Written By: Bill Hudley

I'm not a big fan of large crowds nor excessively loud music, but here I am at the biggest, loudest and most crowded gay Bar in town. On a weekend visit to Nashville to see my good friends from college, Cameron Dalton and Cullen Fortson, we set out to get crazy and wild and party all night like in the old days at school six years ago.

It was obvious from the start that we were no longer into the quantity of alcohol required, nor those special, hard to come by herbs and stimulants needed to get to, or maintain, that particular level of crazy we so enjoyed in our college years. The semester break before starting our Junior year was memorable. We do not discuss it, EVER, other than to remark on what fun we had. Cam, Cully & I have been close friends almost seven years now, since we were in our junior year at Vanderbilt.

I've known Cameron since our freshman year. He and Cully knew each other but they didn't get together as a couple until our Junior year. They are great friends now, the nicest, kindest men I know, plus the two of them are probably the best looking men I've ever known. They've stayed in Nashville after graduation and really like living there.

Cameron and I first met in our Dorm, Freshman year. Our rooms were next to each other in Lupton House, at Vanderbilt. Cullen was someone we sort of knew, uh...that's a laugh. I'd wager that every man and woman on campus 'sorta' knew who Cullen Fortson was. Yeah, he is that good looking. Cully was the friend of a friend, whenever a group of us got together, Cullen was always there with his friend Christopher Carson who was nearly as good looking as Cullen, but Chris Carson in another story for another day or week. Cullen and Cameron were aware of each other and y were on nodding terms at best, and always together only in a group. These groups usually retired to a dorm room for a more high minded discussions (with particular emphasis on the 'high'); Now it's funny that nearly always these discussions morphed into a crazy, wild, beer and Pot fest. High times indeed!

When Cam and Cully found themselves in the same group they always nodded hello, but they never had what could be called a conversation. Secretly, the still virgin, Cameron had a big time crush on Cullen Fortson. Cam is gay and out only to his family in Birmingham. Here at Vanderbilt, with our future business and political leaders sitting right beside you, it was far too risky to let anyone know if you were gay or lesbian. Cam kept a low profile and dated a few girls, just enough to keep folks from talking.

Usually he preferred 'first dates' so no intimacies were least by him. He also used his 'training for Diving meets' as his excuse not to date often. Predictably, it's during his busiest time of year with the Diving team that Cameron has a mob of coeds gathering around him. Winning a third team title and a placing first in the individual competition for the second consecutive year brought him more into the spotlight which he hated.

There were TV Cameras and one on one interviews now at every meet. Vanderbilt's swim teams had never been nearly as strong as the current team, Vandy's winning the Conference Swimming and Diving Championships caught the entire SEC by surprise and the team wasn't able to blend into the crowd like before. A big plus for Cam was that even though he disliked the interviews, they did keep the girls at bay for a bit.

The thing that bothered Cameron most, even more than the interviews was that every time he dropped his warm up pants and stood there in his Gold Vandy Speedo, the place got so quiet one could hear a pin drop. He knew all eyes were on him and he felt naked standing there. The sight of him clad only in a speedo was enough to quieten any crowd. His perfect, muscular diver's body was absolute perfection. More than a few in the crowd stifled moans and groans of desire looking at Cameron Dalton in his speedo.

Once he made his first dive it was all okay, he was into his zone in the individual competitions, blocking out the crowd, and he was the anchor position in the team diving competitions. Cam's diving is how I figured out that he and Cullen were involved. It was near the middle of first semester our Junior year, Cullen and I were sitting together to cheer the team and as we watched Cam dive, I saw it plain as day. One look at Cullen as he watched Cameron told me all I needed to know. I knew immediately that the best looking man in school had it bad for my best buddy, Cameron Dalton.

Just like in High School, I had a secret crush on my friend Cameron, he had a secret crush on our friend Cullen, who much later we learned had a secret crush on Cameron since our freshman year. None of us ever had a clue about the other's sexual preference. We kept the Gaydar turned off when we were on campus. About the middle of our first semester in our third year Cam unintentionally interrupted Cullen during an incident in the Library restroom one Friday night, they've been together since that night.

I was quite taken with Cameron from the day we met. Physical features are what we see first and let me tell you, he is one beautiful man. I knew him over two years before I had any idea that he was gay. I finally put it together once he and Cullen became close, It took me a few months but finally told them that I was gay too.

Cam was a scholarship athlete on the Swim Team Diving Squad. In my mind, it's the divers who have the best proportioned bodies, ergo the most beautiful physiques, while swimmers develop enlarged shoulders and thighs with with their training. Purely spectators of the sport, neither Cullen nor I were athletic by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe we could hold our own in a pickup game of Basketball on the weekends, or volleyball, if the other guys weren't so good. I did like Racquetball back then, uh...yeah...I really liked the singles, especially late at night when we were the last ones to leave. Who knows what will happen when two very tired guys get under the steaming showers, alone. Oops...that another story, it doesn't belong here, this is about my friends...mostly.

Cully has Movie Star good looks with his dark complexion, black hair and a face so handsome he makes grown women swoon, and some men as well, I'm sure, Cam and Cully live on 17th Ave. South in a large Tudor house they inherited from their former landlady, a dear friend and their surrogate Grandmother, Gretta Asher. The three of us have been close friends now for six plus years. I loved that old guest house they lived in their last year at school. After graduating they stayed on there because of their love for dear Gretta. The place was small and built of stone; in late spring and on into summer, parts of it are draped with Blue Wisteria and bright blazes of yellow Stella D'Oro Day Lilies in the small garden and flower beds, all were part of its southern charm.

I'm Stephen Bartolini 26, I'm a fairly fit guy, but I'm no gym rat, I weigh in at 135 pounds stretched over my 5'8" frame. I grew up in Missouri, just outside of Kansas city in Blue Springs, out East on I-70. I had never visited in the southern states and was quite pleased to find life in Nashville so friendly and cosmopolitan.

My Maternal Grandfather is a Vanderbilt Graduate and he made certain that my brother and I had the grades to insure our acceptance at Vanderbilt. We were both groomed for this school from early childhood, We both attended to Lincoln College Preparatory Academy from first Grade through the twelfth. We lived in the same city as the school so we had our weekends at home with the family.

My brother Ronnie (Renaldo) is four years older than me and was already graduated when I started at Vanderbilt. I met Campbell at a Freshman mixer our first weekend at Vandy. We've been great friends almost from the moment we met. Greek Week was a trip! Like Ronnie, I was an SAE Legacy, courtesy of Granddad, while Cullen and Cameron were both rushed hard by the SIGs, but eventually they both chose to be SAE's.

I grew to really like Nashville, it seems to be the perfect size. Not too big nor too little, and not at all the city of country Hicks that most people imagine. I even hoped that I could find a job there after graduation. I think part of that was due to my friendship with Cully and Cam, leaving them after graduation would be a very sad time for me.

I do my best to keep myself fit, even though I'm no athlete. A fit body fosters a fit mind an instructor once told me and running and working out does relieve some of the sexual tension that builds up quickly when surrounded by the handsome sons of the country's most successful families. I don't desire to be muscle bound, just to be well toned and possess an enviable physique.

I try to run every day, if it's too hot or too cold I go the gym and use the indoor track upstairs. I'm slim, slightly muscled in my arms and stronger in my legs. I'm single, but I'm always hopeful that one day soon my time will come and my soul mate will rush in and take me away in his White Ferrari. Hell, he can drive a Civic or a Yugo for that matter.

Since graduating college, I live and work in Atlanta, I'm a Pharmacist, currently working with a large Corporation operating nearly 2,500 Supermarkets in 30 states. The job is satisfying both professionally and financially. I learned that many days I'm the only contact our elderly customers have with the outside world. It's those folks I enjoy the most, spending as much time talking with them as I can. I've even had a couple of ladies bring their granddaughters along to meet me.anything more than

I got a phone call from Cameron and Cullen while they were in Atlanta on a spur of the moment visit with Cameron's brother and his family. I invited them to stay with me at my place if they liked, Cam's brother has twin four year old boys that are as rambunctious as they come. Cullen just laughed saying it was good for them to be around the boys, because it kept the reasons they were not very parental fresh in their minds. Dogs suited them just fine. I asked them to dinner and we made plans to eat out the following night. I was excited, I've missed them since very much since moving to Georgia.

I happen to know the Maitre'D at the Capital Grille in Buckhead...uh... intimately. We're sort of friends with benefits. We're there for each other at those times when jacking off just won't do. With a promise of a extra special night together, I secured us a table for 9pm tomorrow night. That is one favor I can hardly wait to repay. Tony and I sizzle in the bedroom, but that's all we had ever tried. We were great friends but we've never spent any significant time alone together out of bed.

I was introducing Cam and Cully to Anthony, my Maitre'D friend. I almost laughed out loud when I saw the look of pure man lust in Anthony's eyes as he took in every feature of both Cullen and Cameron. As we left to be seated I slipped a neatly folded tip along with my note promising him complete mastery of my body for a weekend of his choosing. I felt him squeeze my elbow as he asked the Hostess take us to our seats.

Cam, Cully and I had a blast, catching each other up over the past few months. The food was perfect, the service impeccable and the company of long time friends capped a perfect evening. We hailed a cab and rode back to my place. Cameron isn't much of a drinker, never has been, but Cullen and I took up his slack, easily. They were going to head back home tomorrow, bail their dogs out of the boarding kennel and have the rest of the weekend to shift gears into Monday's work mode.

We made plans for me to visit them in Nashville in Mid October when the UGA team goes up to play Vanderbilt. Cam suggested that I ride up with his older brother, Courtland, since we would both be staying at their house. Their place is huge with four bedrooms and six baths. I had first met Corty, as we all call him (short for Courtland), way back when Cam and I were Freshmen. He and Cameron are close and they always went to the UGA-Vandy football game together. I told Cam I'd call and arrange the ride up with Corty tomorrow.

I managed to get a couple of long weekend's off during the summer months and flew to Tampa and rented a car for my stay at the Clearwater Beach Hotel. It's been a favorite of my family for years. It isn't fancy or high priced either, just nice big very clean rooms with balconies facing the gulf. Another long weekend took me to the Outer Banks for another great time. I much prefer to travel with someone, but I do go by myself when there's no one to accompany me. I like to explore when I travel, finding out of the way places to come back to some day.

Where did the summer go? It's fall already! The time really went by very fast for some reason. It was about 3pm on Friday afternoon and I'm waiting for Corty to come by to pick me up for the drive up to Nashville. Having known Corty almost as long as I've known Cam, I was ready for him when he started pointing out hot guys to me. He has 'the eye'...Corty can spot a hot stud at fifty yards. He's good at it too, somehow he knows my type of guy spot on...weird!

The drive up was uneventful now that the Interstate Highways in the south have been cordoned off with pine trees and scrub hardwoods, clearing only at the intersections. Not much to see scenery wise. Corty talked mostly about his boys, me about my work and lack of a suitable mate.

After we arrived and changed into comfort clothes, Corty headed out to meet up with some of his UGA buddies. Cam, Cully and I laid around, watched a movie, then started getting ready to go out about 11:00. We arrived at Club Blu a bit past midnight. Cam and Cullen went straight to the dance floor, their jeans tight and low on their hips; in only a few minutes they had both ripped off their sweaty tee shirts that now dangled from their rear pockets. They're both beautiful men with beautiful bodies and quickly drew a crowd! I overheard someone near me moan out loud.

"Holy shit...would you look at those two! Damn...that just isn't fair."

Tonight Cam and Cully were having a blast dancing and drinking. While they occupied the Dance Floor, I took the opportunity to walk the circuit through the club to see if the love of my life rushes out and grabs me up. No luck on the first run, I'll try again when this dancing crowd tires and goes to cool off. Maybe he was just dancing. Jeez, here I am making up excuses for the imaginary man of my dreams. Sadly, my personal love life has become all too personal, since I'm the only one in it.

Cam and Cully came off the dance floor and they weren't even breathing hard. We hurried to the bar upstairs for fresh drinks on the open air patio rooftop bar. We sat at a table for four and sipped at our drinks while I raved about the club, the music and the hot men. I was in the middle of telling them about a couple of guys I've seen here tonight that were fairly big names in Gay Porn. Then it happened.

I saw a guy come into the bar with three others, we locked eyes immediately. I felt like I had been punched hard in the gut, my stomach did a flip flop. This guy had a visible aura about him, illuminating him and obscuring those with him, he was all I saw. We were still staring at each other when someone pulled his arm and turned him away. He turned his head once to look back at me then vanished into the crowd. I stood still, stunned by what had just happened. I knew at that moment that he was the one, he is my soul mate!

I heard a tinkling noise and Cam stepped in front of me.

"You okay Stephen?"

I came back to the present with Cam shaking my shoulders hard.


Cam was shaking me so hard my drink sloshing out of the glass onto my hand brought me back to the present. I saw my hand shaking enough to make the ice in my drink tinkle and slosh out of the glass.

"Stephen! What wrong? You were completely gone there for a moment dude. Are you all right now? What was it?"

"'re gonna think I'm crazy...but I just saw him, ohmigod! IT'S HIM!."

"Who Steve, It's who?"

"HIM! The man I'm supposed to be with. My soul mate."

"Where...who are you talking about man?"

"He's over there behind the bar, on a date it looks like. I hope like hell it is just a date."

Cam laughed then put both hands on my shoulders and looked at me in the eyes and said...

"You prick! You had me worried there for a minute, I thought you were ill for a bit.

"Him? Get real Stephen, you just need to get laid. What you saw and felt, was mutual lust. Knowing you as I do, I'd say that A) you've been celibate for more than six months or B) you have a fuck buddy and you're wondering how you feel about him. But I'll bet you a hundred bucks that you didn't just see HIM...The One! Your soul mate!"

I know I blushed, I felt the heat in my face, Damn! Cameron nailed me dead center with the fuck buddy thing. I've spent a lot of time thinking about Tony, my fuck buddy these past few months. I decided to neither confirm or deny. I knew better than to acknowledge Cam was right. If I let these guys know anything about my personal life, I'll never hear the end of it. This has happened before, when I get a new boyfriend. Whoa...that sounds like I sleep around, but I don't. My 'boyfriends' total two from my first year at Vandy up until right now, thats more than six years. Neither of them were anything more than sexual calisthenics for either of us. One lasted a couple of weeks, the other lasted a few months.

I knew that this guy I had just stared down was different. First it was the surprise, then an unreal sense of connection I felt with him. I was blabbering like a fool. I got a new drink and stood facing the dance floor, not really watching anyone but replaying that moment when our eyes locked. It took all of two seconds and I knew he was the one. Now I just have to find a way to meet him.

After a good cool down, Cam and Cullen pulled me onto the dance floor with them and kept me there until I really got into the dancing. I didn't have a clue about the music playing but I really liked the beat and I wound up dancing like I did in college. At one particularly good section my arms were up over my head and the liquor was letting my body do things I never knew I could do...I was really into the music. I spun around and stood face to face with HIM! I stopped dead still and so did he. I felt the same slam in my gut again. The guy HE had been dancing with grabbed him by the shoulder and started pulling him off the dance floor.

How frustrating! Me visiting my friends, him obviously on at least a date, if not a more serious relationship. I was fairly sure that my Mr. Wonderful's date would see to it that no one else horned in on 'his' guy this night. I watched them disappear as they sat at tables on the other side of the bar, closer to the kitchen. I resigned myself to the fact that we wouldn't meet tonight, but soon, I hoped for very soon. I made the circuit again and wound up in the queue for the Men's room. I was shifting from foot to foot, really needing to piss when the exit door opened and HE came out of the restroom and walked toward me.

When he saw me, a sly smile, almost a smirk, came across his face. Without a word spoken he walked straight up to me, took my hand and pulled me around the corner into darkened alcove. He took my face in his hands and gently, tenderly, he kissed me. The moment our tongues touched everything inside my head exploded into fireworks, bells and whistles. He's the ONE...I just know it.

WOW! That was absolutely electric, my scalp tingled from excitement. When he broke away he just held my face in his hands and looked into my eyes. No words. He leaned in again and this time it was just a peck on my lips, he turned to walk away but I pulled him back. He had a weird look on his handsome face. I smiled and touched his cheek and said.

"I just want a moment to memorize your happy!"

He stared at me a moment or so more, he seemed to be conflicted, then he turned and disappeared into the crowded bar. Deep inside I knew that it will happen one day, we'll meet again. I smiled, again I heard my name called from far away. Then someone is shouting loudly. I saw Cam had moved to stand in front of me. He was making hand signals of some kind, but my mind was still full of HIS lips on mine, our tongues battling, I was stunned then completely awed by the thrill of knowing it's HIM!

When he had my attention at last, Cam leaned over and told me that there was a large wet spot on my jeans. I looked down and remembered that when we were locked in that kiss, I was thinking that this felt like cumming with no hands while I hung tightly to his neck, our bodies fitting together so perfectly.

I was surprised, I thought the orgasm was in my mind...well it really was I guess, but there's evidence to prove it had happened in my pants too! Geez an orgasm from a kiss, fully clothed, and with a total stranger. It's Kismet! We're meant to be together. I was convinced we were soul mates. I was excited and desperately lost to heavy case of lust, no one else would do, it has to be him.

Later, after Cam, Cully and I were on our way back to their place I was thinking about 'HIM' and our encounter. I've decided that he isn't in a relationship, he wouldn't cheat even with just a kiss. It was almost magical, the stares, the stolen kiss in the dark alcove, the silence, neither of us saying a word until told him I was memorizing his face. Then the resignation his face showed as he turned to go back to his real life. I could see that he wished things were different. I wished it too. 'Que Sera, Sera.' I thought to myself.

The first month after my encounter with my soul mate to be, I looked for him everywhere, even though I was certain he lived in Nashville, 250 miles away. I even went out to clubs alone a few time before I gradually reverted to my old habits of staying in, reading, watching porn and staying up late. Lucky for me, my job requires my full attention, always double and even triple checking prescriptions; that left me just my nights to think about what might have been. I looked forward to my next trip to Nashville, back in Atlanta I settled into regular my work routine. Time rolled by quickly and before I realized it, it was the end of May. I had hardly noticed the coming and going of Spring, my favorite time in Atlanta.

After a slow week I was making ready to leave work, late on a Friday afternoon, when my brother Ronnie called just to chat and to remind his forgetful younger brother (me), that it is only two weeks until he and Janna get married. He's reminding me because I'm to be his backup best man, If his fraternity brother can't make it for some reason. Knowing my big Bro, I figure he's got at least two more back-ups standing by just in case.

I've already made most of the arrangements I'm responsible for, I've booked a suite for the Bachelor Party, catered the food and drink. I've had custody of the rings for weeks now. Ronnie and I chatted a good bit. I'm so lucky that he accepts me for who I am. My being gay doesn't bother him a bit. He's protective mostly...he'll call anyone out that makes any sort of disparaging remarks or slurs. We've been in a couple of fights together, you know, 'back to back, us against the world' stuff. I love my big Bro like nobody else, he's my best friend as well as being my big Bro. I think the world of Ronnie and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him.

I took three days off from work to go to Wilmington, N.C. for the wedding. Janna's family has lived in Wilmington for more than two hundred years. The first night was spent at her folks home with Janna, Ron, our parents and me. We had a delicious dinner and our after dinner conversation with coffee or Brandy was lively and fun. I booked a motel room for me and our parents when I reserved the bachelor party Suite. Ronnie and his Fraternity brother would stay at the Bachelor Party suite.

After leaving Jana's family home sometime after ten, I drove out to Wrightsville Beach, parked and sat on a sand dune watching and listening to the song of the surf for hours. It calms and soothes me, it's almost as comforting as a Mother's voice. I also fantasized about being here with 'HIM', the guy in Nashville, I think about him a lot, I've got to get back tp Nashville soon, Cam and Cully keep asking me when I'm coming.

Back at my Motel on the West side of the city, I woke early and couldn't get back to sleep. I made coffee in that dinky little 2 cup coffee maker in the room. YUCK! I dressed and headed down to breakfast. After some decent coffee and a fruit danish I went back to Janna's parents house to do what needs to be done, running errands, making confirmation phone calls to caterers and florists, mainly I worked hardest at staying out of everyone's way.

For Ron's bachelor party I had booked a top floor Suite, downtown at Staybridge Suites. Their Rooftop Garden came at a steep price but after the party was over, we were glad we spent the extra money. I was impressed with the way that sleepy, quiet Wilmington has come alive in the twenty first century. I remember being here visiting some of our parents friends when Ronnie and i were still in High School, there wasn't much to do there back then, for kids anyway. the city's grown to almost double the population in the past twenty five years.

Ron's Party started about 9pm, after the rehearsal dinner. We had a light a Seafood buffet, with cold cuts, finger foods and lots of beer. There were to be twenty of us there tonight, most of them Ronnie's fraternity buds. I had met two of Ron's Groomsmen, back when he was in school, the third guy, Carter, Ron's first choice for Best Man, his Fraternity Brother and best friend, was late but on his way, he had called Ronnie a few minutes ago. I was looking forward to meeting him; he and Ronnie were great friends and Ronnie talked about him a lot.

Not even twenty minutes in, I noticed that the raw oysters and the shrimp had to be replenished. That's just the ticket I thought; get the groomsmen drunk and horny, and stand back. I was getting myself another beer when I heard the doorbell, I turned to see who it was but the guys were all standing around, blocking my view of the door. I grabbed a fresh beer and picked my way into the kitchen by going out the patio door and around to the kitchenette. I stood at the island and unwrapping more food to put out onto the buffet. I raised my beer and was drinking it down when HE stepped into the kitchenette. I choked on my beer! I was stunned, It's HIM! The guy in the bar back in Nashville, my soul mate. He's here? I saw him do a double take when he recognized me. In three steps he was shaking my hand. We both still held the other's hand long after the handshake stopped.

"This is an incredible surprise. So how you do you know Ronnie and Janna?"

"I'm Stephen, Ronnie's younger brother."

"No Way! You're the kid brother he's always raved about! What a great coincidence. I feared I'd never see you again after the disappointment in Nashville. Oh jeez, I'm sorry...uh...I'm Carter Conway. Fraternity brother and close friend of Ronnie."

"You're Carter! Oh gosh! This is goes way beyond just a coincidence."

"Stephen, I don't mean to be forward, but the attraction between us is quite evident. Would you join me for a drink after the party? I'm determined to get to know you, while we are here. Ronnie talks about you all the time, I'm very glad we've finally met. This is almost unbelievable, the guy that's haunted my dreams since that night back in Nashville turns out to be the brother of my best bud! I'm glad your his brother but to be truthful though, Ronnie doesn't have anything at all to do with why I'm so glad to meet you...again."

"Yes! Drinks and conversation after this sounds just right." I replied

"First question! Where do you live Stephen?"

"Atlanta is my home these days but I sure do love the beach here. Then again, my friends in Nashville keep after me to move there. Ron and I grew up just outside of Kansas City, so seeing the ocean is a big deal for me. I drove out to Wrightsville Beach last night after I left Janna's. I just sat there, watching and listening to the surf. I thought about you while I was there too."

"Question 2. Are you single? And do you have a date for the next week end you'll be in Nashville?"

"Yes I'm single and I would very much like to have you as my date when I'm in Nashville

"Question 3. What do you want, a hook up, a friend with benefits, a relationship?"

"I want the whole nine yards...a crazy wild man in the bedroom that thinks I'm the hottest guy ever, I want his love and companionship, our house, our dog, I want us to be enough for each other, and for us to live our very own Happily Ever After."

Carter just nodded at what I had said and smiled. He didn't make any comment at all. I thought it strange that he didn't comment on what I had said. Whatever his reaction was it wasn't the least bit overt. I had no clue what his ideas were about gay relationships.

From there we spent most all of the evening out on the rooftop, telling each other all about ourselves. We were never apart for more than a few minutes. But I did have to make rounds and pick up and straighten things all night. Carter followed along chatting with his fraternity brothers as I checked on the food and drinks, replenishing things. Once I was done, and we wound up back on the roof talking. I learned that the guy I saw Carter with in Nashville was indeed a date. He said it was their second date but also their last one. He said he'd been looking for me since that night. We talked for hours it seemed. I learned that his home was in Birmingham and had his degree from Vanderbilt and his MA from Boston Architectural College, and is an Architect with C and K Designs, a local Architectural firm in Nashville.

At one point we had been up on the roof for well over an hour when Ron came looking for us. Seeing us talking earnestly with each other he quickly figured out what was going on.

"Carter! Are you trying to corrupt my little brother? I've heard about your exploits and your 'love em and leave' em style."

Turning to me Ron cuffed me on the chin lightly.

"You dog! Sniffing out new guys here on my last single night on earth." He said to me.

He looked sternly at Carter.

"Carter you need to take care with Stephen here. You and I have been friends a long while but please don't test our friendship by playing games with my little brother. You hurt him, I'll hurt you."

I sat there astonished that Ron would use such strong language with his friend. Carter stood and took Ron over to a quiet spot. I saw Ron talking and Carter listening. Then it was Ron listening and Carter talking. After a few minutes Carter returned to me while Ron went back down stairs.

"I've never seen that side of Ron before. He's very protective of you Stephen. Ron has known I'm gay since we were at Vanderbilt, he just gave me a lecture about what he expects of me if I am to date his little brother. I do need to ask you if you will be interested in us dating a bit to get to know each other. It will be tough at first with us in different cities. But I definitely want to spend time with you, not necessarily all of it in the bedroom either, but going out and about, cooking together, movies, plays, books, dancing, just dating and having a good time. As for the sex part...well, I think it best to just let that happen naturally. I mean, it's not tied to a date quota or anything. When we're ready we'll know. But first I'd like to work on us becoming friends. Doing stuff together, having fun together. Being good friends is a great way to begin a relationship."

"Yes, that is exactly what I want. But you should know that I'm always gonna want to be kissing you. I messed up my shorts when you kissed me at the bar in Nashville."

"Oh jeez, you just about broke my heart that night when you pulled me back and said you just wanted to memorize my face, then all you said was Be Happy! No goodbye, no name, no phone number. I had to fight back tears all night because I kept hearing those words in my head. Also, I doubted that I'd ever see you again" Carter said softly.

"I know, but Since that first time we locked eyes, I've known you are the one. The one man who will love me, want to be with me. I think you're my soul mate Carter!"

My phone alerted me to a Text coming in. I looked and Ron was telling us to come down to the suite. We walked close together, bumping arms occasionally, looking over, his profile was so handsome. Just before we started down the steps to the suite, Carter just looked at me, I started to speak but didn't, I just smiled back at him. I turned and started down the steps and I felt his hand on my shoulder. I was a step ahead of him and being the Shameless trash that I am, I almost stopped and Carters crotch bumped against the back of my head, I smiled and popped a boner immediately.

It was past 1am and the party was winding down. Ron and two of his groomsmen were staying at the suite overnight. Ron offered the other side of his bed but Carter smiled and told him that he would much prefer to share his little brother's bed. I saw Ronnie's eyes go wide and his body stiffened. He wasn't too happy to hear his best bud and frat brother was interested in sleeping with his little brother the night they met.

In hindsight, I don't think that Ron would have been happy to see me with anyone. His 'protective nature,' where I'm concerned is one of the many reasons I love him, yet there are times when I just want him to chill a bit. I was upset that he talked so harshly to Carter about me. Then again, just knowing that Ronnie and Carter are close, good friends made me feel really good.

Ronnie's acceptance of my chosen mate will always be an important factor in my choice. I needed to talk with Ron, calm him down a bit. Besides, Ron knows that Carter wouldn't be sharing my bed sexually tonight. He knows I don't operate that way. I need to know and care about the one I make love with.

Just as the last guest left, I pulled Ron over and we both fell onto the sofa, tired and he was well on the road to having a big time hangover for the ceremony.

"What a great party. Ronnie!" I said.

"How the hell would you know! You spent all night up on the roof with Carter. Stephen, is this thing with Carter going to get serious?"

"I sure hope so, but we never know going in. There's some stuff you need to know Ron. First off, when we drove up to Nashville last October, Cam and Cully last month, the three of us went out dancing at one of the local hots pots for mostly a gay crowd. While we were at the club this guy came in, he and I locked eyes immediately. We were still staring at each other when his friends pulled him away. In just those few seconds I knew he was the one I've been waiting for. Later I wound up on line waiting for the restroom. While I was there, The Guy from earlier came out of the John. He never said a word, just took my hand and took me to a darkened corner and kissed me.

Ronnie, I swear, I saw fireworks, heard bells and whistles, I've never been kissed like that. He went back to his friends and I had way too much to drink after that kiss. That was two months ago. I got the shock of my life tonight when Carter walked in to your bachelor party. Ronnie, Carter is the guy who kissed me in Nashville. I'm meeting him for coffee when I leave here tonight. Ronnie, please don't get freaked over this. You knew Carter is gay and he's still your bud and friend. We're going to start dating, granted it won't be easy with me in Atlanta and him in Nashville."

"Relax Stevie, it was a shock at first, but I know Carter is a great guy, a truly good man. You'll be very lucky to have a guy like him. Jeez, Carter will be like my Brother-in-Law if you guys get together. It's okay Stevie, at least I won't have to worry about you. I know him, he isn't capable of hurting anyone. He's a gentle soul. You'd better not hurt him either. Okay!"

We stood and went to the kitchen, I was drinking a glass of water when Ron walked over and hugged me.

"Thanks for this great party, I love you Bro."

"You and Janna are gonna make pretty babies, Ronnie. Jeez, I can't wait to be an uncle"

"Well you'll have to wait a good while. We don't want to start out and have children right away. I'd like five years then we can start the family." Ron said.

Two of the groomsmen staggered by as we were talking and disappeared down the hall into one of the bedrooms. When we checked on them, they both lay on the bed in their room, passed out. One was fully dressed, still with his shoes on. The other guy had started to undress but his pants were down at his knees, his shirt opened and his cock hard and growing toward his hip in his tighty whities. Ron shut their door and walked away shaking his head. I rose to leave.

"Ronnie, thank you. I don't know what will happen with Carter, but I want to be sure you're okay with whomever I finally end up with. I know you and Janna will have a great life together, she's a cool lady. Uh...I have to go, Carter's waiting for me. We're gonna go somewhere and talk. Wish me luck!"

I rode the elevator to the lobby headed out the front door, immediately I saw Carter, leaning against a really old car. The car looked great, polished to perfection, I later learned that it was the first Muscle Car, a 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk, Tuxedo Black with a saddle tan leather interior.

Carter stood there smiling at me. As I stepped out he came forward and put an arm around my shoulders and hugged me to him a bit. We didn't say anything until we were standing beside his car. His eyes were boring into my soul it seemed. After a moment, he pulled me to him and gave me another of his romantic, sensual kisses. Suddenly I'm both excited and I'm scared. Maybe it more anxious that scared. I felt his hard cock at my hip. My own throbbed and leaked in my pants.

We got into his car and he asked where I'd like to go. I directed him to Market Street and then onto Eastwood Rd. to Wrightsville, Beach. On the way we stopped at a Donut shop and got large coffee's and four Original Glazed Krispy Kremes. We parked in a Hotel parking lot and walked around to the beach, we turned two deck chairs to face the Atlantic and sat to sip our coffee and finally spend time together alone.

We laughed and talked, and in general confirmed our first impressions, we're going to date as much as possible with us in different cities. We can Skype, do cam to cam and I'm certain we will be using it a lot. Carter and I seem to mesh together perfectly, we enjoy many of the same activities and interests.

Then there's this attraction, it's sexual, but even more than that. It is also mutual, sometimes I'm so drawn to him I fear losing control; I'd love to jump his bones here in these deck chairs! Kicking off our shoes and socks we decided to take a walk down the beach, the moon was nearly full and bright enough to light the beach. As far as we could see it was endless beach, almost glowing in the eerie blue/black water with white, frothy waves as the tide gently rolls in.

Maybe a hundred yards or so down the beach we came across a natural 'private' place made possible by a cluster of fortunately placed sand dunes. Carter pulled me down amid the dunes, I was on my back, his arm under me when he leaned in and gave me the kiss that promised all I've ever wanted. We made out for quite a while, I ached from being hard for such a long time. We refrained from sex play, just kissing and grinding our bodies together. When we noticed the sky lighten with the coming of dawn we headed back to his car.

Luckily my room was a double, there were separate beds for us. We both knew better than to sleep in the same be just yet. I didn't want anything to keep Carter and I apart, the risk of bad sex with us was extremely remote but still, like I've said, I need to care about the one I make love to.

That said, I woke at 6am with a sleeping Carter spooned to my backside, We fit together perfectly. He had crawled into my bed sometime after I went to sleep. He had originally planned to bunk in with Ronnie but all that changed when he walked into the party and saw me. After that, I knew for certain that I wanted to wake up in his arms for many more mornings

We had breakfast about nine and Carter said he needed to go and spend some time with Ronnie. I drove back to my hotel and he gave me a 'guy hug' with both our arms between us. He said he would catch up and we could have some time together after the ceremony.

I waved as he drove away, I was grinning ear to ear I knew. I went back to my room, jumped in the shower and was dressed and off to the church. Doing my best to stay out of everyone's way but still be accessible if I'm needed. I wandered around and I toured the historic old Church a bit.

Wilmington's St. James Episcopal Church dates back to 1729. This Church has played a big part in the History of Coastal Carolina, surviving the Revolutionary War by being seized and used as a hospital for the British soldiers. In the War between the States, the Church was again pressed into service as a hospital. This building we're in was completed in 1839.

A couple of times I saw Carter and Ron, once in a deep discussion and then again as I was on my way to the men's room. We both cast a long lonely look to the other, in three hours Ronnie and Janna will be on their honeymoon, then Carter and I can have the rest of the day together, plus I'm riding back to Atlanta with him in the black Gran Turismo, we'll eat and make out some more at my apartment before he has to head back to Nashville for work Monday morning.

At work Monday everyone commented on the smile I wore all day. I wasn't openly gay at work, only Megan, a Technician, knew my story, she's even been out clubbing with me a few times, back when I went's been nearly a year since I went clubbing here in Atlanta. It took her almost two minutes before she asked quietly...

"Who is he?" She asked.

"The One, Megs, he's the one!"

"Oh Stephen! You always say that."

"Of course I say that, I always believe it. His name is Carter Conway, he's an Architect in Nashville. Darn! I forgot to ask him if he knows Cameron and Cullen."

I related the story to her, about the trip to Nashville and seeing him, then the shock and surprise when he walked in to Ronnie's Bachelor party and our time together both before and after the wedding.

The UGA/Vandy game in October seems like a lifetime away. I would not wait until october to see Carter again. I called Cam and Cully relating my news and asked if they knew him by any chance. It turned out that Carter's firm was the first they had contacted to redo their house, but he was working on a big development project and wouldn't be free for several months yet. They only knew him by his reputation as an Architect and some friend of theirs mentioned that they had seen him at Blu a few times.

Cameron was blown away when I told him that Carter was the guy from that night we spent at Club Blu, and that he was Ronnie's best man. I told them that I was coming up to visit him this weekend and he made a dinner date for the four of us.

I arranged my schedule so that I had the early shift and got off work at 2pm on Friday afternoon. My car was packed, all I had to do was take off my smock, jump in the car and head for Tennessee! I arrived at Cam and Cully's a bit after 6pm. I begged a shower off of them before I met up with Carter.

I talked Cam and Cully into going with me to meet Carter for drinks. We arrived at the bar first and when I saw Carter headed our way I stood, my hand out to shake but he grabbed me into a bear hug and lightly kissed my neck just below my ear. BAM! Instant boner! We turned and I introduced him to Cullen and Cameron. He shook their hands and said that they had a mutual friend, Drew Jansen talks about you guys all the time. He was at Vandy with you I think.

"Yes, Drew is a Fraternity Brother. We're all SAE's here He's a great guy, how do you know him...oops, sorry I don't mean to pry." Cullen said.

Laughing Carter said. "No! No not like that...I drew up some plans for his company and he was the project leader. Since then we've discovered that we have a similar interest, mainly men. We're just good friends, we have an occasional dinner together. There was never any sexual chemistry there for either of us, but we genuinely like each other so we decided that being friends was a good idea. just connected. our company did your house! I remember now, what was it, three...four years ago?"

"It was three years ago that it was finished. So how long have you been with the C and K design Firm?"

"It's almost five years now. I came here straight from Architectural School in Boston. I did my undergrad work at Boston and the graduate Degree in Nashville at Vandy."

I was enjoying watching Carter, Cully and Cam get to know each other. I also learned that we're about the same age, when he said he's been here five years I knew that we got out of college the same year. Things went so well that Carter asked me if it would be okay with me to ask Cam and Cully to join us for dinner, while they were in the John. I know they're very close to you and I like them too. I like their Pharmacist friend a lot better though...and in an entirely different way. His hand on my thigh gave me a little squeeze. I agreed and when they came back to the table Carter asked them to join us. Cully looked to me and I nodded yes. Cam asked...

"You guys are on your first really want two old married guys hanging around?"

"Sure we do...for dinner." Carter said smiling. We'll part company after's just that...well, you know when we met, but tonight is our first date. Stephen's told you about that night and then the big surprise in Wilmington, at Ronnie's wedding. It's fate, Stephen says we're soul mates."

"He said that the night you met at Blu, I had to snap him out of a trance twice after you had left him." Cam said.

"Uh...guys...let's move on to another topic...please!" I said

When Cam found out that Carter was from Birmingham, it didn't take them long to determine that their folks were friends and belonged to the same club. Their Dad's had often golfed together.

"If looks are any indication, you two are a perfect match, body wise. two just might make it. seem to be a great guy, just what our buddy's been waiting for; He's a true and loyal friend. Oh

yeah, this is just second hand gossip but I have it on good authority that

Steven here is a real tiger in the bedroom." Cullen said.

I happened to glance at Carter's watch and saw that we have been here nearly three hours. It took some persuasion but I won out and picked up the check. We said our goodbyes outside and I asked Cam and Cully to leave the Kitchen door unlocked so I could get in later. Cam and Cully left us.

Carter had a questioning look on his face.

"I don't trust myself to be in the same house with you tonight. I really want us to get to know each other before we make love. I'm not a prude and I want you very much, I think we'll be stronger together if we become friends first. Kissing friends though."

He laughed when I said 'kissing friends'.

"Sure, I understand and agree. However, we did sleep together in Wilmington without me molesting you."

"Oh felt so good waking up in your arms. It isn't you that I mistrust Carter, it's me. Since that kiss at Club Blu, I've wanted you like I've never wanted anyone before."

"I feel the same way Stephen, it's mutual. If you want to wait, then we'll wait. I just want to be near you, if you stay the night I'll just hold you, I promise."

I looked into his eyes and took my phone from my pocket and called Cam.

when he answered all I said was...

"You can lock the kitchen door Cam, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

It was already after 10pm and there we stood, outside the restaurant, staring into the other's eyes like star crossed lovers of long ago. Carter put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close as we walked to the parking lot for his car. I thought to myself that waiting was really not necessary with Carter. His saying we would wait if I wanted to, was enough for me to know that it's okay if we do make love tonight. I know, we both know that we're not together tonight for just sex. Already I'm more strongly attracted to Carter than I've ever been with anyone. I hope it's the same for him.

Once we were in the car, he reached over and took my hand, he held it all the way to his place. I told him that I'm thinking that I need to look into getting transferred from Atlanta to Nashville. He looked over with the biggest smile on his face.

"'d move here?"

"Of course I's the only way that there can be 'us'...I'll start on it Monday."

He raised our clasped hands and kissed mine.

"Will you come and live we me then, when you get the transfer? I want you with me, I want us to be together Stephen."

"Yes, I'll come and live with you, I want us together too."

He squeezed my hand in his again and he didn't let go until we were in his driveway.

His house sat on a the crest of a small hill in West Nashville called Love Circle. The night lights of the city sparkled like diamonds, the view from his balcony was beautiful.

We he opened the door to his place I just stood there with my mouth open in awe. Carter's home was like stepping into the pages of Architectural Digest. Everything is sleek and modern without being cold or unfriendly.

I started to walk to the windows when he turned me around with one arm and pulled me into a toe curling kiss. When we parted, our lungs heaving, he said...

"I couldn't wait another second to do that. I've wanted that since I left you at your apartment in Atlanta. I need your kisses too, like you want mine."

He opened the sheer drapes and then the glass paneled french doors that led out onto the balcony. The night time view of the city was simply magnificent. We stood there, his arm over my shoulder, mine around his waist. This house, this night, this man, are perfect. I know I'm already head over heels for Carter Conway.

He looked over to me, and I turned to face him, no words just our eyes communicating for us. Gently Carter leaned in and we kissed, soft and tender, out tongues gently exploring, I moved to put my arms around his neck and flattened my body against his. I felt his hardness against me and I'm sure he felt mine as well, but this kiss wasn't about lust, although it is a new feeling for me, I knew instantly that this kiss was about love.

Drawing apart, Carter sighed and leaned his forehead against mine. We just stood there like that for several moments, my heart was racing, Carter must have felt it or heard it because he put his hand on my chest. He smiled and took my hand and placed it on his chest. I felt his heart beat racing just as mine was. He smiled then said...

"There's no doubt about it Stephen Bartolini, I'm falling in love with you this very minute."

I nuzzled my lips against his neck with little kisses.

"Mmm...Mr. Conway, what took you so long. I've loved you since the night before the wedding."

"Some say that we Alabama boys aren't always the sharpest knives in the drawer, but I'm sure of it. I love you Stephen."

He gave me the tour, the place was small but very well designed and space efficient, it was designed and built for two men living together. Carter did the design work and one of the interior designers with his company helped him procure the artwork and furniture. This seems like his place, it suits him.

We stood there for several minutes, kissing, whispering our newly stated love for each other. Carter led me to the kitchen and took a bottle of Asti Spumante from the wine cooler. Uncorking the bottle he poured two glasses of the Italian Champagne. He held up his glass and and said...

"To us Stephen, forever!""

He clinked his glass against mine, we drank to the toast, then we kissed. We continued the tour of his house, the whole time our arms were around each other, we turned sideways to go through the doors, never letting go of each other. The house was built in three stories, and all the rooms faced out with a view of the city. The tour ended in his bedroom. I moved away and held out my hand, when he took it I lay on the bed and pulled him to me.

We kicked off our shoes and lay on his bed fully clothed. When I saw the look in his eyes, I felt the tears welling up inside me. We hugged together tightly and I started to sob, gently at first then louder and stronger.

"Stephen! What's wrong Babe?"

"N...Nothing's wrong...for the first time ever...everything is right. FINALLY!

I'm just so happy to be here with you it made me cry. I'm so crazy for you."

"Let' get in bed Stephen, it's been a long, long day. I just want to cuddle up with you and go to sleep."

"SLEEP? you want to go to"

"Yes, I promise that we'll make love before dawn, but I need a nap about now. I've been given my heart's desire and I'm exhausted. Relieved that I don't have to worry anymore if you will like me. We can rest now for a little while, anyway. C'mere babe."

I turned and Carter spooned up against me, both of us still dressed and we went to sleep, I took Carter's hand from my chest and kissed it, then I wiggled in against him and settled into a nap.

True to his word, at 4am, I was wakened by Carter unbuttoning my clothes, When I opened my eyes and saw that he was already naked except for his knit boxers, I started helping to get my clothes removed. We faced each other and Carter pulled me to him. When our flesh touched it was like I had taken hold of an electric fence, an electric charge jolted through my body. Our near naked bodies hugged tightly together felt so wonderful, then his tongue probed my tonsils, making we writhe and try to get even closer to him. I knelt with my hands at his hips and pulled his shorts to his ankles, still on my knees, I wrapped an arm around his butt and pulled him close against me, my head just above his throbbing, stiffened cock.

Carter pulled me up and began kissing me all over, my lips, my neck, my eyes, all were tasted by his hungry lips. He stopped to nip and suck at my nipples, causing me to moan and writhe about on the bed even more. Next up he traced his tongue over my abs and around my navel. What pitiful little bit of a treasure trail I have started at the bottom of my navel and trickled into my neatly cut and trimmed pubic hair.

Carter moaned loudly when he took my shaved smooth testicles into his be fair, I moaned much louder than he. He had a hand jacking my cock while he was busy with my testicles in his hot mouth. When he let my testicles slip free, with a pop from his lips, he pulled my cock down and took me to the root in one gulp. I cried out his name as he devoured my cock. I'm on the small side body wise, but my cock is a decent in size, over 7" long and thick in circumference. Carter never faltered, he began a corkscrew motion with his mouth and hand that had me ready to blow my load in just seconds. I begged him to ease back and lets make this last a bit longer.

He did pull back a bit, stopping to milk my cock with his throat muscles until that too had me ready to bust a nut. I got him pulled up and we kissed like two maniacs who'd never get this chance again. I made my own trip around Carter's fabulous body, my lips and tongue servicing every inch of him possible. When I had loved on his wonderful fat cock for a few minutes, Carter completely surprised me by rolling onto his back and asking me to make love to him.

"Stephen, please, I want you inside me, make love to me, put your cock in me, take me, make me yours, I want you in me Stephen, please."

I pushed his legs up against his chest and kissed and licked at his wrinkled opening, my tongue probed into him, causing him to moan and call out my name. Carter handed me a bottle of Ultra Glide and and asked me to fuck him.

I surprised, but was happy to oblige him, with Carter I had expected, and even wanted to be his bottom. I've dreampt of him fucking me since that first time we met at Club Blu. However, I do take pride in being able to satisfy my partner's needs when we are in bed. Just the idea of topping Carter Conway sent chills over my body. I pushed up his legs and gently eased my lubed finger inside. causing a little purring noise from him. In minutes I was probing with four fingers and part of my hand making him move and toss about all over the bed. Once I had him opened up and begging me to fuck him, I crooked a finger and stroked his prostate a few times, I dived down to lap up the spurts of cum my stroking his hot button had expelled from his body.

"Please Stephen,, please, fuck me."

He was on his back, legs wide to each side as I knee walked up against him. He guided my cock, then locked his heels behind my butt and pulled me all the way inside him. He moaned, I gasped...he grabbed my face and pulled us together into a fierce, demanding kiss. I started my rhythm in mid kiss and by the time we broke away for air, I was ramming Carter hard, fucking like a mad man. He managed to keep his ankles locked around me as I went wild, stopping only to stuff a couple of pillows under his butt to improve the angle and it did work better, now each stroke nudged against his prostate giving him that pleasure that is like no other.

Carter was moaning and groaning as I rammed him fast and hard, when I added nipple play, pinching and twisting both at once he yelled out for me to slow down.

As I slowed down he asked that we do some edging, get right up to the moment then ease back. We did this for over 15 minutes when finally he moaned aloud,'s babe...this is it, we can't stop now, I gotta cum...your big cock is making me cum...all the way this time, fuck me baby, fuck your Carter, fuck me good babe. I need you in me baby, breed me, fill me with your cum, fuck me hard, breed me baby, Stephen...ooh baby...we're gonna cum baby, come on...pound my ass Stevie...harder...NOW! WE'RE CUMMING....NOW! Oh Sweet Jeezus...Stevie...OHMIGOD! ARGH! OH! STEPHEN!

Cum was everywhere, on the wall above the headboard, in Carter's hair, on his face, on one nipple, and it ran in rivulets down the ripples of his abdomen and pooled about his cute little outie navel. There was also a sizable cum puddle under his butt where my cum leaked out of him onto the bedding. I collapsed atop him.

Carter wrapped me in his arms and kissed my face, and lips. He gently cooed at my ear...

"I love your big fat cock in me Stephen, you fill me so full, you have to do that again...and soon too. I usually top, but when I had your cock in my hand I knew I wanted you to fuck me. Oh baby, that was even better than I've dreamed...we're pretty great in bed, you can do that to me anytime you want. Kiss me, baby, love you, oh dear god, you're so perfect for me. Life with you is gonna be so good."

As we drifted off to sleep, I lay there thinking about what we had just done. It was special, I don't remember ever feeling so drained from an orgasm. My balls ache and I can only imagine how Carter's butt feels.

I was fairly rough, but he kept wanting me to do it harder, I obliged!

As always when you're in love, our weekend together was over all too soon. My shift at work didn't start until one pm which let us sleep another night together before I drove back to Atlanta. Carter called me three times on my drive back to Atlanta just to say he loves me. On the last call he said he'd come to Atlanta for the coming weekend if I liked. I liked!

I had requested a transfer from Atlanta to Nashville earlier this month but as yet there were no openings available. I did learn that I could be considered for a position in a store that was under construction and due to be finished near the end of August, the new store will be located within 5 miles of Carter's home. After talking with Carter, I threw my name into the ring for one of the Pharmacists positions at the new Nashville store.

We spent our weekends traveling, alternating visits, me to Nashville and Carter to Atlanta alternating weekends. It wasn't ideal but there was no way I could skip a weekend without being with him. I am completely captivated by Carter Conway.

Over the Fourth of July holiday Carter took me to Birmingham to meet his family, Bob and Beth,his parents, his older brother Charles, and his younger sister Alexandra. When Carter introduced me to his parents his Mother said...

"How odd! Carter's best friend Ronald has the same unusual surname as yours, do you know Ronald?" She asked wide eyed.

Carter laughed and made a gesture that suggested that I tell her.

"Yes Ma'am, Ronnie is my older brother."

She looked a bit confused, looked to Mr. Conway, then back to her son.

Carter explained that we had no idea of the connection when we first met. It wasn't until Ronnie's wedding that he knew my name. Charles and Alex each took one of my arms and led me to the pool area for a glass of tea at the Cabana and to let Carter fill his folks in about how he came to be involved with his best friends brother.

Alex was doing her version on 20 questions on me, wanting to know how we met, what I do, where my family is from, etc. In about ten minutes Carter and his folks joined up at the Cabana bar. Carter must have done a great job on his folks because they took to me like I was one of their own.

Over dinner I mentioned that Cameron Dalton was classmate, Fraternity Brother and close friend as well. I knew that the Conways and the Daltons were members of the same club and that they knew each other well. Mrs. Conway raved about 'dear Cameron' and how he Cullen had given Mrs. Dalton and Mrs. Fortson the most exquisite Jewelry for Christmas a few years ago. All the finest Vintage Tiffany Diamonds from the turn of the Century from the turn of the 20th Century." She added.

Later after coffee, everyone loaded into Mr. Conway's Suburban and we drove to the fireworks show; the Birmingham tradition of Thunder on the Mountain. There is an office park about half a mile from the base of the mountain where the back side of the parking lot offers a great view of the statue and the soon to come fireworks Mrs, Conway stated. Charles and Carter unloaded folding chairs and a cooler of drinks including a gallon jug of her special Sangria (which had a kick like a two year old mule!)

The Fourth of July fireworks display takes place on the mountain where the statue of Vulcan stands overlooking the city, after the show was over I made the comment that it was like the wrath of Vulcan, with his statue at the base of all the light and explosions.

Back at the Conway home, we spent most of the remaining part of the evening either in the pool or at poolside, My fingers and toes were wrinkled and pruny from the time in the water. A little before midnight after Charles and Alex had gone off to bed, Carter and I had the pool to ourselves. He turned off all the lights except for the lights in the pool.

I was at the side of the pool, my arms on the deck holding myself up. Carter swam up behind me and sort of spooned against me even though we were in the water. He made sweet talk and kissed my neck, he even nibbled on my ear. He had me writhing about, pushing my butt up against his hardness, then suddenly he was gone. In moments I felt his hands slipping past the waistband of my baggy swimsuit and one doing the same in the back except the hand in the back was pushing into me, while the hand in front gently jacked my cock. I lay my head back against him and let him have his fun. I was in heaven knowing how much he wants me. Then just as I was relaxing against him Carter went underwater and started pulling my swimsuit off. With his hands on my waist he turned me and now I had my elbows on the deck.

Slowly, Carter head broke the surface and he tossed both our swimsuits onto the deck, with a lecherous leer he slowly sank out of sight under the water. I gasped when he swallowed my hard cock down to the pubes. three or four head bobs and he was back at the surface taking in air. I pulled him to me and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

"Here babe, we can do this and you won't be in danger of drowning."

I raised a bit then settled down onto his magnificent cock, it took two tries but I opened and settled down on his erection. Carter started us toward the shallow end, well away from the bedroom wing of the house. He laid me out on the top step and proceeded to fuck my ass good and proper. Most of the time we were locked in a kiss, when he started stroking against my prostate and I couldn't stop the moans, and his cock massaged my magic button with every stroke. I felt my orgasm start deep in my testicles, my body went taut and strained, legs outstretched and my beautiful Carter filling me full of his semen. I watched mine jet out then dissipate in the heavily chlorinated water, killing thousands of future little Bartolini's. We tried to be quiet and not draw any attention to what we were doing but it was inevitable that he would make me cry out in the ecstasy of our orgasms.

Carter swam back and retrieved our suits. Once we were presentable we picked up our things and went to Carter's room. We both showered, him first and then me. When I came back into the room he had the bedcovers turned down and I slid in next to him.

"Come to Daddy, little boy...Daddy needs your big fat cock. I want you to pound my ass Steven. Give me all of that long fat cock of yours. I love the way it fills me, thrills me...but most of's because it's you...I love you Stephen."

After a day in the sun and water, we were both a bit lethargic once we laid down. We went to sleep holding each other face to face, my lips at his shoulder. Dear God, how I love sleeping with this man. Our bodies each clinging tightly to the other gives me a peace that I never knew existed. He's good, kind hearted, generous, handsome beyond belief and the sexiest man I've ever known. I knew the first second that I saw him that night at Club Blu that he was the one. My soul mate.

We didn't wake up until Alex rapped on the door and announced that breakfast would be served in 10 minutes. We dashed into the shower, again taking turns, there was no time for the things we like to do in the shower this morning.

Breakfast was a marvelous treat, Eggs Benedict, fresh fruit, juice and coffee. Served on the patio, near the pool. I wanted to lick my plate, our breakfast was so delicious. Later in the morning, Carter showed me around the city, the Alabama Theater wasn't open but he told me about the restoration of the old Theater organ there, it reminded me of the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

Carter told me that only when he was at his parents house did he feel like Birmingham was still home to him. Out in the city he felt like a stranger, so much had changed in the years he's been away. When I'm here I get restless in just a few hours and want to be in Nashville at my house, soon to be...our house, he corrected. You should be there late next month Steven. Can you believe it? One look at eachother in a crowded bar and that was it. I knew after that first kiss that somehow we'd find a way to be together.

Carter made a quick turn down an alleyway behind a shopping center, he stopped, put the car in park and turned my head to him and gave me the most wonderful kiss.

"Sometimes I get so wrapped up in you I just have to do that...just to be sure you're real...not some trick of my mind. You're my guy Steven. Always."

We left for Nashville late that afternoon and I had two more days before I had to back at work. I sent his parents a delivery of yellow roses and a note of thanks for their hospitality and their welcoming me into their family as Carter's partner.

Four days with Carter really spoiled me, making me want to rush the finish of the new store I'd be working in when I made the move to Nashville. The projected opening of the new store is for the end of August, only 7 weeks or so away, barring any delays. I'm getting anxious, we need to be together full time.

On the 14th of August I got the word that I should report the the new store in Nashville on the 21st. of the month, the store would open for business on September first. I was terribly excited and called Carter on my break. My replacement here in Atlanta has been training with us for nearly two weeks, giving me a week to arrange my move. The place I was renting was a furnished apartment so only clothes and personal items would be all that I was moving. I filled the trunk with my clothes and boxed the rest and sent them by Fed Ex., because driving with the top down on highway trips is one of my favorite things. I've never been as excited about anything as I am about being with Carter.

We had arranged that he would leave the door key under the doormat for me so I wouldn't have to wait until he got home to get in. My hands were shaking as I tried to put the key in the lock of our home. When I opened the door, the first thing I saw was a banner stretched across the great room.


There's a welcome present for you in the bedroom."

I emptied my hands of the boxes and bags and ran up the steps top the bedroom to see what Carter had done. The best surprize of my life was lying on the bed. Carter lay there naked, wearing only a bright red bow in his pubic hair, and a mile wide smile on his beautiful face. Before I could move, he was off the bed and kissing me as I fought to get my clothes off as fast as possible.

"You are mine forever now Stephen,we're going to be so good together babe. Come to bed, we've waited months for this day. Together at last, you and me. FINALLY!

The End


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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