As usual at this time of year, id been training extra hard with the team for the series of big matches we had comin up. I love rugby, but the truth is, im a year younger than the rest of the guys on my team, which means i have to work extra hard to keep up. Chris is captain of our team, young, 19, strong, athletic, and very muscular. he had messy light brown hair, blue eyes, and the broadest, firmest, roundest ass cheeks you've ever seen. Coach asked me to stay after practise once on a bright summer morning after a hard practise. He said Chris was staying too, so he could help me with my drop-kicking. The other guys had long been and gone, and Chris and I made our way out to the fields. I watched his muscular legs flex in slow motion as he booted the ball. i saw his tight blue rugby shirt, his short grey shorts, and tight black lycra under-shorts. He was so fit, so sexy. After an hour or so, he said it was time to head in.

'You gonna hit the showers first or will I?' i asked, as we came into the changing room. We were so used to being naked and showering all together as a team, that it seemed weird when there was only two of us.

'Im kinda in a rush dude, we'll head in there at the same time.' he said, and my heart sank. i knew if i saw him naked id get hard, so i was gonna have to really try not to look. I agreed and we got undressed from our sweaty tight rugby kits. i didnt dare look at Chris. we walked into the shower room together, wrapped in white towels. Chris went to one side, i went to the other side. I took my towel off, and stood naked under the hot running water, i casually looked at Chris. He had to his back to me, the hot water sliding down his muscly back, and over his massive, muscular cheeks. My cock hardened. i turned right around to make sure he couldnt see my dick. after a few seconds, i couldnt resist another look, my heart leapt when i turned round! Chris was standing right there!

'Do u have any extra shower gel?' he said casually. i stared at him, lost for words. Those rock hard abs, massive biceps, huge pecks, big lush brown nipples, and...his cock was big even when it was soft. so thick! My dick shot up, and he looked down at it, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

'well,' he said,' this is new.' he reached out and grabbed my fully erect 7 inch dick. he leaned in and kissed me hard, our muscular bodies pressing up agianst each other. i reached down to lick his huge nipples, pleasuring him. Then, he told me that wasnt all i could lick. i dropped to my knees. His cock was over 8 inches, think and veiny. i took as much of it as i could into my mouth, sucking hard and slow. he moaned, and cummed hard into my mouth. i swallowed and got to my feet. we kissed more, and he lead me into the changing room. He sat me down on a table, and threw my legs into the air, i felt him slide his big wet cock into my ass, pounding me hard. We sucked and fucked, and kissed for hours...

and let me tell you, it wasnt the last time i stayed for extra practise :P



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