FANTASTIC MIKE - Part 2 Written by Bill Hudley

As past one ended.....

"Sure we can do this again, just don't wait for six months to go by again. you're an amazing bottom David. AMAZING!"

"Umm...I'm thinking more along the lines of 6 hours from now Mike. Think we can make the earth move again." David said as he cuddled up against me.

"No, even in six hours we won't make the earth move babe, but we can sure rattle the furniture around. Since it's the weekend...maybe you ought to stay over tonight. I kinda like the thought of waking you spooned to your backside. Making love early in the morning starts a day off right. That okay with you Dave?"

"Yes, that's more than okay with me. That means more kissing and the kissing is almost as good as the fucking...but the fucking was absolutely fantastic Mike....hmm...that's it...your new nickname...Fantastic Mike!"

PART - 2 David didn't stay away 6 months this time when he left. He's spent every night for the past two weeks in my bed with his heels in the air. We're a pretty good match for fucking...we haven't had time to try and get acquainted out of the bedroom because the guy just can't get enough cock up his butt. I'm losing steam here too. I'm six years older than him and I don't recharge as fast as I once did. Especially when I'm pounding his sweet little butt every night. We haven't gotten around to him fucking me yet, the greedy little shit.

I told him last night that I needed a night off, and that his butt could use some time off too. We don't want to get you so loose that you can't feel a cock up there. The look on his face when I said that was priceless. What? He asked.

"Well Davey, you know how tight and quick a new car is but then with a few thousand miles it begins to rattle and shake. It loosens up, isn't tight anymore.

That can happen to us guys too, back there. We have to do butt exercises to keep those pretty little butt cheeks tight and firm. There are exercised we can do to keep your chute tight too."

I was enjoying this, he actually looked scared that he wouldn't be able to feel my cock inside him.

"But all wouldn't be lost, Davey, there's still your mouth." I said trying not to laugh.

I'm just winding him up a bit. We do need to slow down a bit or at least I do. I've told him that it won't bother me if he goes out with someone else sometimes, I don't own him. I wouldn't mind being his steady guy, really I'd prefer it, but it'll have to be him saying he wants that. I'd really like that, I've grown to like him and man on man is he a good fuck. An E ride all the way.

Along about seven pm the phone rang and it was David wanting to know if maybe I had changed my mind about having sex tonight. I had to laugh.

"No Davey, I really do need the rest. But if you're interested, we could go out to eat, catch a movie or do something other that falling in bed. We don't have to jump in the sack every time we see each other."

"Really? You'd want me around even if we're not doing the nasty."

"Yes, Really! You're growing on me Davey, I kinda like having you around."

"So you want to go to a movie or rent a DVD?"

"We better go to the movie, with a DVD we'll quit watching it and be making out all night."

"Jeez Mike...that sounds like a lot more fun than watching a movie, don't cha think?"

"A days rest will be good for us. My poor little cock is sore babe."

"There's no way your cock can be described as 'little,' let alone 'poor', I know it's the only one I've ever seen up close but trust me Mike it's perfect for me."

I smiled at him then...

"Yeah, well I feel the same about your cute little rear end David, it's just perfect for me."

We ate at a local Steak House, featuring aged beef from the Kansas City Steak Company. We both had the 12 ounce filet with all the trimmings. The steaks were perfectly prepared.

I asked him to tell me about his brother Don and that I'd like to meet him. He told me that Don was single for now, he'd been in a long relationship but they broke up a few months ago.

"Are you to identical or fraternal twins and did you and your brother ever do anything sexual together growing up." I asked

David flushed deep red.

"I...uh...oh jeez...we...uh yeah, we did, it started with us jerking off then he started sucking my cock. I tried...but back then I couldn't do it."

"What about now, could you do it now?"

"WHAT!...suck cock? Yeah I can sure suck yours...but with my brother...are you kidding have sex with my twin...I don't think so."

"Okay...I was just wondering what a three way with gorgeous twins would be like, it's no big deal."

"You mean Don, you and me...having sex...the three of us...together?"

"Yeah, that'd be a hot scene, me fucking you, him fucking me...I'd be in the middle of a Dyer boys Twin sandwich. Think how many variations we could do with three of us."

"You'd like that? he asked.

"Oh yeah, two of you would be double the fun.

"Well we are identical. Don is versatile but like me, he prefers to bottom." David replied.

I groaned aloud thinking of fucking one twin and sucking off the other.

"I wonder if I could handle two of you Davey."

"We know for sure you can handle me....and by the way Mike...if we ever do the three-way with Don, I've got dibs on your cock, Mike. You fuck me first, then move on to Don."

"The idea of me being a 'Mike sandwich,' me plugging you and your twin plugging me turns me on Davey, why don't we take him out to dinner and we sound him out on the idea. He may not even like me, you never know."

"He's my twin Mike, I know him. Don will get one look and you and we'll have to tie his legs to his chair while we're eating. He'll get them in the air first chance he gets when he sees you. Trust me mike, he'll like you just fine."

"This Twin talk sorta gets me horned up Davey, maybe we might need to go back to the bedroom at my place, you feel up to a little bit of playing around?"

"Waiter, Check please." David called out to the waiter across the room.

I laughed.

"David, you may be the most cock hungry man I've ever met."

He turned to me, with a very serious look and said.

"When are you ever going to get it Mike. I like your big fat cock, but it's the big lug that it's attached to that turns my crank. It's you Mike. Having your big, ripped body on me is pure heaven. Then you put that cock in me and send me off to never, never land. I might make it okay without your cock in me, but I know I'd never make it if you weren't around. It's Mike Costa that keeps me coming back here."

Oh am I gonna handle this? Sure I like the guy...more than anyone before even...and I suppose I could be happy settling down with him...but he's young and just learning what Man to Man sex is all about, he's not ready for just one guy yet.

Back at my place, we switched, I bottomed for David. He'd never topped and really wasn't sure he wanted to but I convinced him to do it for me. I told him he could watch TV while I get myself ready for him. I've been wanting to ride his pretty seven incher since I first measured it with my throat. Just thinking about it has me twitching and itching deep inside.

We started with me on my stomach which confused him a bit. I guess he thought that on his back was the only way because that's what I like and the way that he learned to take my cock. He got excited laying on top of me and wound up with my cheeks spread wide and his face as far up my ass as he could get, eating me out like a pro. It's the first time for us, either his brother giving him lessons or he's going to porn class every night in his bed. David knows how to eat a butt really well. Once he had me lubed and ready he pushed and went about halfway in, then stopped.

"Jeezus Mike, you're so hot inside. Like a furnace, ohmigod this is wonderful."

He pushed farther and soon he was grinding against my pelvis. I'm groaning like the slut I truly am, circling my hips, arching up to meet his grind, David is panting and his facial expressions tell me he's amazed at the feelings in his cock head. I see his eyes close as he settles into the rhythm of the fuck. His hips go on automatic, a man is born knowing how to fuck, how to sow our seed, fucking is our job. Men practice and play with our cocks as much as we can, so we can always be ready when it's time to fuck.

By now, David is jackhammering my butt to the mattress. The kid is good; at the first opportunity, I catch him off balance and I roll us over, me on top at last sitting on his glorious, hard cock. He moans as I wiggle and settle every possible centimeter of his cock into my butt. I leaned down and kissed him hard and told him to hold on to the sides of the bed, things are gonna get wild in here.

I started slow but riding his cock was foremost in my mind. I started with my hips, fucking him a bit faster. Each few minutes I increased the speed until he closed his eyes and just let me ride his cock. Damn this man is a good fuck, either way, top or bottom, David is spectacular at making love...well let's say at fuicking...we haven't cooled off enough as yet to get down to some serious sex. Making love sex. I don't do it often and it's been a long while since there was anyone to make love to. But now here's David, I can make love with him, He's the best sex partner I've ever had, bar none, that will be easy 'cause on one level I'm already desperately in love with him, but I can't let him know it. He's just getting started, and doesn't even know what he wants as yet.

I mentally shook myself. Jeezus...stop thinking, Mike! Enjoy what this kid is doing to you!

Oh hips are a blur as I fuck his cock deep into my ass. Jeez it feels good, just as slight movement gets me stroking my prostate with every thrust. My cum oozes continually from stroking my prostate, it lies pooled in the ab ridges of his stomach, too soon, we're both ready to blow. I feel his body tense and were thrown into orgasm together. David's handsome face contorted by his passion, his torso covered with my spunk from his cock massaging my prostate, I had a personal best for me while being fucked, no orgasm had ever been like that one. A nut like no other. Nirvana!. I fell across David, sliding to one side in the pool of my own cum on his abs. We slept.

I woke to the smell of coffee brewing, I looked at my bedside clock and saw that it's almost 9:00 am on a Saturday Morning. Still sleepy, staggered my way to the kitchen and saw David sitting at the table, his phone in his hand and he had a weird expression that I hadn't seen before. When he looked up at me he grinned and rolled his eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"Mike, do you have any idea how hot you look when you're naked. I'm already hard again. Jeeze...wanna go back to bed for a while mister?"

"COFFEE! Quick." I said as reached up and took a cup from the cabinet.

"Oww! Jeez, my but is sore Davey."

"It's no wonder you cock slut! It was my cock inside you but you were the one doing the usual! How in hell can you move your hips so fast. from the look on your face while we were doing it, I gotta try riding your fat cock next time."

As I walked by him he stuck out his arm and pulled me close as he sat in the chair, I quickly set my cop on the table and let him put an arm around my butt and his cheek against my abdomen, then he hugged me to him. I cradled his head with my hand and arm.

"You were wonderful last night Davey. It was the best orgasm I've ever had while being fucked. You are terrific."

"Mike, I called Don and he wants to know when we can do this three-way you want?"

"You really don't want to do it do you David?"

"I've always been upfront with you Mike. I don't lie, even to make someone I care for greatly happy. I'll do the three-way's my fucked up crazy mind. I just don't to share you with anyone else. I know it's crazy and old fashioned. You can hook up with whomever you please, I know I have no ties to you. So when do I tell Don to come over?"

I moved and sat down at the table facing him. I looked into his eyes and he seemed so sad.

"David, you know I've told you that you need to experience other men, find out what it is that your truly like. I don't want to be the one to make you miss out on the fun you can have. You're so handsome and nicely built, guys will mob you when you go into a club. Don't you want to experience that."

"Not if it means not being with you. I've told you before that it isn't that wonderful cock of yours or how you use it. It's you Mike Costa! You big dope. It's you I want, and it's you I love. There, I've said it. I know you don't want that kind of relationship but I can't help it. You keep trying to push me away...get me to experience others, well to hell with others, none of them is you!"

He stood up so quickly his chair tumbled over backwards. In just a few seconds he came out of the bedroom, jeans on with a shirt and shoes in his hands.

"David! You don't have to leave!"

"That's the problem Mike...I do have to go...we want different things."

"David! SIT AND LISTEN! You're not leaving here until you've heard me out."

"I don't want to lock you into a situation you'll regret later. Being actively gay is all new to you. That's why I've kept saying that you should see other men. I've always had flings, brief encounters where the one guy is a steady for a few weeks then it's over, he moves on to someone new. I've never been with just one person as long as you and I have been seeing each other before, and I don't want you to leave me now.

Saying the 'L' word doesn't come easy for me. All my life when I began to feel that emotion for someone, I begin pushing them away, afraid to let myself go there. I've only known less than five relationships that have worked, where both parties are content and happy. It's a crap shoot, some are lucky, others are not for various reasons.

If you remember, I started pushing you toward others about two weeks after you came back after the divorce. I knew then. Look David. Here's what we'll try if you're willing. First off, call Don and tell him the three-way is off. Tell him you and I are going to enter into a committed, monogamous partnership. Tell him I'm in love with his brother."

He dropped his shoes and shirt and nearly leaped into my arms. My body trembles all over when I wrapped my arms about him.

"I do love you David, I have for a while now. We'll do this your way. The sex part was the easiest. Now the living and loving together gets harder, but if we both want it and work at it. We can be very happy. I'm guessing that you're okay with us being partners and lovers."

While I was happy that we would now begin a new phase in our relationship, there was a dread, deep down of 'what will I do when he leaves me?" It's happened before and I can only hope that David will be different. There's nothing to do but either play it safe and stay aloof, changing to new partners like buying new clothes or buck up and take the risk, put my heart on the line and be in love. My basic nature is to be optimistic but when the heart is involved optimism can quickly turn to fear.

So David and I enter a new phase, if he isn't genuine in his feelings and emotions, he is a very good actor. I have to trust him if I'm to continue loving him. It is an exhilarating feeling to have the object of my desire to so obviously desire me. Who knows where we'll go from here, I can only hope that it will be together.

the end...


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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