you think about?" The dance began.

"Probably the same thing you are."

"Tell me."

"Well, mostly I think about being inside a girl. Sometimes I think about having my dick in her mouth and other stuff."

"What other stuff?"

"You might not like it or think it's wrong."

"Tommy, we've been friends a long time, nothing you say will change that."

"Well, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have my dick in a guy's mouth. I don't care if it's a girl or a guy, I just want to know what it feels like. Do you think the same thing?"

"To be honest, I wonder what it would feel like to have a dick in my mouth." Tommy stared at me for a minute and I worried that he was going to get up and go.

I was pleasantly surprised when Tommy said, "Should we try?"

"Yeah. Would you mind taking off your shirt?"

"If you take yours off."

We pulled off our shirts at the same time. Besides in the vids, the last time I had seen another man's torso was when my Mother used to bathe my brother and I at the same time, but that had stopped years ago. Tommy looked like some of the guys on the vids that I liked. His chest was muscled and bigger than mine. His arms were corded with muscles and his stomach was flat so that I could see the muscles behind his skin. I couldn't help myself, I put a hand on Tommy's chest and moved it around then I did the same with his arms. He did the same to me. I took a deep breath and put my hand down the front of Tommy's loose work pants and his underwear. I found his dick and it was already getting hard. It was bigger than mine. While it was getting harder the skin felt soft and worn. I could feel his veins, just like I had, but they were different at the same time.

I pushed his pants down far enough that his dick was out. Just like I'd seen in the vids I got on my knees in front of Tommy. I watched Tommy stroke his cock as it continued to get bigger. Neither of us knew what to do except for what we had seen and heard on the vids. Tommy slapped my face with his dick and then he pushed it against my lips. "Come on, open up and take my cock boy."

I parted my lips just enough so that Tommy could push his dick in. The sensation of his head crossing my lips was better than I thought it was going to be. I don't know what I thought a dick would taste like but I liked it, my tongue wanted to taste every part of it.

"That's it boy, eat it all." Tommy was quoting from the vid. He started rocking his hips at the same time that I started to move my head. I felt the head of his dick hit the back of my throat and he kept trying to push. When I gagged and tried to pull back, Tommy wouldn't let me, "Yeah, choke on it, slut."

It took only a few minutes before Tommy announced that he was going to cum. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and just like the vid said, "Open your mouth bitch." I opened wide and he aimed his dick. His thick, white cum shot into my mouth several times. I let it pool on my tongue just like the vid. When Tommy was empty, he pushed his dick back into my mouth and pumped it a few times over his cum on my tongue. It felt and tasted better than I thought it would. It was at that moment that my father walked around the corner of the barn. Tommy pulled his cock out of my mouth and I swallowed. Tommy pulled up his pants, put his shirt back on and then ran in the direction of his family's farm. That's when the yelling started and the plan to marry me off was set in motion. I never saw Tommy again.

As it got closer to my wedding, I knew that I just couldn't do it, no matter how much my parents wanted me to. The idea of sex with a woman just wasn't something I wanted to do. When I told my parents, they said that I no longer was a child of God, or their child, and that I would need to leave. They gave me enough credits to get to the nearest space station and then I was on my own. They didn't even wish me luck or say goodbye, they just watched me walk in the direction of the landing area where shuttles landed and took off.

When I made it to the space station, the Obama, I was assaulted by the noise, the sounds, the smells and people so close together, even though they weren't at services. I just stood in the gangway, hallway, whatever it was called just trying to take it all in. It was just like the vids, but even more so. I got a lot of stares as people walked by. I didn't know where to go or what to do, so I just started walking down one of the hallways. The station looked so huge when we approached, I realized there must be more levels like this one, both above and below. There were places where people were sitting at tables eating, there were shops of all different kinds and there were places where men and women were standing at counters drinking beverages of different colors. I must have stopped again because someone ran into me. I turned to apologize and it was an older woman, much older than my Mom, in a very colorful outfit with blue hair.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry young man, I should have been watching were I was going but I couldn't take my eyes off of the ass of that young man over there." She pointed and I looked. It was a man some centimeters taller than my almost 1.8 meters and maybe 10 kilograms heavier. I really didn't know what she was talking about. His ass looked like most asses to me. "I'd love to get my hands on that." When I faced her again, my mouth must have been hanging open. "I should have known from the dreadful clothes you have on, you're from that fucking colony of religious wackos." She put a hand up to her mouth. "Oh no, please forgive my language, I didn't mean to offend you."

"None taken, that's actually why I'm here. Those wackos, as you called them, kicked me off the planet."

"You must have done something really bad. I like you already". She put an arm through mine and we started walking down the hallway again. "What's your name cutie?"

"Benjamin, it's from the bible."

"And your middle name?"


"Well, how about if, from now on, we call you Benji or BJ. Which do you prefer?"

"BJ." Little did I know that I chose a nickname that meant having cocks in my mouth or how prophetic the name was going to be.

"BJ it is. Now let's get you some new clothes and get rid of the sacks you are wearing."

"I don't have any more credits, I used them all to get here."

"Not to worry, your Auntie June will take care of it, we'll talk about how you can pay me back later."

Auntie June took me to a clothing store. I was amazed to see images of all different kinds of clothes appear to float in the store. Two men who were dressed in bright colors and waved their hands a lot, kept walking around me. They told me I had to get rid of the clothes I had on before they could help me.

"I can't take off my clothes here, there are people around."

"Oh please, what's another naked man around here?"

I took off my baggy shirt and pants and stood on a small platform in my underwear that went almost all the way to my knees. Both men walked around me several times talking about how nice my body was. Auntie June stood off to the side watching.

One of the men said, "Now the underwear." I think I turned bright red as they stood waiting. I stepped out of my underwear and stood with my hands over my dick wishing I could also cover my backside. The same man said, "God, if I had this body when I was younger, I sure wouldn't be working here, I'd have a sugar daddy giving me everything I wanted." I wasn't sure what he meant.

Auntie June walked around me like the two men had done. "BJ, you put the ass of that guy in the hallway to shame."

"His name is BJ?" Both men were laughing. "Well it makes sense with those lips."

"That's enough boys, make him a couple of outfits so we can get out of here."

"Move your hands. We have to get good measurements." I moved my hands and both men started giggling like the girls did sometimes at school. "It's not fair, beautiful face and hair, exceptional body, great ass plus a cock to match. This kid won the gene pool lottery." A green stripe of light passed over my body twice and the two men were tapping some kind of pads they hand in their hands. As I looked in a mirror various pieces of clothing seemed to appear on my body and the two men talked quickly. A few more taps on the pads and actual clothing started to appear in a machine we were standing by. One of the men handed me a small piece of material. I held it in my hand not knowing what they wanted me to do. "Put it on."

"I don't know what it is."

"Did you grow up under a rock? It's a pair of underwear." It wasn't like any pair of underwear I had ever seen. I put my legs through the openings and pulled them up. There was a string of material that went between my butt cheeks. I couldn't figure out what to do with the material at the front. "Oh, for the love of Christ." I had never heard anyone say something like that before. The man grabbed my dick and balls and maneuvered them through an opening that was something stretchy that tightened when he had gotten them both through. They made my dick stick out further than I was used to. There was sheer piece of material that they rested in which pulled it toward the right. "Perfect."

The next thing they handed me was a pair of pants. They were made from something stretchy too. Except for the material being black, it didn't look like I was wearing anything. One man to the other, "You were right, these are exactly what he should wear."

I was handed a shirt that didn't have any sleeves. The shirt sparkled with different colors. When I put it on, I couldn't find any buttons and it was short, it didn't go below the waist of the tight pants. "How do I close it and it's not long enough."

"Why would you want buttons, that's for men that have something to hide, you want to show off those pecs and abs sweetie. And you definitely don't want anything to hide the shape of your ass."

A pair of the most comfortable shoes were handed to me. I must have looked like a kid at Christmas as I danced around feeling like there wasn't anything on my feet.

Auntie June put her arm through mine and said to the salesmen, "Thank you boys. Send the rest to me and I'll make sure they get to BJ. I'll let you know if he needs anything else. Put it all on my account. Ta ta!"

While we walked, Auntie June told me that she had lived on the Obama Station most of her life. She loved how different it was, that there were people from all over the galaxy bringing their cultures, their food, their music, all the things she said that make life interesting. She confided that she came from a wealthy family and she had more credits than she could ever use. She told me that she loved someone long ago but that she had died when there had been an attack on the ship that was bringing her back from a visit with her family. She told me she had never found love again. There was time, she said, that she wanted to have kids, but after her lover died, she didn't want to raise a child alone. Instead, she said, she created her own family of nephews and nieces and that I was now one of her nephews. Some of them still lived on the Obama but others had gone to different colonies when they were ready to start their families but that they were always with her because they were in her heart.

She patted my arm, "That's enough about me. Tell me about you." I told her about the colony I was from and the details about why I was here. "Do you love this Tommy?"

"I'm not sure, he is or was, my best friend, but I don't think I know what love is."

"You'll know when it happens, until then make sure you experience all that you can."

We stopped in front of something that was moving people up and down through the space station. As Auntie June started to step on, I must have hesitated because she told me it was okay. We rode up past several levels and then we stepped off on level 36. She guided me to a place where people were sitting at tables eating.

"This belongs to one of the nephews I was telling you about, Blake, one of my first. He's going to give you a job and stay in a room he's got in the back."

"How do you know that?"

"I just know."

"Auntie!" A bear of a man put his arms around June and lifted her off of the floor.

"Put me down you idiot, do you want to snap some of my old bones?" It was said with affection.

Blake looked me up and down. "Another stray?"

"His name is BJ and you're going to put him to work and let him stay here for a while until he figures out what he's going to do with his life."

"Yes, Ma'am, I'll keep him safe and sound."

"Not too safe and sound, he needs to start experiencing life."

"Well, with a name like BJ, he's going to start experiencing a lot of life soon." They both laughed, I'm not sure why but the nickname Auntie had given me seemed to keep getting that response.

Blake and Auntie June sat down at a table and Blake waved a guy over. "Troy, have someone bring Auntie and I some of the special stock." I wasn't sure what that meant but Auntie was smiling. "This is BJ, show him around the place and let him see the room in back. He'll be staying for a while." Auntie and Blake began talking to each other while Troy put a hand on my back and waved in the direction he wanted me to go.

Troy led me through what he referred to as a restaurant. People of all different colors, wearing a variety of different kinds of clothes, were eating, drinking and having boisterous conversations. There was a happy feeling to the place. Troy stopped and told a man to bring drinks to Auntie and Blake.

Troy stepped in front of me when we went through a door that led to a big space that looked like a much bigger version of our kitchen back home. Some people were cooking while others scurried in, grabbed plates of food and scurried back out. It was organized chaos and I liked it right away.

I also had the chance to look at Troy. He was several centimeters taller than me and much heavier due to the massive muscles I could see flex under the tight, black shirt he was wearing. He was completely bald. I had never seen someone so young that was bald, back home it was usually old men that were bald and they never were completely bald. I assumed that Troy must shave his head which was interesting.

Out of the collar of his black shirt it looked like the head of a red snake was trying to go up his head but stopped just behind his ear. There was another splash of color that circled his bicep just below where the tight short sleeve ended. I found it both interesting and somewhat arousing, it made him seem to me like a totally different kind of man than I was used to. He was also wearing something small and black in each earlobe.

After we walked through the kitchen, we passed through a storeroom filled with supplies and then through another door. The door led to a room about the size of my bedroom back home but with its own bathroom. There was a big bed and several other pieces of furniture that were nicer than anything my parents had. The room even had its own vid monitor!

"Here's the room you'll be staying in. Just be sure to keep it clean."


"Blake owns this place but I'm the manager, what I say goes. What kind of work have you done at a restaurant before?"

"This is the first time I've been in a restaurant."

"Jeez, okay, what kind of work have you done?"

"I've only worked on a farm."

Troy shook his head, "Well, at least you clean up nice. You're a good looking kid, I think I'll have you work the front of the house so the customers have some eye candy to look at while their waiting. You might be the best looking kid that Auntie ever brought around. Most of the time when they come here they're skinny and pale, you've got some meet on your bones, I like that." Troy had but a hand on my bicep and was giving it a squeeze. "So, what's with the name?"


"BJ, is it because you like getting them, giving them or both?" I just gave Troy a blank stare. "Blow jobs." Still blank. "Seriously man, you don't know what a blow job is?" Still blank. "When a guy or a girl takes a guy's cock in their mouth and makes the guy cum."

"Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. I've seen them in vids. I gave one to my best friend, that's why I'm here. But that's got nothing to do with my name, its Benjamin and Auntie June said I would go by BJ from now on." Troy was laughing so hard that he was bent at the waist with his hands on his knees.

When he stopped laughing, "Well, did you like doing it?"

"Yeah, I did." I stared at Troy thinking about how much he looked like a couple of the guys in the vids that I liked to watch. "You want one?"

Troy starting laughing again, "I think most guys you ask, will tell you yeah, and I'm not any different, but I don't have the time right now. Go out to the restaurant and find a seat at the bar, I'll have the kitchen fix you something to eat. I'll meet you back here in about an hour."

I went out to the bar. The guy mixing drinks was nice and told me all about Blake and the restaurant. The food that Troy sent out was better than anything I had ever eaten. I was starting to think everything might be okay.

I waited an hour and went back to the room at the rear of the restaurant. I sat down on the bed not sure what I should do, if anything. Troy knocked and waited for me to say it was alright to come in. He locked the door and then turned to me. "You sure you're okay with this?"

"I'm fine, what about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't people think what we are going to do is wrong?"

"Why would they think it's wrong? As long as we're not hurting anyone and we enjoy what we're doing, who cares what they think." Troy pulled the shirt over his head and I saw that the snake that was sticking out of the neck of his shirt went down his back and then came around and crossed his chest with the tail going down below the waist of his pants. I couldn't stop myself, I stood up and ran my finger along the snake. "What are you doing?"

"I've never seen anyone with something like this. It's beautiful." I don't think Troy had any fat, his body was hard all over.

"Why don't you find out where the tail goes?"

I got down on my knees like I had done with Tommy, unfastened Troy's pants and pulled them down. Unlike the underwear that I had gotten at the store, Troy's went down to mid-thigh. They were tight and kept his dick snug to his right thigh. I ran my hand over the material covering his dick and could feel its warmth. Unlike Tommy, Troy's dick wasn't even partially hard yet, so when I pulled his underwear down it was hanging but looked heavy and felt heavy when I put my hand around it. Troy told me to stand up and take off my clothes. I took my shirt off and then got back on my knees. "Your pants too." I stood back up and struggled out of the tight pants. When he saw the underwear I was wearing he told me to turn around. "While I have to admit, those things make your ass look pretty hot, I'll take you out to get some different underwear for everyday use. Keep those for when you go out ready to get fucked."

When I finished, I got back on my knees and started to move my hand over Troy's dick. Like the rest of his body, it turned hard the more I played with it, it was fascinating. I opened my lips and started to suck it into my mouth and Troy said I should use my tongue and play with the head for a while. Troy gave me suggestions of what to do and I tried all of them. He didn't say any of the things that Tommy had said that were on the vids, he just kept telling me what made him feel good and what other things I should do. As more of his dick went into my mouth and I started to gag, Troy told me to slow down and get used to the feeling. When I was ready, he told me to relax my throat and just take as much in as I could. He kept asking if I was okay and I nodded each time he asked. When he was satisfied that I was okay, he began to push and pull his cock through my lips. I knew I must be doing something right because Troy closed his eyes and leaned his head back and just moved his hips telling me how good my mouth felt. Unlike with Tommy, we did what we were doing for quite some time. Troy told me he was getting close and asked what I wanted to do. Not quite sure what he was asking, I did what I had with Tommy, when Troy was pulling back, I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out a bit.

"Are you sure?" I mumbled yes. "Okay." Troy started beating his dick hard and fast while he grunted and then stopped, as he stopped, cum shot from the tip of his dick, splashing against my tongue. Troy bent his knees just a bit and started stroking again, shooting more cum on my tongue. I started to swallow because if I didn't, it would leak from my mouth onto the floor. He squeezed his dick and a last couple of drops appeared on the head of his dick and I knew that I was supposed to lick them off. "Shit, that was only the second blow job you've given? You are going to make a lot of men happy."

Troy started pulling his underwear back up. "Troy, can I ask you something?"

"Anything kid."

"Would you show me what it feels like to get fucked?"

"I didn't want to say anything, but I was hoping you'd ask."

Troy stepped out of his underwear and had me lie down on the bed. "We'll take it slow." After some initial pain I realized that I liked the feeling of a cock inside me. Troy instructed me on different movements I could make. He had me get into different positions. The ones I liked the most was when it felt like he was completely inside me and had nothing more to slide in. I loved the weight of his body against mine. It made me happy to know that I was making him feel good. But even more, I loved how it made me feel more alive than I had ever felt. After I felt him fill my insides with his seed and I had cum all over my chest without even touching myself, Troy rolled over and pulled me close. "That was great, I mean really great. I can't believe you've never fucked before. You need to know that there are going to be a lot of men who are going to want you to do what we just did. With most of them you are going to have a good time but some of them are going to take advantage of you or try to hurt you. I want you to always know that you don't have to put up with that shit. If any man tries to hurt you, you let me know and I'll make sure he never tries it again, you're family now. It's your body and you choose what you will and will not do with it."

I must have fallen asleep next to Troy because when I woke up, I could feel his hard dick against my back. When he knew I was awake, he showed me a couple more ways that men could fuck.

Those memories are important to me. I don't know how long I'll stay on the Obama but between Auntie June, Blake, Troy, all the other nieces and nephews I've met, and all the men I've sucked, fucked or both, I found more of a family than I ever felt I had before, but I know it's time to find my own way.

Be Well,


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